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Quantify the Movement: The Case for Gary Johnson

Quantify the Movement: The Case for Gary Johnson
Written by a Massachusetts Delegate

The Liberty Movement has a tremendous amount of momentum, and with the convention behind us we must set our sights on November and the next four years. We have made great strides in winning offices at the grass-roots level and must continue to do so if we are to affect change, but there is one thing we have not yet been able to accomplish, and that is to show the world exactly how big our movement can be in a general election. We all know there are droves of Ron Paul and Liberty-minded supporters who did not cast votes in primaries either because they are Democrats, Independents, or only interested in participating in a general election. By all casting votes for Gary Johnson we can in the course of just one day show the world how strong we truly are. I call this "Quantifying the Movement" and venture to list several rationales for a Johnson vote below.

The Case for the Republican Party: Often times, out of love, children must be disciplined to help shape them into better people. So is the case with political parties. It is no secret the Republican Party has gone out of their way, even breaking their own rules, to kick the sand in the face of the Liberty Movement. It is true we must transform the party from within in order to change this, but we must also show in no uncertain terms that the Republican Party needs to want and accept this change if it is to maintain and grow the support of such a critical wing of the party. The two agendas are mutually beneficial, not mutually exclusive.

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Kennedy interviews Ron Paul on Stossel's Show

After the convention John Stossel's show had 'Kennedy's View of the at RNC'. There's a little interview with Ron from the day he stopped by to see his delegates
The show will re-air tonight at 1:00 am ET and Saturday at 9:00 pm ET

Ron Paul on Gary Johnson:
"I think he's wonderful and I think he's doing a good job and people should look at him - and every individual should make up their own mind!"

"I'm okay with Santotum being squashed, I didn't like Ron Paul being squashed!"

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Daily Show Exclusive: Michael Steele on RNC Treatment of Ron Paul - "Height of Rudeness and Stupidity"

"What the Republican National Committee did to Ron Paul was the height of rudeness and stupidity for this reason: Why would you alienate an individual who has the ability to attract a new generation of voters, who are already skeptical of your institution but are willing to at least listen through the vehicle of this individual and the words that he is saying? Why would you alienate them, get on the floor and not let them speak? Not have his name go up on the board and see the number of electoral votes that he receives? This is crazy! ... They are afraid of that which they cannot control."

- Michael Steele, Former RNC Chairman

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Tom Mullen Interviews Peter Schiff and Doug Wead at the 2012 RNC

Tom Mullen interviews Peter Schiff at the RNC on The Real Crash, Austrian economics and Ron Paul.



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Watch Out! Maine GOP About To Declare Our Entire State Convention Void?

Rumors abound throughout Maine that the progressive/NWO/Rockefeller elements in the Maine GOP (led by former Senator and DEMOCRATIC Secretary of Invasion, Bill Cohen, and his lapdog Sen. Susan Collins, and CFR Sen. Olympia Snowe and her boy toy, State Party Chairman, Charlie Webster) are about to commit the ultimate treason and declare our entire PROPERLY OPERATED Maine State Convention thrown out.

What happened in Tampa is apparently JUST THE BEGINNING of the raping of Maine voters.

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Colorado Delegate Speaks out on Morton Blackwell's Minority Report Blocked from Entering the Green Zone

Excellent interview

Tea Party Tribune, August 29, 2012 | Delegate from Colorado Jeremy Strand paid the Watchdog Wire Radio booth a visit today with some breaking developments inside the RNC's power grab through their new rules changes regarding delegates: Morton Blackwell, a seasoned expert and member of GOP Rules Committees, was allegedly intentionally delayed from getting to the Rules Committee meeting with his authored Minority Report, which would challenge the RNC's abrupt new rules that essentially undermine the party's original rules. Since he missed the meeting, he was not granted permission to submit the challenge.


