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Could Amazon's New Virtual Currency Rival Bitcoin?

J.P. Hicks | Blog Tips

Last week Amazon announced a new way for customers to buy and sell goods on its massive online retail platform: a virtual currency called Amazon Coins.
Coming in May, Amazon Coins is a new virtual currency for purchasing apps, games, and in-app items on Kindle Fire.

Amazon Coins is an easy way for Kindle Fire customers to spend money on developers’ apps in the Amazon Appstore, offering app and game developers another substantial opportunity to drive traffic, downloads and increase monetization even further.

Amazon will give customers tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Amazon Coins to use on developers’ apps in the Amazon Appstore—apps and games must be submitted and approved by April 25 to be ready when Amazon Coins arrive in customers’ accounts.

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Ron Paul and Charles Goyette Launch New National Daily Radio Commentary

Thanks to Charles Goyette for sending this along.

As reported on the Daily Paul, here, and here, Ron Paul and Charles Goyette are launching a new national daily radio commentary. Here is the official press release that Charles sent:

Ron Paul Makes National Radio Debut with Courtside

-- Twice Daily Radio Commentaries and Weekly Podcast Debut March 18th –

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – February 13, 2013 - Courtside Entertainment Group announced today that former Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will make his national radio and podcast debut March 18, 2013. Ron Paul’s America will feature one of America’s most popular public figures sharing his thoughts and opinions on the issues listeners care about in twice daily one-minute radio commentaries with radio veteran and bestselling author Charles Goyette. In addition to the daily commentaries, Ron Paul’s America will also be available as a weekly podcast to satisfy the growing demand for on-demand digital content.

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They murdered Dorner.

Officers yell "Get the gas, burn it down" during Dorner, police shootout - LIVE


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Coming Soon: Atlanta Music Liberty Fest

Atlanta Music Liberty Fest | April 6th 2013 | Atlanta, GA

4:30pm - Midnight, doors open at 3:30pm


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Top Economic Advisors Forcast War and Unrest

February 11, 2013 | WashingtonsBlog

Kyle Bass, Larry Edelson, Charles Nenner, James Dines, Nouriel Roubini, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Jim Rickards Warn or War

We’re already at war in numerous countries all over the world. But top economic advisers warn that economic factors could lead to a new world war.

Kyle Bass writes:

Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at exactly the wrong time in their lives. Again, the world will not end, but the social fabric of the profligate nations will be stretched and in some cases torn. Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusion. We believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.

Larry Edelson wrote an email to subscribers entitled “What the “Cycles of War” are saying for 2013″, which states:

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Ben Ginsberg will head the newly announced Presidential Voting Commission

Announced during tonight’s SOTU address, the commission is being established to “improve the voting experience in America.”


Ben Ginsberg! Ben Freakin' Ginsberg!!! The same Romney lawyer that pulled every slimy trick in the book to deny Dr. Paul his duly elected delegates in the primaries will now be in charge of making certain national elections are run more fairly.


Don't know about anyone else, but he certainly did not "improve the voting experience" for me.

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Ron Paul to have his own radio program

From Ron Paul´s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ronpaul?ref=stream

"I will be doing daily radio commentary and podcasts starting March18th. Details on "Ron Paul's America" coming soon!"

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Daniel Ellsberg on the NDAA Lawsuit & "We Are A Part of A Death Squad Country" (Video)

Daniel Ellsberg speaks at the press conference after the hearing for the second circuit court of appeals in the NDAA lawsuit, Hedges v Obama. He speaks about what is happening in the lawsuit, the erosion of the Bill of Rights and Bradley Manning.


Luke Rudkowski interviews Daniel Ellsberg on government harassment during the times that he released the Pentagon Papers and how government corruption from then compares to what we're seeing today:

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Orthodoxy: Liberty's Other Enemy

I am typing this in Miami, where I have had the privilege of sharing ideas of liberty with some new Americans who know more of its antithesis than almost anyone on this Continent -- Cuban exiles of Castro's regime. One of them, Normando, has spent seven years in prison for the crime of criticizing the quality of government-manufactured Cuban bread.

