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A Deadly Weapon They Will Not Be Able To Take

No background checks.
No registration.
No limit on 'rounds'.
No ownership tax.
No limit to our reach.


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Revolution Car Badges

Look what came in the mail, before the big snowstorm started. Two Revolution Car Badges and a Peace sign, from DPer RobHino's company. And when it finally stops snowing, I can go out there and put one on my car!

Rob is donating 10% of profits to Liberty Causes, including 10% to the Daily Paul for any purchases made through his dedicated Daily Paul page at revolutioncarbadges.com/daily-paul/

Awesome work, thank you Rob! Excellent work on putting ideas, goals and plans into actual action, and manifesting them in the physical work.

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CISPA: They are at it again

Well, I'm sure we all new this would pop up once again since the powers that be know that the only thing between them and total control, (besides patriots with weapons of course) is the free flow of information (non government controlled information).

Unfortunatlely, plans to 'rewrite" CISPA are back on the drawing board.


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Obama’s Drone Attack on Your Due Process

Good article about Obama's Assassination Program: Excerpt from Bloomberg article by Noah Feldman-law professor at Harvard University:

The biggest problem with the recently disclosed Obama administration white paper defending the drone killing of radical clerk Anwar al-Awlaki isn’t its secrecy or its creative redefinition of the words “imminent threat.” It is the revolutionary and shocking transformation of the meaning of due process.

Fortunately, as seen during John Brennan’s confirmation hearing for Central Intelligence Agency director, Congress is starting to notice.

Due process is the oldest and most essential component of the rule of law. It goes back to the Magna Carta, when the barons insisted that King John agree not to kill anyone or take property without following legal procedures.

What they meant -- and what has been considered the essence of due process since -- is that the accused must be notified of the charges against him and have the opportunity to have his case heard by an impartial decision maker. If you get due process, you can’t complain about the punishment that follows. If you don’t get that opportunity, you’ve been the victim of arbitrary power.

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New Video: The Dream Of Life - Alan Watts

Here is my latest video, I really hope you all enjoy :)


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Video: A warning to my generation: Tyranny has come, will you take action?

A warning to my generation: Tyranny has come, will you take action?


To my generation,

Upon writing a letter to President Obama regarding his gruesome and unconstitutional drone policy, I feel it is paramount that I write a letter to you warning you about what is to come; warning you – that if you do not take action now – you will not be able to enjoy the life pleasures you have been acquainted to.

Full letter and links posted below...

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Hannity Interviews Dr. Ben Carson About National Prayer Breakfast Speech

Hannity Interviews Dr. Ben Carson About National Prayer Breakfast Speech

Dr. Benjamin Carson talked to Sean Hannity about the speech he delivered at Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast where he railed against political correctness and Obamacare while President Obama was in attendance.




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Incredible essay in favor of 2nd amendment from a Progressive view

The Fundamental Political Principle

"That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." -- George Orwell

Let’s start with this: The citizen’s right to possess firearms is a fundamental political right. The political principle at stake is quite simple: to deny the state the monopoly of armed force. This should perhaps be stated in the obverse: to empower the citizenry, to distribute the power of armed force among the citizenry as a whole. The history of arguments and struggles over this principle, throughout the world, is long and clear. Instituted in the context of a revolutionary struggle based on the most democratic concepts of its day, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is perhaps the clearest legal/constitutional expression of this principle, and as such, I think, is one of the most radical statutes in the world.

The question of gun rights is a political question, in the broad sense that it touches on the distribution of power in a polity. Thus, although it incorporates all these perfectly legitimate “sub-political” activities, it is not fundamentally about hunting, or collecting, or target practice; it is about empowering the citizen relative to the state. Denying the importance of, or even refusing to understand, this fundamental point of the Second Amendment right, and sneering at people who do, symptomizes a politics of paternalist statism – not (actually the opposite of) a politics of revolutionary liberation.


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Welcome to all neocons, elitists, liberals, anarchists, and even progressives

I welcome everyone to the liberty movement and to read this awesome website. I am encouraged to see people of all different schools of thought and walks or life to come together for a common purpose. Our purpose is to advance the cause of liberty throughout the land. This means we must spread the message into every group/situation that presents us the opportunity. Our job is to educate the liberals, neocons, progressives...everyone.

We all want freedom, but we disagree about how to bring freedom. The answer in my opinion lies in all of us. That's right, even the progressives want freedom they just believe that only the Government can give/protect freedom. It's up to us to change that and show everyone that freedom is inherent in a sovereign individual. Groups of sovereign individuals making choices based on free association can spontaneously organize into a massive movement. I ask each and every one of you here to please stop cutting others out of the movement. This movement is for everyone.

This thread is a call to everyone to come together. United we stand, divided we fall.

Have a great Saturday friends. God Bless you all

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What About The Third Amendment

What do you know about the third amendment? Here's a video to help you understand why the third amendment is so importment?


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The Revolution is in your mind!

I am awaiting my application for City Council in Jefferson, Oregon. The only requisite was that I have lived in the city/town for one year. I've lived here for almost 6 years. I've gone from timid and reluctant to share ideas and feelings to writing articles for the Albany, Oregon newspaper and now inquiring about a seat that may allow me to help make positive changes for those who share a locality and community with me. We all need to jump off that cliff a little more and honor the ambitions and drives within us.


Peace and Love first fellow DP'ers

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China's Weird New Ghost Cities

For a long time now China has been building cities that just sit empty. Some say it's to keep up a false economy but if you look at these cities it seems over the top by any standards. It is downright bizarre! So what's REALLY behind all this building?

I have seen this and other videos for months now and still can't fully understand what the Chinese are doing here. Opinions anyone?


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Police in Pennsylvania (along with Phlebotomists) to start taking blood at DUI checkpoints

State troopers to use blood, not breath, to determine if drivers are under influence

State troopers will use blood, not breath, to determine whether drivers are under the influence of alcohol, because the state Superior Court is scrutinizing a county judge's ruling that questions the accuracy of breath tests.

The change means state police will have to wait weeks for laboratory results, but the method is expected to spike the number of DUI-related drug charges because toxicology tests can determine whether blood samples contain illegal drugs in addition to alcohol.

“The breath test is for alcohol only,” said Trooper Adam Reed, a state police spokesman. “Blood tests can come back and say there is marijuana in that person's system, or bath salts, cocaine, prescription drugs and other things that are also impairing that person's ability to drive.


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