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Message From An Older Republican

I don't know, does my being 61 years old qualify me as "older"?
My sister is 64. My kid brother is a mere toddler at 57. It certainly plops us in the middle of a demographic that has been a hard sell for Ron Paul, the "Baby Boomers".

And if I don't qualify, how about my mother and father-in-law, both in their eighties?
Or how about my 93 year old neighbor Doris, who let me put up a 3'x4' “Ron Paul 2012” sign in here yard.

We are all Ron Paul supporters.

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RAW Footage: Romney Supporter Admits Being Paid to Support Romney



“Fake Support: Romney Campaign Pays People to Support Candidate.”

By: Chris Delamo (Follow on Twitter: @ChrisWritingNow
January 23, 2012

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Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin Over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges has filed suit against President Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to challenge the legality of the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes controversial provisions authorizing the military to jail anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world, without charge or trial.


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America's Choice: Ron Paul or Unlimited Government

No matter how acrimonious the Republican primaries get, all of the candidates agree on one thing: Barack Obama must be defeated in November 2012. For 3 of the 4 remaining candidates, that is virtually the only important issue in the Republican primary race. Obama must be defeated and the only issue to resolve in the primaries is who has the best chance of doing so. Only Ron Paul asks the questions that should follow logically: Why is it so important to defeat Obama and what will you do differently from him?

In response, most of the Republicans offer only platitudes. "Obama believes in taking from one person and giving to another. He wants to turn the United States into a European social democracy with a massive welfare state, etc." I happen to agree on these points with one caveat - the United States already is a European-style social democracy. That boat sailed many decades ago. With a welfare state measured in trillions that dwarfs the entire economies of most nations of the world, the United States is a poster child for social democracy and is now listed 10th on the Index of Economic Freedom.

However, assuming that Barack Obama is supportive of this and the Republican candidates are not, there must be fundamental philosophical differences between them and Obama that would translate into tangible policy differences. However, if one listens closely to what they actually say, none of the Republican candidates actually disagrees with Obama in principle on any single issue or identifies a specific power of the presidency that they would exercise differently - except for Ron Paul.

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My interview on Detroit Radio about the campaign (shout out to the DP)

Through creating a Detroit for Ron Paul meeting, I met someone who put me in touch with a well known radio host in our city to discuss Dr. Paul and why Detroiters should vote for our candidate. WCHB is simulcasted on AM/FM and streaming.

I captured this interview on-line and uploaded it here


I did edit out the commercial at the beginning, it read that the change may take a while. So you'll either notice it and it starts at the 42 second mark, or the change took.


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How did you manage to avoid becoming brainwashable when so few do?

I grew up staring at the tv for hours on end, but I still turned out to be quite the skeptic and critical thinker. I've analyzed my childhood trying to pinpoint events that have caused me to become the person I am, but I'm really not sure. We all grow up basically watching the same movies, eating the same cereal. Is there anything in particular that you guys attribute your independent thinking to?

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February 20th - Veterans For Ron Paul To March On The White House!

On President's Day, February 20th, 2012, the founders of Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, Nathan Cox and Adam Kokesh, will lead a formation of veterans and active duty troops who support Ron Paul's candidacy for President of the United States from the Washington Monument to the White House. Upon arrival at the White House, they will do an about face and render a hand salute to a folded American flag surrounded by family members of military personnel and veterans. They will hold the salute for as many seconds as troops have died under the Presidency of Barrack Obama.

The purpose of this event is to make it clear to the American people that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops and the candidate who will have the greatest support from those he would lead as commander-in-chief. This is already evidence by the fact that Ron Paul has recieved more campaign contributions from active duty service members than all other presidential candidates combined, INCLUDING Barrack Obama.

Any active duty service members who join will be invited to march at the front of the formation. Proof of service will be required to march in the formation for all current or former military personnel. Family members are invite to march behind the formation and supporters are encouraged to line the route of the march and be present for the ceremony at the White House.

