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Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Sues Google To Block His Obscene Impostors

By Erin Fuchs | Business Insider

Noted trend forecaster Gerald Celente sued Google this week for allegedly letting bloggers use his image in vulgar postings.

The blogs at issue have variations of Celente's name, including geraldcelente-blog.blogspot.com and geraldcelente-blog.blogspot.ca.

Google acquired the company that runs that blog site in April 2011. The blogs post vulgar phrases like "WAKE THE [F-] UP" along with Celente's image, according to court documents filed by Celente.

Read more: http://in.finance.yahoo.com/news/trend-forecaster-gerald-cel...

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SNL Skit: Member voted Ron Paul! Have a listen!

We always tivo Saturday Night Live & when Anne Hathaway did the opening monologue I couldn't believe it when Keenan sang about "writing in Ron Paul." Run the clip to around 2:20 to hear him.


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Ron Paul: Secession an Important Constitutional Principle


Congressman and former Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul Talks about Succession and the true socialist origins of the United States "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag.

Note: This video is not new, but I found it fitting with all the recent "succession" posts and discussions here at the DP.

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Veterans Day 2012: Remembering America's First Flag

America's First Flag

Above is a picture of America's first flag, also known as the Grand Union Flag.

You've probably heard of it, or seen it.  This is the picture I carry of it, as the background image on my phone.  Whenever I get a chance, I show it to long time Bostonians, and ask them if they have ever seen it.  Invariably, they haven't.  I never had either, until about a year ago when I moved just a few blocks from where the flag was first hoisted by General George Washington on January 1, 1776, on Prospect Hill in Somerville, Massachusetts (back then, Charlestown).

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Mitch McConnell is a Big Loser

WASHINGTON, Nov 12 (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell set two top goals for the 2012 election: a Republican takeover of the Senate and the defeat of President Barack Obama.

He achieved neither.

Starting in January, he will be up against a president he tried and failed to bring down, with a Senate minority weaker by two.

"We all had a bad day," said Josh Holmes, chief of staff of McConnell's personal Senate office.

While there is no sign of any immediate threat to his job as minority leader, McConnell is facing intensified criticism from the right, which has seen him for some time as too "establishment."

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George Will: "Next time, Republicans should tilt toward the libertarian side..."

Very interesting article and I'm surprised this is coming from George Will:

"Next time, Republicans need a more likable one. And one who tilts toward the libertarian side of the Republican Party’s fusion of social and laissez-faire conservatism."


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Karl Rove The First Casualty In GOP's Civil War

Business Insider: Grassroots Republican operatives and Movement conservatives are quickly turning against the GOP Establishment in the wake of the party's expensive defeat this election cycle.

Republicans we spoke to this week voiced a near-universal disgust with the national Republican Party leaders and Washington political class, who are seen as having put their personal financial interest above winning the election.

As this internecine struggle gathers steam, the first target appears to be Karl Rove, the former Bush campaign mastermind who has dictated much of the GOP's strategy over the past decade.

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Judge Napolitano: Four More Years for the Unwitting Authoritarian

by Judge Andrew Napolitano | Reason

Only in America can a president who inherits a deep recession and whose policies have actually made the effects of that recession worse get re-elected. Only in America can a president who wants the bureaucrats who can't run the Post Office to micromanage the administration of every American's health care get re-elected. Only in America can a president who kills Americans overseas who have never been charged or convicted of a crime get re-elected. And only in America can a president who borrowed and spent more than $5 trillion in fewer than four years, plans to repay none of it and promises to borrow another $5 trillion in his second term get re-elected.

What's going on here?

What is going on is the present-day proof of the truism observed by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, who rarely agreed on anything in public: When the voters recognize that the public treasury has become a public trough, they will send to Washington not persons who will promote self-reliance and foster an atmosphere of prosperity, but rather those who will give away the most cash and thereby create dependency. This is an attitude that, though present in some localities in the colonial era, was created at the federal level by Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, magnified by FDR, enhanced by LBJ, and eventually joined in by all modern-day Democrats and most contemporary Republicans.

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Nobody can claim that the Ron Paul blackout isn't alive and well.

The media has blamed sunspots, the Washington Redskins opponent, American Idle and even Al Qaeida, for Romney's loss.

But never a mention of the Convention fight with Ron Paul, the adversarial State Conventions or Ron Paul's refusal to endorse Romney.

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To Romney and the GOP Elites: What comes around goes around

By Ron Holland | Market Oracle

On November 6th a large percentage of the Ron Paul supporters (10% of the GOP electorate) in the primary season exited the corrupt GOP voting process, stayed home, watched our television screens (like I did) and followed through with our warning to the GOP establishment. No Paul = No Vote in November.

Did you notice that during the many hours of broadcast news coverage of election night not one establishment news talking head mentioned what would have happened if Ron Paul supporters had voted en masse for the GOP and Mitt Romney? In fact, Ron Paul was never mentioned at all and they dared not even speak his name during the night's running commentary. The Paul factor was the elephant in the room the press had obviously been ordered to avoid in discussions at all costs.

The world knows how the Romney campaign and GOP establishment trashed Ron Paul and his supporters during the GOP primary season and in front of millions at the GOP national convention. Romney had the presidential nomination sewed up and had he treated the Paul voters with respect and reconciliation and added either Rand or Ron Paul on the ticket as I suggested in "No Paul = No Vote in November."

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Food Stamps: Once Associated With The Poor, Now COMMONLY Used by College Students

Washington Post :

"[...] Nearly 47 million Americans rely on federal food assistance benefits, a 12-year high attributed to the weak U.S. economy and high rates of unemployment over the last five years. Lesser known is that college students are among the increasing numbers of people relying on food stamps. As tuition rates have risen and financial aid has fallen — and parents who were once a source of financial support have lost jobs or homes and become ineligible for college loans for their children — students have had to fend for themselves[...]

I am receiving about $200 worth of food stamps per month, and I can’t imagine living without them,” said Sheena Vails, a sophomore at the University of Missouri who lives in an apartment with three other student SNAP participants.

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Anyone on the DP become a Ron Paul fan after being a liberal?

I feel like most stories are "I used to be a neocon but then I saw the light". It's my gut feeling that a significant percentage of Ron Paul supporters used to be "right-wing" politically. Personally, I'm far more of a "reformed-liberal" (not that I was very political at that time).

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