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Going in for the Romney Kill?

With newt dropping out soon its down to Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

I think now is the time to just really hit Mitt Romney hard. I think the most effective way of doing this is a new ad. A new ad that really exposes that there is no difference between Mitt Romney and Obama.

Similar to this video but with epic Ron Paul production

Mitt Romney says so many damning things it would be easy to destroy him in a single ad like how Newt was destroyed in Iowa.

There are so many people on the fence about Mitt but this could really be a knock out punch.

Ron Paul needs a "final stretch" money bomb. Or a "Last conservative" money bomb to make this ad a possibility.

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i think that video about obama endorsing romney (slimmed down a lot and tweaked) could be something special with professional production. i wonder if it would be feasible to have a moneybomb for a series of 15-30 second spots running over a span of a few days or weeks? im thinking something like:

"mittbama - exhibit #1" (then in following ads exhibit 2,3,4,5 etc) *que 1 or 2 clips of them agreeing on subject* then close quickly with something like "Pick your poison, or pick Ron Paul" or "Vote Honest Ron Paul for REAL change" maybe it'd be a little edgy(?) but i think the campaign could afford to be a tad more edgy at times IMO... Dr. Paul and the whole campaign is so nice, sometimes a little too nice to these degenerates. my 2 cents.

Ok, which Ron Paul millionaire is going to step up and match.

We need to match Rev PAC and other Ron Paul PAC's to blast this in the airwaves in the remaining states...

...mainly TEXAS and CALIFORNIA, but every state left and maybe even nationwide.

Who can step up and give 10 - 30 million?



I love it,,,

Well actually I don't.. They both seem to have so much contempt.

Excellent Video

We really do need a good ad that shows how Romney is just the same as Obama where it counts. That said, the video you linked to is VERY good, and I've already shared it.