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CA Web Users File Class-Action Lawsuits Against Google & Yahoo Over Privacy


Some California residents have filed two class action lawsuits against Google and Yahoo in Marin County Superior Court. The suits, filed on June 12 and June 28, claim that the web giants illegally intercept emails sent from individual non-Gmail and non-Yahoo subscribers to individual Gmail and Yahoo subscribers, without their knowledge, consent or permission. What's more, they say the interception takes place before the email reaches its intended target.

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Embattled Barclays Chief Bob Diamond Withdraws from Romney Event

Banking scandal: how document trail reveals global scam

It's not a comfortable weekend for the men heading some of the world's biggest banks. Barclays has already been hit by a £290m fine for rigging interest rates but that could be dwarfed by a series of global lawsuits which could cost banks billions



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Peter Schiff - The Real Crash America's Coming Bankruptcy

Another great interview with Peter Schiff. Still believes in Ron Paul, & knocks Mitt Romney.

Peter Schiff : “The United States is in a lot of trouble.” After the Fed presumably embarks on QE3, and that stimulus wears off, “I think we’re going to have a crisis. I don’t think we’re going to have time for QE4 or QE5. I mean, ultimately, that’s where we’re headed, because that’s all QE does. Each QE sows the seeds of the next QE.”

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♠ Updated List of Liberty Candidates

Every now and then I try to put out a list of liberty candidates that I suggest Paul supporters research and if they fit your personal criteria of "liberty candidate" then please vote for them.

The rEVOLution didn't stop in '08 and will continue past '12, but the only way to do that is to keep electing pro-liberty people to office. It's not just about the RNC. It's about changing the playing field.

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Tragedy Strikes A Ron Paul Supporter's Family In Washington

A 7 year old girl was killed when she fell from a tree, watch the video for more details into what we can do to help this family out in their time of need.


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How Nebraska can become the 5th State and Links to media

The Nebraska Republican Party is in a panic mode. Both of these articles show the fear. The governor's oligarchy is failing.



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Glenn Greenwald: Dianne Feinstein targets press freedom

The supreme Senate defender of state secrecy and the Surveillance State, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, yesterday issued a statement to Australia’s largest newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, demanding (once again) the prosecution of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange

... Indeed, unlike WikiLeaks, which has never done so, The New York Times has repeatedly published Top Secret information. That’s why the prosecution that Feinstein demands for WikiLeaks would be the gravest threat to press freedom and basic transparency in decades.

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Judge: Twitter Must Turn Over Occupy Wall Street Protester's Tweets

Twitter has been ordered to give a New York City judge almost three months' worth of an Occupy Wall Street protester's tweets despite the company's efforts to fight prosecutors' demand for the messages.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. also ruled Monday that prosecutors would need a search warrant -- not just a subpoena -- to get the final day's worth of tweets they seek from Malcolm Harris. That's because of a timeframe set by federal law.

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Obama administration eyes executive action to combat online piracy - Raw Story

By Stephen C. Webster
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 14:56 EDT

The Obama administration is soliciting recommendations for internal policy changes, or possibly even an executive order, that would be aimed at combating online piracy in the U.S. and abroad, Raw Story has learned.

After the failure of the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) earlier this year, congressional efforts to reform intellectual property laws have remained largely stalled. However, the administration still holds some power in this realm. A little-noticed solicitation for public comment published Tuesday in the federal register (PDF, see pages 99-101) seems to indicate that, like recent changes to immigration enforcement priorities, President Barack Obama may just go it alone on increasing IP enforcement measures.


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Jury Nullification Passed in New Hampshire!

Defense attorneys may now inform juries that they may rule on the merits of the law.

[ Reason ] Jury nullification, in which jurors refuse to convict defendants under laws they find objectionable or inappropriately applied, is a favored tactic of many libertarians who, rightly or wrongly perceive individual
liberty as, at best, a minority taste among their neighbors. They like the idea of a tool that can be wielded on the spot to shield people from powerful control freaks without first having to win a popularity contest. But nullification is useful only if people know about. And last week, New Hampshire's governor signed a law requiring the state's judges to permit defense attorneys to inform jurors of their right to nullify the law.

Continue reading at Reason

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From Healthcare to Welfare

I actually listened to this a couple days ago and the murky world of health insurance is so much clearer to me now thanks to (my favorite economist) Hans-Hermann Hoppe's lecture on the real nature of "health insurance."


P.S Did anybody here already know that Ludwig von Mises had a brother who was also a genius? He was a mathematician who worked at the same university as Albert Einsten. Hoppe talks about LvM's brother in the first 5 minutes - if you want to get straight to the meat of the lecture go to 5:30.

Bonus: You can download this, and all of Hoppe's lectures for free from Itunes! (that is actually how I happen to run into this golden one.)

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Power Out in DC, And Will Be For Days

With much of Montgomery County still without power and ongoing 911 problems continuing across Northern Virginia on Sunday afternoon, local officials vowed to press utilities to restore service more quickly.

“I will not accept the timetable of July the 6th, said Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett (D), shortly after Pepco announced some homes would not have their power restored until Friday or even later. “Having our citizens go seven days without utilities in my opinion is not the kind of service we should expect.”

Underscoring how recovery from Friday night’s storm will stretch into the week ahead, all public schools in the District will be closed for summer sessions on Monday.


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Military-entertainment complex? Act of Valor film described as ‘beyond propaganda’

Al Jazeera English’s Nic Muirhead on Sunday explained the growing relationship between the Department of Defense and Hollywood, particularly in regards to the action film Act of Valor.


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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/2/12: Big Opportunity to Audit the Fed: Support H.R.459

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/2/12: Big Opportunity to Audit the Fed: Support H.R.459


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Fractional Reserve Banking Explained

why the world can no longer pay for its debt, and thus, the system can no longer keep going. Here is a fancy-looking graph that shows that our economies are addicted to debt-financing – ie when we can no longer raise and pay for new debt, the economy suffers (ie has no actual cash reserves to carry on)

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