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Facebook co-founder renounces U.S. citizenship

Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co- founder of Facebook Inc. (FB), renounced his U.S. citizenship before an initial public offering that values the social network at as much as $96 billion, a move that may reduce his tax bill.

Saverin, 30, joins a growing number of people giving up U.S. citizenship, a move that can trim their tax liabilities in that country. The Brazilian-born resident of Singapore is one of several people who helped Mark Zuckerberg start Facebook in a Harvard University dorm and stand to reap billions of dollars after the world’s largest social network holds its IPO.


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Marvel Comics Illustrator making Ron Paul Inspired Graphic Novel

[warning, graphic novel]

To: The Ron Paul R3VOLUTION!

My name is Clayton Crain and I have been an illustrator for Marvel Comics for the past seven years.

I've begun work on my liberty inspired graphic novel, INTO A RiFT.

RON PAUL IMAGE: http://claytoncrain.squarespace.com/storage/RONPAULR3LOV2012...

NEW INTO A RiFT IMAGE: http://claytoncrain.squarespace.com/storage/IARiFT_Poster_LA...

The purpose of this book is two fold, to give those who are already aware of Dr. Paul's message a boost of morale but more importantly to introduce the those same ideas to the readers that have purchased over 2 million+ copies of my books over the last nine years.

I am trying to raise funds to get this into the hands of as many people as I can.

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Arizona Republican State Convention - Sat. May 12th

Just an FYI and an opportunity for comments.

Looks like Fox10 Phoenix revamped the entire look of their website this morning. Here is a new link:


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How to shut down ANY detractor of the Ron Paul delegate strategy - In 1976 Reagan Did It

in 1976, Reagan's "Silent Majority" shocked the world by nearly beating a sitting President Gerald Ford.

The strategy was to win delegates on the state level, take over State Party Organizations, and fill every committeeman and committee woman slot in the United States - sound familiar?

So the next time you hear or see:

Ron Paul is stealing delegates - Reagan did it.

Ron Paul supporters are taking over Republican State Organizations - Reagan did it.

Ron Paul supporters want to cause mischief - Reagan supporters did

Ron Paul supporters are trying to circumvent the system - Reagan did it

Ron Paul supporters are trying to win through the backdoor delegate process - Reagan did it

Folks it wasn't called the Reagan Revolution for nothing.

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The main session the Oklahoma State Convention has begun! (Updated 05/12 at 9:19am Central Time)

Oklahoma State Convention delegates and alternates

Registration began Friday, May 11, at Noon
Committee meetings began Friday, May 11, at 2:00pm
Main Convention began Saturday, May 12, at 9:00am (7:00am registration)

Embassy Suites
2501 Conference Drive
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: 405-364-8040 or 405-528-3501


Oklahoma is entitled to 43 National delegates, 40 of which are allocated per the result of the March 06 Primary (14 Santorum, 13 Romney, 13 Gingrich). The remaining 3 "Bigwig" delegates are unpledged, but will likely support Romney in Tampa.

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President Paul is NOT enough... LibertyCandidates.com

Liberty Patriots!

The Republic will not be restored the day Dr. Ron Paul becomes president.

Vote me down...

But the truth is there is so much work ahead of us in the next few years.

America will need Liberty oriented candidates become elected to all levels of power - from local to federal.
My friend Gigi Bowman runs a site that did so much over the last few years to help elect good people.

Please visit her site: www.libertycandidates.com

Tens of thousands visit the Daily Paul every day. We will need some of you some people out there to have the courage to run for high office.

As Gandhi said "be the change you want to see in this world."

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Wow! WaPo: "It may be too late to stop Ron Paul's strategy"

By David A. Fahrenthold | The Washington Post
May 10, 2012

What, exactly, is Ron Paul up to?

The Texas congressman has, by all reasonable reckoning, lost his bid to be the Republican presidential nominee. Lost it big. In the GOP’s 35 primary and caucus votes, Paul has won as many as President Obama. Zero.

But now, Paul is using an unorthodox tactic to add more delegates to the national convention this summer. In Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and elsewhere, his supporters have flooded the party’s snoozy state conventions — and then elected themselves to delegate slots.

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Reminder: Foreign Campaign Contributions are ILLEGAL and activity supporting them is a threat to the existence of the Daily Paul

Federal Election Commission Foreign Nationals Brochure

Every time there's a money bomb or Superbrochure fundraiser, someone claiming to be a foreign national solicits help from the Daily Paul community to help funnel foreign money to the Ron Paul campaign.

