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Robert's Rules! Arm Yourself for the Conventions!

As we progress from the precinct to the county to the district to the state (or however your state may handle it,) it is important that we do not allow mistakes in parliamentary procedure to steal delegate selection from our hands if we control the majority. Please educate yourself on possible tricks that may be employed against you, and determine how you may combat them.

I recently started my research into this, and I have found the following resources.

Easily Printable Chart of Motions: http://www.robertsrules.org/motionsprint.htm

YouTube of a Class on Robert's Rules and Parliamentary Procedure : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6m4mEvfWsI

If anyone else has good information on this topic, please post and spread the word. It is imperative we come prepared to see our voices heard. Please look into this as it can be very important to actually stopping things from happening that shouldn't.

For example, consider a vote on the selection of delegates, and the chair calls for a vote on the slate of delegates. The chair listens to the ayes and the nays and calls in favor of the ayes even if the nays were louder in your opinion. If you yell "I object!" you may think that is enough to call for a standing vote, but it may not be. Possibly, what you should be yelling is Division, or making a motion for a rising vote. I am still very new to this, but I do know that we had things go against us at the conventions in the past, and part of that was not having people knowledgeable in the use of Robert's Rules.

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This is the antidote to what happened in OK and AZ.

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