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Stepping up our game

As Ron Paul's supporters, if we have shown a single attribute, it is that we are willing and able to mobilize a sizeable amount grassroots power behind the message of liberty Dr. Paul brings to the table. The media, when they get around to actually mentioning something about Dr. Pauls campaign, consistantly report that the energy and enthusiasm within the Ron Paul base is not something that is seen in any other camp. I think there is something to be said about that, and it is my suggestion that we begin to leverage that power. Ron Paul certainly has the record, the likeability, and the message that can unite people from the entire political spectrum. The evidence is in the popular power he has conjured up out of his base. Take for instance, the money bombs that he consistantly uses to fund the campiagn. There is always a huge out pouring of support and donations which are not easy to procure, but somehow Dr. Paul maintains this huge machine. Clearly we have the troops on the ground and now its time organize and press forward. We need a game changer.

I believe that a winning stratagy starts with an explicitly clear mission statement, but I think it needs to be deeper than "Get Ron Paul elected.". I suggest that the starting line objective should be: "To educate voters in the seriousness and magnitude of current events and in the exclusive solvency of these problems in a Ron Paul presidency, and to convince others to do the same."

We need to begin to leverage our assests and strengthen our weaknesses. I believe that we can step up our game and multiply our efforts EASILY by a factor of 10x, through 3 easy steps.

1. Training the troops on the ground.
I think that the message of liberty is simple and we understand it very well, but I think that new people that are interested can be shut off very quickly by spin doctors from the media and from the other camps, by unfounded superficial attacks. We can and should preempt attacks like "Ron Paul is a racist" with simple explanations, and by extention, dismissals of the false lines of logic used to make such ridiculous claims and strengthen the foundation of the people we are giving the message. However, Im also talking methodology. All of us need to take on the mantle of the "salesman" or "agent" of Liberty rather than simply being a Ron Paul supporter. We do this through working together and trading ideas about even just how to approach people while we are distributing liturature, or how to fine tune talking to people. For alot of people, things like that can be overwhelming. We need to teach people that they can get involved and then we need to be friendly and coach each other on how to be involved effectively and efficiently. That being said, one of the most important ideas that we need to portray and teach others is coachability. Coachability is vital for us to be able to adapt to new and better ideas that come along, and it makes working with people alot funner.

2. Set goals and deploy and distribute labors.
Once we have an effective methodology, organizers should schedual weekly or bi-weekly physical team meetings, multiple if you have to accomodate scheduals of veteran team members and urge people to maximize attendance. Its always a better idea to schedual team meetings on the same day as hitting the pavement, so people dont feel like they are wasting time but make sure people understand that the meeting itself is a seperate event. But encourage people to come even if it is just to the meeting itself. Make it a goal for everyone to bring aleast one new friend to every meeting just to hang out or tag along to see whats going on. At the start of every meeting talk alittle bit about Ron Paul's message, to inspire supporters and to educate new comers. Afterwards, make a call to action to transition to disussing goals to set and activities. Enable people to fufill roles and as a group organize ideas for the upcoming week(s). Letting people share what they can do and voice thier opinions in the organizing side of the movement will definitely pay dividends to your area or precinct. Focus on maximizing the organized efforts of the week and more importantly, empower and educate people on what they can do to further the cause of liberty in thier daily lives with thier personal contacts. This approach is effective on a large and small scale.

3. Share ideas and materials across precinct, county, and even state lines. Network with Paul supporters all accross the country.
We need to fully utilize sites like, Facebook, Daily Paul and Meetup. On facebook bring together different groups. Post goals and objectives that your group is accomplishing. Get competative about the number of man hours that your area is achieving. A good sign of organizational integrity is when pertainate information and materials can flow from those who have special access to said materials, to the troops on the ground easily. Its not hard to share hard hitting youtube videos that help convert new voters. Let people who have the ability to help, know what your specific needs are, and simply work together and centralize our efforts.

Some might recognize this as a type of business model. Thats because that indeed is what it is. We are in the business of Liberty and we are trying to secure as many clients as we can. Simply working together to reach out to people and teach them the truth as effectively as we can, is going to get elected the greatest American President ever, and I think its about time.

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