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SC Primary Results Thread; Paul's Speech After South Carolina Primary - Video


Official results on the South Carolina State Elections Commission

Newt Gingrich 40.45% 243,153
Mitt Romney 27.83% 167,280
Rick Santorum 16.98% 102,057
Ron Paul 12.97% 77,993
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Older Republicans, Older Republicans, Older Republicans...

Say that over and over until that is all you think and breathe in order to gear yourself to the inescapable barrier we MUST overcome to WIN the nomination.

From this moment forward; that must be the major focus of our movement.

The problem is undeniable.

Success there is the ultimate and only path to break this open.

Nay saying on this issue is unacceptable.

Your personal feelings toward these folks, if it is unalterably negative, is unacceptable.

If you really want to win NOW, we must all get with this matter hard and right NOW.

Please keep this at the top because it is without a doubt our top priority.


Please read this post by spacehabits:


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After the SC vote, I took a walk in the cold Iowa night

Tonight after reviewing the SC results and reading post caucus comments on Yahoo I decided to go for a walk. Something you don't do lightly in 19 degree Iowa weather.

I am a 20 year Army and Air Force veteran, enlisted and officer. Currently a retired Captain. I am one of the lucky vets, not missing any pieces or parts, and I did not come back in a body bag like many of my brothers and sisters in arms did.

I live part time in Hampton, Iowa and part time near our base in Incirlik, Turkey with my Turkish wife Suna, near the Turkish base where we have our airmen stationed. Suna worked as an AF civilian for over 22 years. If you have known someone who has been stationed there, Suna probably got their ticket for them. She has had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul, his wife Carol, their son Rand and his wife. She was very impressed with them all as people and enjoyed hearing our candidate speak about peace and goodwill toward all nations. She told me she thinks he is much like Ataturk the founder of modern Turkey (their George Washington).

I had the privilege of being on stage with Dr. Paul at the Des Moines Iowa Veterans Rally on 28 Dec 2011.

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564 delegates to be split between Paul and Romney

(564 delegates is a direct quote from Doug Wead who is an advisor to Ron Paul in his campaign. The quote of 564 can be heard at the 3:02 min mark on the link below.)

The strategy the campaign is implementing is on track to collect a boatload of delegates.

This is a two man race between Romney and Paul. Santorum and Gingrich are not on the ballot for 500 delegates worth of states. They are not, and will not be on the ballot in other states besides just Virginia. They have no grassroots support and virtually "zero" ground game. They cannot win the nomination.


All this MSM Propaganda pushing either Santorum or Gingrich is a joke. Anyway you work the numbers, they are out.

We are in this for the long haul! Go RP2012!!!


Keep an eye out for how much better we do in both caucus states and states that use paper ballots :)

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No long faces Ron Paul supporters!

Gingrich beating Romney in South Carolina is actually a good thing for Ron Paul. The delegates are getting all split up and it's going to be very difficult for Romney, or anyone to get enough, which could result in a brokered convention. Santorum will be dropping out soon as he has no money or organization to continue much further and isn't even on the ballot in 4 states. Gingrich, who is also missing from the ballot in 2 states, is going to split votes with Romney and take delegates away from him as Paul continues to pick them up little by little.

This race is a marathon, not a sprint. The campaign has a plan. They have money, organization, and grassroots support in many upcoming states like Nevada, Missouri, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, etc. They never expected to do all that well in South Carolina or Florida, so this doesn't hurt his campaign much at all. He will be in the race all the way to the convention and possibly steal the nomination.

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Thank you...to everyone in South Carolina who fought for liberty today!

Patience is a virtue. This country is waking up more and more everyday. In 2008 3.7% of South Carolina voted for Ron Paul. Much growth in four years. Thank you to everyone in and out of South Carolina that donated their time and money for this movement. On to Florida.

Paul Passes Santorum in latest National Gallup Poll - http://www.gallup.com/poll/election.aspx

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