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Washington State Convention tomorrow

Any suggestions for talking points for our speech? .. we will be recording this event on i believe 6 channels, wish us luck! :-).. I am a delegate and i plan on going to Florida, i will do my best to keep you posted.. ... on ustream, my channel will be under washingtonconvention5 i will stream live.

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Why does the US spend $931bn p.a. on military spending and "defense" or 25% of all Government spending?
Why do the Republican's want to increase it still further by $2.1 tn over 4 years.
The polls say that ALL the voters want to see significant reductions - Republicans, Independents and Democtrats to around $400bn p.a.

Why did the GOP select Romney when they knew way back in 2009 that he was connected to the Allen Stanford $8.5bn Ponzi scheme and was unelectable for this and a whole host of other reasons?
Stanford has been found guilty and gets sentenced in June.

Obama wants Romney as the Republican nominee because he knows he can easily beat him.
Even Karl Rove's electoral college map says so.
Do you really want an Obama 2nd term? Becuase that's what you will get if you vote for Romney.

Romney's main claim to fame is his record of job creation. But he didn't create any net jobs whilst at Bain or as Massachusets Governor.
This is easily demonstrated and Obama will do so, but not until after Tampa.
There are a number of cases of Bain completely mismanaging and asset stripping compainies for short term gain. Obama will show this too.
Do you really want an Obama 2nd term that badly?

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

I love Washington State!!!

Comments, or rather questions,
Will Guantanamo STILL be open?
Will the NDAA expand indefinite detention to YOU?
Will we have more military conflicts, not less?
Will your government be less accountable?
Will your corn muffins still contain GMOs?
Will new GMOs be approved?
Will GMOs be labeled?
Will Wall Street have more privacy?
Will Big Phama have more reign?
PS... the harder I work, the "luckier" I get.
Go hard.

Excellent questions

Also add:
Will something be done about Fukushima?
Will nuclear power be outlawed?
Will we keep allowing the companies who create disasters be responsible for "resolution" of the problem?
Will we continue letting companies who create disasters be let go scott free?
Could we begin adhering to the US constitution and quit passing laws that force people to buy things?
Could we begin adhering to the US constitution and quit attacking every country in the middle east?
Could we begin adhering to the US constitution and abolish the federal reserve?
Could we just mind our business for a change and focus money in our own country?
Could we start following the law and prosecuting officials who commit crimes?

The list could go on and on and on...

The ultimate question is - COULD WE JUST FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AND QUIT BREAKING LAWS?!?!?! The things that are going on in this country is ridiculous!

great job

Great job guys, we will have roughly 8 people recording and a few moderators. we are running under the username Mike4Liberty that another ron paul supporter created of course, but he will have the 6 channels on his ustream. i will do my best to keep you updated.. signing out.. wish us luck.

Jeremy I

I am very interested in Washington State

Thank you Jeremy, I am looking forward to watching your ustream.

It would be nice if you could get the Romney/Paul comparison sheet up on a big screen for all to see. I don't know what tools they allow you to use, but that would speak for itself.

I wish you the best in going all the way to Tampa, it will be a historical event I'm sure, and one you will remember for a lifetime, and proudly so.

Oh! one more thing

Get some sleep, we need you fresh ;-)

Follow me at Washington state convention

Follow us on ustream: mike4liberty it's another Paul supporter I'm channel 5 on your right hand side

Jeremy I