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GOP Strategist Video: "Ron Paul Has Strongest Base. He Can Beat Romney & Obama."

Jack Burkman is the only political consultant who has credibly proven his expertise and knows what he's talking about. He predicted the failure of every candidate's campaigns back in August 2011. (including Romney) He has consistantly held the position that Ron Paul can beat Romney and Obama.

And it has played out exactly as he predicted.

GOP Strategist: 'Ron Paul Can Beat Romney'
Jan 11, 2012 - Freedom Watch contributor Jack Burkman explains how Ron Paul can beat Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.


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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/30/12: The Alarming Suicide Epidemic in the Military

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/30/12: The Alarming Suicide Epidemic in the Military


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Ron Paul Wins Louisiana!

I'm at the Louisiana HQ right now. It's confirmed...Ron Paul won Louisiana!!!

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Near Sweep for Ron Paul in Massachusetts

We just swept MA district 7, getting the 3 delegates and 3 alternates.

And I heard the same about districts 2, 3 and 5.

We might just sweep this whole state -- and then some.


UPDATE: regarding the sticker issue, just wanted to add that they were handing those out inside the building at district 7 as well. Barring that, the rest of the meeting ran smoothly and without controversy.

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Victory in Alaska!

Updated: 7:45pm Alaska Time
It is confirmed that Ron Paul supporter Russ Millete was voted in as chair. (Note that according to AK Republican rules he will not have full power until Feb. 2013). Co-chair is RP supporter Deb Brown.

Also, secretary and treasurer are RP supporters.

The 6 delegates that were assigned to Ron Paul were filled by the top RP supporters that we wanted. Also, we got the 6 alternates.

The only bonus in the delegate count was that 3 RP people got in as alternates for the Santorum team.

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This is what 'winning' looks like? Romney Draws Small, Sleepy Crowd

Staffers removed the tall ladder at the side of the room to prevent photographers from capturing the vast empty space between the press file and the crowd...


EDIT: This article is from Jan, sorry I didn't notice myself. I left a comment in the thread below when someone noticed it but I didn't realize it had gotten traction and I needed to edit the top post.

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Why doesn't the free market work in journalism?

I don't know anybody who wants to be lied to, kept ignorant, or fooled on a consistent basis.

Oh sure, there are people who don't want to know that they have cancer, enjoy a stage magician, or go to a movie hoping to be able to lose themselves temporarily in a fantasy world.

But I don't know anyone who consciously WANTS reporters, columnists, and news analysts to distort, spin and censor their information.

So how do the current newspapers, magazines, TV networks, cable channels, and radio stations stay in business?

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"Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century

Just wanted to share.

"Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century

Across the world, a dangerous rumor has spread that could have catastrophic implications. According to legend, Iran's President has threatened to destroy Israel, or, to quote the misquote, "Israel must be wiped off the map". Contrary to popular belief, this statement was never made, as the following article will prove.


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Ron Paul backers prepare takeover in Nevada

Article about NV state convention:

The Ron Paul presidential campaign has a guerrilla-style takeover strategy heading into next week’s Nevada Republican Convention at John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks.

The campaign wants to dominate the convention by delivering as many as 65 percent of the total delegates to the convention floor.

“Whoever shows up controls the tempo of the meeting,” said Carl Bunce, Paul’s campaign chairman for Nevada.

Those who show up will elect 25 of Nevada’s 28 national convention delegates, as three spots for the state chairman, national committeeman and committeewoman are already taken.

The Ron Paul folks want to stack that number with their people. Other state Ron Paul organizations are doing the same, Republicans said.


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Alaska Dispatch: How Joe Miller and wife helped get a win for the Ron Paul supporters

Interesting article, showing how Joe Miller, Alaska GOP Senatorial Primary winner and his wife helped win it for the Paul supporters.

Joe Miller was a Senate candidate and long shot in the GOP primary, but was pushed hard by Sarah Palin helping him break through for the win, only later to be screwed over by the Alaska GOP establishment who sent Murkowski in via a write-in campaign to win the Senate (counting of those write-in votes still being questioned).

The Millers huddled with the Paul backers all night to bring Tea Party and Paul backers together to win the day.

However it was ultra Ron Paul backer Kathleen Miller (Joe's wife) that came out with a coveted National Elector Position.


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Calling the Republic of TEXAS! It is an OPEN Primary! Show us who is BOSS! Deadline to register to vote is April 30!

1. You don't have to be registered Republican to vote in the Texas primary May 29th.
2. You just have to be registered to vote
(And the deadline to register to vote, if you are not, is April 30!).
3. And you must vote in the primary if you plan to vote for Dr. Paul in the general election in November.

Let me say those three things again:

1. You don't have to be registered Republican to vote in the Texas primary May 29th.
2. You just have to be registered to vote.
3. And you must vote in the primary if you plan to vote for Dr. Paul in the general election in November.

I know, I know, I saw it. But keep in mind that the latest Politico poll from Texas Republicans is a poll from people...who actually answer their home phones (or have home phones).

What does that tell you?

Texas is an OPEN primary. (Or semi-open).

The pollings before MY state primary (Virginia, another open primary state), was even worse for Dr. Paul, yet he ended up winning entire districts and got 41% of the total vote.

Instructions on what to do here:


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Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think

[Business Insider] Mitt Romney may have all but locked up the Republican nomination with his victories in the East Coast primaries this week, but Ron Paul and his army of acolytes aren't ready to give up the fight just yet.

As the rest of the political world's attention shifts to the general election, Paul is still quietly amassing delegates at district and county conventions, and is now poised to take a real bite — or at least a big nibble — out of Romney's delegate total.

In just the last week, Paul locked up 49 delegates, including five in Pennsylvania and four in Rhode Island, two states thought to be firmly on Romney's turf. In Minnesota, Paul won 20 of the 24 delegates awarded at last weekend's district caucuses, an impressive sweep that guarantees that Paul will control a majority of the state's delegation at the Republican National Convention.

Continue reading at Business Insider

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Ron Paul Louisiana Caucus results, please post here!


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