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Verifying the Vote

This is my first post to the DP. I've been an active reader for some time now, and appreciate having a site like this.

Let me begin by pointing out that I do understand that what we are all doing here is part of a larger movement, to wake people up, and take our country back (R3VOLution!!!). It is exciting to see the message spread, and so many people waking up to what is really going on out there. Not long ago, I found myself following along with what I was told, until I came across this Ron Paul fellow I wasn't too familiar with. Wow! No doubt in my mind that this is our country's only hope this election year.

A big concern that I have, however, is regardless of what Ron Paul decides to do going forward, whether it be win the GOP nomination or run as a third party candidate, the bottom line is that if our election process is not transparent and capable of being verified, it really won't matter. The forces that are in play now working to downplay RPs influence and actual support (MSM blackout, flipped votes, etc), will likely ensure that the same continues to happen for as long as he is in this thing.

So, my question is, what types of options do we have for adding transparency to our voting in the short-term, say something that could be implemented in the next 6-8 months?

I am planning to contact my state representatives to find out what I can do as a citizen to verify that the vote totals counted by machines match the actual ballots. I guess my plan is to offer up evidence of previous fraud, machine errors, and voting anomalies elsewhere in the country to help prove my point. From there, my goal is to perhaps find out how an individual or small group of people could monitor random polling places throughout the day, morning until night (hopefully with video recording allowed - not of individual votes but just an "across the room" taping of the ballot box to ensure it never leaves the room). Some sort of a ride along or count right there on spot as well, depending upon how they do things around here. Wherever the counting is taking place, the observers would allow the counting to take place as it normally would in any other election up to this point, without there ever being any interference whatsoever from the observers. After everything is counted, and results are display (and recorded), then some sort of hand count should commence. This would allow the observers the ability to verify that there were no irregularities in the voting. Anything over a certain percentage of error could constitute an issue, but if it was almost perfect than consider it to be an honest result.

What I am wondering is, and I know that this varies from state to state, but since I am new to all of this, what would be some other important things to request in regards to the vote and verifying? I am wanting to make sure that any and all observers remain completely out of the way, off to the side, almost unnoticeable if you will, at least until after they have run everything through the machines. But, they must be able to monitor the ballot boxes, have access to the vote total based upon the machine output, and then only after everything else is shut down, somehow have either election officials or the observers themselves perform a hand count to verify.

Again, no matter what RP decides to do, nomination or no nomination, we must somehow ensure that the vote was legit. All of this work for delegates may be for not if they just rig the vote come November. I plan to try to implement this for our upcoming primary in May, and hope to be able to organize others across the country if I have any luck around here in time for November. A long shot, yes, but may be the only way to know our votes are counted truthfully. Any suggestions? (Sorry so long)

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