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A Lonely Battle Why Ron Paul keeps on fighting and doesn't quit

I realize this article is a bit dated but I bet most of you haven't read it yet especially if you're new. I feel you all should as it gives quite a great background on why Ron Paul does what he does and why he will never give up hope even if there's very little of it. It's truly inspiring, especially this particular passage from the article.

("When late-night comedian Jon Stewart recently asked Paul why he keeps running, the representative replied: "I think if you plant a seed, it tends to grow."

Years ago, Paul says, a congressional colleague slipped a laminated piece of paper into his hand. It was a passage from Elie Wiesel's 1970 book, "One Generation After."

In it, a child asks the one "Just Man" why he walks the streets of Sodom railing against wickedness, when he knows it is hopeless. The man replies: "if I continue my protest, at least I will prevent others from changing me."

Paul can't recall who gave him the quote. But he still has it, tucked away with his House voting card.")

I realize it's very frustrating for many of us, but Paul has been trying for nearly three decades on his lonesome. Just look at how far we've come since four years ago.

Don't give up, even if he doesn't win. The odds were stacked agianst us from the beginning but we will only grow and break through the soil to reach the sky where the sunlight bathes the day and no evil shall be able to shroud a cause of liberty in darkness anymore. Nothing will shine brighter.