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Chris Christie: Marijuana is a 'gateway drug' that I will never legalize in New Jersey

During New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's "Ask the Governor" program on New Jersey radio station 101.5 FM, he was asked by a caller whether the governor would consider legalizing marijuana to bring in more tax revenue into the state.

"Mike, I love you baby, but it ain't happening, not while I'm governor," Christie said to the caller.

Christie said that he understood the argument for more revenue, but said that it was wasn't an "even exchange."

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Catawba Valley Tea Party endorses Tillis over Brannon in NC Senate race

They also claim Brannon falsely claimed to have their endorsement. If you want to be an establishment Republican, why do you endure the MSM ridicule of the "Tea Party" label? My home state of NC & unabashed Neocon minions of SC never cease to amaze me.

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Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Affirmative Action Ban
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by Ken Klukowski 22 Apr 2014, 7:44 AM PDT post a comment
On Apr. 22 in Schuette v. BAMN, the Supreme Court of the United States held 6-to-2 that a Michigan constitutional amendment ending racial preferences in many aspects of state government does not violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Fox News Report-Enemies Of The State-The Sagebrush Rebellion

* A Report by Fox News On the Wayne and Helen Hage Story. Wayne Hage Jr.

Enemies Of The State - The Sagebrush Rebellion


Enemies Of The State - The Sagebrush Rebellion Update

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Chris Christie rips Colorado ‘head shops'

Chris Christie just isn’t really a Rocky Mountain kind of guy.

The New Jersey governor, asked about Colorado’s marijuana legalization, slammed the state, criticizing its “quality of life.”

“See if you want to live in a major city in Colorado where there’s head shops popping up on every corner and people flying into your airport just to come and get high,” Christie said on a local radio show in New Jersey on Monday, according to CNN. “To me, it’s just not the quality of life we want to have here in the state of New Jersey and there’s no tax revenue that’s worth that.”

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NAACP head praises Rand Paul

"He's a different voice in the arena that we don't traditionally hear," says Lorraine Miller, acting head of the NAACP, who expects to invite Paul to speak at the organization's July national conference in Las Vegas.

"He's an engaging guy — that's why we want to talk to him," Miller says. Miller is not the only black leader who has been intrigued by Paul, whose father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, had three unsuccessful presidential runs and amassed a fervent Libertarian following.


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Rand Paul responds to neocon critics in National Review op-ed

Buckley’s Realist Foreign Policy
Is there no room for his views in today’s conservative camp?

By Sen. Rand Paul
APRIL 22, 2014 1:00 PM

The knives are out for conservatives who dare question unlimited involvement in foreign wars.

Foreign policy, the interventionist critics claim, has no place for nuance or realism. You are either for us or against us. No middle ground is acceptable. The Wilsonian ideologues must have democracy worldwide now and damn all obstacles to that utopia. I say sharpen your knives, because the battle once begun will not end easily.

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At Issue: Jury Nullification: "How Much Power Does A Jury Really Have?" - Ron Paul, MD

This is a MUST see and share:

Jury Nullification meaning that the Jury has the power to over rule a bad law based on the evidence in a trial. This power is now in jeopardy. Federal Government for centuries has been undermining the power of the Jury, that our forefathers had imagined.


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Greg Brannon - First debate tonight with live stream

Greg Brannon debates tonight. Here is the link to the live stream of the event: http://triadnc.twcnews.com/content/politics/us_senate_debate... Best of luck to the good doctor!

Update: 2nd debate is tonight, 4/23/2014 on WRAL. http://www.dailypaul.com/317449/april-23rd-debate-in-nc-greg...

Quote from 4/22/2014: "the Constitution has three crimes: treason, piracy and counterfeit. The Fed does all three.” -Greg Brannon

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Get Ready For A New False Flag Attack!

Here's Why!

Russia and China are about to finalize a sweeping trade deal that was years in the making, involving oil, gas, military and economic forces, including a shift away from the US dollar. This is the biggest international event and threat to the US/Europe empire since WWII.

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VIDEO: Sheriff Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck, “You Oughta Be Ashamed of Yourself!”


"Bunkersville, Nev., April 22, 2014- In this video Sheriff Mack breaks down the Bundy Ranch situation, while calling out Glenn Beck. He states that the Bundy family simply wants to be left alone and highlights how the federal government has run all 53 of the other cattle ranchers in Clark County out of business, while questioning how these types of authoritarian acts will subsequently affect the food supply system. Sheriff Mack goes on to question what this will do to liberty in America."

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