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Liberty Supporter's Experience Spreading the Message

After seeing the good Dr. perform so wonderfully I felt compelled to share a bit of my story with those of you that care to hear it. This is a "long time lurker, first time poster" post but I am incredibly grateful to have had such a wonderful place where I can feel connected with the Liberty Movement and to renew my spirit when I slip into negativity or apathy.

A few years ago I made the acquaintance of a very intelligent older gentleman who was into science and archaeology but current events and economics were not areas of interest to him. As we saw more of each other (through work) and got to be better friends I inevitably turned the conversation towards the Federal Reserve as I often do when an opportunity presents itself. We spoke at length and I told him about fractional reserve currency, the Fed's autonomy from government, the bailouts, the corruption, and the damage done to our economy through central economic planning. He point blank refused to believe me despite my providing references and encouraging him to do his own independent research. (It was weeks worth of conversation, but I a trying to be brief.) It was an example of, "that sounds so awful it just can't be true."

Well, we maintained a friendship and out of respect for him I let the subject lie, willing to accept that not all people want to hear the truth. Now, fast forward more than a year from our original conversations and I find myself working at the gallery when my same friend comes in. I was at the back end, he didn't even know I was present when he struck up conversation with another gentleman who was browsing. Within a few minutes I heard the word "inflation" drift across the gallery floor and my ears perked up. Then I heard the words fiat, Fed, and finally Bernanke and I nearly fell out of my chair. I walked over to my friend after his conversation was over and before I could say anything he looked at me with wide eyes and exclaimed, "I'm sorry I didn't believe you, I looked up all that crazy stuff you were talking about and I still can't believe it is true. The Fed is one of the worst things wrong with this country." Then began the Ron Paul conversation and he was hooked from the get go.

Then there is the story of my father, a Bush supporter (both) and hard line neo-con. Formerly. Through the use of youtube and his willingness to have an open mind he has not only come around to Ron Paul but he has also acknowledged that the wars we fight are on behalf of corporations and do not keep America safer. It has been years that we have been going back and forth and it is not that I converted him, but more that we both brought each other to the middle ground of Liberty. Like Dr. Paul says, "Freedom brings people together." I was one of those who drank the kool-aid for Obama and my Dad was a pretty typical neo-con. As I was introduced to Tom Woods and Austrian Economics I started to see Obama in a very different light, as well as his policies. I shared what I was learning with my father and how the ideas applied to our foreign policy as well and over time we both came to reside somewhere in the middle of the spectrum we had been on. Now we both are passionate about economics, the constitution, and Liberty and he sees the disingenuous nature of most other politicians.

My reason for wanting to share these stories is because I, like many people involved in Liberty, often feel compelled to "convert" or to hammer something home and feel less satisfied with simply planting seeds. But for all of the people we don't seem to get through to, and all of the people who write us off quickly, I believe it is our convictions and our character that makes us memorable when we speak about those things we know are true. And sometimes those seeds grow into trees. I witnessed first hand a guy who wrote me off a year before waking up yet another citizen and spreading the good word. This movement has more power than we realize and is larger than we realize. This movement is not just the sign wavers, the phone from homers, and the money bomb funders. This movement is also all the people who have heard our call and heard the message but are more timid, and not immediately ready to join the parade.

But they are getting there. The meter is moving in our direction and no matter who wins this election it will continue to do so. And Liberty will prevail. So feel proud of yourselves and your friends even when your efforts do not appear "successful" because we have no way of knowing what the seeds we plant today will grow into tomorrow. And most importantly, whether you are a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, or any other belief system, keep the faith. Keep the faith in your God or in your fellow man (and woman). Keep the faith in Liberty. Keep the faith in Love. And just let your light shine.

We ARE winning this battle.

And the Revolution will not be televised.

Peace and Love to every one of you for your support and for your continued efforts to once again make America the most free and prosperous nation in the world. Let us hope the whole world wakes with us.

I'll be seeing you.

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