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Ron Paul Revere: The fascists are coming!

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Study: EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain

(NaturalNews) Early last year, leaked documents obtained by a Colorado beekeeper exposed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) illegitimate approval of clothianidin, a highly-toxic pesticide manufactured by Bayer CropScience that the regulatory agency knew was capable of killing off bees.

Now, a new study out of Purdue University in Indiana has not only confirmed, once again, that clothianidin is killing off bees, but also that clothianidin's toxicity is systemic throughout the entire food chain, which could one day lead to the catastrophic destruction of the food supply.

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Philly Phreedom 2012! Featuring Dr. Ron Paul

[Just so happens I will be in Philadelphia that weekend. I will report.]

Join us Sunday April 22, 2012 as we gather on the lawn at Independence Hall at the Philadelphia Rally for Phreedom 2012!

Starting at 1:00, we will feature live music, guest speakers, and an overall day of fun! Prior to the event, we are hosting a VIP brunch, and an after party at the end of the day.

Dr. Ron Paul
Michael Scheuer
James Padilioni, Jr

Jordan Page
Tatiana Moroz


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Ron Paul UCLA Rally Recut

Some Hollywood filmmaker supporter of the President has produced an incredibly good, professional grade video of his UCLA rally. Brent Bateman is his name.


This is frontpage material. Pls help embed video. It's NOT the full rally, but documentary style. I wonder where this filmmaker supporter was before during earlier states, but this is great stuff.

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VIDEO OF THE 1976 Brokered GOP Convention!

Want to know what we're in store for? Watch this video which shows some drama from the last brokered convention from 1976.


And who can forget the 1964 convention? Goldwater...

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Thank You RP Supporter at Monticello!

I've finally come out of 5 years of lurkdom because of the generosity I experienced last Friday. My family of 6, including my inlaws, had just pulled up to visit Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home in Charlottesville, VA. We were immediately approached by a family who handed us 6 unused tickets to tour the home that they were unable to use. I'm not sure of their circumstances, as I was still stuck in the way back of the SUV, but it appeared that they had a long drive ahead of them and the timed tour ticket was still a few hours out.

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Ron Paul Leaves Others 'In The Dust' In Military Donations

Ron Paul Leaves Others 'In The Dust' In Military Donations

Writes Hope Hodge at Human Events:

It’s no secret that those employed by the armed forces have been leaning in favor of someone considered something of a political outlier: Ron Paul.

Now, a review by Human Events of the latest campaign donation reports shows that financial support from that sector has intensified to such a degree that Paul has left the other candidates, as well as President Barack Obama, in the dust…

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Grow a Garden.

Let me rephrase that. GROW A GARDEN. Even learn urban techniques with small spaces. That 5 dollar fast food sandwich you bought the other day.. That could buy a large amount of seeds.

Everyday is one day you can be planting something to feed yourself with later. Don't wait til TSHF. Because at that point it will be far too late. Even against hedging food costs this will help you immensely.

Google is a wealth of information, Craigslist is also if you want to team up locally with people. I would love for people to post sites here for all. I know I'm preaching to the Choir for many, this is for the people who really haven't taken that much time to do it. PLEASE. You will thank yourself later. I'm sure there is a wealth of info people here can provide. If you never have, now is a good time to start. A really good time.

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DP EXCLUSIVE - Weekend Listen: SleepyEye "Truth Serum Experiment" Download Full Album FREE

Feel free to use this as one of your tools to wake up your friends...
*NEW MUSIC - http://www.sleepyeyemusic.com/Sleepy_Eye/Truth_Serum_Experim...

Comments and reviews are welcome!!!

For the past decade, my older brother and I have been writing and recording music. Art seems to have been imitating life for us, as we are also witnesses of and are spectators to our own countries massively horrendous transformation. Our music reflects the anger, confusion, and distrust in government that we have all felt at one time or another. If one thing is for certain, it is that this album will reassure you - that your not alone.

follow us on twitter---> https://twitter.com/#!/SleepyEyeMusic

VIDEO UPDATE: Farrakhan Let's The Media Have It!!! Featured On: Sleepy Eye's "Truth Serum" (FARANOTS)


This is Notslla. I am the producer and programmer for my older brother "Sleepy Eye". In this post I'll do my best to reply to comments for him, since he is on the other side of the country and lacking an internet connection... :)

Truth Serum Experiment Free Download!!! (20 Song Full Album) will end soon…

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"They Want to Build a Fence to Keep Us in"- Ron Paul Was Right!

Remember when Ron Paul said in one of the debates that the border fence could be used to keep us in rather than keep illegals out? He was ridiculed for that statement.

If you don't remember you can refresh your memory here:


Now Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation that would take away US citizens passports and their right to travel if they don't pay their taxes:

A new bill making its way through Congress could allow the federal government to prevent Americans who owe back taxes from leaving the country.

Read more here

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