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State Senator Tom Davis heading to Tampa in Support of Ron Paul

Senator Tom Davis heading to Tampa in Support of Ron Paul


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Maine Only Holdout in GOP Negotiations to Seat Ron Paul Delegates

By Christopher Cousins | Bangor Daily News

Maine is the last state whose delegates to the Republican National Convention next week are still unsure whether they’ll be seated in support of conservative Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

At issue are 20 of Maine’s 24 delegates to the national GOP convention, which kicks off Sunday in Tampa, Fla.

GOP officials and the Mitt Romney campaign forged a deal that would allow some of Paul’s delegates from Louisiana and Massachusetts to be seated. NPR reported that pro-Paul delegations from Iowa, Nevada and Minnesota have already been credentialed for the convention, and that a deal has been struck for some of Paul’s delegates from Louisiana and Massachusetts to be seated, but not all of them.


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Ben Swann New Deal Update 08/22/2012

From his Facebook page:


"Info on the RNC delegate situation is still trickling in. I was told today by one of the "Massachusetts 17" that 5 of them have been re-instated. I have also been told that Maine delegates said "No deal" to giving up 7 of their slots. Meanwhile, a conservative talk radio host in Maine is reporting that 42 people have been contacted by the RNC, some of them not even nominated at the convention, and told to get ready to go to Tampa.


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Oath Keepers Support Marine Vet Brandon Raub, Victim of Soviet Style Pre-crime Detention

Read below or visit the following link to read on the Oath Keepers website


Message from Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers is coming to the aid of this young Marine veteran and our rallying cry will be "CHARGE HIM, OR RELEASE HIM." We cannot allow "mental illness" designations to be used as a weapon against political dissidents in America. See the below article by Brandon Smith for the disturbing facts regarding the use of mental health detention against Virginia Marine veteran Brandon Raub because of his constitutionally protected free speech on his Facebook page.

As Brandon Smith illustrates, this is exactly what the Soviet Union did to dissidents who dared to criticize the communist regime - they were labeled "insane" and carted off to mental wards. Now it has begun here in America.

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Nomination at Convention Moved up to Monday, Per Fox News

Carl Cameron just reported that they decided to move it up and get it out of the way since the roll call by state is such a long, tedious process plus they don't want any controversy/problems from Paul delegates.

Edit: I made a mistake, it was Cameron (not Shep) reporting during Brett Baier's show.
Also reported by The Washington Post

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RP Maine GOP National Committee Elected at Our CONvention on NPR

Mark Willis:

I will be on MPBN radio tonight at 5:30. When asked about the delegation and campaigns opinion regarding a proposed RNC split in our delegation, I answered, "not interested...we were duly elected and we all expect to be seated in Tampa."

Way to go Mark! A BIG Thank You for doing such a FINE job of representing the Maine National Delegates.

Please share this audio. OUR delegates will NOT back down.

Here is the article:

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Daily Caller: Ron Paul Activists Uneasily Embrace GOP

If Paul backers come away from Tampa empty-handed, it will bring doubts many of them still have about working within the GOP into the open and potentially divide the movement.

By W. James Antle III | The Daily Caller

After the New Hampshire primary, Grover Norquist made a bold prediction. “If Ron Paul speaks at the GOP convention (as he was not invited to do in 2008), the party will be united and Romney will win in November 2012,” the anti-tax crusader wrote in the Guardian. “If Ron Paul speaks only at his own rally in Tampa, Florida (as happened at the 2008 GOP convention in Minnesota) the party will not be at full strength.”

Republican convention planners decided to split the difference. Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, will have a prominent convention speaking slot. Delegates are also likely to see a video paying tribute to Paul, the 12-term libertarian-leaning congressman from Texas who received more than 2 million votes for president in the 2012 GOP primaries.

Ron Paul is splitting the difference too. He will be holding a rally on Sunday at the University of South Florida’s 11,000-seat Sun Dome, separate from the Republican National Convention. But he and his supporters will also be working inside the convention hall to maximize their influence on the GOP.

Continue reading at The Daily Caller

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CS Monitor: Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal from the RNC?

Ahead of the GOP convention next week, former GOP presidential contender Ron Paul and Republican National Committee (on behalf of Mitt Romney) are near a deal over whose delegates will get seated from the states of Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Maine.

