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Huff Post: 3 Reasons It's Important to Support Ron Paul to Win the Nomination and Presidency

Laura Trice, in todays Huff Post Politics, has a great article about Ron Paul ...
very nice and positive!

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Maine Election Fraud and the Effort to Silence Ron Paul

Watch this video Right Now! Send everywhere!


A Big eye opener for America!!

Thank You All

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The REAL story behind the GOP primaries... Revisited

The real story behind the GOP primaries is that one candidate, supported and funded entirely by individual citizens, has been able to effectively compete despite the unprecedented efforts of the establishment to shut him down. Despite the consistent efforts of the mass media to ignore, minimize, ridicule, and at times attack Ron Paul and his achievements, his movement continues to grow. The most important question pertaining to this election is – can the people win?
In reality Ron Paul is leading one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and profound revolutions the world has ever seen. It challenges the most powerful political forces of our time in a country and world that is being run by and for special interests groups. It seeks to restore a Constitution designed to serve the interests of average citizens. This revolution is being carried out so subtly that it is hardly recognized as one during the process. It is such a peaceful revolution that no individual has so much as sacrificed a scratch (well there was Louisiana).
All documented evidence clearly shows that wars, occupations, and meddling in the affairs of foreign countries only create resentment, resistance, and terrorism. Modern terrorism was born in response to our meddling which came first. In the meantime the over extension of America’s foreign policy continues to lead the country into bankruptcy.
This, as well as serious domestic over spending only carries on because it benefits special interest groups, as opposed to serving citizen interests.
This election will decide if America continues on the self-destructive path of endless wars, bankruptcy, and possible full scale economic collapse, or the process of recovery begins under a constitutionally conservative President. Thus the stakes are very high. All of the establishment influence and money is financing the establishment candidate. To help assure success virtually all of the mass media has even been willing to expose itself as a promoter of establishment candidate rather than serving the responsibilities of a free press, in a free election, in a democratic society.

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Whose fault is it a Tacoma soldier killed 16 in Afghanistan? Don't blame Ron Paul!

The soldier who went on a shooting rampage in Afghanistan leaving 16 dead Sunday is from a Tacoma area base called joint base Lewis-McChord, and as a resident in the area I am mortified, stunned and beside myself seething with anger. When will the government of the United States wake up?

I am personally so angry about this that hot tears are forming in my eyes as I type. Why am I angry? I am angry at the United States government who is continuing these wars that have no purpose. I am angry at President Barack Obama for not keeping his campaign promise to bring the troops home.

I am not angry at this soldier, I am angry at the president, the government -- whoever is responsible for starting this war and for keeping this war going, for calling out another unconstitutional war.

I feel so very sad and broken for the staff sergeant who lost it, his wife and two kids and the Afghan families and people trying to pick up the pieces from this horrific event. Do you know what it is like to live in an area with a huge military base? It is devastating!

News story after news article is about another soldier who had been deployed six times and ended his life. Another soldier who lost it and killed his son, wife and himself...Read more:


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Did the Media Black Out Ron Paul's First Win?

During the first 2 months of the Republican presidential primary contest, the mainstream media consistently reported that Ron Paul had failed to secure a win in any state. While Paul had likely accumulated the majority of delegates in several caucus states, including Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Alaska, Minnesota and possibly several more, he had not placed first in the straw polls in any of those states.

Despite the fact that the straw poll is non-binding and ultimately has nothing to do with selecting the party’s nominee, the media consistently reported the straw poll winner as the winner of the state caucus. They even went so far as to project the delegates won by each candidate based upon that candidate’s percentage of the straw poll vote. This is misleading because the straw poll results have nothing to do with the allocation of delegates in most caucus states The delegate process is completely separate and takes place after the straw poll is over.

The media has not missed an opportunity to point out that Ron Paul has not won a state in this election cycle, although those listening carefully heard John King admit after the Arizona debate that Paul was in second place in terms of delegates. This was the result of several strong second place finishes and several wins - if one defines a win as securing the most delegates. However, the media recognizes the straw poll winner as the “winner” regardless of who actually gets the delegates.

