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CONFIRMED - Ron Paul is coming to Alaska!

Events & Times:

Ron Paul at Fairbanks Town Hall
Presidential candidate Ron Paul will speak at the Fairbanks Town Hall at the Westmark Hotel Conference Center, Gold Ballroom, 813 Noble Street, Fairbanks 1:00PM Alaska Standard Time.

Ron Paul at Anchorage Town Hall
Presidential candidate Ron Paul will speak at the Anchorage Town Hall at Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center, Tikahtnu C-F, 600 West 7th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska on Sunday, March 4th at 6:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time.

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I'm Sick and Tired of the Blackout! I’ll put another $2,000 dollars on the table if someone will help me!

I’m trying to FIRE-UP the Super Brochure direct mail effort to Missouri. Anonymous donors gave $8000, and I can’t believe it: it’s not even near being matched, not even close. What a great opportunity it is. And we can do it.

Just talked with famous talk show hostess, Joyce Riley. She says there’s major interest in Missouri in Dr. Paul. They “just have to see/hear his message.” Missouri can be ours. And it’s a caucus; there are many caucus chairs that are in our favor. I know of an entire HFS in Sedalia where all the employees are going to vote for him. The others just don't know about him. That's where the SB comes in.

Help me win Missouri by mailing SuperVoters. Just buy $2000 worth of precincts, and I'll put in a matching buy. Post your buys below. You buy, I match. Help me win Missouri!!

Deadline: Monday, 7 a.m.

Note: ANY mailing of the SB is powerful. It brings new people into the movement. Many people keep the brochure for years. It will help now and for the future. And with matching funds it’s only 22.5 cents per SuperVoter. It's cheaper than TV!!



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Video or it Didn't Happen

Guys, I'm not sure how many times we need to go over this but when there is a caucus in your state you need to get video of the final vote in your area or of any irregularities like voters being turned away. We cannot keep calling fraud when we are not getting video of this.

Ben Swann is BEGGING for video of the chaos and fraud and what looks to be vote rigging in places like King county (Seattle).


Folks we need to gather all of the evidence we can. To me it is 100% clear the fix is in. We need to compile our evidence and make a case. To whom, I'm not sure yet, maybe we need a section within this site or a new site where we store nothing but vote rigging, fraud, corruption, etc.

Voting is one of the few rights we have left in this country. We lose that we really do have nothing.

So we need to live by the mantra of Video or it Didn't Happen. Spread the word.

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26 degrees, SNOW? We SIGN BOMBED in Illinois today!

Woo hoo! It was cold!!!

It was AWESOME - lots of beeps from cars - two weeks until our Primary ...

Armed with Super Brochures, homemade signs, American Flags, and the ENTHUSIASM only a Ron Paul campaign can muster up - we took to two intersections in Glen Ellyn, IL this afternoon for 2 hours; enduring mid-20 degree temperatures, snow & wind and got some LOVE!


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Rawesome Foods' James Stewart Arrested on $1 Million Warrant

(NaturalNews) Rawesome Foods defendants James Steward and Sharon Palmer were ambushed in California court yesterday when they appeared for a preliminary hearing about the multiple felony charges that have been ludicrously placed against them for engaging in farm-fresh food production and distribution. In court, they were ambushed with a $1 million arrest warrant (James) and a $2 million arrest warrant (Sharon), then handcuffed and marched away by agents of the corrupt state.

This appears to all be part of California's open war on family farming and real food. Observers present at the hearing described the ambush as something "done out of pure unadulterated intimidation" by a rogue government that has abandoned all law.


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DP Eyewitness: Several Hundred People Turned Away-Benton County WA-PHOTOS ADDED!

I am not exaggerating when I say SEVERAL HUNDRED. Our entire county caucus was consolidated to a single location, our local Three Rivers Convention Center. The GOP website said they would close registration at 9:45 am SHARP. I showed up at 9:20, and the lobby was packed, the entire side hallway was packed, and the line streamed out the door into the parking lot.

At 10:00 am, someone got on the loudspeaker and told the crowd that they wanted to get everyone in and not disenfranchise anyway, and to make things easier for them, we should queue into two lines: One line for people who had their voter's registration cards, and one line for people who showed up only with I.D.

Mayhem ensued as the massive crowd attempted to shift into two lines without being rude and cutting in front of anyone. It was a confused mess.

At 10:30, someone got on the loudspeaker and told us that:

1) If you have not yet been "accredited" you will not be allowed to vote, and that voting had already begun.

2) They did not have room to accommodate everyone anyway.

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NEW VIDEO: Imagine America Restored!

It took me several weeks to create this video. With Super Tuesday four days away, now would be the perfect time to share this with friends and family that remain undecided. The inspiration for it came from the Reagan Ad called "It's morning in America." I wish I had the voice of the narrator in that ad, but I gave it my best shot. The idea was to make a positive ad that emphasizes Ron Paul's key points about taxes, the economy, family values, and foreign policy in a way that causes people to use their imagination to visualize a better America with Ron Paul, without the use of political language.