See also: GOP Destroys Integrity of National Convention, Flagrantly Cheats Ron Paul Out of Nomination

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Ron Paul: GOP 'Not His Party'

From Zero Hedge via Bloomberg:

Ron Paul Recants The GOP, Just Says No To Keynesians

"As we anticipate more demand-rigging, pump-priming, can-kicking experiments from Bernanke today, Ron Paul just came out with his latest stream of truthiness (via Bloomberg):


Indeed, what is the opposite of 'between a rock and a hard place' when deciding on just who will provide 'change' in November."

Thanks libertyb4its2late for link:

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Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul With PR A-Bomb

This is an important interview by We Are Change with Doug Wead, that fills in a lot of gaps. Romney threat is discussed at 15:20 mark.



See also: Doug Wead: Romney's Revenge

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RNC Sham 2012 Video: "Assault on America's Last Statesman"

RNC Sham 2012


The Convention is where delegates are meant to cast votes for the nominee, yet the Tampa Bay Times Forum was already plastered with embedded Romney banners, and additional signs for people to hold were also smuggled in to make it appear that many are behind him. All Ron Paul material was promptly confiscated.

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Liberty Delegates Conference: Live stream


live stream up and running already, conference starts at 6:00pm!

please spread and share!

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Ron Paul Took Over Occupy Tampa Last Night!


Last night, we were leaving the convention & a unit of troops were scurrying in an opposite direction from us. "Watch your backs! Watch your backs!" echoed through the group & we laughed, "Watch your bags?"

We are so rummy now, from lack of sleep & weariness, we joke about everything. We rounded a corner & there was a rush of mounted cops. I stopped to take a photo of the horses, I'm a horseperson, & dozens of bike guards rode up & formed in front of the horses.

Then, a raft of press ran up the street, and behind them were the Occupy protesters. They were chanting their slogans and stopped to take a stand. Immediately, I heard stuff that was just plain stupid, & stepped into the middle of them & tried to talk some sense. At first, they wanted to verbally fight with me, but all of us have talked the talk for so long, it's really hard for anyone to win in debate with us. Soon, they started listening to me. Everyone listened to me, the cops, the press, even the horses, I think.

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Video: The Teleprompter Had the Results of the Vote Before the Vote was Taken!

Re: the Vote on Rule 12 and 16.

Here is what you did not see on the "mainstream" news media. The teleprompter had the results of the vote before the vote was taken.

Text: in the opinion of the Chair, the "ayes" have it! Go to the 2:00 minute mark to see the pre-fabricated "opinion of the Chair"

Must see and share:

UPDATE! Can Teleprompters Count Votes?

[Washington Examiner] Aug 30, 2012

"RNC Chairman Reince Preibus and House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday railroaded the party’s grass roots in order to shut down any debate over rule changes or the decision to unseat 10 Ron Paul delegates elected in Maine.

I was on the floor at the time, and I saw these party leaders chairing the convention simply ignore points of order and objections. They also ruled that the Ayes had won a voice vote when the Noes pretty clearly shouted louder. It’s hard to get more undemocratic than simply making up the results of a floor vote." ~ Timothy P. Carney Read more

See also: Carney: Republican Leaders Trample their Grassroots in Tampa

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Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips

Students and parents at two San Antonio schools are in revolt over a program that forces kids to wear RFID tracking name tags which are used to pinpoint their location on campus as well as outside school premises.

Students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School will be mandated to wear the tags from today which will be used to track them on campus as well as when they enter and leave school.

Andrea Hernandez is leading a group of students who refuse to wear the tags because in her words, “It makes me uncomfortable. It’s an invasion of my privacy,” she told KSN.com.


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More Info on Today's Delegate Press Conference! "Just hours before Mitt Romney's acceptance speech"

I was searching for some info on other things but ran across this accidentally!

In Tampa, disgruntled Ron Paul devotees plan protest press conference

TAMPA — Disgruntled Ron Paul supporters who say they feel like the Republican National Committee is forcing party unity on them plan a press conference just hours before Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech Thursday.

Bobby Eskenberry, an alternate delegate for Colorado and Ron Paul supporter, says the press conference is meant to be respectful to Romney, but will give voice to people who think the Republican National Committee is being coercive this week in Florida.

Continued: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2012/08/29/tampa-disgrun...

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