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Precinct 1677 Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada

I was a party volunteer who worked the caucus. Got there at 7 AM Sharp. There weren't enough volunteers to chair the 31 separate precincts at Silverado High Schol, so I took it upon myself to go to the 20 precinct meetings without a caucus chair to get someoneone to volunteer, and then train them on how to run a meeting. I did that in less than 5 minutes, 20 times, before returning to chair my own meeting. Bear in mind, I've never done ANY of this before.

16 people showed up for my precinct. About half of the people in the room spoke up for their candidate. Here's the results.

Paul 12
Mitt 2
Rick 2
Newt 1

5 delegates from my precicnt. ALL for Paul.

I worked my precinct, people, using the votertracker system the campaign got me onto. Do the same when the show comes to your town. And NOTHING persuades like a live human being. Walk your precincts, meet your neighbors. Every American who talks with you is one who cares, regardless of what they think.

When enough who care come out of their trance, we get our country back. Be patient with the others. WE KNOW so of course we support Dr. Paul. THEY DON'T, so they don't. If they did, they would to.

America doesn't belong to the criminal bankers that have enslaved us. IT'S OURS. We do this one person at a time, with love.

Peace out from Nevada.

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Video: Dr. Paul Speaks @ WWII Filipino-Am. Veterans Recognition Act Rally - LV, NV - Feb. 3

The following is a video of a RP2012 Rally held for Filipino American Veterans of WWII who were denied the recognition of their services by the DoD & US Fed. Govt. at the Leatherneck Club, Las Vegas, NV, officiated by the Filipino-American Veterans of Nevada and Justice for Filipino American Veterans, a group based out of San Francisco.

Courtesy of http://www.youtube.com/us...


Official RP2012 Campaign Release:

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Ron Paul's Nevada Economic Press Conference - VIDEO

Great Video. Ron Paul discusses in more detail his economic plans, especially how it relates to the specific problems facing Nevada.

The last 10 to 15 minutes is a Q&A session, and was the most lively portion. The questions seemed to come from the media, so hopefully this is followed by some positive coverage in the press. The crowd was wonderful, and very well receptive to his key points and answers in the Q&A.

This is also the press conference that ended with Dr. Paul presenting flowers to Mrs. Paul.

Thank you to RonPaulFilms on youtube. [34min 07sec]


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CBS vs. PBS Ron Paul coverage on eve of 2012 Nevada Primary

CBS shuts out Paul and Santorum while referencing poll that had Ron in last place 9%.

PBS covered all 4 candidates and referenced poll w/ Ron in 3rd place at 15%. The host also had the good sense to ask Jon Rolston questions about Ron Paul, and I liked his answers


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'Weekend News:" Norm Macdonald endorses Ron Paul 2012!

Hey guys, this is my first post. I've got something special today. At the Denver Airport I spotted Norm Macdonald. We talked a few minutes as we were delayed and I asked him to take a picture. He spotted my Ron Paul sweater and told me how much he loves Ron Paul. So...I asked him if he would say it on camera. Cool, huh!?!


Can you help me share this on twitter, facebook, email, and other high traffic websites?

Thanks guys! And remember that you can make a difference!

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You know you're a Ron Paul supporter if

You know you're a Ron Paul supporter if....

.....when taking the kids to ballet, you map out your route based on the best visibility for your Ron Paul car magnet.

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Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN's Piers Morgan Fri, February 3

Full Video: (thanks bluepoint951


Broken into 3 segments below:

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He's talking about you

You'll read it 5 times.........really.......you will.

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Ron Paul Rocks Nevada! Gingrich "unraveling"...right before our eyes


It's an hilarious article at Politico...showing the pathetic state of the Newt Gingrich campaign in Nevada.

The Ron Paul campaign expects to exceed all expectations in the Silver State.

There's less and less good news for Newt Gingrich these days, not even when he's in Las Vegas with his best billionaire buddy, Sheldon Adelson.

According to Politico, the Gingrich people couldn't put together a little 25 phone operation to work the state for a few days....

Meanwhile, Ron Paul's now famous, ongoing Phone From Home program Rocks On!

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Amazing argument in favor of Ron Paul by a former Romney supporter (who happens to be Mormon)

"I voted for Mitt Romney in 2008, but in 2012 I’m voting for Ron Paul"

I didn’t just vote for Mitt Romney in 2008, I donated to his campaign, asked others to donate, and volunteered at phone banks, fundraising events, the national call day in Boston, and at the Nevada caucuses. I’ve met him several times. I drank the Romney root beer (someone actually made some) and I have a Mitt Romney bobblehead. I even dressed up as Mitt Romney for Halloween 2007.

Mitt strikes me as exceptionally bright and a truly good man. We could certainly do worse than to have Mitt Romney as our president. And despite what we sometimes hear, I think I’d rather enjoy getting (root) beers with Mitt Romney. I found him to be plenty personable and warm.

However, I’d like to explain how I came to support Dr. Ron Paul. It’s been a really satisfying journey, and I’m far more enthusiastic about my candidate now.


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Ron Paul Jabs Trump In Interview: 'Why Do You Talk About Him?' (VIDEO)

Ron Paul lit into the media's obsession with Donald Trump yesterday in Utah.
"I can't imagine why anybody talks about him!" Paul exclaimed. "Why do you talk about him?"

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Clay Shirky: Why PIPA & SOPA are a bad idea

"Time Warner is calling, and they want us all back on the couch."

More from Clay Shirky and our networked world from Amazon. (Purchases made through these links help support the Daily Paul, at no cost to you. dailypaul.com/amazon)

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REPOST: How Ron Paul Won All of My Iowa Precincts

I am reposting this because caucus time is upon us.

I hope all caucus goers will use my advice (and whatever skills and knowledge they have) to do well in the next few months.

Ron Paul won all three of my caucus sites! But he can win yours, too if you are prepared!

On caucus night in Iowa, I gave a speech at a triple-precinct site. We all voted separately, but the function was run together. Ron Paul won all the individual precincts. How? Firstly all credit goes to Dr. Paul for if it were not for him, I would be an ignorant neocon. However, it was my delivery of Dr. Paul that made the difference.

I hope that this will be an open letter to all future caucus goers. Your organization in your community DOES make a difference. Note:

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