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Liberty in Paradise! Support Mike Greco for Hawaii State Senate in 2012!

Aloha Friends of Liberty,

My name is Mike Greco; I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter since the summer of 2007. I’m working to get Ron Paul as many delegates as possible here from the State of Hawaii. I’ve served in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army and am currently the President of my own small business. I’ve decided now is the time for me run for elected office. I’m declaring my candidacy for Hawaii State Senate District 16. WHEN elected, I will be only one of two Republicans in Hawaii State Senate and the only Ron Paul supporter that I know of! I need your support! Please visit my campaign website MikeGreco2012.com to make a donation or learn more about my campaign.

Recently, I’ve appeared on Insights on PBS Hawaii and made several stump speeches in support of Ron Paul’s candidacy here in the Aloha State! While volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign, I’ve met some of the best and brightest people here in the Hawaiian Islands. Everyone involved is a true patriot and warrior for the Cause of Limited Government and Liberty! After we turn out the vote for Ron Paul on March 13th, we are going to start working on my campaign for the Hawaii State Senate.

My campaign will be challenging the establishment. This campaign will be my first and will be a very tough road ahead. We will need all the support you can provide.

We continue to see daily assaults on our Constitution. Just this week, we witnessed our own Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff explain to Senator Sessions that their concern was to seek legal authority and “international permission” from the United Nations and/or NATO, which in their opinion, trumps the need for U.S. CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL to engage American troops in an act of war against Syria. The American people should be outraged at this. We need to elect more people who will question these clear violations of the U.S. Constitution and I ask for your support in my effort to be elected to the Hawaii State Senate!

It is nice to know, some in Congress are waking up. The recently introduced H.CON.RES 107 has put the President on notice with regard to taking our Country to war without Congressional approval. We must continue to speak out!

Here in Hawaii, you would think the second amendment was an option not a Constitutional right. Here in Hawaii, private property rights are under daily assault. Now…the Hawaii State Legislature is considering opening a Taxpayer Funded-STATE BANK! We need to come to our senses and send someone to Honolulu that understands the Constitution and the meaning of Liberty! Please support me in this effort!

My friends, we’ve come so far for the Cause of Liberty. Let’s spread the Message of Liberty across the Pacific and show the establishment they cannot hide in Paradise! To keep up on the Cause of Liberty in Hawaii, I recommend a new website called Liberty Paradise that is the Student Voice of Liberty in Hawaii.

Any donation to my campaign would be greatly appreciated. Of course an individual is limited to the maximum contribution of $4,000 for this race. Please visit my campaign website MikeGreco2012.com to make a donation. You can also mail your contribution to the following address:

Michael Greco for State Senate Campaign Committee
98-1277 Kaahumanu Street
Suite 106/161
Aiea, Hawaii 96701

If you mail a check, please include your name, address, email, occupation and employer on a note with your check. Also visit my Facebook Fan Page and click “like” to follow my campaign as it gets started.

In Liberty,

Mike Greco

98-1277 Kaahumanu Street ▪ Ste. 106/161 ▪ Aiea ▪ Hawaii ▪ 96701