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Another Grand Jury OKs Murder By Cops

His crime? Sitting in a theater to watch a movie a second time. I bet his parents would have given the theater the second admission.
Instead, 3 armed and dangerous thugs arrived and executed this unarmed and OBVIOUSLY disabled young man, and the Grand Jury sees no crime.
Time to end the secrecy of Grand Juries. If there is something going on in there that can explain this, we all need to see it. I am beginning to suspect people are being threatened by the goons behind closed doors.

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The Christmas Truce of 1914

The Christmas Truce of 1914

For a day life got the upper hand,
In that dreadful no man's land,
When a band of brothers became a brother's band,
Each extending friendship's hand.

For a day they were unwilling,
To continue with the bloodshed and killing,
The day was for good cheer and singing,
And all that life's prime should be bringing.

For a day there was no battle cry,
And the dark and foreboding sky,
Was filled with songs ascending high,
From young men in a world awry.

For a day they proclaimed to the Earth,
There can be renewal and rebirth,
There can be peace on Earth and good will,

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6 year old asks for holiday cards for most likely what will be her last Christmas

I saw this story and figured if we had some time we could take a moment and do something to brighten up someone else's life and our own, here is the story and it has her address.....


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Personally Nullify ObamaCare

Few things make me happier than witnessing the raw awesome power of the internet than through individuals sharing the message of how to personally nullify the Federal Plantation's edicts outside of voting in new Plantation Masters every four years in the soap opera that is American electoral politics.

As such, just wanted to share with my fellow Liberty Lovers, two great manifests, which outline how to refuse to participate in the corporate welfare regime known as ObamaCare.

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EXCUSIVE Interview: Oath Keepers Surrounded by 50 Police Told To Stop Defending Building in Ferguson From Fires

Ferguson, Mo- You might have seen them on the news. The people protecting Ferguson businesses from the arsonists and looters ransacking Ferguson, Mo. But here is the real story about the organization protecting those businesses. They’re called Oath Keepers, and they have ex-police and ex-military keeping guard of four Ferguson businesses since late Monday night, Nov. 24, at the permission of the business owners.

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I type the words and they travel like a whisper
Vibrating through the space between you and me
The mark hits and all becomes as it should
We rejoice
We ponder
We gain
Nevermore shall the space between you
And me
Be the same.
When shall we meet again to blow focused breath,
To decrease the divide
That shall forever be expanded by the lack of that wind
I give to you my all
My soul
In this breath I shall speak
And be heard
And you shall listen
Or not.
Be at peace, Brothers and Sisters
For the Wind speaks
Through us.

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McCain Gets Provision Put in NDAA to Steal Apache Land. Tribe Didn't Know About Until Last Week

House Approves Bill to Give Apache Lands to Foreign Corporation

On December 4th, the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which included a provision to transfer 2,400 acres of Apache ancestral and ceremonial lands to a foreign mining company.

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Help Make History - Let's Have An Actual Honest National Discussion On Race

Greetings my Daily Paul family!

So about a month and a half ago I was told that Ben Swann would be releasing a video on what's really going on in Syria part 2, and I spent weeks asking high profile people and organizations if they would be interested in sharing it when it's released - and then a few days ago I was told that due to all that's going on in the country that was sparked by the Mike Brown and Eric Garner case acquittals - that we'll be releasing a video on "The Root of Police Militarization" first, and I was like dang it, I don't just want to ask people to share another video all over again, there's got to be something better and more effective that I could be doing to spread our liberty message...

And so, to really get word of this militarization of the police video out there, and much more importantly, to set things on a better course in our country, I propose a national convention on "Civil Rights, Militarization of the Police, and Solutions Towards Peace" ...co-hosted by Ben of course, along with who? Who would you want to see him standing next to?

Then imagine a discussion panel of leaders from across the political spectrum who are passionate about these issues, (from Jesse Jackson to Rand Paul? Who would you want on that panel?) moderated by household name journalists,(again, who would you want moderating?) supported by a broad coalition of organizations to help spread word of the event, broadcast by multiple television networks. I think the country needs something like this right now, and I think we can make this much bigger than the "3rd party" presidential debates I worked on in 2012 when I was Free and Equal's communications director.

