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Conan O'Brien: Ron Paul is the Clear Winner

Lol. I'll take any win we can get!

Also posted on Conan's facebook. RP is getting some good comments over there too. :)

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Ron Paul: "I am the Commander in Chief"

Watching the CNN-hosted New Hampshire debate on Monday evening, it became clear just how much different the 2012 Replican primary race is from 2008 and yet, how it is the same.

Like 2008, the field is littered with so-called conservatives who have been indelibly influenced by the rise of the neoconservatives, which peaked in 2004 and has, unbeknownst to its members, been in free-fall decline ever since.

At around the same point in the race four years ago, Ron Paul was relatively unknown except for a few hard-core followers. He made an impression back then in one of the early debates by repeating something he has said for years, that he would abolish the income tax given the chance.


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Gerald Celente Talks up Ron Paul on RT

Celente: CNN - Cartoon News Network


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Video: CNN Disinfo. Refuses to Use OWN Poll; Ron Paul Win at 79% - Reports 0% Poll

Can you believe this? They think they can fool the masses!!


CNN: Thanks for taking part in Poll!
Poll Results:
Who do you think won the debate?
Rep. Ron Paul/Texas: 79%

Screenshot: http://oi52.tinypic.com/2...

Sampling of 5 major polls, including CNN's own poll

Google trends: Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney

Ron Paul wins applause poll

Thanks for the stats, ACinMA, BIAS2112 and edw987
Contact CNN:

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Ron Paul Wins Applause Poll

Baltimore Sun:

Who won last night's Republican presidential debate on CNN?

It's a question a lot of pundits have been asking -- and there seems to be some consensus forming among the analysts: Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

But judging by the reaction of the audience in New Hampshire, a different candidate carried the night and he's a candidate many analysts are saying emerged as a loser.

That candidate? Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.

Continue at the Baltimore Sun

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Spread Ron Paulitics like wildfire! With these....

Thanks to the Mises Institute for this!

"Print these out and slip one in with your bill next time you're at a restaurant: Waitresses and waiters across the land are getting shaken down by criminal IRS thugs for their tip money, and Ron Paul is the only candidate promising to get justice for these poor waitresses and waiters. What are these Imperial terrorists going to do next: Force your kids to file income tax returns at gunpoint for their allowance money?"

-Mises Institute

Here is the PDF version...


Here is the link to their FB version so you can share it with your amigos ;)


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Ron Paul: The Keys to Economic Growth

By Ron Paul | Texas Straight Talk
June 13, 2011

Recent economic data show that U.S. job growth in May was negligible, while the official unemployment figure-- at least the figure the Labor Department admits to-- rose to 9.1%. The real unemployment figure, however, as compiled by economist John Williams, may well be higher than 20%. It is clear the U.S. economy is in terrible shape, and that no amount of government spending or Federal Reserve quantitative easing can reduce unemployment, increase real productivity, or address our debt fiasco.U.S. jobs and productivity are dependent on the accumulation of private capital to finance existing businesses or fund new entrepreneurial activity. Private capital-- whether accumulated by profitable U.S. businesses, invested by private equity and venture capital firms, or attracted from abroad-- is the key to economic growth and new jobs. But we cannot create jobs if we demonize profits, punish risk-taking capitalists, and stay hostile to foreign investment.

The steps to encouraging capital investment and creating new jobs in America are simple, though not easy:

  • First and foremost, we must create a sound U.S. currency backed by gold or some other commodity respected by the market. No nation in history with a rapidly depreciating currency has attracted private capital. Unless and until we prohibit the Treasury and Federal Reserve from essentially creating money and credit from thin air, we cannot restore the U.S. economy.
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Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

Update: Now free until the 20th

Watch free on June 11-13, 2011 only:
Be amazed about the brilliant cure the FDA tried their best to shut down!

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.


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CNN GOP Debate - NH 6/13: "Everybody Repeat After Ron Paul"

Post Debate Show Stream: http://tvpc.tv/Channel.php?ChannelID=3088 - Thanks ACinMA!

Highlight Reel: http://youtu.be/gsZfSJ3V4bc (tnx joeP)
Answers separately:
(Thanks to RonPaulSource aka VoteRonPaul2012 for the individuals)

Twitter bomb: #GoogleRonPaul | Follow the DP on Twitter: @dailypaul & Facebook: facebook.com/dailypaul

Monday, June 13, CNN hosts the first New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate, live from Manchester, NH at 8 p.m. ET.

The seven contenders: Rep. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney & Rick Santorum.

More info, including how you can participate at CNN's political ticker.

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Ron Paul Receives More Key Iowa Endorsements

Gaining essential GOP and Tea Party support

ANKENY, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On Monday 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, received two more key Iowa endorsements. Republican State Central Committee member Jeremiah Johnson and Dubuque Tea Party Organizer Jeff Leucke both formally announced their endorsements of Dr. Paul for the Republican presidential nomination.

“I am proud to fully support Ron Paul as the Republican nominee for President,” said Jeremiah Johnson. “I firmly believe he is the candidate who best understands our economy and has the best plan to get our nation past these difficult economic times.” Johnson is a Republican Central Committee member representing the first Congressional District in Iowa.

Being deemed “The Godfather of the Tea Party” by Fox News, Paul’s endorsement from a key tea party leader is further evidence of the strong tea party support he has across Iowa.

“Ron Paul represents the return to fiscal responsibility that the Tea Party is looking for,” said Jeff Leucke, organizer of the Dubuque Tea Party. “Ron Paul gets it more than any other Republican candidate and he has the knowledge and experience necessary to take on Obama in November and win.”

The announcement of these endorsements came at an event Paul held Monday in Dubuque as he met with Iowa voters and members of the media. The event was Congressman Paul’s sixth visit to Iowa in as many weeks.

For more information on Congressman Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign visit www.RonPaul2012.com.


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