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Clarifying the misinformation that "Ron Paul is on all 50 state ballots"

I see this misinformation being spread over and over and I think it's important to clarify. Ron Paul is NOT (yet) on the ballot in all 50 states. If Ron Paul supporters believe he's already on the ballot in all 50 states, then they won't realize that we need their help actually getting him on the ballot.

I think this misinformation stems from the fact that some candidates had missed the deadlines for some states ballots and that Ron Paul had not missed any deadlines, meaning he is capable of being on all 50 ballots, while other candidates are not. However, Paul is most certainly not yet on the ballot in all 50 states.

I'll explain the state I'm most familiar with, Pennsylvania. In order to get on the ballot (for President) in Pennsylvania, one must get 2000 valid republican signatures between January 24th and February 14th. Any signatures collected prior to January 24th are invalid, yet I've been reading about Ron Paul being "on the ballot in all 50 states" well before January 24th.

Furthermore, until February 21st, the petitions can be challenged.

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Final Thoughts From My Nevada Precinct 1677 Experience

My name is Bob Tracey. I post here as bobspirit. I got access to the campaign votertracker system in November, and that is when I started walking my precinct.

Out of the hundreds of registered republicans in my precinct, 16 showed up. 12 went for Paul, 2 for Santorum, 2 for Romney, and 1 for Gingrich. 5 delegates, all for Paul. Here are my observations and perceptions.

First and foremost, this is winnable. But it can only happen face to face, one heart and mind at a time. I learned this walking my precinct and talking to people. Phone calls, mailing, and e-mails are poor substitutes for a live human being.

31 precincts were gathered at Silverado high school, and a volunteer was needed for each to act as a caucus chair and run the meeting in which delegates were chosen, and the presidential poll taken. As we only has 10 volunteers, someone had to figure out who was going to chair all of these precincts. I took it upon myself to go into the other 21 precinct meetings and recruit a volunteer to chair, and a volunteer to assist, and then gave them a crash course on how to chair the meeting, which was fun since I hadn't even done my own yet.

I began each meeting the same way. I expressed gratitude to every American who bothered to get up early on a chilly Saturday morning and show up to contribute to the change in leadership we seek. I stressed our unity as AMERICANS, not as Republicans.

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New Reality Check by Ben Swann on Delegates and Caucus Problems

Ben Swann is one of the last, honest news anchors that I know of.


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When Pro-Life Is Pro-Choice

I am strongly pro-choice. On this conviction, I differ from the candidate whom I am supporting for president in 2012, and whom I am suggesting liberals everywhere support.

Many of those liberals who most strongly disagree with the Blue Republicans -- former Obama supporters, Democrats and Independents, who support Ron Paul for president in 2012, revert to a single argument against him: that he is pro-life and this will have terrible consequences for the reproductive rights of women in the USA.

I've really not wanted to engage this as, on the one hand, it seems to be such an extraordinary (sometimes I think deliberate) misunderstanding of Paul's politics as to be not serious, and, on the other, abortion is such an emotive subject, I can't imagine any writer's gaining more readers than he loses by writing about it.

But since this matters so much -- as this misunderstanding is now standing in the way of remaking our country -- I'm going to engage it this once, and damn the torpedoes.

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★Will We Win or Will We Have Sob Stories? ~Win The Nomination!

  • Do everything on the lists
  • Get 1200 delegates
  • We win the nomination

Read this first:

Don't Nelly! Don't Natter! Don't Wring Your Hands! Get Busy!

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$9.90 Super Brochure Mailing that Changed a County

The Idaho, Ohio, Georgia, and New York mailings of Super Brochures are now up and in progress!

I will share a story from a few days ago. Someone bought a mailing for $9.90, which was 18 brochures. One of those brochures reached a woman in a county in Missouri. She was so excited about receiving the brochure, she called me up to see what she could do to help. She then bought mailings for close to 400 people in her county. She also purchased a large number of products and brochures to use locally. She is talking with her husband about buying more precincts in her county. The idea that $9.90 started a chain of events that will change the voting in this county and beyond is amazing.

I hear these stories multiple times a day.

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Salon.com: The Screwed Gen-Y becoming Libertarian, NOT Liberal!

Dr. Paul is my Homie! RP goes O.G.! The accompanying article:

Monday, Feb 6, 2012 | Salon.com

The Screwed Generation: Libertarian, NOT Liberal

Ron Paul's popularity has doubled in the past four years for one simple reason

By A.J. Dellinger

There is an old adage that says, “If you’re young and conservative you have no heart, if you’re old and liberal you have no brain.” The idea is that young people tend to make decisions more on idealistic views or out of passionate attempts at charity and altruism. While there is some truth to that for Generation Y (meaning people born in the ’80s and ’90s), the results are manifesting themselves in a totally different way.

We are the generation that continues to pay into Social Security with every paycheck but suspects we may never see the benefits of it. We are the recipients of degrees that don’t mean much from educational institutions that teach less and cost more. We are the casualties of wars that have gone on for over half of the lifetime of 2012′s first-time voters. In short, we are the screwed generation. The decisions of those before us has left us with an uncertain future and little opportunity to fix things through traditional means.

The ever-present skepticism of youth is even greater within the collective consciousness of Generation Y. And how could it not be? With our first real chance to make a splash in the world, we got behind Barack Obama in overwhelming numbers. He was a candidate who promised progress in every issue that the under-30 crowd found to be important: end the wars, defend gay rights and provide universal healthcare to the American people. While he’s made some steps forward, it’s been slow moving. Meanwhile, the House and Senate have deliberated on bills that would censor our voices on the Internet, a medium on which my generation relies heavily for communication and pretty much everything else. Just as we organized online to support Obama in 2008, we organized the protests against legislation like SOPA and PIPA, and the Occupy Wall Street movement uses the Internet to broadcast its events and actions...

