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Elizabeth Warren Wants to Probe if Fed is Too Close to Big Banks

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants Congress to look into allegations that the New York Federal Reserve blocked one of its own from criticizing Goldman Sachs.


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Abducting, buying and selling American children as sex slaves in the US is a $9 billion industry

Hey DailyPaul this is probably the most important interview I have ever done in my career. The information in this piece is shocking and sobering. Please share!

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Governor Candidate Smokes Weed in Campaign Ad


Candidate for Rhode Island governor Anne Armstrong actually tokes up IN THE COMMERCIAL campaign ad. Most of her claims about "smoking weed" are unfounded, granted. But how much has the public narrative changed that we actually have government candidates toking up on camera AS AN AD???

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There is no war for peace!

There is no war for peace.

From the President and down through the whole political regime, this powerful administration proclaims the moral high ground while they are, according to evidence, the clear instigators of war.

The U.S. government says that they want peace.

Well, I'd like to inform these hypocrites that war is the opposite of peace. The further involvement of the United States in Middle Eastern conflicts complicates the peace process.

The only way to promote peace is to BE PEACEFUL.

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Congressman Stutzman says ISIS is not an imminent threat

Congressman Stutzman does not think ISIS is an imminent threat.

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Atlas Snubbed (a GREAT sequel)

A SEQUEL TO ATLAS SHRUGGED?!?! Who knew? It's called Atlas Snubbed, by Ken V. Krawchuk, a libertarian who has run for public office a bunch of times, including two campaigns for Governor of Pennsylvania.

The story begins right where Ayn Rand left off; the lights of New York have gone out, and Eddie Willers is stuck on a dead train in the middle of the Nevada desert. Eddie, if you can believe it, is the hero of this book. Now, while Krawchuk uses Rand's characters and copies a lot of her phrasings and dialogue, the book does NOT capture either the spirit or the tone of Rand's original work. Rand's literary voice positively oozed philosophical conviction and unstinting admiration for her heroes. Krawchuk has serious reservations about Objectivist philosophy, and this is really a book ABOUT those reservations. In consequence, the viewpoint characters of Krawchuk's novel are characters taken from Rand's novel who likewise have doubts and other convictions: primarily Eddie Willers, Hank Rearden's secretary Gwen, Kip's Ma, and the unnamed pilot who flew Galt to the State Science Institute. Dagny, Rearden, Francisco, Galt and Ragnar all appear as minor characters -- but this is very much NOT their story.

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Jon Stewart on U.S. News Media and Congress hypocrisy

Jon Stewart is on fire here...


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The Attempted Infiltration Of The Liberty Movement

A long read, but worth it.

"Once again, I have to go back to the neoconservative ideology, which holds that unification requires the creation of enemies in order to galvanize peoples and nations around a centralized leadership."


Syria, Neo-Cons, And The Attempted Infiltration Of The Liberty Movement
Brandon Smith - Thursday, 25 September 2014

There is nothing worse than a die-hard neoconservative. Of all the socialist horrors wrought against the American public by the Obama administration and its small but impressively insane group of followers, the neoliberals are at least relatively open about their disdain for the Constitution as well as their intentions to reduce our country to a Third World communist enclave. Neoconservatives, on the other hand, have the audacity to pretend as if they adore the Bill of Rights, posing as freedom fighters and champions of liberty while working intently to administer the same exact despotic policies and socialist infrastructure.

As most readers are aware, the false left/right paradigm has been the primary control mechanism used against the American people for decades. The idea being that in order for establishment elites to maintain control of a population with a heritage of independence, a facade of choice must be created to placate the dim-witted masses while the system itself is dominated from behind the scenes. The people of a republic must be conned into participating in the process of their own enslavement, at least until the oligarchs are ready to unleash full-blown totalitarianism. The concept of free elections becomes a grand theatrical display when most candidates, regardless of party affiliation, are bought, bribed, blackmailed or philosophically allied with the elite. The actions of these candidates speak far louder than their rhetoric for those with the sense to pay attention. But for many people, the attachment to the sports team mentality of politics is just too much to resist. For them, the circus is reality.

Continued at:

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Camp grounds, trailer parks, tiny houses, future trends

I'll jump right in. There's two kinds of patriots: those of us who have been successful in business and investing and those of us who are basically poor as piss and likely always will be. And we see the writing on the wall. Times are tough and getting toughter. It's really obvious in Arizona because at this point most of the state is "working poor".

Heck man, I'm PROUD of the fact that the RP Money Bombs were mostly $5-$20 donations from people that could have used that for a nicer lunch. Instead we nestled our leftovers in Tupperware containers and glumly watched ourselves lose.

But I'll return to a theme I haven't rocked in years and that is....

The American camper-trailer is the most advanced piece of survival equipment ever devised by man.

It's the ultimate piece of bugout equipment. In most of these things you have both 110V and 12V power systems, they have on board water and sewage capacity, you got lights, stereo, you have a complete micro-kitchen that usually runs off propane, you got a shower and a potty, all the comforts of home and you can chuck the kids and animals in it and GTFO of Dodge at a moment's notice. It's laughably easy to integrate solar and other off grid technologies. If you wanna re route power or water and need another hole in the floor? drill another fricking hole in the floor, you only paid $2k for this thing, that's not mohogany or teak, that's linoleum over plywood, put two holes through it, who cares?

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Volcano Blows in Japan 9/27/14

Mount Ontake, is about 130 miles west of Tokyo, sits on the border of Nagano and Gifu prefectures, on the main Japanese island of Honshu.



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The most amazing solo dance I have ever seen.

I am just so impressed I had to post this up for you all.


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