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Earlier Puberty Seen In Boys, Just Like In Girls

CHICAGO (AP) -- When it comes to the birds and the bees, some parents may want to have that talk with their boys a little sooner than they expected.

Researchers have found signs of puberty in American boys up to two years earlier than previously reported - age 9 on average for blacks, 10 for whites and Hispanics. Other studies have suggested that girls, too, are entering puberty younger.

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Freedom Fighter Russell Means Hospitalized in Arizona

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Russell Means has been admitted to a hospital in his seasonal hometown of Scottsdale.

Infowars video report:


The American Indian Movement co-founder and actor was hospitalized last week, when he announced that his esophageal cancer was no longer in remission. The 72-year-old said he learned he has "new cancer spots" on Aug. 20.

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Survey: 40 percent of Americans Have $500 or Less in Savings

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A survey of about 1,100 Americans finds that more than 4-in-10 respondents admit they don’t have more than $500 in readily accessible savings.

The survey is a kind of departure for http://www.CreditDonkey.com, a website that compares credit card deals. Not respondents all were poor. Some had big houses, big mortgages or 401(k)s, but still no more than five Benjamins to rub together right now.

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Nothing says lovin like a Ron Paul thumbs up.

Driving down the turnpike and I get a
Honk and a thumbs up from a fellow
Traveler after seeing my Ron Paul stickers.
Great way to start the day.

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San Francisco law enforcement test drones (video)

They began as tools in military combat. Now aerial drones are being considered by Bay Area law enforcement agencies as a cost-cutting way to replace helicopters, and use technology to fight crime and save lives.

Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern first tested one of these Unmanned Aerial Systems or UAS about a year ago. Now he’s looking into possibly bringing a drone here. His office would be the first in California to do it. Armed with live-video-feeding capabilities and different features, like infrared devices, these drones can cost in the ballpark of 50- to 100-thousand dollars or more.

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Doug Wead blogs on how Romney cheated his way to the top. Prepare to have your skin crawl!

I can't believe that this @#$%$#@ got the nomination. What is wrong with this country???? I've spent a lot of time today defending my reasons for not voting for Zombie & I'm getting pretty sick & tired of arguing with people who have no ethics or principles.

Doug Wead: New evidence is coming out about just how tough and dirty the Mitt Romney campaign fought to block the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party at the State Conventions last summer.

It may offer a little sneak preview of what a Romney presidency will be like. And make no mistake, barring war with Syria or some other dramatic October surprise, Romney will now win this election in a landslide. At least, that is my humble opinion, as one who loves and reads history. The economy will decide that.

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Thomas Jefferson's OTHER Declaration: Draft Nullification of Alien and Sedition Acts

"Most Americans know that Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of “The Declaration of Independence,” the most important of all our founding documents.

Yet few of them have even heard of another document that I would say might be the second most important declaration he ever wrote: The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798. He drafted them secretly while he was serving as vice president. It was written in response to the hated Alien and Sedition Acts which were passed under the Adams administration during an undeclared war with France.

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Wead: Romney still battling RP in NJ

The battle for the soul of the Republican Party is still ongoing. If you doubt that, take a look at the Romney henchman in New Jersey, who is even now, doing everything within his power to resist the involvement of grass roots Ron Paul people. What you saw in Tampa, where Ron Paul delegates, mostly young and war veterans and Hispanics were unseated, continues in other ways, unabated in state after state, county after county.



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Ben Swann talks with Christina Tobin of Free and Equal Elections about the upcoming debate in Chicago

Ben Swann talks with Christina Tobin of Free and Equal Elections about the upcoming debate in Chicago.


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About that Voting Machine Company Tied to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital...

BradBlog: About that Voting Machine Company Tied to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital...

Late last month, Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis at FreePress.org broke the story of the Mitt Romney/Bain Capital investment team involved in H.I.G. Capital which, in July of 2011, completed a "strategic investment" to take over a fair share of the Austin-based e-voting machine company Hart Intercivic.

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Please stand with couple profiled as "Constitutionalists"

Please watch the video for yourself, then consider this quote from the article:

“A video dated Aug. 16, shows officers approaching the home with weapons drawn. They identify themselves as Sheriff’s Office deputies and tell a woman at the door, identified as Marcela Cruz-Gibbons, to step out of the house.”

Is that what you saw? For the local paper to be so bold as to write this obvious lie, they must assume no one will watch the video. This is where you can help, for free. Please make sure that everyone YOU know sees the video and listens to the audio.

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America's Pussy Riot


"Since the Seattle raid, the globe has been swept with outrage when the Russian activists Pussy Riot were jailed for similar expressions of their freedom of speech. Especially here in America, observers found the punitive role of Putin and the corruption of the Russian justice system to be intolerable. Many notables, from human rights groups to the rock star Madonna, stood up for the punk band with the rallying cry "Free Pussy Riot!"

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Ron Paul supporters turn out in droves for speech at UVU w/ Video

Though he is no longer in the race, thousands turned out for Ron Paul's appearance at Utah Valley University Thursday.

The Texas congressman and former Republican presidential candidate's "revolution" continues for droves who turned out to hear him give his 45 minute speech at the school. The speech, which he delivered without notes, ranged in issues from free markers, the deficit, welfare, poverty and limited government.

"Once you endorse the principle of welfarism, guess what? The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer," he said. "It's a totally failed system. And we can't be intimidated by those that argue, 'If you don't support the welfare system, you're not a humanitarian.'"

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