That is, until Ron Paul wins a straw poll. Then the rules change.

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Just got 12 Missouri delegates!

We're here in Los Angeles and we've been calling into Missouri for a few hours. We're identifying our supporters and letting them know how important it is to become delegates on Saturday, and the response is tremendous. In just a few hundred calls so far this morning, I've convinced a dozen people to become delegates for Ron Paul in Missouri. The other volunteers here are having similar success. We know the work we're doing is making a difference and we'd love to keep it going; there are plenty of areas across the country filled with willing volunteers. All they need is a little motivation and training on the proper techniques for getting as many Ron Paul delegates as possible. If there's anything you can do to help us continue, please check us out:



Also, do what you can to get on the phones and keep fighting to motivate our supporters to get out to vote and become delegates. The media is becoming more and more successful at discouraging potential Ron Paul voters and delegates. You can make a huge difference just by calling into upcoming primary and caucus states and reminding our people that the establishment is not going to roll over and hand us back the freedoms we deserve; we must continue fighting, now more than ever.

We're about to start calling into Hawaii to motivate Dr. Paul's supporters there and remind them how essential it is that they come out on Tuesday to help send a message to the country that Hawaiians are willing to stand up for their civil liberties. If you know anyone in the LA area, encourage them to stop by the phone bank here at 1728 Abbot-Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA; we need all the help we can get. Thanks!

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Fulton County GOP admits to procedural irregularity

Article Below :


Video Below :


I was in attendance. My whole district was made up of Ron Paul supporters. We were unable to get ANYONE through to the state or district convention. Instead, the "nominating committee" sent through two people who we had never met nor were in attendance. But the main point here is, the only reason this happened was because they broke their own procedural rules, and it was caught on tape.

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Howard Kurtz of CNN rejects logic

Howard Kurtz, of CNN, the Host of Reliable Sources rejects logic in his attempt to avoid giving an opinion. Mr. Kurtz rejects the idea that you necessarily either have an opinion or you don't . He thinks there is some third option. He rejects the law of the excluded middle. At the same time, he claims it is his job to reveal contradictions in a politicians thinking. How can use logic if he denies the law of non-contradiction and its corollary, the law of the excluded middle? He appears to have a contradiction on contradictions.


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Thank you everyone. Daily Paul fundraiser 100% complete!

Update: What I expected would take two weeks only took five days. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who contributed to put this fundraiser over the top and ensure the Daily Paul's presence through the GOP convention. And thank you to everyone who makes ongoing contributions, both financial and otherwise, that keep this the best Ron Paul site on the net. We are working harder than ever to transform the DP into a sustainable endeavor, and the best pro Liberty site on the planet. Thank you. None of this would be possible without you. Never underestimate your power to change the world with your determined actions.

Dear Friends,

I have been putting this off as long as possible (as usual) because I hate asking for money. But the situation is becoming dire. Keeping our beloved Daily Paul on the air and running smoothly is no small endeavor of both time and money.

From its humble beginnings as the first website to support Ron Paul for president in January of 2007, the Daily Paul has grown into one of the top websites in the world, and the top Liberty website in our movement. The Daily Paul sports a global Alexa ranking inside of 4,500, and a U.S. ranking under 1,500 (i.e. it is one of the top 1,500 websites in all of the U.S.)

These incredible numbers are thanks entirely to our community and our commitment. It is all of us, individually and collectively who make the Daily Paul the powerful force that it is. But at the same time, the 50,000 users, 220,000 posts, 2.2 million comments, and countless daily trolls, spammers, and emails must be managed, not to mention legal issues, accounting issues, technology issues, keeping the software updated, while continually adding new features to the site. All of that - that is my job.

Thankfully I have a small but dedicated team that helps keeps it all going. Even working full time, there is no way I could do it alone.

