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Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN's Piers Morgan Fri, February 3

Full Video: (thanks bluepoint951


Broken into 3 segments below:

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He's talking about you

You'll read it 5 times.........really.......you will.

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Ron Paul Rocks Nevada! Gingrich "unraveling"...right before our eyes


It's an hilarious article at Politico...showing the pathetic state of the Newt Gingrich campaign in Nevada.

The Ron Paul campaign expects to exceed all expectations in the Silver State.

There's less and less good news for Newt Gingrich these days, not even when he's in Las Vegas with his best billionaire buddy, Sheldon Adelson.

According to Politico, the Gingrich people couldn't put together a little 25 phone operation to work the state for a few days....

Meanwhile, Ron Paul's now famous, ongoing Phone From Home program Rocks On!

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Amazing argument in favor of Ron Paul by a former Romney supporter (who happens to be Mormon)

"I voted for Mitt Romney in 2008, but in 2012 I’m voting for Ron Paul"

I didn’t just vote for Mitt Romney in 2008, I donated to his campaign, asked others to donate, and volunteered at phone banks, fundraising events, the national call day in Boston, and at the Nevada caucuses. I’ve met him several times. I drank the Romney root beer (someone actually made some) and I have a Mitt Romney bobblehead. I even dressed up as Mitt Romney for Halloween 2007.

Mitt strikes me as exceptionally bright and a truly good man. We could certainly do worse than to have Mitt Romney as our president. And despite what we sometimes hear, I think I’d rather enjoy getting (root) beers with Mitt Romney. I found him to be plenty personable and warm.

However, I’d like to explain how I came to support Dr. Ron Paul. It’s been a really satisfying journey, and I’m far more enthusiastic about my candidate now.


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Ron Paul Jabs Trump In Interview: 'Why Do You Talk About Him?' (VIDEO)

Ron Paul lit into the media's obsession with Donald Trump yesterday in Utah.
"I can't imagine why anybody talks about him!" Paul exclaimed. "Why do you talk about him?"

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Clay Shirky: Why PIPA & SOPA are a bad idea

"Time Warner is calling, and they want us all back on the couch."

More from Clay Shirky and our networked world from Amazon. (Purchases made through these links help support the Daily Paul, at no cost to you. dailypaul.com/amazon)

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REPOST: How Ron Paul Won All of My Iowa Precincts

I am reposting this because caucus time is upon us.

I hope all caucus goers will use my advice (and whatever skills and knowledge they have) to do well in the next few months.

Ron Paul won all three of my caucus sites! But he can win yours, too if you are prepared!

On caucus night in Iowa, I gave a speech at a triple-precinct site. We all voted separately, but the function was run together. Ron Paul won all the individual precincts. How? Firstly all credit goes to Dr. Paul for if it were not for him, I would be an ignorant neocon. However, it was my delivery of Dr. Paul that made the difference.

I hope that this will be an open letter to all future caucus goers. Your organization in your community DOES make a difference. Note:

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She's Back! Aimee Allen LIVE at the 'Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops' After Party!

GET YOUR TIX FOR THE AFTER PARTY NOW! Aimee Allen, Jordan Page, Golden State, & Rebel, Inc!!!



Monday, February 20, 2012, 6:00pm until 10:30pm

More info below:

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New Video: "I Am Ron Paul"

I made a new video, I hope everyone likes it. If you do like it I hope you'll vote the thread up as well as hit the "Like" on YouTube and post it on Facebook/Twitter etc etc. :)


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Ron Paul and His Enemies: American Conservative Magazine Cover Story

An effective antiwar candidate is what the neocons fear most.

By Scott McConnell | February 2, 2012
The American Conservative

After a strong second-place showing in the New Hampshire primary, Ron Paul stood before a young and giddy crowd of supporters. In a near giggle, he spoke of the many detractors who had called his campaign “dangerous.” Paul reveled in their fear. To cheers, he exclaimed, “We are dangerous to the status quo in this country.” The candidate was right about that, if not necessarily in the way he most wanted.

What is it about Paul’s success that frightens his opponents? Not fear that Paul will win the presidency, though polls show him running strongly against Obama. Unlike his rivals, Paul hardly pretends the White House is a goal. On the stump he emphasizes the goal of building the cause of liberty. Libertarian ideas in domestic policy have had a secure place in the GOP for more than a generation, though Paul has widened the channels for their discussion. Yet when Paul began to rise in the pre-caucus Iowa polls—by mid-December, it seemed possible he would win the state—a shudder of panic ran through the neoconservative commentariat. What drove it? The answer had little to do with the cause dearest to Ron Paul.

A week before New Hampshire, after placing third in Iowa, Paul thanked his backers and referred to Nixon’s famous “We are all Keynesians now” statement. He asked whether people would soon be saying, “We are all Austrians now.” What tiny fraction of the national television audience, some seeing Ron Paul for the first time, had any idea what he was talking about?

Continue reading at The American Conservative

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According to Hannity, Ron Paul dropped out of race

On his radio show today Sean Hannity said repeatedly he will have ALL 3 GOP candidates on his show tonight Santorum, Gingrich and Romney.

When did Ron Paul drop out?

He then claims to have the best election coverage

I became so irate I called his show. This is how the conversation with the operator went

Operator: Sean Hannity show would you like to argue or agree?

Me: Oh I want to argue!

Operator: What would you like to argue about?

Me: I would like to ask Sean how he can claim to have the best election coverage when he is only covering 75% of the candidates

Operator: I'll pass it along


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Daily Paul Radio Interviews Michael Scheuer: 'U.S. Foreign Policy Failure and Iran’s Threat of Blowback'

Michael Scheuer former CIA Head Director of the Bin Laden Unit and author of several books including Imperial Hubris joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘U.S. Foreign Policy Failure and Iran’s Threat of Blowback’ to discuss the real threat by Iran and how they are already implanted in North America to follow through with their recent terrorist threat. He also talks about the imperial extremism in the United States against other countries and the correct position Ron Paul has on America’s role around the world.

Listen Here!

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