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St Charles...NEW CAUCUS!

New St. Charles Caucus officially set for April 10, 7pm

Just heard on St Louis radio that a NEW CAUCUS will be held for St Charles caucus goers! The date will be announced today and the State GOP will be running it instead of the local corrupt GOP committee! Someone please get this information to the proper individuals including Brent Stafford so that the St Charles Ron Paul supporters will be there in force! This is great news!!

More Info:


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Michael Steele interview grabs the attention of journalists

Michael Steele's interview grabs the attention of the surrounding journalists. You can listen to their comments in this behind-the-scenes look at the interview process and thereafter. You can observe the effect of Socratic interviewing on what would otherwise be a blasé audience. Furthermore, you can get a glimpse of Jan Helfeld and Michael Steele letting whatever hair they have left down. Watch Jan Helfeld working hard to bring you these interviews. The discussion with Michael Steele continues in Postmortem 2.


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Ron Paul to Hold Two Large Town Hall Meetings in Louisiana - March 23

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul will hold two large town hall meetings on college campuses in Louisiana, continuing the 12-term Congressman from Texas’ tradition of attracting large crowds of supporters and undecided voters.

The college campus town hall meetings will occur on Friday, March 23rd beginning in the afternoon. Both events are free and open to the public as well as the university communities.

The first of Ron Paul’s campus town hall meeting will take place at 1 p.m. CST in Louisiana College’s Guinn Auditorium, located at 1140 College Drive, Pineville, LA 71360. Doors open to the public at 12:30 p.m. To reserve your seat for the town hall meeting featuring Dr. Paul and enter the venue 30 minutes earlier than the general public, please click here.

The second of Dr. Paul’s two campus town hall meetings will occur at 7 p.m. CST at Southeastern Louisiana University’s University Center, located at 800 West University Avenue, Hammond, LA 70402. Doors open to the public at 6:30 p.m. To reserve your seat for this campus town hall meeting featuring Dr. Paul and enter the venue 30 minutes earlier than the general public, please click here.

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Ron Paul's Personal Video Request

When Ron Paul talks, people listen. Seriously - it is impossible to refuse his request, especially a personal one like this:


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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Thanks The Daily Paul!

Just caught this video earlier today, a short clip of Rachel Maddow thanking DP for promoting her upcoming book D R I F T, as well as perpetuating non-interventionalism in the Republican party. Thought you guys should see it! :D


By the way, everyone should subscribe to Mox News, the guy's a great information aggregate, wouldn't surprise me if he's among our ranks!

Related: Rachel Maddow is letting Romney have it...again

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Video Update: Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report - March 22

Thanks to DPer emalvini for the video find, and YouTuber LibertySource for the upload:


CNBC link:

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Evening commute traffic miracle!

At the end of my usual 45 minute commute home from work, traffic slowed to a halt on the Garden State Parkway. I had just finished hearing a NPR news piece regarding the GOP primary, and, as par for the course, I didn't hear Ron's name mentioned in the slightest. So, naturally, I was angry and feeling a little down about our campaign. Then, in the midst of awful NJ congestion, I started hearing people rapidly honking their horns all around me. I looked around to see what all the commotion was about and then finally saw an (unkown) fellow Paul supporter walking diligently back and forth across an overpass holding a big ol' sign up!

Whew, it was just what I needed to keep my spirits high, I'm am not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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VIDEO: We Are Winning! Rally outside NBC Studios by LA grassroots


Ron Paul came to Southern California this Tuesday (March 20th) to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. While being interviewed, the Ron Paul grassroots in LA amassed on the streets surrounding NBC studios with a remarkable show of support. Someone created the largest Ron Paul banner I've seen (30 foot). I created this video documenting the day, featuring an original song created on the spot by Mallori Elena and the other guy who's name I am searching for.

Please send this to every undecided voter you know in California. The video contains important voter information. Thank you.

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US Marine to be discharged for saying his oath is to the Constitution, not Prez

Story from MSNBC...


Perhaps what is most disturbing of all can be found in the comments... all the "You joined the service, you knew the rules, now blindly follow them" comments are front and center, but ALL comments saying he should not be punished for refusing to obey UNLAWFUL/UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders are conveniently censored away from view, with the flimsy explanation "comment collapsed by the community."

See for yourself. I for one am disgusted more by our media-manipulated, STUPID populace who would call this Marine a traitor than the expectedly draconian response by his higher-ups.

Let's hope Stewart Rhodes with Oath Keepers can provide this Marine with some legal assistance ASAP.

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WNYC New York Public Radio Covers Daily Paul!

Hello friends,

Daily Paul founder Michael Nystrom did me the honor of allowing to speak to the media on behalf of Daily Paul. WNYC was interested in the grassroots reaction to Dr. Paul's latest fundraising report and his candidacy thus far. Here is the article from their website. Please check it out.


