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Just Watched Police And Fire Dept 'Wake Up' Two Of My Neighbors

My door buzzer rang and I got up to see who it was, when I heard someone else in the building buzz in some police and fire and rescue people.

They started rapping on my neighbors door and saying "fire and rescue, please open up." Not shouting, but saying it as they knocked, not pounded, on the door. After about a minute the fire and rescue guy turned around and braced himself, then kicked in the door.

Immediately my neighbor appeared saying 'what's going on! I was in the bathroom!'. (The bathrooms in these apartments are in the back and they have loud fans so it is entirely plausible that she wouldn't have heard them knocking, not pounding, on the door.)

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Greenwald: Supreme Court shields warrantless eavesdropping law from constitutional challenge

The five right-wing justices hand Obama a victory by accepting his DOJ's secrecy-based demand for dismissal

The Obama justice department succeeded in convincing the five right-wing Supreme Court justices to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the 2008 law, the FISA Amendments Act, which vastly expanded the government's authority to eavesdrop on Americans without warrants. In the case of Clapper v. Amnesty International, Justice Samuel Alito wrote the opinion, released today, which adopted the argument of the Obama DOJ, while the Court's four less conservative justices (Ginsberg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan) all dissented. This means that the lawsuit is dismissed without any ruling on whether the US government's new eavesdropping powers violate core constitutional rights. The background of this case is vital to understanding why this is so significant.

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The City of Detroit to be Taken Over by the State

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says Governor Rick Snyder will announce a state takeover on Friday

Bing says the governor told him his decision during a phone conversation this morning. Bing was talking with reporters following a speech before the Detroit Regional Chamber at the MotorCity Casino.

The city will have 10 days to appeal the decision to the governor.

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Responding to anti-Muslim hatred at gun rally

So the other day a few friends and I attended the national day of resistance. It was in Memphis, TN at Range USA. There were tons of Neocon Tea Party types there.... One of the speakers got up and started spewing hatred towards Muslims and my friend and I got pretty upset. We have Muslim friends who are pro-liberty.... you understand. So this clip is a video I took of my friend responding to the hate.

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It's Official, The Fourth Amendment Is Dead

by Mike Masnick | TechDirt

from the but-but-terrorism dept

We've been discussing the now annual rush to re-approve the FISA Amendments Act, despite the fact that the original bill was on shaky constitutional ground, and it's been made much (much, much) worse due to a secret interpretation of what the law means (a secret interpretation that many in Congress apparently have no interest in finding out about). Andrew Napolitano, a former judge, has penned an interesting column laying out many of the reasons why the whole thing is completely unconstitutional.

First, he notes that the establishment of FISA itself is likely a violation of the 4th Amendment:

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Bradley Manning Pleads Not Guilty To Aiding The Enemy

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning pleaded not guilty to aiding the enemy during a hearing Thursday morning in the WikiLeaks case.

FORT MEADE, Md. — The U.S. Army private accused of providing diplomatic cables and other secret documents to the WikiLeaks website pleaded guilty to misusing classified material on Thursday, but denied the most serious charge in the case, aiding the enemy.

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Idaho proposal would make all adults militia members.

"BOISE — Lawmakers fearful the U.S. Supreme Court might one day reverse itself on the issue of individual gun rights aim to change the Idaho Constitution’s definition of a militia to include all the state’s adults."

They guy introducing the bill says it is just to get a discussion going, so I doubt it will pass but at least someone is nibbling at the edges of a big, fat truth sandwich: State Sovereignty and an individual right to self-defense.

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Michele Bachmann DRILLS Bernanke Wed 2/27/13...

...ala Ron Paul - Too bad she turn-coated him in 2012

Is Bachmann the new Ron Paul in the House Finance Committee?

Before anyone jumps down my throat for asking such a question, you better check out her exchange with Bernanke.

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Review of "Going to Tehran": Former Insiders Criticize Iran Policy as U.S. Hegemony

This definitely sounds like an interesting book. I'll be looking to pick up a copy, possibly next pay day :)


“Going to Tehran” arguably represents the most important work on the subject of U.S.-Iran relations to be published thus far.

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett tackle not only U.S. policy toward Iran but the broader context of Middle East policy with a systematic analytical perspective informed by personal experience, as well as very extensive documentation.

More importantly, however, their exposé required a degree of courage that may be unparalleled in the writing of former U.S. national security officials about issues on which they worked. They have chosen not just to criticise U.S. policy toward Iran but to analyse that policy as a problem of U.S. hegemony.

Read More at Counterpunch...

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Beretta Is Asking For Our Help

Petition to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.

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Budget Cuts Could Force Army and Marines to Cut 200,000 Troops

By John McCormack | Feb 27, 2013 | The Weekly Standard

Many conservatives and Republicans are greeting the looming sequestration spending cuts with a collective yawn. "The much-ballyhooed 'sequester' is a cut of $85 billion in a nearly $4 trillion federal budget. Good, let’s do it," writes one contributor to National Review Online's symposium on sequestration.

It's true that sequestration is a tiny cut to total federal spending. But it is also true that sequestration is a major cut to defense spending.

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White House Threatens Journalist Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward called a senior White House official last week to tell him that in a piece in that weekend’s Washington Post, he was going to question President Barack Obama’s account of how sequestration came about - and got a major-league brushback. The Obama aide “yelled at me for about a half hour,” Woodward told us in an hour-long interview yesterday around the Georgetown dining room table where so many generations of Washington’s powerful have spilled their secrets.

Read more:

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Without Love nothing exists

You are not alone
God's child you are
Stand up tall knowing

Your Father did not bless
So you can live in chains

Father gave you the gift of life
So you can stand tall for Love

Without Love nothing exists

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