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Using Twitter To Identify Psychopaths - Minority Report's coming true.

Hope no one's planning on committing any thought crimes.

"The FBI could use this to flag potential wrongdoers"


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10 Cities Where Homes Cost Less Than A Car

For many Americans, homeownership is the epitome of living the American dream. Yet, in towns with high tumbling home prices and double-digit vacancy rates, median-priced homes now cost the equivalent of new American cars — except, as investments go, they’re slightly more risky.

Call it the dark side of the American dream – but if you can only afford to buy just one, which would you choose? In hard-hit cities, why own a home when you can rent one without the risk of foreclosure if your job falls through? Or, for about the same money, you can sport new wheels, facing only the risk of repossession — a lesser credit report complication than a foreclosure. While a car is unlikely to increase in value, its depreciation is both more manageable and predictable than a home.

“Buying a home in most places is risky,” says Jed Kolko, chief economist and head of analytics at real estate site Trulia. These high risks in towns such as Detroit, Michigan or Youngstown, Ohio have helped depress housing prices. And until the labor market improves there’s no real chance of a strong recovery in housing. “Towns with a history of job losses probably won’t see big price gains, especially if they have high vacancy rates, because it means buyers have a lot of homes to choose from,” says Kolko.

Read more: Cities Where Homes Cost Less Than a Car - 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2012/07/20/cities-where-homes-cost-less...

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Ron Paul's Advice for Unity in the Freedom Movement

I just finished reading Dr. Paul's Freedom Under Siege - 1987 (If you are not yet in a healthy habit of reading in preparation for this Revolution, I urge you to)...and I came across this on one of the last pages. It's very applicable to today I believe (as is the rest of the book, it's not like he's changed a position).

Friends of freedom must quickly assemble and plan strategy. Everyone has a vital interest in the outcome. Broad agreements are crucial; arguing minute details of solutions to difficult problems can undermine the movement and become purely negative. Perfection by man in the struggle for freedom is not achievable. Denial of personality differences and legitimate differences of opinion are a mistake. Refusing to agree on generalized and precise principles guarantees failure.

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The Curious Campaign of Willard “Mitt” Romney

“I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.” – Willard Mitt Romney

The entire ascension of Mitt Romney as the “presumptive nominee” for the Republican Party has always been a bit perplexing. There is no logical reason that he should be the standard bearer of the supposed “small government” Party. He has long supported health care mandates, bailouts of the financial industry, government economic “stimulus” spending, and all sorts of government solutions to just about anything. It’s clear that the powers that be in the Republican Party long ago committed to Mitt Romney as their man. This may tell us more about how far the Republican Party has fallen from anything resembling small government principles than it does about Romney.

Now that the media and the Obama campaign are accepting the presumption that Romney will likely be the Republican nominee, the predictable attacks on Romney’s time as CEO of the venture capital company Bain have begun in full force. It’s hilarious to me that with as atrocious of a record that Romney has as Governor, the main focus seems to be on his successes in the private sector. The most baffling part of this is the response, or lack thereof, by the Romney campaign.

Why Won’t Romney Defend Capitalism?

The main premise behind the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain are that under Romney, Bain Capital companies were involved in outsourcing jobs offshore, and the implication that Romney is somehow cheating on his taxes through offshore investments.

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Ron Paul Cash on Hand as of 6/30 = $2.84 Million

[Via Lew Rockwell]

With the campaign ended, that should be plenty of $$ to get Ron thru Tampa. Of course, he has no debt either.

You can see the entire FEC report for the month of June showing all expenses, etc. here:


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Russia Today: Bank Contractors Illegally Break Into Homes Across The US

Returning from work or vacation, homeowners across the U.S. are finding themselves locked out of their houses, with their homes broken into and many of their belongings stolen and destroyed.

The culprits? Bank contractors, hired to preserve abandoned properties. These contractors often ignore signs of occupation, including furniture, maintained gardens and turned on lights.