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VIDEO: Cops Show Up At Wrong Address, Execute Pregnant Dog

VIDEO: Cops Show Up At Wrong Address, Execute Pregnant Dog

Sheriff's deputies ignore 'beware of dog' sign before pepper spraying, killing canine


Sheriff’s deputies in La Puente, California shot and killed a woman’s pregnant dog this weekend after responding to a domestic violence call at the wrong home.

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/cops-show-up-at-wrong-address-execut...

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Epilog: Wear a Swastika You're Fine. Wear a St. George Ribbon Get Arrested.

Odessa, Ukraine: Odessa police arrest man for wearing a St. George ribbon which celebrates the defeat of the Nazi's in WWII. A confrontation between Odessa residents and Neo-Nazi-Nationalists has been brewing. ..........Stay tuned.........
Keep it up Congress. You're doing a swell job shining our light across the globe.


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Here is an apology, long overdue. 1000s of miles away, we committed cruel crimes against humanity (Great Danes 2/5)

We are in the The Danish West Indies, what later became United States Virgin Islands. The Year is 1848 and Peter von Scholten was Governor-General of the 3 islands: St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John, and on those 3 Islands his word was the law. He defied the King, and saved the story.

Here he is, Peter von Scholten 1784 - 1854:


In 1847 Danish King Christian VIII ruled to end slavery, by delaying the outcome: "Every child born of an unfree woman shall be free from birth from this day forth"

Rebellion broke loose, it was too little, too late. The slaves demanded freedom, Now, and Peter von Scholten delivered. He ordered the army and the plantation owners to stand down. On July 3, 1848, he ended the chapter of slavery in Danish history, by emancipating all slaves in the Danish West Indian Islands, effective immediately.

He was called home to Denmark to ridicule and procedures and trails for a few years before he died in 1854. A traitor to many, but cleared by the Supreme Court in 1852. The US bought the US Virgin Island from Denmark, in 1917.

The story ended there, until today, when I submit to you: To this very day, there are ongoing discussions in Denmark, if we should offer an apology for our role in the slavery industry back then.

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John Lennon shot dead - December 8, 1980

John Lennon shot dead - December 8 1980

Tweet of the day:


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Huffpo: Rand Paul Is Demanding a Real Debate About Going to War: We Should All Pay Attention

by David Paul, President, Fiscal Strategies Group
Huffington Post

Rand Paul and John McCain are at odds over whether the Senate needs to declare war on ISIS. Paul insists that the Senate has no choice, as under the War Powers Clause of the US Constitution only Congress is empowered to take the country to war. McCain is derisive of Paul and his proposed war resolution, and has the support of his Senate colleagues, who have shown no interest in voting on the war. For some, this dispute may seem to be a technical matter--after all we have fought wars for decades without actually following the Constitutional rules. For others, Rand Paul among them, fealty to the Constitution demands that any decision to go to war be put to a vote. This may seem to many observers to be an intra-party skirmish that is of little import, but it is actually a rare opportunity for the country to consider whether and why we should go to war.

We are not good at having national debates about important issues. When issues of importance come up, we run to our corners--Red vs. Blue. Fox vs. MSNBC--it is rare that we have substantive, thoughtful exchanges of ideas and views. On matters of war and peace, there are particular ironies. Despite having led the nation into two long wars that are now widely viewed as mistakes, the public continues to trust Republicans more than Democrats on matters of war and national security. Since the Vietnam War, Democrats have been viewed as the anti-war party, and for decades now they have struggled to change this image to little avail. The difference between the parties was most clearly on display in the vote to go to war in Iraq. Republicans wanted to vote yes, Democrats were afraid of voting no. Given this reality, the fight between Rand Paul and John McCain is the best chance we are likely to have for a real and substantive debate over US war policy.

Rand Paul and John McCain start from very different positions. John McCain's moral authority as a hawk on matters of national security is rooted in his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He is a decorated veteran at a time when the percentage of Congress that has served in the military has declined to 20 percent from around 75 percent several decades ago. Rand Paul's credibility is largely rooted in his commitment to constitutional principles and his libertarian skepticism of governmental that is deeply rooted in the American ethos.

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The Underlying Problem

When his top priority in life benefits another more than his own, a man loves...Lovers do not fear. Yet love has no place in this war - between the agrressives who fear loss and the passionate who fear death...

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