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Anonymous Member Takes Down GoDaddy, Takes Down Millions of Sites

Putting all your domain names in one big registrar is like putting all your money in one big bank, when it fails, the world comes to a crash

TechCrunch Article

"According to many customers, sites hosted by major web host and domain registrar GoDaddy are down. According to the official GoDaddy Twitter account the company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. Update: customers are complaining that GoDaddy hosted e-mail accounts are down as well, along with GoDaddy phone service and all sites using GoDaddy’s DNS service.

Update 2: Anonymous is claiming responsibility. A member of Anonymous known as AnonymousOwn3r is claiming responsibility, and makes it clear this is not an Anonymous collective action.

AnonymousOwn3r’s bio reads

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C-SPAN Interviews Tom Woods at Freedom Fest 2012

C-SPAN Interviews Tom Woods at Freedom Fest 2012.


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Stockman: "Ron Paul Is Right: The Fed, And The Lunatics That Run It, Are The Heart Of The Problem"

Former Reagan OMB Director David Stockman was 'allowed' on CNBC this morning - much to their chagrin now we suspect - and espoused his own brand of truthiness, starting with this epic tirade:

"Ron Paul is the only one who is right about the Fed, and the Fed is the heart of the problem. They have destroyed the capital markets and the money markets; interest rates mean nothing; everything is trading off the Fed and Wall Street isn't even home - as it's now a bunch of computers trading word-clouds emitted by this central banker and that"


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Marianne Stebbins: How we took 33 of 40 Delegates for Ron Paul MN Speech + Conference Call

“Live Free” Speech at the Ron Paul “We Are the Future” Rally, Tampa, August 26, 2012
by Marianne Stebbins | September 1, 2012

Five and a half years ago, throughout the state of Minnesota, something peculiar happened. Introverts and other nerds started crawling out of their parents’ basements to voluntarily make contact with unknown life forms, life forms who were luckily also introverts and a little nerdy. People who had never known each other started to talk, eventually started to meet. No, not just on forums and facebook, but in real, live person.

The Zombie Apocalypse, you ask? Even, better. The word in the underground was that a most unusual man was to run for President. But, wait! These people hated politics. A lot. The lying, the empty promises, the ever-encroaching government, distinctions without any difference, always two sides of the same coin.

So when word started circulating that a politician who dared to talk about forbidden topics such as the Federal Reserve and our inability to afford unconstitutional wars and, above all, had consistently upheld his oath to the Constitution, was going to run for the highest office, tens of thousands of people who had previously checked out of politics in disgust sat up and took notice.

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Open Letter To Oklahoma GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell Regarding the Republican National Convention

Dear Matt,

I was at the RNC last week, as well as the week prior due to the contest committee. There are some major issues that I feel need to be addressed.

I know you said at our State Convention in May that you would go to bat for the Executive Committee slate 365 days a year. If the slate had been elected by the Oklahoma State Party rules, I would have no problem with that. But, the slate was elected by breaking the rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party, as well as the Convention Rules.

As you know very well, I was present as a witness at the Contest Committee of the RNC, as well as the Credentials Committee. So much of what I heard come out of your mouth were complete lies, just to get this slate of wrongfully elected delegates seated. I won’t argue over all of that again, as we heard each other’s arguments multiple times in Tampa.

On the OK GOP website you wrote that we had “a successful RNC Convention” last week. What you call a “successful RNC Convention” was a complete sham. As we saw numerous times in the week leading up to the Convention, the Committee on Contests & the Credentials committee unseated duly elected delegates from Maine, Louisiana, Oregon & Massachusetts. The Rules Committee also rammed through rules that completely take away the power from the grassroots.

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Long-term unemployment easing, as many accept lower pay

James Ensley, of Rocky Face, Ga., took a $10,000-a-year job last month as a school bus driver after almost two years of unemployment benefits ran out. While that's one-third of what he had made as a warehouse manager, the father of two says he's content.

"It feels great to go to work instead of having somebody tell you, 'I can't help you,'" said Ensley, 51, whose former employer went bankrupt in the housing slump. "I miss my old job, but it is not coming back so I have to get over it."

A surge in long-term unemployment, which Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has cited as evidence of a "far from normal" labor market, is abating. That's good news for American companies, which are taking advantage of a pool of 5.2 million people whose career hardships have made them eager to return to work.

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FBI Launches $1 Billion Face Recognition Project

by Sara Reardon | New Scientist

The Next Generation Identification programme will include a nationwide database of criminal faces and other biometrics

"FACE recognition is 'now'," declared Alessandro Acquisti of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in a testimony before the US Senate in July.

It certainly seems that way. As part of an update to the national fingerprint database, the FBI has begun rolling out facial recognition to identify criminals.