It is illegal for any bank representative to enter a property if they have not retaken it at a foreclosure sale – especially if there are signs of occupation. Yet contractors have been repeatedly ignoring these signs.

read more http://rt.com/usa/news/us-bank-home-safeguard-617/

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Ron Paul Interview with Gold Seek Radio - July, 2012

Dr Ron Paul interview with GoldSeek July, 2012 Radio broadcast interview. About 10 minutes. Questions are direct & short. Answers are well thought out & fantastic.

Candid Ron Paul wisdom & insight related to: The Fed; LIBOR; Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) manipulating gold; & Dr Paul, do you intend to keep your gold?

Background information at DailyPaul on:

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Mass Shooting In Denver At Batman Premiere

DENVER, Colorado | Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:58am EDT
(Reuters) - A masked gunman killed 12 people at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie in a suburb of Denver early on Friday, sparking pandemonium when he hurled a gas canister into the auditorium and opened fire on moviegoers.

About fifty others including children were wounded in the attack on the showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in a mall in the Aurora suburb, some of whom were treated for the effects of tear gas, hospital officials said.
More at:

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Larken Rose on Dangerous Myths

An oldie but a goodie. Larken Rose is fast becoming my favorite liberty speaker.


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Ron Paul: I ‘Have Not’ Decided If I'll Vote for Romney

[ ABC News: ] Ron Paul, who is still technically running for the Republican nomination, says he has not decided whether or not he’ll vote for Mitt Romney.

“I have not made a decision,” Paul told Fox Business Network’s Liz Claman and David Asman.

When asked what he thinks about Romney as a candidate for president, Paul responded, “Compared to whom? He certainly offers different things than the current president. But the current conditions make it rough for anyone. They are going to have a very though job.”

Paul and Romney reportedly struck up a friendly rapport on the campaign trail, The New York Times noted in February.

Continue reading at ABC News

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Ben Swann Gets Reality Checked

Turns out he is right ;). Gold is money.



Here is the Washington Times Article

Does gold set the price for oil?


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5 Essential Privacy Tools For The Next Crypto War

The first crypto war revolved around the hardware-based Clipper Chip and coercing companies to deploy broken encryption with backdoors to enable domestic State spying. Fortunately, the good guys won.

The next crypto war is still a war of the government against its own citizens but this time enlisting the corporations, including social networks, as direct agents of the State. What some have dubbed Crypto Wars 2.0 manifests itself in the current litany of legislative acronyms designed to confuse and befuddle.


What has gone largely unnoticed in this torrent of analysis, however, is that privacy tools for individuals already exist and they have so for many years! Quietly anticipating encroachment against basic Internet liberties, concerned cyber privacy advocates has been coding and releasing the tools that allow for private electronic communication and private web surfing. Proposed legislation like CISPA may or may not pass and become law, but if it does we have to understand the new landscape. Your privacy is up to you!

Continue --> http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonmatonis/2012/07/19/5-essentia...

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Congressman Ron Paul Urges Afghanistan Withdrawal - July 18 2012

Congressman Ron Paul Urges Afghanistan Withdrawal July 18 2012

Congressman Ron Paul urges withdrawal from Afghanistan during Defense Appropriations debate on July 18, 2012.


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Ron Paul on FOX Business News 7-19-12 ~ FED Response Is Mostly Superficial

Ron Paul on FOX Business News 7-19-12 ~ FED Response Is Mostly Superficial


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Ron Paul Chocolate Bar teams up with PaulFest for special ticket promotion!

Ron Paul Bar

What would a celebration be without Chocolate? The Ron Paul Chocolate Bar has partnered with PaulFest to offer a special ticket premium on your next purchase of Ron Paul Bars.

Here’s how it works:

When you make a purchase of Ron Paul Bars you automatically go into a drawing for a complimentary 3-day pass. We will be holding a drawing every half hour so if you don’t win the first time, try again!

Or purchase 50 bars and we will include a FREE one day pass ($35 value) to the Paul Fest. When you purchase 100 bars, we will include a FREE 3-day pass ($75 value). Liberty just keeps getting sweeter!

So go to www.ronpaulbar.com to purchase your Ron Paul Bars and you will automatically be entered in the contest. We will be giving away a complimentary 3-day pass every half hour for the next 36 hours. Any amount purchased on our sight puts you in the drawing.

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