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VIDEO: Obama Admits To Violating The Constitution


Tells pro-immigration heckler “I just took an action to change the law”

Steve Watson | Prisonplanet.com
November 26, 2014

A frustrated President Obama told pro-immigration hecklers in Chicago Tuesday to “get the facts,” and pointed out that he had circumvented the Constitution to stop illegal immigrants being deported.

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Crazy Fireworks in Italy

Crazy fireworks in Italy, the so called "Batteria", by Giuseppe Chiarappa.
"You cannot imagine how loud this was."


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Rand Paul: What I’m Thankful For

I am thankful that Missy Paul is safe. Missy was kidnapped by Boko Haram and survived a harrowing ordeal in which her school was burned to the ground in Nigeria. With a gun to her head, she was forced into the back of a truck with thugs who said they intended to “marry” her. As the truck sped her away from safety, from her school, and from her friends, she made the decision to jump. She was warned they would shoot her if she tried to escape, but she chose to tumble into the bush at a high-speed rather than become prisoner.

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Daily Dose of Ferguson Keeps Amnesty Executive Orders Off the Front Page.

Imagine that?

A distraction. You would think we would all be used to it by now.

But these distractions are so overwhelming, so "important", so craved by the American public, that we MUST watch them, we MUST critique them, we MUST "understand" what happened. You are programmed to think you want to know until a week, two weeks later and then, wait a minute, what about that amnesty issue?

Too late. That's old news, isn't it?

Something else comes down the line to distract.

We need something to get us to the football playoffs and the holiday season so here it is. An event that was, really, a non-event. According to witness testimony the homicide was justified. Was it?

Eric Holder will now take his turn at the podium for Chapter 2 as the amnesty issue must REALLY be ignored for awhile longer.

What about those 12 million illegal immigrants that just got added to the welfare roles, MSM?


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Media Never Fails To Pick Cases That Divide

With so many clear-cut cases throughout the country of police officers killing or maiming innocent black civilians, why does the media always choose to focus on ambiguous cases?

Prior to Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of George Zimmerman dominated the news cycle. Like the Brown/Wilson case, the Martin/Zimmerman case was anything but clear-cut.

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Not Long From Now

Not Long From Now

Not long from now she’ll ask me,
While sitting on my knee,
About the ringing of the Bell again,
And the revival of liberty.

Then I’ll tell her of the rise,
Of Leviathan and his lies,
Of how we woke up again,
And tyranny’s demise.

I’ll tell her about our movement started by Ron Paul,
And about the oppressor and how we made him fall,
I’ll tell her how we stood tall again,
While responding to the call.

And the ringing of the Bell again,
Proclaiming liberty to all.

Copyright 2014 by Edward Moran

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White House quietly releases plans for 3,415 regulations ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

While everyone is tuned into Ferguson (what a joke) and the weather..... White House quietly releases plans for 3,415 regulations ahead of Thanksgiving holiday


From the air you breath to the puddle in your driveway; education, medical, all foods to include even wine flavoring, guns, new regs for tractors, trucks, trailers, tires, reduced medical and dental exp (tax)
have time to read?.... listed with CFR law #s


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NATO Quadruples Jet Deployment on Russia's Borders; Russia Responding

The US/EU led Ukraine Coup has now destabilized the region, giving NATO a pretext for a major arms build up on the other side of the Russian border.
Per CNN, "There used to be only four jets ready to intercept Russian planes that crossed into European airspace. Now there are 18." And rising.
Arms Buildup
One can only imagine what the US response would be if Russia were to park a few squadrons of Mig-35s in Cuba, Canada and Mexico.

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Ted Cruz: 'I Don't Think I'm All That Conservative'

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attended a lunch with influential members of the Jewish community hosted by former Democratic Leadership Council chairman and mega-philanthropist Michael Steinhardt, according to the New York Observer.

After listening to concerns that his association with the tea party movement could potentially wreak havoc on his prospects should he run for president in 2016, Cruz blamed the media for inventing "a new caricature" that portrays him and some Republicans as "crazy."