Yes, some people just don't know any better.

Other, government-operative-type people may see this as an easy way to shut down the Daily Paul, get the Ron Paul Campaign into hot water, and throw a few well-meaning but ignorant Americans in jail.

Giving financial support on behalf of any election is AGAINST THE LAW for both the foreign donor and any U.S. citizen who participates. Please stop polluting the Daily Paul with anything related to campaign donations from foreign nationals!

If another DP member claims to be a foreigner and asks you to help get foreign money to the campaign, you could be the victim of entrapment.

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Romney Takes Swipe at Ron Paul's Budget Blueprint

If your budget is better Mr. Romney then prove it in a one on one debate with Dr. Paul, step up and back up your words.


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Went to a Romney rally today in Omaha, NE

Got sunburned holding my Ron Paul sign in front of a Romney rally today. For some reason my comment "flip flops belong on your feet, not in the oval office!" wasn't nearly as funny to the people waiting in line as it was to me.

Anyhow we were interviewed by a local TV station (channel 7). Can't wait to see it! The best part was when a Romney supporter, who couldn't think of any intelligent response to our critiques of Romney, blurts out, "well why don't you serve in the military!"... and the Ron Paul supporter next to me is an Iraq War vet. It was priceless. "...Oh.... well... thank you for your service."

In terms of size it was only a few hundred people. It filled a large restaurant.
Hah, they got nothing on Ron Paul.

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Don Rasmussen: "Media Shows No Signs of Understanding the Ron Paul Strategy So Let Me Explain it"

Don Rasmussen is a Texas-based Republican political consultant. Don previously served as campaign special assistant to Congressman Ron Paul and today advises Constitutional Conservative candidates throughout the United States

Over the last couple of weeks, the Ron Paul campaign has picked up a majority of delegates in Iowa, Colorado, Maine, and Nevada. He’s on pace to also pick up the majority of delegates in at least four additional states…and those are just the sure things. This is all part of a process that actually started over 4 years ago when Paul ran for President and his deputy campaign manager, Debbie Hopper, did yeoman’s work with the grassroots to recognize the intensity and develop this strategy.

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The "Anyone but Obama" Mentality and Why It Is Destroying our Political Process!

I do not support a second term for Barack Obama. With that said, I want to comment on this "anyone but Obama" mentality that seems to be a popular campaign slogan for the Republican party. I have a lot of beef with this. It is not because I don't agree that Obama is steering this country in the wrong direction. It is because I don't believe that any Republican would be better than him. This kind of logic says - at least to me - that the Republican party is the answer. I have no faith in any party and this logic only strengthens the two party system which I despise greatly. "Anyone but Obama" is an ambiguous statement that has no meaning to me. I don't want just anyone. I want a president with principles and who respects our individual liberties.

People need to question their allegiances to their parties. The Democrat/Republican seesaw that has been our political process for over a century is a problem that has been destroying this country from the inside out. I'm no scholar when it comes to history but you might benefit from reading George Washington's farewell address. He speaks about the growing influence of political parties in detail. He argues that political parties must be restrained in a popularly elected government because of their tendency to distract the government from their duties, create unfounded jealousies among groups and regions, raise false alarms amongst the people, promote riots and insurrection, and provide foreign nations and interests access to the government where they can impose their will upon the country (Wikipedia "George Washington's Farewell Address"). This is coming from the first president of the United States. Wake up people! Something has got to change! We can no longer 'hope' for it or it will never come!

Related: How many of you in here pledge to *never* back Romney?

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WSJ: Ron Paul Breakfasts With Bernanke at Central Bank

Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul certainly wants to end the Federal Reserve. But he also has to eat breakfast.

One day after chairing a hearing on proposals to abolish or overhaul the central bank, the Texan congressman sat down for the first meal of the day Wednesday with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the lawmaker confirmed in a brief interview at the Capitol. The decision to meet for breakfast at the Fed was “mutual,” said Mr. Paul, who last year introduced a bill to eliminate the central bank.

The Fed chief and lawmaker had “sort of an open discussion,” Mr. Paul said, while declining to provide any details of the conversation. “It was off the record,” he said. The Fed declined to comment on the meeting.

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