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Terrorist Attack on Capitol Foiled!

Hello DailyPaulers! After years of lurking, I finally decided to make a post.

We've had another false-flag terrorist operation by the Feds.



I thought I would share a post I made to a couple mainstream forums about this. These forums degenerated into a digusting hate-fest. Even I think the guy who did it should be put away, but these people literally want to kill all Muslims.

Anyway, here it is:

Y'all realize that this is a fake operation, don't you? The Feds have done this multiple times before, and they don't even try to hide it.

The Feds find a loser who may be angry at the US. They surround him with undercover "agents" badgering him to do it all for the cause. They do it for a long time: a "lengthy undercover operation". The loser generally has no resources, and no real contacts with anyone dangerous.

However, his undercover friends take care of that. They provide money. They make his life better than it has been for a long time. They promise the virgins in heaven.

They also provide the bomb. The loser, who would have no ability to make anything resembling a bomb, gets a nice shiny one from the Feds. Of course, the "bomb" is a fake. They make it all easy for him. He feels no surprise about not getting caught doing any of this.

Finally, they pick the time and place for the "attack". Everyone in law enforcement for miles around knows about it. They take him to the right place, drop him off with one last encouragement about the virgins, and then watch his every move. If they have brainwashed him sufficiently, he will be sick enough to actually pull the trigger on the "bomb".

And then... nothing will happen. Agents will rush in from all directions and arrest the bewildered loser.

And the American people are encouraged to praise their Federal government saviors by every functionary in government and mainstream media. More importantly, the American peoples' fear is kept at just the right level.

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