A conversation with Normando over breakfast on the day of my second lecture caused me to throw out the lecture I was going to give and replace it with one entitled, "Why Changing Minds (and Hearts) Is Difficult," which is full of empirical psychology, epistemology and neurology. It attempts to explain why it is hard not only to interpret reality accurately but even to see reality when it conflicts with what we already "know" -- regardless of whether our knowledge is right or wrong. (Its opening quote is from Goethe: "We see only what we know".) I am referring not so much to the changing of others' minds as to the changing of our own.

At the end of my lecture, I asked my audience who among them had read 1984. Some of them had -- although more of them had lived it than had read it.

I suggested that the book is, from its opening page, set in a near-complete tyranny. In the political sense, the world of 1984 is as hopeless as any dystopia that has been imagined in literature. You read it without much sense of hope for anything. Isn't it strange, then, that there would be any palpable sinking of the heart when you get to the end, when Winston, taken to Room 101 is finally broken by the destruction of his ability to believe for himself; to think for himself, even to perceive for himself? Why does your heart sink? Because at that point, all hope truly is lost. The ability to see his world as it is has gone, and with it, the possibility that he could ever experience his true self.

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Washington State residents: Listen Up! 91.7 FM

Radio station 91.7 FM is now TVW which monitors state government, much like the TV station. Much of it broadcasts from the capitol in Olympia. I believe this is a fairly new thing here. You won't believe what you'll hear on this station.

Things like state legislators or steering committees speaking about future or current bills, proposals and initiatives. Or just citizens petitioning the state government for laws, fees, taxes etc. It's a great way to hear what they are thinking and what they want to do here so we can try to stop it.

Some examples of things I've heard: Implementing a state income tax. Implementing a user tax for drivers (ie using GPS to track your mileage and charge accordingly). Fining you if you live in one county and work in another.

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Calling All Austin, TX DPers!

In November 2012 the voters of Austin passed a ballot initiative called the 10-1 plan that broke the city into single-member districts to elect City Council members (as opposed to being elected At-Large).

What this did was to prevent the small select group of liberal elitists from being continually elected to City Council. Now with their power transitioning into the hands of the people they are acting to transfer power over to the Mayor.

Please go to the following page (yes, it's a liberal group, but 10-1 had broad coalition support) to oppose agenda item #46 on Thursday's City Council meeting:


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And the Drones just keep Getting Creepier

Video showing new drone surveillance technology:


ACLU: Police Given Option to Arm Drones(Non-Lethal, For Now)

FAA Releases New Drone List—Is Your Town on the Map?

PBS: Rise of the Drones (click watch program)

List or at lesat partial list of drone applicants in America... many law enforcement agencies and a ton of universities:

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A Brief Note From Argentina On Spontaneous Order

Good afternoon to all of our liberty loving readers across the land! As many of you may know, I spent the last several weeks traveling through Argentina and Uruguay. I make a concerted effort to travel outside of the country every year for several reasons, the biggest of which as a liberty activist is to just “get away from it all”. Leaving the country also helps to get some great perspective on how other societies function, and how their citizens view the world.

Many Argentinians, despite having a popularly elected, verifiably socialist President, have a generally skeptical view of government, largely stemming from the economic collapse of 2001. I will have a full report on the current goings-on with the Argentinian economy, and what we can learn from it, later this week. But first, a brief note from something I witnessed in the quiet town of Puerto Iguazu, which serves as the staging area for tourists looking to visit the spectacular Iguazu Falls.

While having dinner in the center of town, we noticed something strange about the 6-way intersection where all of the main roads leading into town came together: there were no traffic signals whatsoever. No lights. No stop signs. No “caution: crazy-ass six way intersection ahead” signs. Zero, zip, nada. By typical statist logic, the lack of a government intervention to create traffic lights and/or signs in this area would of course result in complete chaos. We should have seen cars ablaze and the mangled corpses of pedestrians everywhere!

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