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Yes, the FBI and CIA can read your email. Here's how

The U.S. government -- and likely your own government, for that matter -- is either watching your online activity every minute of the day through automated methods and non-human eavesdropping techniques, or has the ability to dip in as and when it deems necessary -- sometimes with a warrant, sometimes without.

Gen. David Petraeus, the former head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, resigned over the weekend after he was found to have engaged in an extra-marital affair. What caught Petraeus out was, of all things, his usage of Google's online email service, Gmail.

This has not only landed the former CIA chief in hot water but has ignited the debate over how, when, and why governments and law enforcement agencies are able to access ordinary citizens' email accounts, even if they are the head of the most powerful intelligence agency in the world.

More: http://www.zdnet.com/yes-...

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New Video: I, Pencil, The Movie

The classic essay by Leonard Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education is now a movie. It shows how millions of people under no state coercion or central planning work together to create a pencil:


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Peter Schiff: Do you have a College Degree?

And you ride a bike for a living and owe how much?

Peter Schiff asks the victims of our benevolent government if they have a college degree, what they're doing now, and how much they owe.

Just more proof of why people should not buy into the debt ridden psychology of "you need a college degree." College degrees produced in mass quantities is no different than printing money. The more people with degrees there are, the more worthless the degree becomes. We need jobs without debt and a free economy in a deflationary environment that even allows a biker to live just fine on his earned wages.

Want cheaper education? Get government out of education and eliminate the guaranteed student loans, but we all know that here at the DP ;)


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Pat Buchanan: Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard?

By Patrick J. Buchanan | Buchanan.org

After its second defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, under whom unemployment has never been lower than the day George W. Bush left office, the Republican Party has at last awakened to its existential crisis.

Eighteen states have voted Democratic in six straight elections. Among the six are four of our most populous: New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California. And Obama has now won two of the three remaining mega-states, Ohio and Florida, twice.

Only Texas remains secure—for now.

At the presidential level, the Republican Party is at death’s door.

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Ron Paul: Raising Taxes Doesn’t Necessarily Increase Revenue | FBN | Nov 14

Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff on Fox Business Network's After the Bell.


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Thomas Massie Congressional Inauguration Speech on the House Floor

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky) makes his congressional inauguration speech shortly after being sworn in as a member of the 112th Congress.


(Ron Paul hugs him at the end)

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YouTube Update: Ron Paul's Farewell Address


Dr. Paul gave his "Farewell to Congress" speech on the House floor/CSPAN today. The speech is over, but it is now archived on CSPAN.

Thanks to DPers RP_nexus and Katniss Everdeen for the C-Span video clip. Thanks to eduardo89 for the YouTube:


See here for the Full Text of Ron Paul's Farewell Address

Also, thanks to DPer Katniss Everdeen for the information that #ThankYouRonPaul is Trending on Twitter in the United States

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Reps. Ron Paul & Barney Frank to Obama: Leave pot smokers alone

The Hill - 11/14/12 - By Elise Viebeck

"Two House lawmakers are urging President Obama not to interfere with recent state decisions to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Barney Frank (D-Mass.) wrote to Obama Wednesday asking his administration not to prosecute residents of Colorado and Washington, where voters just passed ballot measures to legalize the drug...

...Paul and Frank, both retiring in January, noted that they have sponsored legislation that removes criminal penalties for marijuana use. Under current federal law, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance alongside heroin and ecstasy."


Full text of the letter:

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Ron Paul's Farewell Address - Full Text

By Ron Paul | Delivered on the House Floor, November 14, 2012

Farewell to Congress

This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor. At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period. My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today: promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty.

It was my opinion, that the course the U.S. embarked on in the latter part of the 20th Century would bring us a major financial crisis and engulf us in a foreign policy that would overextend us and undermine our national security.

To achieve the goals I sought, government would have had to shrink in size and scope, reduce spending, change the monetary system, and reject the unsustainable costs of policing the world and expanding the American Empire.

The problems seemed to be overwhelming and impossible to solve, yet from my view point, just following the constraints placed on the federal government by the Constitution would have been a good place to start.

How Much Did I Accomplish?

In many ways, according to conventional wisdom, my off-and-on career in Congress, from 1976 to 2012, accomplished very little. No named legislation, no named federal buildings or highways—thank goodness. In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues. Wars are constant and pursued without Congressional declaration, deficits rise to the sky, poverty is rampant and dependency on the federal government is now worse than any time in our history.

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Niccolo Machiavelli on the Ron Paul Revolution

A return to first principles in a republic is sometimes caused by the simple virtues of one man. His good example has such an influence that the good men strive to imitate him and the wicked are ashamed to lead a life so contrary to his example.

- Niccolo Machiavelli

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Legislators in Rhode Island and Maine To Introduce Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bills Tomorrow

Mike Riggs | Nov. 14, 2012

Reason: State legislators in Rhode Island and Maine will announce bills tomorrow to legalize recreational marijuana, a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project announced today.

Rhode Island Rep. Edith Ajello and Maine Rep. Diane Russell will hold a conference call tomorrow with the Marijuana Policy Project to announce the legislation.

Read more at Reason

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♪♫Aimee Allen, New Band, New Song♫♪♫


Via Aimee Allen's facebook: We leaked a song from our album today called 'LIBERTY' if you haven't checked it out yet, we would be stoked if you took a listen! For those of you who did listen, THANK YOU!! We appreciate each and every listen and every 'Like' to our page. More music coming soon!!! XO

We are The Interrupters. Debut Album out early 2013 on Hellcat Records.


Drones in the sky
Government lies
Keeping an eye out
Tell me why they violate rights
Blue and red lights
Billyclub fights on my street at night

Where did my liberty go?
Now they're taking over and they got complete control
Where did my liberty go?

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Krauthammer: White House Attempted to Blackmail Petraeus Over Affair


NewsBusters: Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday said the White House used David Petraeus’s affair to get the CIA director to give testimony about the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that was in line with the administration’s position on the matter.

Appearing on Fox News's Special Report, Krauthammer said, "The sword was lowered on Election Day" (video follows at link with transcript and commentary)

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the really shocking news today was that General Petraeus thought and hoped he could keep his job.

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Drudge Plays Up Secession Talk: "Movement Explodes"

Drudge front page screen grab, November 14th 10am ET:

States secession movement

Links to this article at the Daily Caller:

Less than a week after a New Orleans suburbanite petitioned the White House to allow Louisiana to secede from the United States, petitions from seven states have collected enough signatures to trigger a promised review from the Obama administration.

By 6:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, more than 675,000 digital signatures appeared on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis of requests lodged with the White House’s “We the People” online petition system.

A petition from Vermont, where talk of secession is a regular feature of political life, was the final entry.

Read more at the Daily Caller:

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