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Carol Paul on Rand's Endorsement


From an interview on Ron Paul Radio a few minutes ago

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Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview

Senator Rand Paul joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Rand Paul Answers; The Daily Paul Interview’ to discuss his endorsement of Mitt Romney and to answers the questions submitted by The Daily Paul community.
Listen Here!
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Breaking: Ron Paul Wins Delegates In New Mexico!

"There is a report that six of the newly elected delegates to the RNC from New Mexico are Ron Paul supporters. This happened last Saturday at the GOP State Convention. Nine other Ron Paul supporters were elected as alternate delegates. Amazing. According to the Romney campaign they will still have to vote for Mitt Romney in Tampa. New Mexico will be represented by only 20 delegates, so this is a significant haul.

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Now this is the way you convert Romney delegates!

I saw this post on the Texans for Ron Paul 2012 facebook page--I don't know if he is a Daily Pauler, but if you are, this really made me feel good:

We had a lot of insiders with us, people from as far back as Goldwater. We elected an 80 year old woman to our electoral college that was a delegate for him. People said she sold her soul to the devil to join us. It was amazing the age groups that participated in all the meetings and sub meetings and how it worked out. We didn't know our real numbers till day 2, by then it was obvious. We had them lookin up CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, ANTI-TSA, Agenda 21 ect.. because it was coming from almost every district in resolutions, speeches and platform. The majority of us did it right though, by going in humble, injecting issues and not people, it is very hard to argue with reason, we were able to sway people over. Even when we were treated bad, by not stooping to their level we bring more to our side by example. We Should be Proud, this is only another chapter since '08.

We ousted the chair and installed a man from Paul's '08 legal team, thats why it went so smooth. There were people in the crowd crying, they were so happy to see the process done in this matter. The Chair went out of his way, he did not have to do a lot of what he did.

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Ron Paul Worldwide: Translate Ron Paul Speeches Into Foreign Languages Project

Would it be possible for those of us who know foreign languages to translate Ron Paul's speeches so people in other countries can understand? I don't know how it would be done, but it would be awesome if we could translate his popular speeches and interviews that are on Youtube. Native bilingual speakers would be great and someone said it is the golden rule for translation. We will need at least two people per language for double checking purposes.

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Exclusive Daily Paul interview scheduled with Rand Paul - submit your questions

Daily Paul,

I contacted the Senate office over the weekend to request an interview with Rand Paul for Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace. I promptly got a call this morning that Senator Paul has agreed to do the interview. I asked that they give me at least 24 hours to get your questions for Senator Rand Paul, submit your questions below.

Read full article about the upcoming interview here

Be a Leader in Liberty!
Kurt Wallace

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Tom Woods: My Appeal To Ron Paul

Tom Woods' personal appeal to Dr. Paul, but let's us all listen in....


Ron Paul changed the world in 2007.
Spurn those who would have him change it back.

References: Ron Paul - Rudy Giuliani Blowback Debate - May 2007
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Rand is playing a different game. Time to put the Rand subject to bed...

Paco said it best. Not even Ron Paul could stop us if he wanted to. The fire he started has turned into a raging inferno that will not be quenched until it has consumed every last inch of this land. We've fought too hard, and for many of us, too long. The media doesn't know what to do with us. Nobody seems to understand that we're not just Ron Paul supporters, we're revolutionaries, patriots hell bent on the total defeat of our tyrannical opposition. So when Rand Paul does the unthinkable and vows to support a sworn enemy, we're rightly livid and voicing our willingness to drop even the Paul family if it means advancing our cause of liberty. But for all the emotion it stirs, for all the anger that boils over in the hearts of the committed, we must remember that in a political war such as ours, with the stakes as high as they are, emotions will fly all over the place. Every move, no matter how strategic and calculated, runs the risk of striking our hearts as a betrayal if it is anything but a full out "charge." Thus it is imperative to set emotion aside and look at the broader picture, dealing with what facts we possess.

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Traitors are everywhere? Stop the witch hunt

Has the Bush doctrine taken over the Daily Paul? You are either with us or you are against us?

Rand Paul is now attempting to legalize hemp and OMG already people are saying we can't support a traitor.

Everyone here wants to be like Ron Paul. Let me ask this. Do we think Ron will not work with Rand anymore after this endorsement? If Rand attempts to for example stop the deployment of drones in the U.S. are we really going to stand against Rand on principle? You know, we will not support an endorser of Romney no matter what? Are there people really going to go there?

And if you say yes to that, consider this. Ron Paul worked with individuals like Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich to advance the cause of liberty. We are still going to need to work with those who will advance the cause of liberty. Ron always sticks to the issues. When is the last time you heard Ron say something like, "because of this comment you made, or the person you hang out with, I'm not going to support you in ending the wars"

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What has changed?

Like most of you, the Rand Paul announcement caused a stir of emotions within me: anger, disbelief, confusion, etc. I was out of town this weekend and didn't get a chance to catchup on all the feedback from DPers, Hunter, Rockwell, Jones, etc.; and to be honest, I really didn't want to. I was in such dismay that I wanted to forget about everything and try to at least enjoy my weekend. Of course, I couldn't stop thinking about it, coming up with my own justifications that teetered from all sorts of possibilities of how this could happen.

Then I began asking myself, what has changed? Does this really even matter? The only people that really care about this is us! The MSM has no power, everyone I was with this weekend had no idea what happened, remember, they're asleep?!

Dr. Paul always compares the campaign to this track days, "I never worried about the finish line, I just ran as fast and as hard as I can." The race isn't over, it doesn't matter how far back we are, or how ahead we may actually be, we have no idea, but we can't worry about the finish line regardless of the bumps and bruises we hit on the way on the obstacles we face everyday. We have to run as fast and as hard as we can! The revolution won't be won over night, it happens day by day, convention by convention, and election by election.

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