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Desperate Govt Propaganda Unit Hilariously edits Alex Jones & Abby Martin's Wiki Entry, and Eglin AFB games REDDiT!

Of course, while the prospect of some smart-arse neoCon congressional aide with too much time on their hands could be the culprit rather than an 'official' psy-ops unit per-se, but it's par for the course, with this corporatist warfare/welfare state.

Indeed, 'we' are living in a Comical Stalinist State from the 11th Dimension:

U.S. Govt. Editing Wikipedia to Smear Independent Media Personalities?

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Supporter who said Obama would pay her mortgage, gas bill... "He was the little man behind the curtain. I was Dorothy."


Hey, Obama! Where's my mortgage payment?
Famous cheerleader for prez now says: 'He lied about everything'

NEW YORK – In his new full-length documentary film, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” Joel Gilbert found Peggy Joseph, the Florida voter who became infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign for saying Barack Obama would “pay for my gas and my mortgage.”

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Politics Aside, Is Rand Paul Qualified To Be President?

Senators generally make horrible presidents due to their lack of administrative experience.

Running a business can provide a candidate with administrative experience as can being a governor.

Rand Paul is a Senator and a former eye doctor.

Running a medical practice, provides insight into the mechanics of commerce, but does not necessarily provide the type of administrative training that may be required to successfully run a Presidential administration.

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Cop vs. Cop: Cop pulls over cop; cop resists, other cop tells cop to stop recording cops.

By Carlos Miller | Photography Is Not A Crime
July 14, 2014

Miami Cop Fearing Termination after Altercation with Internal Affairs Lieutenant he Pulled Over

A Miami police officer pulled a car over for speeding last month, which turned out to be a plainclothes internal affairs lieutenant who shoved the door open on the officer after refusing to provide his drivers license, leading to a struggle on the side of the road that was caught on camera.

As the two were on the ground wresting, another three Miami cops who just happened to be in the area pulled up and piled on the screaming driver– only to pull off when they realized the man at the bottom was an internal affairs lieutenant from their own department.

That was when the officer Marcel Jackson, the cop who initiated the stop, was sent to his patrol car and internal affairs Lieutenant David Ramras assumed control of the situation.

Realizing the outranking officer with more than two decades of seniority over him was going to turn him into the aggressor, Jackson pulled out his cell phone and began taking photos of the officers that began arriving.

But then a cop ordered him to stop. And another cop later ordered him to delete the photos.

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The Implosion Is Near: Signs Of The Bubble’s Last Days

by David Stockman • July 14, 2014

The central banks of the world are massively and insouciantly pursuing financial instability. That’s the inherent result of the 68 straight months of zero money market rates that have been forced into the global financial system by the Fed and its confederates at the BOJ, ECB and BOE. ZIRP fuels endless carry trades and the harvesting of every manner of profit spread between negligible “funding” costs and positive yields and returns on a wide spectrum of risk assets.

Moreover, this central bank sponsored regime of ZIRP and money market pegging contains a built-in accelerator. As carry trade speculators drive asset prices steadily higher and fixed income spreads steadily thinner—- fear and short interest is driven out of the casino, making buying on the dips ever more profitable and less risky. Indeed, the explicit promise by central banks that the money market rate will remain frozen for the duration and that ample warning of any change in rate policy will be “transparently” announced is the single worst policy imaginable from the point of view of financial stability. It means that the speculator’s worst nightmare—–suddenly going “upside down” due to a sharp spike in funding costs—-is eliminated by central bank writ.

Stated differently, ZIRP systematically dismantles the market’s natural stability mechanisms. One natural deterrent to excessive financial gambling, for example, is the cost of hedging a speculator’s portfolio of “risk assets” against a broad market plunge. In an honest market environment, hedging costs consume a high share of profits, thereby sharply limiting risk appetites and the amount of capital attracted to speculative trading.

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NYC Mayor De Blasio not happy about WTC 7 investigation ballot initiative

The High Rise Safety Initiative has submitted more than 67,000 signatures to the city clerk, more than enough to be placed on the November ballot. The measure calls for an investigation into WTC 7's and any future high rise collapse. The initiative is causing quite a stir in NYC.


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Gary Johnson: ‘Abolish the IRS’

By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog
July 14, 2014

SANTA FE, N.M. — For 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the ongoing controversy at the Internal Revenue Service is further proof the agency should be eliminated.

“Imagine life without having to deal with the IRS,” Johnson told New Mexico Watchdog in an interview just two days after a new development in the IRS story, in which former IRS official Lois Lerner warned colleagues to be careful about what they write in emails amid congressional inquiries.

“None of it surprises me,” Johnson said. “To a higher degree or a lesser degree this is what happens when you have bureaucrats in charge that can manipulate the system any way they so choose.”

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Alternet: Shockingly, Rand Paul Could be the GOP Nominee and Trouble for the Dems

Young male voters are drawn to Libertarian positions on social issues.

July 12, 2014 | Alternet

In 2008, Barack Obama was the candidate of change, first for Democrats and then the nation. For 2016, those same political stars, to be the agent of change, appear to be lining up behind Rand Paul, Kentucky’s Republican U.S. senator.

Yes, that Rand Paul, who is more accurately labeled as a shrink-the-government Libertarian and has a long history of questionable statements on race. Just as there are signs that Americans are not enthralled by Hillary Clinton’s likely return to the presidential fold (In June, it was Monica Lewinsky; in July, it’s her book), there are signs that Paul is pulling ahead of better-known Republican rivals.

It’s not just that Paul is the clear frontrunner in a new and credible national poll. He has supporters across every key GOP demographic by age and faction, from Tea Partiers to corporate America to the religious right. Younger men, who aren’t likely to vote for Clinton, find his "maverick" personality new and appealing. Similarly, the millennial generation is superficially embracing the Libertarian idea that the government should leave them alone to do as they please. Marijuana laws are one example.

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Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI Investigators


No one from True The Vote, the highest profile organization targeted by the IRS in the scandal involving improper scrutiny of conservative-leaning non-profits, has been interviewed by the FBI or investigators from the Department of Justice, according to the group’s President, Catherine Engelbrecht.

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Ventura The Hero

Deceased Sniper’s Bar Fight Claims Against Ventura Fall Apart in Court



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Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics

In Homer Economicus a cast of lively contributors takes a field trip to Springfield, where the Simpsons reveal that economics is everywhere. By exploring the hometown of television's first family, this book provides readers with the economic tools and insights to guide them at work, at home, and at the ballot box.

Since The Simpsons centers on the daily lives of the Simpson family and its colorful neighbors, three opening chapters focus on individual behavior and decision-making, introducing readers to the economic way of thinking about the world. Part II guides readers through six chapters on money, markets, and government. A third and final section discusses timely topics in applied microeconomics, including immigration, gambling, and health care as seen in The Simpsons. Reinforcing the nuts and bolts laid out in any principles text in an entertaining and culturally relevant way, this book is an excellent teaching resource that will also be at home on the bookshelf of an avid reader of pop economics.



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Splitting Up California Into 6 States Has Enough Signatures To Be On 2016 Ballot

(Reuters) - A long-shot effort to break California into six separate states got a boost on Monday, when the billionaire venture capitalist behind the proposal said he had gathered enough signatures to place it on the ballot in two years.

Timothy Draper, a founder of a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that has invested in Twitter, Skype and Tesla, among other companies, has been agitating for months for a ballot initiative to chop the most populous U.S. state into smaller entities.

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