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Vision Statement for the Liberty Movement - please share yours.

I wanted to share this quick quote with you all. I've been reading The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge (it's a book about systems thinking). This book is filled with wisdom, and provides practical advice on how we can think through what we're doing in order to make our plans more effective. I think the Liberty Movement could greatly benefit from the principles explained in this book.

An over-arching principle of systems thinking is "shared vision" in an organization. Most organizations have a vision statement, and I think the Liberty Movement should come up with its own.

Here's a quote in the book I think you'll find interesting:

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50 State Revolution! A salute to all. Part III and Conclusion

***My night in the woods****

As many of you know by now I dedicated an Ultra Marathon run to the hard working people of the liberty movement. All of you fought so hard and worked tirelessly day and night. You became delegates in all 50 states and took the fight all the way up to the National Platform. You are my inspiration! You are my hero's! You are the fearless ! You are the risk takers! Let the whole world know who we are....WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!!!!!

Here is my brief tale of my adventure Friday night. First some background. I entered this race not as a numbered participant or for PR but to support an incredible women who is pictured in this video:


What makes her so incredible is she entered and trained to do a 100 mile Ultra marathon in under 30 hrs. That is a story in itself. My role was to pace her through the trails at night to provide encouragement, motivation and a little tough love to get her through to the next stage. Endurance runners have highs and lows and need to fight through some real battles to make to the finish.

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♩ ♬ Landslide ♪ ♫

by Fleetwood Mac

The relevant lines that bring this song, always one of my favorites, to mind today go:

Well I've been afraid of changing
'Cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you older, children get bolder
I'm getting older, too

Or as noted on Wikipedia, Stevie Nicks wrote the song in Aspen, Colorado, "looking out at the Rocky Mountains pondering the avalanche of everything that had come crashing down on us ... at that moment, my life truly felt like a landslide in many ways."

Enjoy everyone, and thank you all.


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Sprouts: Organic food that you can grow in 24-36 hrs

Hey Everyone,

This is for those who would like to grow their own food but just don't have the time or energy to do it. Sprouting grains is very easy and requires very little effort and they are highly nutritious. Sprouts have significant amounts of proteins and minerals. You can sprout pretty much any grain.

Let me give you a step by step protocol:

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MSNBC Talks About Obama Murdering American Citizens with Drone Strikes

Up with Chris Hayes | Aired on September 09, 2012

Drone strikes, jingoism, and revisionism at the DNC
The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill asks when the President will explain the drone strikes in the much-needed conversation about national security that needs to happen during the general election.



MSNBC video goes to commercial break and part two continuation starts

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Rand Paul on ABC This Week: Libertarians are the Future of the GOP

Here's Rand banging his head against the GOP wall, talking sense.


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New Mexico Tampa 8 Strike Back

This is being sent to every major Newspaper in New Mexico

Title: Epic Fail in Tampa

Dear Editor,

When the history of the 2012 presidential election is written, historians will likely identify the Republican National Committee’s treatment of Ron Paul delegates at the 2012 RNC convention as the major mistake of the campaign. Around 500 delegates and alternate delegates arrived in Tampa to support Ron Paul. It was known from the start that Ron Paul did not have enough votes to get the nomination, however the Ron Paul delegates wanted to place his name in nomination and count every vote. In other words, they wanted a little respect for Dr. Paul and an acknowledgment of the liberty movement. They also expected a compromise from the RNC that would throw a few bones to the liberty movement in exchange for a unified party coming out of the convention.

What actually happened was devastating. The first inkling that something was wrong was at the security line where every single Ron Paul sign was confiscated. Once inside, the entire convention was embedded with Romney-Ryan signs. The next major blow was the failure of the RNC to acknowledge that they lost the voice vote on credentialing. In fact, the teleprompter actually indicated a win for the RNC before the vote was taken. The result of the credentialing vote was that the majority Ron Paul delegation from Maine was illegally stripped of their credentials. It was at this point, that the Ron Paul delegates realized the fix was in and the demonstrations began. So much for party unity. Despite all of the obstacles, the Nevada delegation submitted a list of six states that had plurality votes for Dr. Paul (sufficient by RNC rules to place his name in nomination). The RNC simply ignored their own rules and refused to place Ron Paul’s name in formal nomination. The roll call itself was embarrassing to watch. The moderator would only acknowledge votes for Romney and ignored the Ron Paul votes, even in states like Iowa, Nevada, and Minnesota where Ron Paul actually won. No points of order were acknowledged from the floor, no roll call votes were allowed, and no verbal dissent was allowed from the floor or the podium. Then to add salt to the wound, the RNC proposed and passed two rules that would stifle any future grassroots movement. Under these new rules, the Reagan grassroots effort of 1976 and the Ron Paul movement of 2012 would no longer be possible.

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