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Email Inbox Not Private, Says South Carolina Court

The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled a man’s privacy was not violated when his wife’s daughter-in-law managed to get into his email and find out the name of his lover because the messages remained in his inbox.

In their unanimous ruling, the justices decided the woman did not violate a 1986 federal law about email storage and ruled a lawsuit from the husband could not go forward.

But the justices also pointed out that just because they ruled the woman didn’t violate the husband’s privacy, it didn’t mean they liked what she did.

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The 2012 US Presidential “Non-election:” Which Brand of Fascism this Time?

No matter who “wins,” humanity loses.
By Larry Chin | Global Research, October 14, 2012

Every four years, the deck chairs of the political Titanic that is the American empire get rearranged in the choreographed spectacle of another presidential “election”. The 2012 charade is particularly disgusting; the lies more blatant and shrill, as the world continues to burn.

It is critical to focus on the cold, ugly reality facing the world with either prospective White House occupant.

On one side, the Obama administration, and the traditional brand of neoliberal imperialism and international consensus, and false domestic populism. On the other side with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, militant right-wing extremism, an apocalyptic war agenda and the politics of sadism at home.

The interests of the elite (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger, etc.) is dutifully served with either Obama or Romney in the White House. The question for the elite is purely over style and execution.

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The World’s Aircraft Carriers – VISUALIZED

Something interested I came across. It puts into perspective the pure paranoia some have regarding China's naval power. They just obtained a "new" 25 year old Soviet aircraft carrier.


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Sen. Rand Paul takes aim at both major parties in visit to Athens

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, visited Athens County GOP headquarters Friday afternoon, stumping for the Republican 2012 slate of candidates. But this wasn't your typical campaign speech.

Paul used the opportunity to slam the whole of Washington for what he deems its spending problems, hitting Democrats and Republicans alike for refusing to begin making even limited cuts in international spending.

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Am I Crazy ?

Let's compare Obama's and Romney's stances on the issues:

Mitt Romney Barack Obama
Pro Patriot Act Pro Patriot Act
Pro Agenda 21 Pro Agenda 21
Pro Carbon tax Pro Carbon tax
Pro Individual Mandate Pro Individual Mandate
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Papers Please! Part II

After my first Papers Please post, a friend of mine called me up and shared this video with me.


Note this is inside the United States, between Arizona and California.

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Veterans Groups Urge Soldiers To Refuse Anymore Deployments To Afghanistan...

Veterans groups are urging soldiers to refuse combat (in this case specifically JBLM’s 4th Brigade - Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State)

This group of anti-war veterans are using leaflets to try to put an end to the re-re-re-deployment of soldiers from JBLM to Afghanistan.

Without a draft, the only way the war-mongering polticians can keep their little war-profiteering charade going is to deploy the same soldiers over and over - sometimes up to 5 times.

So in an attempt to end the madness, this group of veterans is suggesting soldiers go to any length (including going AWOL), to interrupt this process.

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New Reverse Mortgage Abuses Pushing Seniors Out of their Homes

NY Times: The very loans that are supposed to help seniors stay in their homes are in many cases pushing them out.

Reverse mortgages, which allow homeowners 62 and older to borrow money against the value of their homes and not pay it back until they move out or die, have long been fraught with problems. But federal and state regulators are documenting new instances of abuse as smaller mortgage brokers, including former subprime lenders, flood the market after the recent exit of big banks and as defaults on the loans hit record rates.

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"We don't owe, we won't pay!" Thousands protest in Spain's capital over government austerity measures

MADRID — Several thousand anti-austerity protesters in Spain marched down a major street in the capital banging pots and pans Saturday.

Many protesters also blew whistles as they blocked part of the Castellana boulevard Saturday carrying placards saying “We don’t owe, we won’t pay.”

“None of us pushed the banks to lend huge sums of money to greedy property speculators, yet we are being asked to pay for other’s mistakes,” 34-year-old civil servant Maria Costa, who was banging an old pot along with her two children, said.

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CNN's Candy Crowley Challenges Rules Set by Commission on Presidential Debates

In a rare example of political unity, both the Romney and the Obama campaigns have expressed concern to the Commission on Presidential Debates about how the moderator of the Tuesday town hall has publicly described her role, TIME has learned.

While an early October memorandum of understanding between the Obama and Romney campaigns and the bipartisan commission sponsoring the debates suggests CNN‘s Candy Crowley would play a limited role in the Tuesday night session, Crowley, who is not a party to that agreement, has done a series of interviews on her network in which she has suggested she will assume a broader set of responsibilities. As Crowley put it last week, “Once the table is kind of set by the town hall questioner, there is then time for me to say, ‘Hey, wait a second, what about x, y, z?’”

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Social Security increase for 2013 could be lowest since 1975

Social Security recipients shouldn't expect a big increase in monthly benefits come January.

Preliminary figures show the annual benefit boost will be between 1 percent and 2 percent, which would be among the lowest since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975.

Monthly benefits for retired workers now average $1,237, meaning the typical retiree can expect a raise of between $12 and $24 a month.

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