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Washington Delegate Deadlines *THIS WEEK*

Attention WA Delegates and Alternates!

If you are a delegate, or alternate, you must pay your fee ($50 for KITSAP county), become a member of the republican party ($25, $50 family), and send in your delegate paperwork by THIS SATURDAY. You also need to fill in your name for the state delegate paperwork.

Our county chair said if you haven't been contacted within a week to call in, or you may be 'bumped' and the alternate is chosen. READ THIS: If you are a delegate, you must prearrange several things before your county convention, NOW!. You will not be a delegate just by showing up with your voter registration at the county convention.

I've also heard there may be "options" for people that cannot afford the $50. I again suggest to be on the safe side, pay now, and get the paperwork completed so you don't get disqualified. Everyone should volunteer to be on your county's credentials commitee. There are 14,000 delegates at this stage, and that is a lot of information to go through! Make sure that sometimes hard to read delegate information gets entered into the system, especially yours!

Also, everyone should be going to your county's monthly meetings. They are open. You don't necessarily need to 'participate' - you will become more knowledgable just by listening and watching. There are lots of good people in your local republican parties. I've already converted several by listening to them, offering information and suggesting youtube.

Have fun!

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I was told we would be sent a

I was told we would be sent a packet to fill out and return...just like 4 years ago. I have not seen one yet though

depends on the county

I believe you're right, I'm in Spokane County and 2 years ago and 4 years ago we got the 'call to convention' letter and sent in a check. Our county convention isn't until the 14th of April and the letter generally comes 2-3 weeks after the precinct caucus.



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