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Leaving the Cave behind.

As a History Instructor at a Community College I have taught Western Civilization many times. I find that as you continue to teach the past, repeating the same events over and over, one transcends the repetition and begins to see the underlying significance of the events, as well as the hidden connections between ideas of the time and the events that inspired them.

Come with me, if you will, to Classical Athens. A city high on itself, a city that is proud of its contribution to repelling the Persians, a city that is certain it is the pinnacle of western civilization, and a city that proclaims to be the the ultimate example of Democracy. But it is a city with major skeletons in its closet. The riches it has achieved are a direct result of corruption and imperialism in every way but name. The statues of perfect human forms, the glamorous public buildings, its mighty Navy, and even the 30 foot walls that now encompass the city, the road to the Athenian harbor, and the harbor itself, are all achieved by imperial tendencies. This is what has prompted the Peloponnesian war and the Spartan siege that lasted nearly uninterrupted for 27 years (431-404 BC). Athens is supplied by sea, its supply lines secured by its mighty fleet, the average Athenian has no reason to ever leave the city. Few want to.

Behind the walls, which Athenians rarely leave for many reasons, the streets are awash with propaganda, rhetoric, and false intellectualism. Sophists are paid money to teach the wealthy how to appear smart without making sense or making any real points. The pepper their sentences with fancy words, they appeal to emotion, they utilize tone of voice, but they have no good, nay NO ideas at all! Then came the one called Socrates.

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Ron Paul Could Rescue the GOP From Itself, But It May Already Be Too Late

by Alex Marin | PolicyMic

As the Romney/Ryan ticket continues to sink poll after poll, a certain buyer's remorse is taking over a Republican Party which thought former CEO Mitt Romney would be the best option to unseat Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama, due to the former's private sector credentials and the latter's poor economic record. They were wrong.

To the dismay of conservatives, and the surprise of both Democrats and Republicans alike, who was supposed to be a talented CEO, the guy who turned around failing companies and saved the Winter Olympics, has turned out to be a disastrous campaigner: drowned by innumerable gaffes and running a campaign increasingly in disarray and out of touch not only with middle class Americans but also with Republican demographics (plenty of GOP voters belong to the 47% group Romney dismissed at the Boca Raton fundraiser).

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Rick Santelli: GDP Numbers 'Depressingly Weak'

Marketwatch: Second-Quarter U.S. Growth Cut to 1.3% - Slower increases in consumer spending, business investment cited


CNBC Reports: New durable goods orders in August fell by the most since the recession and a separate reading on the broader U.S. economy came in much weaker than expected. But weekly jobless claims sank to a two-month low, in a hopeful sign for the labor market.

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How a Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP

National Journal: Today, the media and their pollsters are to blame for Mitt Romney's political troubles, according to Romney's fans. But if Romney does lose this year, blame will quickly shift to the Republican presidential nominee himself, his shortcomings, and his ability to articulate a conservative vision for the country. And the fallout from a Romney loss has the potential to reverberate through the Republican Party for a decade.

Had you told any Democratic political strategist a year ago that the unemployment rate in September 2012 would stand at 8.1 percent, he or she would have thrown up their hands in despair. President Obama, conventional wisdom held, would be headed to certain defeat.

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Jesse Ventura: "Let Gary Johnson Debate!"

Call the Commission on Presidential Debates today at 202-872-1020. Tell them you want to see Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson in the televised debates!

Join Jesse Ventura in supporting former New Mexico Governor and current Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, and help get Gary Johnson into the debates!




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"An Inconvenient Tooth"

"An Inconvenient Tooth, a documentary by Guy Wagner about fluoride, premiered at City Hall in Portland, Oregon on September 6, 2012, the same day a public hearing was held before the five-member City Council about whether or not the city should fluoridate its water supplies."

As reported by The New York Times:

"Mayor Sam Adams, who backs the fluoridation plan and has one of five votes on the Council, comes firmly down on the side that says Portland must address dental care for everyone if its progressive goals and self-image are valid.

'It's about health equity, it's about social justice,' he said in an interview. 'Fluoride is a means to an end,' he added. 'I hope that folks, whether they agree with me or not, understand that my intentions are to help those Portlanders that have no voice in this process.'


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Mike Church Interview with Ron Paul 9/26/2012


Interview cuts off. For the rest of the interview, you can read the transcript here:


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Romney being sabotaged? We will take the blame. *Updated*

It doesn't take a political genius to see that the RNC in Tampa was a self-destructive disaster for the Romney campaign. In a tight election the LAST thing you want to do is antagonize and alienate swing voters. Ron Paul Republicans and independents are practically the definition of "swing voters".

But what is going on now is even more bizarre. Iowa is considered a swing state. Even though my county is 80%+ Republican, the Obama campaign has actually opened up a campaign headquarters in our little town. And he has another one 15 miles away in our county seat.

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Tom Mullen: A Skeptic's Case for Gary Johnson

Washington Times - TAMPA, September 26, 2012 – You may be an independent that finds the major party candidates for president particularly weak this year. You may be an “Old Right” conservative that can’t bring yourself to vote for Mitt Romney. You may be a died-in-the-wool liberal who thinks Barack Obama’s presidency has been just a little too similar to Dubya’s.

Or, you may be a libertarian.

If you belong to any of those groups, you might be considering voting for Gary Johnson. Ironically, if you are a libertarian, you may need the most convincing.

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American Elections Are Crooked: Lew Rockwell Interviews Bev Harris From Black Box Voting

Interesting information. They talk about how they are matching up who you are and who you voted for based on information on the ballot. Which means that if you voted for Ron Paul, they likely know.

Bev Harris is the author of Black Box Voting, and is featured in the documentary Hacking Democracy.

Listen here

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FDA Looking to Ban B6 Supplements, Give Boost to Big Pharma

Human beings cannot live without vitamin B-6. It is also important for the prevention of cancer and the prevention and treatment of seizures, anemia, mental disorders including schizophrenia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions. Its effect on carpal tunnel can seem almost miraculous.

A natural form of the vitamin, Pyridoxamine, was recently yanked off the market by the FDA. Why? Because a pharmaceutical company, BioStratum, wanted sole use of pyridoxamine in a drug, a drug which may or may not ever appear. The company filed a so-called citizens petition and the FDA agreed, notwithstanding protests from ANH-USA, other organizations, and thousands of citizens. You might ask: how can Pharma take a supplement off the market and claim exclusive use of it as a prescription drug? The FDA does not presently feel obligated to answer this question.

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The Problems Oklahoma Dealt with from the Ron Paul Campaign State Coordinator

Oklahoma has been through a lot this election year. We had problems at our state convention, as many people know. But, it wasn’t just the “establishment” Republicans who we had problems with.

We also had problems with the Ron Paul National Campaign. We haven’t come out and said much about this, but I feel there is no reason to keep this under the radar anymore. This hasn’t been exactly a secret, but some of the details have not been out for all to see. We didn’t want this to cause the Campaign or us any problems back when this was all going down, but right now, I feel it would be beneficial to come out and say some more. I don’t want anyone to think the Ron Paul movement has some kind of tie or support to the person who caused us so much grief.

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