Continue at Salon.com

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A Glimmer of Hope in MO

Yesterday I sat 13 hours in front of my small town precinct polling station in Missouri in cold (35 degree), drizzly, blustery weather. I was there with a large banner, multiple signs, bumpers stickers, and brochures making a Ron Paul presence...there was not one Romney, Santorum or Gingrich sign even left for the day. In that time, of the 256 people who showed up to vote for both the Democrat and Republican primaries (a record low for our town of 4,400 registered voters), only 30 votes were cast for Ron Paul...30 confident-in-what-they-believed, smiling voters!

(Other totals: Santorum: 115 (how did that happen?!), Romney: 60 and Obama: 36 with other minor/dropped-out candidates and uncommitteds making up the difference.) It was a very tough day to stand out at the polling station given the weather and low turnout.

Of all those who showed up to vote, the person that most impressed me was "Jason." He was like a breath of fresh air! Most of those who voted regardless of candidate were well over 50... Jason had just turned 18 and was still in high school.

I greeted him not knowing he supported Ron Paul. "Do you want to join The Revolution?" I asked as he approached. "Did you see my car?" he replied with a grin. It was sporting a Ron Paul bumper sticker. :) Jason didn't come with his folks...he was excited about casting his vote for Ron Paul and had made the effort on his own after school got out. He went into the polling station and voted and came back out smiling...he had cast his first election vote. :)

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RP2012 Official Campaign Release: Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates - What REALLY Counts!

Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates

Campaign is well-positioned in delegate race

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released the following statement regarding the results of yesterday’s election results. See comments below from Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Manager John Tate.

“We are thrilled with the yesterday’s results. Our campaign to Restore America continues to gain ground, and we are poised to pick up even more delegates from Minnesota and Colorado adding to our delegates in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

“As people across the country view the results of yesterday’s contests, it is important to consider a few facts that have not been clearly reported. Not one single delegate was awarded yesterday, instead the caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado were the very first step in the delegate selection process. And there are still over 40 states left to go. The Ron Paul campaign plans to continue to vie for delegates nationwide.

“There are a few significant takeaways from yesterday’s contests to remember:

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I'm Outraged! Surveillance Drones Over U.S. To Be 30,000 By 2020!


We knew this was coming but it still makes my blood boil!! How can America not vote for Ron Paul? WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

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Ron Paul says yesterday's GOP result 'opens up the door' to us

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (AP) — Republican Ron Paul said front-runner Mitt Romney's inability to brush back challenges in votes Tuesday "opens up the door" to him and others looking to deny the former Massachusetts governor the party's presidential nomination.

The Texas congressman was headed for a solid second-place in Minnesota's caucuses, which were won by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Santorum also won Missouri and was in the hunt for a victory in Colorado's caucuses.

"I'm a little surprised. I thought Romney would have some of this automatic carryover," Paul told The Associated. "It certainly doesn't hurt us."

Paul was on course to capture more than a quarter of Minnesota's vote. He was a distant third in Missouri's non-binding primary and far back in Colorado.

Paul said of the night's results, "I think it splits the vote and sort of opens up the door to us."


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WSJ Economist: Ron Paul's 0% income tax would be world's greatest job creator

Great article:

During the January 16th debates in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Presidential candidate Ron Paul laid down a bombshell by advocating his goal of gradually lowering the personal income tax to 0%, while at the same time shrinking government and finding new sources of revenue for Washington to use to perform its duties. In response to this, economist and Senior editor for the Wall Street Journal not only agreed that Congressman Paul's plan was feasible, but it would also be the greatest job creator for a nation in the history of the world.



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Huge push for Maine

If you know someone in Maine who hasn't voted yet, get them to go! Bring people with when you vote!

Let's make a huuuuuge push to win Maine the rest of this week.

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The Santorum Zone

Originally published January 21, 2012

In 2003, a Heavyweight boxer got a tattoo that covered half of his face. America's collective reaction was, "yeah, that sounds about right." After all, it was Mike Tyson and we had long since passed the point of being surprised by anything he did or said. We were in what one sports columnist jokingly referred to as The Tyson Zone.

In 2012, one Presidential candidate is challenging that designation.

In a nutshell, The Tyson Zone is a special place for the rarest celebrity who is so insane, so unpredictable, that two things happen. First, their complete unpredictability becomes predictable. In other words, you would have been much more surprised to learn that Mike Tyson thought of getting a giant face tattoo and then reconsidered. Second, the real stories about the celebrity are so ridiculous that any crazy story you hear about them is instantly believable - and the crazier it is, the more believable.

Mike Tyson set the standard for lunacy. His quotes are legendary. In fact, there is a great YouTube song that is nothing more than a collection of his most outrageous comments put to a few acoustic guitar chords.

Side note 1: If you up-vote this blog for any reason, it will be for that song link.

Side note 2: Warning, foul language! (It's Mike Tyson's actual quotes, after all.)

Iron Mike Has Met His Match

The more I learn about Rick Santorum, I feel the need to reconsider the standard Mike Tyson has set for sheer insanity. Has the bar been raised (or lowered, depending on your perspective)? Has Santorum reached a new level of crazy that makes Mike Tyson seem tame and conventional by comparison?

To make my point, below are five stories about Rick Santorum.

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