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Give me something good to say please.

I was discussing with my friend about how it's looking like we'll see a brokered convention and he seems to believe it's said and done and Romney is the nominee... any thinking otherwise is just pointless and just delaying the inevitable to him. What I'm asking for is a response to what he said below that will basically prove him wrong and that what I'm saying may very well happen. Before this response I was explaining that he should more about the process because all the numbers flying around right now aren't accurate.

The process involves getting delegates, he has 844, which is 300 short with around 1,100 remaining. He will need to secure around 30% of the remaining delegates to win. That's how the process works, I am very aware. I am using common sense, to foresee that Romney will receive >30% if the remaining delegates and secure the nomination. I am very aware that their is a convention in August, but that it doesn't take a genius to realize Romney will have secured the nomination before the convention. Not only am I educated on the process, I also use intuition to formulate logical conclusions for the inevitable result, formulated from facts given by legitimate sources, such as the Wall Street Journal.

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In all honesty, barring a

In all honesty, barring a major scandal, Romney will be the nominee. And no, I'm not a troll (check my poster history, I've been here almost a year and pro-Paul) or pessimistic. But Romney has a huge delegate lead, even under the rosiest of estimates from our POV, and is up big in the upcoming states, including Texas and California. With momentum, money, and the media on his side, that's not going to be overcome. And Romney is not an idiot; he's well aware of the delegate process, and isn't going to allow all his delegates to be stealth Ron Paul supporters (assuming it would even be possible for all of them to abstain or vote for Paul at the convention). He has way too much money and way too much invested in this to let it slip away like that. Had this stayed a four-person race, perhaps it would have been feasible. At this point it's all about getting the message out; I for one will still vote for Ron Paul on June 5th

The truth is that it looks

The truth is that it looks like it will not be a brokered convention. It was a longshot when Santorum and Gingrich were running, even longer now that they dropped out. The one thing we have going for us, and I would stress to your friend, many i'd guess 20% or more Romney delegates are actually Paul supporters. I believe these people can vote for Paul on the first ballot, but their ballots would be thrown out, or something to that effect. To be honest I don't really know the rules anymore than you, but it doesn't hurt to mention that some Romney delegates are Paul people.

Also, tell him it doesn't hurt to go vote for Paul even if we lose the remaining straw polls. At least his conscious will be clear because he won't have voted for someone who:

1)Imposed an individual health insurance mandate on an entire state.
2)Is Pro-Federal Reserve like Obama.
3)Supported the Wall Street Bailouts like Obama.
4)Supports the NDAA Bill that Obama signed on Dec 31.
5)Supports the continuation of the Patriot Act like Obama.
6)Doesn't care about Congressional Authority for War like Obama.
7)Is a bought and paid for puppet, like Obama.
8)And in his own words, "I'm someone who is moderate, my views are progressive". Obama would call himself the same thing I think.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

The delegate count is an estimate

based on the straw poll held for each state and not a true reflection of the actual numbers. Here's an example. My precinct caucus voted 52.5% for Ron Paul. Afterwards we voted for precinct delegates. From talking with others we got more than 52.5% of the delegate slots that day because other supporters weren't aware of the importance of the delegate election process and were happy to not have to show up again in a month. Well at the next county convention when we voted for the 3 delegates that would go to state 100% RP supporters were elected with around a 66% majority. RP then went on to win at least 3 other counties that were reported by the MSM as Romney wins based on the straw poll. This fact is never reported but come the state convention there will be more RP delegates than the poll indicated.

This is why I wrote that this

This is why I wrote that this was "over" when Santorum dropped out. Romney will win ever remaining "beauty contest" because there's simply no momentum for us to grab a hold of. The mainstream media will pretend we don't exist.

Let's just get ready for 3rd party run.

all the more reason to stay

all the more reason to stay in and 'spoil' the party by winning delegates when everyone has given up. Those that are electing the real delegates are either insiders or supporters of Ron Paul. Let's make it so that you all outnumber those insiders at the place where it really matters. At the conventions, local, state, district, precint. It doesn't matter where. But beat them where you can beat them.

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