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Better Off? Ron Paul for President 2012

http://youtu.be/rPXqwAkld-Y (click to learn more)
by JoeyPencils

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Another Iowa Rep. Endorsement: Kim Pearson

Iowa Rep. Kim Pearson backs Paul

Iowa Rep. Kim Pearson (R, Pleasant Hill) endorsed Ron Paul today as her choice for the GOP presidential nomination.

Pearson, a freshman lawmaker who was elected in 2010, considers herself a part of the tea party movement.

“Ron Paul’s principled and courageous positions in defense of the Constitution are an inspiration,” she said in a statement. “His understanding of the problems America faces and his limited-government solutions make him the statesman we need to lead America out of our moral and financial crisis.”

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Overstock.com CEO Endorses Ron Paul

Patrick M. Byrne, the president, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors of Internet retailer Overstock.com openly announced his support and endorsement of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) for President of the United States. The announcement came while answering the direct question from David Asman of America’s Nightly Scoreboard on the Fox Business Network.

Mr. Byrne expressed his concern that a more serious market correction - worse than the crash of 2008 - could be in the near future and that the root of the problem was the exercise of fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve.

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Creative Publicity

Take a moment to think outside the box, and come up with a creative way to spread Ron Paul. If we all try each others ideas, someone may discover Ron Paul and spread it to someone else, etc. Something that maybe hasn't been mentioned before is a site called Dailybooth.com (http://dailybooth.com/) It is basically a site where users take pictures of themselves for fun, each day. There is a live feed that rotates through the new photos people take, and more often than not, someone you don't even know sees your picture and comments on it.

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USA TODAY: Ron Paul raises $1 million


Republican White House candidate Ron Paul reports collecting more than $1 million in an online fundraising blitz that attacks Mitt Romney, the frontrunner in the GOP presidential field.

Internet-fueled "money bombs" have become a tradition for Paul, a Texas congressman making his third run for the White House. Back in 2007, he raised a staggering $6 million in a single day to aid his unsuccessful 2008 bid for the GOP nomination.

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Ron Paul Money Bomb Radio Thanks to Daily Paul Community

Here is the video of interview with Ron Paul on June 5th


I want to personally thank Michael Nystrom who linked our streams on the front page of Daily Paul yesterday. There were over 40 volunteer people involved in making this broadcast happen and they all deserve a round of applause.

Thanks to all the people at Daily Paul who listened and supported our broadcast yesterday. This past month was a lot of work for Austin and myself and yesterday had some sweet moments and some technical glitches in the morning (a third party software with a conflict) that Austin troubleshooted and found the solution. Amazingly we were able to switch the entire team over so the final 11 hours were able to rock. Wes did a fantastic job interviewing Ron Paul and all of the host and guests were at the top of their game.

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NY Post: Ron Paul is a Hero of Bar & Restaurant Workers

There's one congressman who will never have to pay for a drink in Manhattan.

Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican presidential candidate from Texas, has become an unlikely hero among bar and restaurant workers as he fights for a bill that would end all taxes on tips -- the bread and butter of bartenders and waiters.

Last Thursday, a group of Paul's Big Apple supporters, called the Ron Paul NYC Liberty HQ, held a Manhattan pub crawl in support of the legislation.

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Ron Paul: We're Defaulting On The Common Person All The Time

Rep. Ron Paul spoke to Bloomberg's Al Hunt on Friday, on the issue of the debt ceiling and U.S. government spending.

VIDEO at link

1:00 The Congress will pass the debt ceiling, probably at the last minute. The catastrophe is coming regardless, because the U.S. government spending will continue to rise.
1:40 Doesn't believe the one-for-one cuts Boehner talks about won't happen.
2:20 "We're defaulting constantly;" "The default comes when we devalue the currency." We're defaulting on the common person all the time.

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How do YOU Ron Paul 2012?

This is one sample of how I'm doing my job to get the Good Dr. Paul's name out in public:

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Dr. Paul on CNN's "State of the Union", Sunday June 5th

http://sotu.blogs.cnn.com/ :

Then, presidential candidate Ron Paul explains why his third White House run shouldn't be dismissed as a long shot.

Update: Here is the video posted by MOXNEWS.COM


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