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NYT: Romney Failing to Excite Base

OSKALOOSA, Iowa - Presidential candidates are again marshaling their forces to win Iowa, which is up for grabs in November. Mitt Romney, eager to capture a state President Obama carried four years ago, is planning another visit on Tuesday as he bulks up his existing 11 field offices to compete with Mr. Obama's 17.

But as he strides toward the traditional show of party unity at the Republican convention this month, Mr. Romney faces a worrisome undercurrent here: that the grass-roots elements who animated the Iowa caucuses - including evangelical Christians, Ron Paul supporters and Tea Party members - are not fully behind his candidacy in a battle that will be determined partly on who turns out his party's base.

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Dr. Paul introduces "Compassionate Freedom of Choice" legislation

How can anyone deny that Ron Paul is a man of the people and puts our best interests first?

"Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce the “Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act.” This legislation allows terminally ill patients to use drugs, treatments and devices that have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if their physicians certify: (i) such patients have no other treatment options; and (ii) the patient executes written, informed consent that they are aware of any potential risks from the drug, device, or treatment."

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Police Say Man Handcuffed With Arms Behind Back Shot Himself In Head

"This story – like any that deal with government corruption or police brutality – lack the pertinent details to jump to any conclusions but what is being reported is somehow a man was searched, handcuffed behind his back and double locked in the back of a patrol car.

Just moments later, police say the they heard thumping in the back of the car and then man shot himself in the back of the head.

There are simply no answers to some basic questions and the news simply didn’t even bother to ask them but at this point the story is pretty unbelievable.

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Why Ron Paul and Libertarian Ideals Are Here to Stay

"Libertarians are as far from the right wing, as they are from the left. The distinction is important because the two philosophies actually yield very different results despite their apparent similarities. Libertarian reasons for rejecting Republican candidates will become much clearer if the difference is established."


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Today Is The 75 Year Anniversary Of Marijuana Prohibition

Today is Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 - the 75 year anniversary of Marijuana Prohibition which was enacted on August 2, 1937.

At the time when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed the the government said there was an epidemic of marijuana smoking. They estimated the number of people smoking the plant at 100,000.

Today, after 75 years of spending tens of billions of dollars to arrest over 20 million people who have served a collective TWENTY MILLION YEARS IN PRISON, they've managed to get that number down to 80-100 million people who have tried the plant, 20-40 million regular users and 10-20 million daily smokers.

This war is insane. Many people called for an end to the war in Iraq. Many are calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan. Soon, many more will call for an end to this war as well, this grave injustice called marijuana prohibition.

I'm sure all of you believe that the time is now to consider a different approach than what we have been doing and that throwing people in prison for a plant is violent, wrong and immoral.

By the way, I'm still standing strong for Ron Paul in 2012!


Les Stark, Author of Hempstone Heritage
Video below:

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Paul Delegate Purge Sparks GOP Civil War In Maine

BuzzFeed: Divisions among Maine Republicans deepened Wednesday over Romney backers' attempt to purge Ron Paul supporters — who the Romney camp fears could wreak havoc at the Republican National Convention — from the state's delegation.

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Massachusetts Delegates Strike Back

The Massachusetts Delegation has filed a challenge with the Committee on Contests. The 16 challenges were filed in order to restore the elected status of the MA delegation.
The Massachusetts Contestants’ Statement of Position can be seen here, along with all of the proof that will be presented to the RNC.


While we have been admonished for not doing enough here in MA, we have been busy working around the clock on a number of different ways to reseat our delegates. This is a major step to reinstating our people.

