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October 12: 'Atlas Shrugged 2' Timed to Hit Screens Just Before Election

A teaser trailer promoting the politically charged movie features Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Dennis Miller, Judge Napolitano and Phil Donahue.

The Hollywood Reporter: The producers behind Atlas Shrugged Part 1 have made their intention to make a sequel official, albeit with a new cast and crew, with principal photography set to begin in April. The team is also planning an October release, hoping that the politically charged film will strike a chord with moviegoers a few weeks before they head to voting booths to choose a U.S. president.



Second Trailer:

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A Dream Dies but the Beat Goes On. Ron Paul and those trying to cash in on his legacy

by Philip Giraldi | Antiwar.com

I am still trying to recover from the Republican Party’s overwhelming failure to understand that only Ron Paul was speaking good sense about the dismal state of U.S. foreign policy. Depending on whom you listen to, however, one might almost think in spite of all evidence to the contrary that the revolution is still going on and just one more tweak will deliver a Brave New World. That is because hardly a day passes without yet another email from the various organizations that are seeking to cash in on the Ron Paul legacy, demonstrating that they have the moxie to continue the fight. The most recent email from John Tate and Campaign for Liberty pledged to do something about drones, the latest empty promise that comes on top of not-quite-achieved victories in auditing the Fed and Pentagon and defending the Internet. Just send $50 or whatever one can spare. We’ll spend it wisely. Really.

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Judge Napolitano: Let Gary Johnson Debate

Reason.com: President Obama has been a failure. On his watch, the American economy has significantly deteriorated largely because he has stifled free market forces by over-regulating them and because he has laden taxpayers with debt. Those two factors alone -- the federal government increasing the cost of doing business by telling businesses from physicians to major industries how to do their work, and the federal government spending trillions it doesn't have and pushing the debts onto future generations -- are enough to sink any economy.

In this arena, Mitt Romney has it half-right. He does understand that only free market forces can produce prosperity, but he fails to see that when the government spends what it doesn't have, the result is inflation and higher taxes for future generations. Why does the federal government now spend half a trillion a year in debt service? Because every president, Republicans as well as Democrats, from FDR to Obama has borrowed money in order to spend more than he collected and has let future generations deal with repaying the debt. Because the feds do not repay (they merely roll over) their debt, the cost of interest payments has skyrocketed.

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Reality Check: Is SCOTUS Putting An End To "Personal" Property?

Ben Swann Reality Check looks at a case before the Supreme Court that would mean the end "first rule principle" for selling personal property that originates overseas.


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GOP Now Ironically Begging Ron Paul Supporters for Help

Almost every single state that allowed for individuals to participate in a delegate selection process, after that state's initial straw poll (caucus) concluded, so-called GOP “officials” participated in unimaginable rules violations and practices to prevent Ron Paul and his supporters from gaining any momentum or having any success, without any demand for accountability by anyone in the GOP establishment or the mainstream media.

They went to such extremes as submitting fake slates of delegates to the convention floor, subverting or breaking many other rules if Paul's supporters were winning convention battles, physically assaulting supporters, kicking them out of local, regional or state conventions and even having them arrested to prevent participation.

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State Dept Official Admits Rejecting Requests for More Security - Video

Foreign Policy: In an often heated congressional hearing Wednesday, lawmakers and witnesses alike pointed to State Department official Charlene Lamb as the person most directly responsible for rejecting multiple requests for increased security at the U.S. diplomatic missions in Libya prior to the Sept. 11 attack.
State Dept official admits rejecting requests for more security (Video)

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) excoriated the State Department for rejecting requests from the U.S. Embassy in Libya for an extension of temporary security forces that were withdrawn in the months prior to the attack that killed Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

In a dramatic moment at the hearing, Issa released unclassified cables from March and July that the State Department had refused to release, detailing those requests.

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Kucinich: Obama deployed troops to Jordan 'without notifying Congress'; 'Immeasurably' closer to war in Syria

US News: Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich believes the deployment of American troops in Jordan — which was announced Wednesday — brings the United States "immeasurably" closer to being dragged into the civil war in Syria.

