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An interesting conspiracy theory

During the Ron Paul speech the guy who introduced him was saying how in Nye county they registered 800 republicans so they had no fear of losing there. the thing is that although ron won there he only received 400+ votes. That made me think, what if the totals are being played with.

we all know that dr. paul kicked butt in the only totally transparent caucus that all of america could see.

Adelson Caucus Results (Clark County, Nevada) Paul 58% (183 votes) Romney 19% (61 votes) Gingrich 18% (57 votes) Santorum 5% (16 votes)

voter turnout was supposed to be approx 60,000 if i added the 27,070 that are missing from what they say voted to ron pauls total the resulting percentages almost match adelsons landslide.

ron paul-54% romney= 26% gingrich= 15% santorums-5%

its not exact but it is close enough to make one wonder : )