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differances between two federations Swiss/USA

!!! It's my own opinion, it's just to begin a mindstorming.

I can tell you some things about Swiss confederation and its political system and the differences with US.

1.Our constitution is nearly the same
2.The main difference in the political hierarchy is that there is 7 "Conseiller fédéraux" that represent the executive power and each year one of them is alternatively the president.
At the moment there is 5 partys that have one or two people there. ( 2 from Socialist party,1 Christian democrats, 2 Liberals, 1 (UDC/SVP)far right, 1 PBD).
The Conseil National (congress) elects the conseil federal, not the people.

The only maine party that seems to act like Ron Paul's Ideas is The UDC. And even if they are the biggest party (30%) of the votes, they have less of executive power because the other party's fear them, they want to keep the Swiss souveignty, against Europe and pro militia. I didn't want to follow their party because, they participated in the Baillout of UBS, they have particular interests and have not libetarians views. I choose the Party du travail because they represent the true opposition and was the only party at the left that was against the neoconservative European Union with centralised power and asked the people to say no to the opening of our borders.
The other party's are all in the same globalist views and agree with socialism, neoliberalism and biased democracy.

But sometimes there is some people in the "mainstream" that have independent thinking that respect true democracy but not often in the french speaking part.

The great chance Swiss people is the possibility for us to change laws or to repeal them!!! And the people sometimes vote without left/right paradigm, just with their independant thinking. For example All the mainstream partys wanted to be part of the European Union, but the people refused, but the opening of our border was accepted
and it has been a tragedy, now the people wakes up. We voted to restrict governements budget(it has to be balanced)

In my party the mainstream left treated us as Racists and tried to distroy our party with constant hijacking and attacks (we were the only party at the left and there is 3 now), the same happens with the UDC (the globalist part of the party created an other one PBD that defends the mainstream) It didn't work because UDC didn't loose any voters. WE DID!

I think I'm a true patriot but I refused to do military duty I choose civilian duty instead (work for the general interest).

If I compare the US with Switzerland,

We have not many debts (at the federal level) but some city states,Geneva for example are ruined and constantly vote a budget with hundred millions of deficit. The German part is much fearing debt and taxes so they respect their budget.

We try to stay neutral, not easy at the moment. Our president last year (A socialist) did autorise NATO to fly over our country to go to libya. I'm sure we are under great pressure from (US, FR, Germany).

We are quite free, we respect private property, we have not so much taxes, but it may change quite fast. We have not freedom of speach. We are taxed each year to pay for public media (more than 300Sfr 300$ each year)but they work to spread globalism and are just too lasy to search for the truth. We haven't the right to go to the street (we have to ask permition, they refuse when we are too "extremist". Ron Paul would be considered as an anarchist and many other bird names with his kind of message.

Our federal administration doesn't work that bad, the public works, like damm building, water supply, tunnels and the saving of our landscape (without land seisure).

We still have a local agriculture and have no GMO. But we cann't produce food that respects some values and concurence the mega farmers like in your country.

Our industry works because there is less taxes.

Our money is hard money, but recently our national bank did begin to print realy much to save the Euro and to baillout banks (we had a director that came from "Chicago school", And decided to act against his own country interessts. He was fired because he did speculate with our own money, this fact hides something big. Now everybody knows that all the central banks act together to maintain the financial system artificialy, Against the peoples interests. It's also because we have alcoolic countrys as neighbours that theaten us. We are not an Island, like Iceland.

I'm trying to defeat all this policy, but we are not fast in Switzerland.

Xavier, ingénieur en agronomie

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Thank you, for sharing this with us,

very interesting.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."