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Beast: How Ron Paul's Minions Plan to Hijack the GOP Convention

"Ron Paul is orchestrating a highly unusual, yet precisely organized, grassroots effort to bring as many loyal delegates as possible to the Republican National Convention. Romney's campaign has some mass appeal but invites little passion. Paul's might have even fewer supporters than Romney but their energetic zeal could culminate in having an outsize influence at the RNC without having won a single primary.



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Ron Paul Explains Why He's Not Winning Primary States

SPOKANE, Wash. – Rep. Ron Paul on Friday told a crowd here that he’s not winning primary states because “changing a hundred years of history takes a little bit of time.” But the Texas congressman said he “expects to do real well here” in Saturday’s caucus.

Paul, who has yet to win a state, is seen trailing GOP presidential rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in several polls coming out of the Wolverine State. But the Washington process, a non-binding caucus that selects its delegates after a straw poll, has tended to do well for Paul in the past in other states, thanks to his core of loyal supporters.

“I know we’ve always had good support here, we always have enthusiastic crowds,” he said following a rally at the Spokane Convention Center that drew about 1,000 people. “The system lends itself to the people who are energetic and will participate, so I’m cautiously optimistic, but I have no number that I can give you.”


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Video: Dr. Paul's TownHall @ Spokane, Ridgefield/Vancouver, & Seattle WA - March 2nd

Looks like another capacity crowd!

Spokane Convention Center, Spokane, WA:

Courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/JagdTygerII
1of3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xv0jUJb-lM
2of3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dPaTw7WDfM
3of3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7QCH9wGqEk

Clark County Event Center, Ridgefield/Vancouver, WA:

Courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/user/MrRyanColgrove

KATU Complete Coverage (Article+Video):


Seattle, WA:

Full Speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdjfAqRr8S8
w/Audio-Sync Fixed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7c1dZk2kQ0

Our very own Robin Koerner!
The Founder of the BlueRepublican Movement asks the Doc to allay liberals' prevailing concerns over 'entitlements.'
END the Empire! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVUm9mN263A

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The GOP Seeks its own John Kerry

Eight years ago a candidate who inspired young Democrats and independents was passed over in favor of a more electable choice – John Kerry was chosen over the brash Howard Dean in an “anyone-but-Bush” race.

Today, Republicans line up in an attempt to repeat history. In this "anyone-but-Obama" race, they are overlooking a candidate who inspires inside the party and out in favor of the “electable” option.

Is a win more important for Republicans or is that vague feel of electability more important? The two are exclusive of each other according to the results of the 1976, 1980, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008 elections. Choose the moderate – the one who feels tolerable to everyone – and you reject the candidate from your own party who inspires.

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Ron Paul Wins Taunton MA Republican 2012 Straw Poll

Holy Cow, this from Massachusetts?

Ron Paul 51%
Romney 38%
Santorum 8%
Newt 3%


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We Can Win Kansas

NEW EDIT 3/2/2012 4pm - While what we get done by this weekend will still be what is most effective, we have now acquired a new secret weapon (#3!) that will allow us to target -anyone- you guys help us reach up through Thursday. We are really leaving no stone unturned right now. Thanks a bunch everyone!

Also note: We have updated the calling DB to target a new list of much higher likely Paul supporters, once that list is called it will revert back to the other big list.

Direct questions to BlakeB@RonPaulWichita.com

We Can Win Kansas

40 Delegates.
First State After Super Tuesday.
Momentum for Missouri.

Kansas is tearing it up! Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka, and Wichita all have great GOTV plans and are on fire for Dr. Paul. But we need your help! Wichita and Sedgwick County holds the largest caucus in the nation and Wichita for Ron Paul has developed the system that will deliver it to us on a silver platter.

We have developed our own online phone banking system, currently deployed on our customized database of local voters. Because of this, it is an even more efficient tool for our efforts locally than the national Phone from Home system. The goal for the phone banking system is simply to poll our refined database to gather information on 1st and 2nd choices, how strong their support for their 1st choice is, and the 2 most important issues of that voter.

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Jonathan Karl, ABC NEWS TV commentator on Journalism

Jonathan Karl ABC NEWS TV commentator on Journalism and his reluctance to offer his opinions. He will not share his opinions even though he is a TV commentator. Would it be more honest to simply tell us what his views are instead of pretending he has no views? Are his views implied in his questions? How can we examine the reasoning on which his views are based if he will not tell us what his views are? How can the viewers consider the reasoning he uses support his opinions if he does not tell us what his opinions are, much less the reasoning? These are some of the questions considered in this interview. Watch his facial expressions.


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