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NEWSFLASH from St. Charles! "Santorum's Campaign Team" Secretly Drafts Letter to MO GOP on Behalf of Central Committee

St. Charles Central Committee received a letter drafted by "Santorum's campaign team" proposing that there be no rescheduled caucus in St. Charles to be signed by Eugene Dokes and Penny Henke. It is dated today and is addressed to the MO GOP *from the St. Charles Central Committee.*

(Correction: I originally said that it was signed by Eugene, but this is not the case. He was in agreement with it, though.)

They want delegates to be proportioned based on straw poll at the door or primary results, which would benefit Santorum.

Link between the hijacked caucus and the Santorum campaign? We'll see how it fleshes out.

Here's the full article:

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The Three Political Parties of America

There are three political parties in the United States today, and they are all fielding candidates for the presidency.

The parties are the Republicrats, the Scared Religionists, and the Freedom and Peace Party.

By far the largest party is the Republicrats, who have held sway with their current platform since at least the 1940s. They are offering two candidates for president in 2012: their names are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

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Washington Times - Tom Mullen Strikes Again: 'Ron Paul reveals benefits of brokered convention on Jay Leno'

TAMPA, March 21, 2012 – Following Mitt Romney’s victory in Illinois, the media buzz on Ron Paul has focused on speculation about him dropping out of the race. According to many sources, his delegate strategy has failed and his fundraising is drying up.

However, Ron Paul seemed as upbeat as ever last night during his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He noted that the delegate counts for many states are still unknown and that a brokered convention becomes more likely every day.

Several media outlets report that Paul has only secured one tenth of the delegates that Romney has secured. This presumably rests upon the assumption that the percentage of delegates each will eventually secure will mirror his percentage of the popular vote.

However, Paul’s campaign maintains that they expect to control a majority of the delegates in Iowa, Maine, and possibly several other states

Why the disconnect? Is this evidence of the media treating Paul’s campaign unfairly?

Probably not. It is much more likely that most do not fully understand the caucus process. Rachel Maddow admits that she doesn’t and suggested that even the Republican Party doesn’t know the delegate count for any candidate at this point. She’s right.

The process of selecting delegates for the Republican National Convention (RNC) varies...


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St. Charles Caucus HIJACKED - Response to The Blog Czar and Other Things

Available for sharing on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/bryce-steinhoff/st-charles-cau...

There's a new article floating around on the interwebs that I feel should be addressed. It is my understanding that Eugene Dokes (or somebody posing as him, I suppose) endorsed this article as an accurate representation of the March 17 caucus. I feel that there are some blatant falsehoods within it that need to be countered and I'd like to address some other frivolous arguments as well.

First, I want to address a rumor I've heard that Robert's Rules of Order is merely a suggestion and that the central committee can't be held accountable based upon it. This isn't true as far as I can discern the truth to be. Here are a couple of good reasons for my conclusion:

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Ron Paul is Respected Around the World

Ah, the traveler's lifestyle. How I miss it! This article from Bohemian Travelers comes by way of Eric at another great website, the Activist Post.

- - -

It’s not everyday that you can have an intelligent discussion about American politics with an Australian, a Canadian, and an Austrian.

We find ourselves in a quaint guesthouse in Penang, Malaysia four months in to our world travels. Although the area is home to many expat travelers and tourists alike with high-rise condotels, beach resorts and even a Hard Rock café, it’s certainly not the type of place you’d expect to find people who care about U.S. politics.

The lone traveler that is sharing the guesthouse with us is a retired backpacker from Austria. Upon first meeting him, I asked if he spoke English. He responded “a little bit,” which is the typical response from fellow travelers whose first language is clearly not English. Yet after a minute or two of discussion, it’s obvious they all speak much more than just a “little bit”. In fact, most of them should be labeled fluent even though their confidence is lacking.

After making small talk, we moved on to larger subjects like the state of the world, the wars, the euro situation and, finally, the United States. He revealed that he was a big country music fan and has visited the States a half-a-dozen times to go to festivals. His handlebar mustache suddenly made more sense.

So he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with America. Upon reflecting on the challenges facing America, he asked if I thought any of the current presidential candidates could make a difference. I told him there’s only one guy who’s even discussing the real issues like the monetary system, restoring freedom and privacy, and ending the aggressive wars. And before I could mention his name, he blurted out “Ron Paul?”

Later that same night, I joined two fellow family travel bloggers for some beers at a local pub. One is a website developer from Australia and the other is an economist from Canada. Both have been keeping a home base in Malaysia for many months and work remotely. Again, after talking of world events, the topic turned to American politics. Each of my drinking companions displayed a surprising level of understanding of how our system works; the two political parties, the Federal Reserve, and so much more.

As some of the problems facing America became agreed upon, they leveled their focus on me to see if I thought some of the presidential candidates would make a difference, if any. Yet again, I said there’s only one guy speaking of the issues we just discussed and before I could name him, the Canadian chimed in with “Ron Paul?” And the Australian said “who, the Libertarian?”

Continue on at Bohemian Travelers

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