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After Listening To Peter Schiff, We're Considering Moving To Puerto Rico...

Ecuador and Costa Rica still on our radar for full time living, but also looking into Puerto Rico...


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The Growth Is All a Fantasy

"It’s all a result of the assumption that there is no inflation, when there really is because what we have is inflation masquerading as economic growth. (**The Fed has substituted debt as the source of additional spending: household debt, corporate debt and government debt. But debt is not income. Rather, debt requires income to be diverted to pay interest and principal. Substituting debt for income ends up further depleting declining income.)
The bottom line is:
►the economy is really contracting,
►the labor force is shrinking,

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DP New Member Introduction Thread

Thanks to DPer RonPaulWins for this lovely welcome graphic.

Registration is closed until further notice! If you registered, please be sure to introduce yourself and tell us why you're here. Otherwise you account will be deleted this weekend.

New accounts are initially limited to commenting and voting privileges only. If you are a good fit for the community, your account will be upgraded to full privileges after a week.

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CO State Senator pushes bill to give FEDs arrest state powers. Also runs for CO County Sheriff.

Ends up getting charged with 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors while running to be a local CO county sheriff and as a sitting state senator.


"King was handed a summons in Grand Junction on Wednesday listing felonies of embezzlement of public property, forgery and theft and misdemeanors for second-degree forgery and official misconduct. The charges carry potential prison or jail sentences if he is found guilty.

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Emergency Supplemental Appropriations

I was looking through the Library of Congress, and I saw the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act. I thought I would do what I do best, and I pulled a line by line spending that they are now proposing. Although, the media may be reporting that the Senate voted on the bill, they only voted on a Cloture Motion on the bill, so it hasn't passed yet.

You can read the bill here:


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ReasonTV: Can Burning Man Survive Grover Norquist?


Published on Jul 30, 2014
Will Burning Man—the annual week-long festival held at the end of summer in the Nevada desert—survive a terrifying challenge that goes to the very heart of its ethos of radical self-expression?

As 50,000 freaks, trippers, and visionaries start prepping for a week of fun and sun, anti-tax activist Grover Norquist has announced he will be attending this year’s Burning Man.

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NEW Extremly Graphic VIDEO of IDF Bombing Ambulances and Journalist !

Maybe the most upsetting video ever posted on the internet watch the second one down http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=be5_1406759077

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Ron Paul On C-Span For Three Hours Sunday Morning! Let's swamp the network with calls!

This Sunday, from 9am to noon, PST, Ron Paul will be on C-Span & will take our phone calls!

Set your reminder & start thinking of some good questions & remarks!

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Explosive! Ex-IDF Soldier Speaks Out About the Occupation inGaza

Please watch! Of course, he could be lying, but it's worth looking into. Better hurry though, because his facebook page is 'no longer available'.

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