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BREAKING POLL CNN - Who does best against Obama? Ron Paul. The congressman from Texas

I can not believe what is going on this is just ummm, I have no words to describe these news stories!

Who does best against Obama? Paul. The congressman from Texas, who also ran as a libertarian candidate for president in 1988 and who is well liked by many in the tea party movement, trails the president by only seven points (52 to 45 percent) in a hypothetical general election showdown. Huckabee trails by eight points, with Romney down 11 points to Obama. The poll indicates the president leading Gingrich by 17 points, Palin by 19, and Trump by 22 points.


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Recap: Money Bomb, Radio Marathon, SC Tea Party, Debate & Message from Ron Paul!

It's May 5th! The events taking place are:

Vote in the FOX online Poll: http://nation.foxnews.com/

Let the games begin!

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Update: New Message from Ron Paul!

Dear Daily Paul,

There are just over 24 hours before the first Republican Presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina.

My, how far you and I have come since 2007.

That year, our exploratory committee barely registered on the national radar, and we had to fight just to get on television. Now, we get so many interview requests I can not physically do them all!

Our issues have been thrust into the spotlight during a critical time in America - a time like no other in my life.

More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that we need to balance our budget, rein in the Federal Reserve, restore civil liberties, and return to a constitutional foreign policy.

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Ron Paul: CNN just sent Jesse a heads up that their new national poll will show Ron Paul at 10%

Ron Paul's Facebook page

More great news - CNN just sent Jesse a heads up that their new national poll will show Ron at 10 percent!

Huckabee 16%
Trump 14%
Romney 13%
Palin 11%
Paul 10%
Gingrich 10%


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FOX's Chris Wallace Calls Ron Paul "The Godfather Of The Tea Party"


Airing Date May.05, 2011

FOX's Chris Wallace Calls Ron Paul "The Godfather Of The Tea Party." Calls Paul a serious candidate!

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Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul Are Officially Running for President

Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul are officially presidential candidates.

Both formed "exploratory committees" in the previous month and a half, for the purpose of exploring the possibilities of candidacy.

Both have filed for presidential candidacy in South Carolina -- a requirement for participating in the first GOP primary debate of the 2012 election cycle, cohosted in Greenville, S.C., by Fox News and the South Carolina Republican Party.

And both candidates were aware that, by doing so, they have officially become presidential candidates in the eyes of the law. Spokesmen for both Pawlenty and Paul acknowledged that filing for candidacy in South Carolina changes their bosses' status in the eyes of the Federal Election Commission.


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Today's First Money Bomb Video Is In! Let's All Help It!


Watch it, favourite it, comment it and rate it and spread it around!

Vote up in reddit too,


Let´s get some donations from youtube and reddit people too!!!! Every deserves to know about Ron Paul! HELP!

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Ron Paul Thoughts: interview by Adam Kokesh

happy money bomb day everyone -
here is a good interview with the guy with the message


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Videos: Nevada RP People FINALLY Get Apology for State Convention @ Ron Paul's Breakfast Speech

These clips are on two different sites because youtube wouldn't let us upload anything over 15 minutes.

I shot lots more footage with Ron from his visit: the booksigning, his interview w/the media, the donor reception & his speech, plus more interviews on Friday morning.

My husband shot over 400 photos! If anyone has ideas for how to get these photos & video footage up in an easy way, please contact us.

I am so glad I shot the breakfast speech, because I would have never thought the day would come when the travesty that happened at the state convention would be addressed by the party, and an apology given. This was a great day for us in Nevada. We have been PROMISED this will NEVER happen again (they shut the lights out on us & stopped the convention, when the delegate votes were going for Ron). I applaud EVERYONE in Nevada who has worked so hard to get on the State Central Committee & change the party. We have done our job & are going to be ready to caucus next Feb. & then go on to our state convention.

Cynthia Kennedy


Ron Paul speaks to Reno Republicans April 29, 2011-PART ONE
Includes apology from state party for Sue Lowden’s vote theft!

Terhune Family vindicated!



Ron Paul speaks to Reno Republicans April 29, 2011-PART TWO: (below)

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"This Time We Know" by Jerry Day

Ron Paul, You Will Like What You See! by Jerry Day, May, 2011. Pull no punch. Hit direct!

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Ron Paul: Troops should come home now that bin Laden is dead

By Jordan Fabian | The Hill

Rep. Ron Paul (Texas), a possible Republican candidate for president, said Tuesday that the U.S. should bring its troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan now that Osama bin Laden has been killed.

Paul, a long-time skeptic of American interventionism, said that "like all other Americans, I'm glad he's gone," but raised multiple questions about the costs associated with the 10-year manhunt for the al Qaeda leader behind the 9/11 attacks.

"If we got him, I guess it's time to come home as far as I'm concerned," he said during an interview with Fox Business network.


Read the COMMENTS! I was VERY pleased!

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