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Sen. Ted Cruz Wants Lieberman for Defense Secretary

“One strong option would be former Sen. Joe Lieberman, a member of the president’s own party with deep experience and unshakable commitment to the security of the United States,” Cruz said. “I urge the president to give him full and fair consideration for this critical position.”

Lieberman has very similar foreign policy as Republican Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. The three men have been called the “Three Amigos.”

Continue reading:


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RT Anchor Interview Redacted By CNN After She Criticizes Network As Toeing State Department Line

A discussion between CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and RT’s Anissa Naouai degraded into a tense back and forth on Friday, resulting in Naouai’s criticisms of CNN and its coverage of international affairs being cut from the finalized interview that was broadcast.

After repeated questions which, according to Naouai, implied her impartiality was lacking, the RT host responded by questioning Amanpour’s own impartiality and potential conflicts of interest when it comes to US military interventions.

These comments never made it on air.

Ben Swann speaks to Naouai herself for a reaction.

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Is Jimmy Carter a war crimes denier?

In its ten thousandth attempt (at least) to mentally “reconstruct” Southerners, the government-funded Georgia Historical Society, in cahoots with the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum, recently paced a marker in Atlanta “near the picnic tables at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum” that is supposedly “a reassessment of Sherman” that has been “decades in the making” by the Lincoln cult.

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What about Eric Garner (In my opinion, a true libertarian)


I have been frustrated about this since the latest set of riots.

The media picked this "Officer involved shooting" because it was a divisive issue. Because divisive politics is what fuels the media machine in this country. Because tribal "Us against Them" narratives are what sells.

They didn't pick Eric Garner, what happened two weeks prior! AND WE HAVE BEEN COMPLICIT! This is Trayvon Martin all over again!

And liberals have been complicit!!! Where is the outrage about Eric Garners cold blooded murder???

Liberals don't care about him, because he owned a business, sold cigarettes, and didn't pay his taxes!

They don't care, because like a man, he stood up bravely against the leviathan and said "It ends today"! And where is the indictment of his cold blooded murderer??? Nobody knows! Nobody cares, because they are to busy talking about Mike Brown, the convenience store thug, and whether or not he deserved to die!

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Ben Swann Recent News Broadcasts

Well, seems Ben Swann has been busier than ever. I really enjoy seeing him anchor. Here are two recent broadcasts I wanted to share that you may find interesting. They include Ferguson info.

And thanks to Michael, Jon, the mods, and Ben Swann and team/reporters/RT. I appreciate you all doing your thing and sticking around. Thank you.



Ben Swann 8:00 PM Washington D.C. (Tues 11/25/2014 | Duration: 29:17)

No indictment in Ferguson leads to chaos; President Obama speaks out against violence in Ferguson; Missouri National Guard called up; Live from Ferguson; Nationwide Protests; Washington D.C. activist demonstration; Grand Jury evidence made public; Ferguson Timeline; Ben in Ferguson; Another shooting and protests in Cleveland, OH. Who is #1.

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An open letter from Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark to Sen. Rand Paul

For Immediate Release | Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Sen. Paul,

We agree with you that Congress should obey the Constitution. We should never engage in foreign wars without a congressional declaration of war, a restraint on military action put in place by our Founding Fathers to ensure lawmakers never send our troops to war without deliberation.

But a constitutional war in the Middle East is just as bloody, destructive, and likely to incite terrorism as an unconstitutional war.

Our half-century of interventions in the Middle East have been a colossal failure. We have provided arms, military training, and subsidies to virtually every country in the region, inciting continual war and unrest. This has created a breeding ground for international terrorists that pose a real danger to our country and the world — one that would not have existed had we kept our noses out of the affairs of other countries.

U.S. military interventions have put our troops in harm's way, separated them needlessly from their families, and led to tens of thousands of American deaths and casualties — plus many more losses for innocent citizens of foreign countries.

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