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Ron Paul = Our Robin Hood!

This might sound silly, but I was watching Disney's Robin Hood (cartoon version) with my son today. It's a simple and timeless classic, but it's kind of amazing how one can draw many parallel's to our modern day world. It’s a story of the underdog, doing what’s right for the people.

Needless to say, while watching the movie I couldn't stop thinking about how Ron Paul truly represents the people in a tough battle against the establishments (big business/big government/party politics/etc). Ron Paul says to heck with all that garbage; I am going to be the voice of the people, the voice of truth!

Without making this a huge/detailed analysis, you have Prince John and the established powers taxing the crap out of the people for their own benefit and growing government controls. You have Hiss, the the annoying snake that's always buzzing in Prince John's ear (the media?). You have the Sheriff of Nottingham, supporting the establishments with corruption (literally stealing money from the people, sometimes without them even knowing, inflation anyone?). You have the guards of Prince John (rhinos and wolves) supporting corruption, like the media/GOP support their chosen candidates (reference Iowa and Maine). You have the people, frustrated with the state of affairs and hating the established powers (us, and others who pay attention). And you have Robin Hood (who the establishment considers a trouble maker) controversially representing the people and fighting the good fight (doing what is right) helping to redistribute wealth back from the rich to the poor (how about abolishing the income tax?!). You have Robin Hood’s active support crew lead by Little John (Doug Wead) and Friar Tuck supporting from the sidelines (The Judge).

Funny huh? That's how it lines up in my head anyway.
If you haven’t seen this movie, you should check it out with your kids. It was one of my favorites growing up and lends itself to interpretation and explaining to your kids what is going on with the current political situation.

It actually re-invigorated my passion for Ron Paul and in fighting the good fight, so maybe it will help you too!

Enjoy President’s Day tomorrow! Hopefully next time this holiday rolls around it will have an entirely new and enhanced meaning for us.