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Video Update: Ron Paul's Subcommittee Examines Parallel Currencies 8/2/12

Archived web link, thanks bear: http://financialservices.house.gov/Calendar/EventSingle.aspx?EventID=304699

Hearing entitled 'Sound Money: Parallel Currencies and the Roadmap to Monetary Freedom'

Thursday, August 2, 2012, 10:00 AM ET
Witness List:

Dr. Richard Ebeling, Professor of Economics, Northwood University
Mr. Nathan Lewis, Principal, Kiku Capital Management LLC
Mr. Rob Gray, Executive Director, The American Open Currency Standard

L i v e S t r e a m L i n k

Statement from Ron Paul:
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Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen

A motion to dismiss charges based on the use of a Predator drone was denied Wednesday

[US News] A North Dakota court has preliminarily upheld the first-ever use of an unmanned drone to assist in the arrest of an American citizen.

A judge denied a request to dismiss charges Wednesday against Rodney Brossart, a man arrested last year after a 16-hour standoff with police at his Lakota, N.D., ranch. Brossart's lawyer argued that law enforcement's "warrantless use of [an] unmanned military-like surveillance aircraft" and "outrageous governmental conduct" warranted dismissal of the case, according to court documents obtained by U.S. News.

District Judge Joel Medd wrote that "there was no improper use of an unmanned aerial vehicle" and that the drone "appears to have had no bearing on these charges being contested here," according to the documents.

Read on at US News

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Facebook Admits Tens of Millions of Accounts Are Fake

MYFOXNY.COM - Facebook's share price dipped below $20 on Thursday after reporting slowing growth and an admission of an alarming number of fake accounts.

In a quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the social media company said that as many as 83 million of its accounts are fake.

It also reported that as many as five percent of its active users have duplicate accounts.

Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/19180366/facebook-admits-millio...

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Ron Paul: We Must Have Parallel Currencies

Before the United States House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, Hearing on Sound Money: Parallel Currencies and the Roadmap to Monetary Freedom, August 2, 2012

One of the most pressing issues of our time is the push for monetary freedom. The only sound monetary system is one which protects sound money and allows consumers, businesses, and investors the freedom to transact in the currency of their choice. The importance of sound money is summed up nicely by Ludwig von Mises: "It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments." It is no wonder that governments fight tooth and nail against sound money, as sound money protects the well-being of the middle class and the poor while preventing the expansion of government.

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Half of US Counties Now Considered Disaster Areas

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Nearly 220 counties in a dozen drought-stricken states were added Wednesday to the U.S. government's list of natural disaster areas as the nation's agriculture chief unveiled new help for frustrated, cash-strapped farmers and ranchers grappling with extreme dryness and heat.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's addition of the 218 counties means that more than half of all U.S. counties — 1,584 in 32 states — have been designated primary disaster areas this growing season, the vast majority of them mired in a drought that's considered the worst in decades.

Counties in Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming were included in Wednesday's announcement. The USDA uses the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor to help decide which counties to deem disaster areas, which makes farmers and ranchers eligible for federal aid, including low-interest emergency loans.

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FBI admits Pentagon dinner guest Al Awlaki worked for them

Pentagon dinner guest and Osama bin Laden fill-in Anwar al-Awlaki was in FBI custody but the agency let him go, FBI assistant director Mark Giuliano has told the House Appropriations Committee. The incident occurred in October, 2002, at the JFK airport. The American born cleric was a top CIA target and named a serious threat by the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service at the time.

Former FBI agents explained that the release was likely because the agency wanted to track him or work with him as a contact. A more likely explanation is that al-Awlaki worked as an operative for the agency.

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/fbi-admits-pentagon-dinner-guest-al-...

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Ron Paul Was Right About Our Involvement in Syria

Ron Paul has implied in many speeches on the house floor that the Obama administration is giving covert aide to Syria, and is already involving our nation in yet another war. Finally the mainstream media is reporting our involvement, but fails to make the connection to Dr. Paul:


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LASPAC: Gary Johnson gets 19% in nationwide poll

The Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) sent the appeal below:

We just conducted a nationwide telephone poll of registered voters. Here’s what the poll sounded like:


The results:
Barack Obama 56%
Gary Johnson 19%
Undecided/neither 25%

You may be thinking, “Why does that matter, since it doesn’t include the Republican?”

Here’s why it matters:

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