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No saggy pants for you, kid

ORLANDO Fla. (Reuters) - A central Florida city is banning low-riding pants, becoming the latest community in the country to outlaw a fashion choice that intentionally exposes underwear or buttocks.

Pull up your pants, offenders will be warned under the ordinance approved on Tuesday by the Ocala city council, or else face up to six months in jail and a $500 fine.

The ban on saggy pants was immediately effective on city property, including streets, sidewalks, parks, public pools and municipal buildings. Ocala joins several U.S. cities prohibiting or campaigning against what many defend as a fashion statement.

Councilwoman Mary Rich said the city is not trying to play fashion police but rather ensure public decency.

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Do You Have a Right to a "Monopoly on Force" In Your Own Home?`

The title speaks for itself:

Do you have the right to a "monopoly on force" in your own home?


This is an off shoot of the thread "On Definitions and Straw Men"

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Michigan Primary

My Michigan absentee ballot for the primary has arrived. Having been in the UK for a quarter century now (yes, I am indeed in Nigel Farage territory), I have no idea if anyone on the ballot is libertarian/constitutional-leaning or not. There are no third party candidates listed.

Any advice, O Mighty DPers?

Cheers in advance.

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New American Revolution: The National Independent Party

Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America


The battle has begun. The National Independent Party is now officially launched to challenge the egregious monopoly that Democrats and Republicans have in America.

AFR's video speech, Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America is our opening salvo to Washington and its relentless destruction of our country.

It signals the death knell of the Democrat-Republican monolith's control over our political system. It shows how to put forth a challenge in 2016 that will far exceed Ross Perot's campaign in 1992 - a true freedom challenge that will rock the nation and make history.

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Voices of Liberty - "Know Your Rights: Police Checkpoints" - Powered by Ron Paul

Know Your Rights: Police Checkpoints


Know Your Rights host Britt Hysen speaks with Nina Hodjat of Hodjat Law and DUI Partners about 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

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VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's 'On the Record' W / Greta Van Susteren- 7/22/14

VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's 'On the Record' W / Greta Van Susteren- 7/22/14


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Major Blow to Obamacare

The DC District Appeals Court has said that *some of* the Obamacare tax subsidies are illegal (the ones given through the federal exchange).

The hilarious thing is that it is not something that was declared to be unconstitutional, but rather it was something that is in the statute itself. The writers of the statute were so dumb that they ONLY wrote that tax subsidies would be available to people who buy insurance on a STATE exchange, but not on the FEDERAL exchange (they thought every state would just go along with it, no problem).

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Court Strikes Down Federal Obamacare Subsidies

"In a potentially lethal blow to Obamacare, a federal appeals court has ruled that the federal government may not subsidize health insurance plans bought by people in states that decided not to set up their own marketplaces under Obamacare."


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Tom Selleck on Gun Control "vs." Rosie O'Donnell... (5/1999)

I guess this speaks for itself...

In May 1999, a month after the Columbine shootings :


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Missouri Mother gets accosted by medical staff and threatened with arrest for taking photo of her son in the hospital

A woman was accosted by the staff of Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO for taking a photo of her son.

You can view the photos and listen to the confrontation


Mercy Hospital feedback


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The Grim Reaper Report : Raw Numbers in A Picture, in "That" Region of the World, as of July 21, 2014

Who or what are you going to blame?



Israel? Hamas? Jews? Muslims? Religion in general? ...

Go ahead. Take your pick.

Here's mine :

I blame NATION BUILDING, only a facet of ( GLOBAL ) SOCIALISM.


Because I have MEMORY :

War in the Vendée


And yeah, A LITTLE EARLIER than just back in 1913 and on, if anyone noticed...

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The Question No One Ever Asks About Israel vs The Palestinians...

Everyone in the media and in the U.S. government supports Israel's bombing of the small gaza strip and blames only the Palestinians for causing the conflict.

But no one ever asks the most basic and important question; What is driving the Palestinians to send rockets into Israel (which never hit any targets anyway)?

What is their complaint?

And Why does Israel refuse to recognize the Palestinians as a state?

Afterall, wasn't it the creation of the state of Israel which forced Palestinians from their homes in the 1940's (with the help of the U..S. and the world?).

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IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives (VIDEO)

IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives (VIDEO)

Loss of Lois Lerner emails amid tea party targeting probe unresolved

By Jim McElhatton-The Washington TimesUpdated: 8:58 p.m. on Monday, July 21, 2014

Days after IRS officials said in a sworn statement that former top agency employee Lois G. Lerner’s computer memory had been wiped clean, the agency put out word to contractors Monday that it needs help to destroy at least another 3,200 hard drives.

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