"I can see in a moment how it happens: we're a few dozen miles from the Syrian border and all of a sudden we are within the reach of physical danger. All it takes is a single incident," Kucinich said in a phone interview with U.S. News.

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YouTube Update: Rand Paul on CNN Discussing Romney Foreign Policy

Video thanks to DPer kytyedye and the great MOX News:



RT @NeelCNN: Tonight @OutFrontCNN 7p ET @SenRandPaul on calling out Romney on Middle East, defense spending... http://on.cnn.com/OUr9lI

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Army to Congress: Thanks, but no tanks

The Army says it has too many tanks. The Army tells Congress how they can save taxpayers $3 billion by not building more tanks. Congress says no!


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Remember October 10th, 1995 - Army spc Michael New - An American Patriot!

Tomorrow marks the 17th Anniversary of Army spc Michael New's Act of Patriotism!!

One Soldier's Story -- Every Soldier's Nightmare: When orders conflict with the Oath of Allegiance.

The story of Army Spc. Michael New is a story that should inspire every American to take notice of the times and impending changes that are taking place in our political and economic climate; changes that threaten the very fabric of our American society.

Meet Michael New. In February of 1993, 20 year old Michael New enlisted in the United States Army and took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. His Army Recruiter, in Conroe, Texas, never mentioned UN command, foreign officers, or wearing the UN uniform; instead he was told he was signing up for the US military.

Michael was and is just like every other young man with hopes and dreams of the future. He never dreamed at the young age of 23 his name would be mentioned in the halls of congress and all the way to the White House and Office of the President of the United States himself.

What happened that would make this shy young man the focus of news stories around the Nation and aboard? 21 August 1995 Michael is informed that his unit will be required to wear a blue UN helmet, or beret and a UN armband or patch. Michael was told the order to wear the UN uniform was lawful because,"The President says so, therefore it is." But nobody provided a legitimate, legal or rational basis for the order. Eventually, a battalion briefing about the deployment offered the justification that, "We wear the U.N. uniform because it looks fabulous."

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October 9th: Did the bear market start yesterday?

By Mark Hulbert | MarketWatch

Will the bull market come to an end on Oct. 9? Don’t laugh. It turns out that two of the most prominent market turning points of the last decade occurred on this very date.

The first was the beginning of the 2002-07 bull market, which occurred Oct. 9, 2002. The Dow Jones Industrial Average on that date hit an intraday low of 7,282.39, and the S&P 500 index sank to 775.80 — more or less half the levels these indexes would rise to in five years’ time.

The second of those major turning points came as that 2002-2007 bull market was coming to an end. Believe it or not, its exact end was on — you guessed it — Oct. 9, 2007. In the ensuing bear market, the Dow and the S&P 500 would each lose more than half their values.

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Gary Johnson tells students both Romney and Obama are pro-war

Speaking to students at the University of New Mexico Tuesday in Albuquerque, Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson called Mitt Romney's Monday foreign policy speech a "collection of promises to keep America embroiled in unnecessary wars and the same ill-advised interventions abroad that have done nothing to make the U.S. more secure."

Johnson, who has called for bringing American troops home immediately from Afghanistan, said, "When you drill through the rhetoric Gov. Romney is using to try to distinguish his foreign policy from that of Barack Obama, you really don't find a difference. He's just trying to sound tougher about it.

Johnson said the following:

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U.S. Sends Military to Jordan To Impose "Buffer Zone" At Syrian Border - Video

WASHINGTON [NY Times] — The United States military has secretly sent a task force of more than 150 planners and other specialists to Jordan to help the armed forces there handle a flood of Syrian refugees, prepare for the possibility that Syria will lose control of its chemical weapons and be positioned should the turmoil in Syria expand into a wider conflict.

The task force, which has been led by a senior American officer, is based at a Jordanian military training center built into an old rock quarry north of Amman. It is now largely focused on helping Jordanians handle the estimated 180,000 Syrian refugees who have crossed the border and are severely straining the country’s resources.

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Boehner to Laura Ingraham: Ron Paul People Treated Fairly at Convention

Ron Paul supporters were treated fairly, everyone. Relax, the mouthpiece of the Republican establishment says so, so it must be true.


OH, WAIT...John, was this fair?

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