By Peter Grier | CS Monitor

Is Ron Paul getting a raw deal from the Republican National Committee? That’s the question among some of his committed supporters as Mr. Paul and the RNC near an agreement intended to ensure harmony on the floor at next week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

Yes, the developing pact ensures that the Texas congressman, who was among the last to fall out of the GOP race for the party's nomination, will get 17 of Louisiana’s 46 delegates. Yes, Paul’s camp is working to settle outstanding disputes regarding delegates from Massachusetts and Maine.

But many Paul foot soldiers believed that they had already won control of the Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Maine delegations at state party conventions. They feel Mitt Romney’s campaign is now yanking away those victories by charging that they were the result of procedural irregularities.

Continue reading at the CS Monitor

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Minnesota Delegates Locked In: Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention!

Lake Minnetonka Patch in Minnesota has posted a story with the headline, "Minnesota Delegates Will Back Ron Paul at Republican National Convention"

"Minnesota’s delegation to the Republican National Convention will not back Mitt Romney when the party gathers in Tampa next week. Instead, 32 of the state’s 40 nominating votes will be cast for Ron Paul during the roll call of states, according to Marianne Stebbins—chair of the delegation."

Read the full story at http://lakeminnetonka.patch.com/articles/minnesota-delegates...

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NPR: Romney And GOP Strike Deal With Ron Paul Loyalists Before Convention

GOP officials and the Mitt Romney campaign have cut a deal with Texas Rep. Ron Paul's campaign to allow some — though not all — of Paul's delegates from Louisiana and Massachusetts to be seated at the Republican National Convention. The status of Maine's delegates remains unsettled.

The compromise would appear to avert a potential public clash with Paul supporters during the convention's opening day Monday.


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Help the Oregon alternate delegate contest - PLEASE contact your national committeeman/woman/chair now!

I am asking everyone who supports Ron Paul to call & text & email & facebook msg & tweet your own State GOP National committeeman / committeewoman and chair today/tomorrow and speak to them on our behalf, they sit on the RNC and will be making this decision! If you know anyone on the RNC credentialing committee, please contact them also.

The RNC members get to decide this matter on Thursday! The Credentialing Committee is the last gasp if the RNC members fail!

The short story is that ORP chairman Allen Alley conspired to steal alternate delegate spots that Ron Paul supporters won fair and square in Oregon. After Alley saw that the establishment was losing, he stalled the conventions and then invented a 'joint convention' theory, and claimed authority he does not have by any bylaws to force the Oregon district conventions to adjourn at an arbitrary 5pm (for the first time in history of Oregon conventions). He then proceeds to hold a meeting for which no proper notice was given, at which he and his executive board overthrow the vote of Oregon's elected precinct committee people and appoint Alley's friends, like Kevin Mannix and Greg Leo, who LOST the PCP vote at the conventions, as alternates. Then, Alley proceeded to use his appointed ringers to 'elect' himself chair of the delegation, and to put his friends in the committee positions. Then, he emailed insults and libel about the elected alternate delegates to the entire Oregon central committee (hundreds of community leaders), accusing them of Occupy & George Soros ties (completely false).

Please ask your committeeman/woman and chair to DEMAND that Oregon's duly elected alternates be seated, instead of Alley's appointed alternates

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Major Storm Heading to Tampa - Hurricane Paul!


Hurricane Paul heading for Tampa Sunday. This storm is very strong and organized. Can we all say Hurricane Party!

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Kidnapped Marine's Mom blows off MSM for AVTM exclusive

Brandon Raub's mother and family provide an update on the situation:


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Paul Festival Pics.com - See What Real Grassroots Support Looks Like

Check out www.paulfestivalpics.com to bear witness to one of the greatest grassroots celebrations ever staged!

There's no doubt Paul Festival (August 24-26, Florida State Fairgrounds) will offer volumes of visual proof of Dr. Paul's vast grassroots support. Thus, Paul Festival Pics.com was born to be a central sight to upload, download, view, share, and purchase photographs taken at Paul Festival. This collection of images will allow people to witness for themselves the energized support Dr. Paul receives by being a consistent voice – and more importantly, a consistent vote - for the principles of liberty and limited constitutional government.

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