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Letters to the Editor

I suggest all RP supporters craft well thought out, concise , passionate and persuasive letters to the editor of their local newspapers. These could be crafted in such a way to highlight Dr. Paul's accurate predictions on the economy and foreign policy; reasons why conservatives aren't getting behind Romney; explanations about the Fed; The "Just War" theory; the back story of the passion of the Paul campaign; mention of various pro Paul articles such as WSJ (I think that was it) states Dr. Paul's plan only one that will reduce deficit etc. Of course there are many other topics.

While the overall intent of such letters is obvious, we should craft them simply from an analysis perspective making the case for Dr. Paul. All of us could be fair journalists if you will making a measured and persuasive case. We could all be print media Ben Swanns if you will. Just the facts!!!

I have my students prepare letters to the editor every fall. You would be surprised how many are actually published. This is a way to get some free print media and exposure to everyday voters. Lets have a Letters to the Editor barage, especially in states that have not voted yet. Doesn't cost a dime!!

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