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Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

Another high ranking banker death this weekend.


Nicholas Valtz, a managing director in cross-asset sales at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) in New York, was found dead yesterday by family members who went searching for him after he didn’t return from a kiteboarding outing.

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Roll Call: Rand Paul 2016 Buzz Is Buzzier Than Senate Colleagues

By David Hawkings | Roll Call
July 21, 2014

The most wide open Republican presidential contest in modern times is shaping up, so a thousand things could change in the 80 long weeks before the first scheduled caucuses and primaries take place. And a couple hundred of them surely will.

With that enormous caveat stipulated up front, it’s worth recognizing that one aspirant is having a bit of a moment. Rand Paul has been generating at least as much policy, fundraising and organizational buzz this summer as any other potential candidate, and certainly more than the other possible contenders out of Congress.

Paul will be returning to the Senate Monday afternoon after spending three days in San Francisco, a highly unusual weekend destination for a conservative from Kentucky. But the senator concluded he had opportunities on three fronts to advance his nascent bid. He could raise money from Bay Area entrepreneurs sympathetic to his libertarian views. He could recruit some tech geeks to join his fledgling campaign staff. And he could deliver the keynote speech at a technology conference, to sell the notion that his views about free markets and personal privacy ought to be catnip to Silicon Valley.

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VIA Drudge Report: Ron Paul Is Putin's New Best Friend

The former congressman from Texas is making a better argument for shielding the Russian president from blame than Kremlin TV.

By Lucia Graves | July 21, 2014

It used to be that blaming America for crisis abroad was largely the province of liberals. That folk wisdom appears to be changing—just ask Ron Paul. In the days after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the former House member has been quick to attack the West and President Obama for pointing any fingers in the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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WHISTLEBLOWER: U.S. Satellite Images Show Ukrainian Troops Shooting Down MH17 (video)

Source tells award winning reporter Washington lying about responsibility for tragedy

Award winning former Associated Press reporter Robert Parry has been told by an intelligence source that the United States is in possession of satellite imagery which shows that Ukrainian troops were responsible for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

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PCR: Malaysian Airline MH17

What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner?
by Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s propaganda machine is in such high gear that we are in danger of losing the facts that we do have.

One fact is that the separatists do not have the expensive Buk anti-aircraft missile system or the trained personnel to operate it. ...

The Ukrainians do have Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, and a Buk battery was operational in the region and deployed at a site from which it could have fired a missile at the airliner. ...

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Finally fair coverage of Israel vs Gaza by John Stewart

Jon Stewart is America's most influential political satirist. Here, he explains the Israeli monstrosity on Gaza in terms even a monkey can understand.


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Rutherford Institute Files First Amendment Lawsuit Challenging Election Laws Favoring 2 Major Parties

The Rutherford Institute is challenging two facets of the Virginia election law: one requires the (D) and (R) to have the lead spots on the ballot, the other requires a certain number of signatures before a third party can be on the ballot. If this is successful, they may carry it over to other states.The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, several Libertarian Party candidates and an independent (non-party) candidate for public office in the November 2014 general election.

John Whitehead describes the reasoning behind the suit:

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When the U.S. Navy Shot Down a Civilian Airliner

By Dale Steinreich

Down the Memory Hole is Iran Air Flight 655, shot down by the USS Vincennes on July 3, 1988. The Airbus A300 was flying in Iranian airspace and the Vincennes was sitting in Iranian waters. A total of 290 passengers (including 66 children) were killed.
Vincennes was known in the Navy as “Robo Cruiser,” a ship under the aggressive command of Captain Will Rogers III who, along with his crew, seemed to like to menace and shoot just about anything that moved.

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Anti-Israel demonstrations

Death toll 500, mostly civilians...


Youth go on rampage...



Thanks to LittleWing for this link:

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France's Reckoning : the Rich, the Young Flee the Welfare State

Via CBN :

France's day of reckoning has arrived : its wealthy, best and brightest are saying goodbye to a nation they believe doesn't want them to succeed or become affluent.


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Is the Military Industrial Complex Flailing?

With a wind-down going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, the MIC is without a good bread-and-butter Middle Eastern meat-grinder.

We saw the beating of war-drums with Libya. The beating of war-drums with Syria. With Iraq (again), and now with Ukraine.

Words like "backing" and "funding" and "arming" are synonymous with "controlling", and the forces in Libya, Syria (and their spillover into Iraq), and Ukraine are all "western-backed".

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Ukrainians did it!

This investigation and videos were pulled from internet. Video on the bottom depicts ukranian forces rotation in March. Video and pictures with one missing missile is the same unit. Not only was this unit filmed in the government controlled territory, but it was clearly operated by government forces. Another False flag brought to you by the us government?


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13 Israeli soldiers & nearly 100 Palestinian civilians killed, in battle over suburb of Gaza City


"The Israeli military suffered one of its worst combat days on Sunday, with the death of at least 13 troops in battle and an unconfirmed claim from Hamas that it had kidnapped a soldier inside Gaza."

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James Garner dies aged 86

From theguardian.com:

The actor James Garner has died at the age of 86, Los Angeles police have confirmed.

Garner was best known for his primetime television roles as a wisecracking frontier gambler on Maverick and as an ex-con turned private eye on The Rockford Files.

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