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Urgent! - Dr. Paul Needs A Few Of You

I posted this as a reply in the "Money Bomb" thread, but was afraid it might get lost amongst the many replies, and I need as many people to see this & participate as much as possible.

My hands are tied since I've already been temporarily blocked from facebook for posting too many wall posts. I suggest some of you take it upon yourselves to either Facebook and/or Tweet the celebrities on this list:




They may not know a Money Bomb is going on and if we're lucky, they'll donate a decent sized amount. Who knows, they might inform their fans themselves! Crossing my fingers (and praying) this works.

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this kid has been busy all day promoting the money bomb and the penn signature issues.

He is probably banned from FB for life because of overposting!!!!!

Wish we had more like him(her?)!

Thanks for the attaboy and to clarify, I'm a he

...And no worries on the ban. I was told I was to be banned for two days, but I was able to post again after about 5 hours. That is, until I got banned again :D I am afraid though that eventually it'll be a permanent ban, but the message was too important not to post.

Very important message

I created a second face book account and made sure to connect with important friends and groups in the event the main account is deleted.

We have only raised 71k since hitting a million at 1am last night. I am will be promoting the money bomb to friends and relatives all day. Got any other ideas?


What you did is very smart because that can definitely happen, and that would be disastrous to say the least. What you need to remember is to not post to quickly one right after another, or you'll be hit with a warning & then temporarily blocked. I don't know how many times you can get temporarily blocked until they get fed up & block you permanently. I would advise posting about once a minute to the different pages you have in mind, though eventually they will block you, just not as fast as say, posting 4 posts in 1 minute which will definitely raise a red flag.

I don't post there unless there's an important event like the veterans march & money bombs. It killed me yesterday because PA really had an issue collecting signatures, so it was a lot more posting, especially to all the PA related pages. I also contacted about 15 PA online news sites, and universities/colleges in the hopes that they would also notify the masses. Hopefully what happened with yesterday's deadline won't be repeated in another state.

Tips for Facebook aside from all the Ron Paul pages, would be any particular state he's heading to. If he's going to Michigan, post in "Michigan for Ron Paul 2012", or "University of Michigan for Ron Paul 2012", as well as the general Ron Paul pages. The great thing about Dr. Paul is that he attracts voters from all political parties, religions, different ethnicity, etc. Hit religious groups (different denominations), I know he's popular with Muslims for obvious reasons, but he also has the backing of members from the jewish & mormon faiths. Target the NRA & gun clubs, pro-life groups, peace groups, Iranian groups, I think you're getting the idea.

For a money bomb you can also tweet Pro-Paul celebrities who will hopefully donate a bigger amount than most of us can afford & hopefully their fan base will follow suit.

Lastly, if there are no big events, search for articles preferably posted within the last hour and try this:

Hopefully that helped some. Good luck & thank you for your willingness to help.

perhaps ???

there has been an effort in the state of michigan by democrats to get out the Obama vote for Paul in Detroit. If we spent our time carpeting the social media groups with info letting Michigan dems know they could throw a wrench the GOP establishment machinery simply by asking for a republican voter card and voting for Paul.

Maybe we could use this very post as a gathering place for all relevant Michigan Dem groups, college dems, pro obama groups...etc. Eventually putting it all together in it own post with a clear game plan for DP users.

this seems the most effective strategy for a state we are not spending much money in put can possible win!!!

Also this

It's being reported that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will endorse Mitt Romney tomorrow. Don't necessarily know if that's good or bad?

On a similar note; http://digg.com/newsbar/Politics/grassroots_supporters_of_gi...

Wasn't able to find any more info on that topic.

Here is the article I

Here is the article I mentioned. http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120202/OPINION03/202020335

Michigan Dems and Progressives


Michigan Ron Paul

Michigan Higher Ed

You don't need to be a Registered Republican to vote in the Michigan Primary. All you need is a Republican Voting Card. Just Ask For It!!!! Let's Throw a Wrench in the Machine. Cross over on Feb 28 and Vote for Ron Paul.

Help Ron Paul REACH CRITICAL MASS!!!! Come out on Feb 28th to Cast Your Vote for Ron Paul in the Michigan Primary. The Primary is OPEN all you need to do is ask for a Republican Voter Card.

Help us combat Election Fraud in the GOP. From Iowa to Maine these disgusting GOP tactics have served to disenfranchise voters as well as undermine the election process. Help us expose voter suppression in the GOP. Come out on Feb 28th and Vote for Ron Paul in the Michigan Primary. Just ask for a Republican Voting Card.

(Republicans are tripping all over themselves to suppress the message of individual liberty and equality. We know a massive turn out for Ron Paul will be all but impossible to cover up....but that wont stop the GOP from trying.

Please come out on Feb 28th to Vote for Ron Paul. Just ask for a Republican Voter Card. Remember, the Primary is OPEN(no matter what state gop officials tell you). We need your help exposing these CRIMINAL GOP TACTICS!!!! )

Great job with that list you compiled

I like the letter, except for the mentioning of the fraud. I'm still somewhat skeptical of how some other people perceive us. Some perceive us as a cult that follows a crazy guy. So I'm hesitant on mentioning fraud, although I wholeheartedly agree with you. My dilemma is that I feel we should get on this, but I'd also like to wait and see what comes of this fraud thing in Maine after the elections. If evidence is presented and heads roll, we won't necessarily be perceived as making false accusations of fraud for the sole purpose that we "lost".

On the other hand, if this wasn't Ron Paul, or if these democrats actually believed that we were wronged, then I wouldn't change a thing.

What are your thoughts? Should we wait a little or roll the dice? Let me know what you would like me to do from my end.
Again, good job!

BTW, I forgot to ask; are you planning on going stealth and passing yourself off as a Democrat?

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