And yet, keeping the website funded remains elusive. We operate on a razor thin margin. In the 2007/08 cycle, traffic dropped off a cliff after Super Tuesday, and revenue sank with it. If the same thing happens this year, we're in big trouble.

So if you value this website and and this community and the work that we do, please help us continue operations at least through the GOP convention. Here is how you can help:

  • If you are a regular user of the Daily Paul, I invite you to become a premium subscriber with a monthly donation of $10 or more. Premium subscribers surf the site ad free (more on ads below), and can be identified because an avatar in their comments. More benefits for premium users are on the way.
  • Make a one time donation via the chip-in to the left. We are looking to raise $20,000 to ensure the site's viability over the next five months, until the GOP convention in Tampa in late August. Ron Paul has vowed to stay in the race all the way, and this is our intention as well.
  • If you don't like Pay Pal, please send check, money order, cash, silver or gold to:

    The Daily Paul
    PO Box 271
    Somerville MA 02143

    Every little bit helps. Previous donors, please note the new address.

  • The Daily Paul is looking for high level sponsorship. If you are able to sponsor ongoing operations at a high level, please contact me at: thankyou [at] dailypaul [dot] com.

I don't ever want the Daily Paul to go away, and I believe in finishing what I started. As long as Ron Paul stays in the race, the Daily Paul will be here. But going forward, it is imperative that we transform the site to ensure that it remains a permanent fixture and a powerful voice in the Liberty community. In order to do that, we need a solid financial footing.

Advertising and the Daily Paul

Have you noticed how annoyingly aggressive advertising has become on sites around the internet? What we see elsewhere, and what you will never see on the Daily Paul are:

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Ron Paul Clobbered Romney Among Independent Voters On Super Tuesday... Virgina: 37% to 31%; Ohio: 37% to 31%; Tenn: 38% to 25%

In Virginia on Super Tuesday, Ron Paul clobbered Romney, 64 percent to 36 percent, among the 32 percent of the electorate who described themselves as independents.

In Ohio (37 percent to 31 percent)...

...and Tennessee (38 percent to 25 percent)

More here...


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GREAT Ron Paul Endorsement from Three-Tour Sniper/Paratrooper

Awesome video endorsement of Ron Paul by retired Staff Sergeant with three tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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Jack Hunter Blasts MSM For Not Reporting Ron Paul Winning U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus

Jack Hunter Blasts MSM : MSM Changes Rules In Not Reporting Ron Paul Winning U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus (Video)

A math lesson for the mainstream media:



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Fox & CBS: GOP & Newt Moving Towards RP Foreign Policy

On the Sunday morning news circuit today, Newt and other republicans are moving towards RP's foreign policy. They want to get out of Afghanistan and don't believe being in the middle of these Middle Eastern countries is good and rather counterproductive.

They mentioned Ron Paul being against from the start what Republicans are now saying:



Bob Schieffer: Is it time for us to leave Afghanistan, Mr. Speaker?

Newt Gingrich: I think it is. I think that we have to reassess the entire region. I think the revelations about Pakistan having hidden Bin Laden for seven years in a military city near their national defense university and then hunting down not the people who were protecting Bin Laden but hunting down the people who were helping America. I think the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. When you look around the region, this is going to get much worse. That's why I've called for an American energy policy. We need to decide that we're going to produce our own oil and we're going to frankly be capable of surviving without having to define or dominate the region because I don't think we have the willpower or the capacity to do the things you'd have to do to fundamentally change the region.

Schieffer: You say it is time to leave. Do you mean just, let's leave, let's start leaving right now, not wait around?

Gingrich: I think we need to reconsider the whole region. We need to understand that our being in the middle of countries like Afghanistan is probably counterproductive. We're not prepared to be ruthless enough to force them to change, and yet we're clearly an alien presence. That was the real meaning of the reaction to the Koran burning. The fact is those Korans had been in fact defaced by Muslims who were prisoners. They had been abused by Muslims, not by Americans, and yet the instantaneous anti-foreigner sentiment is so deep that I think we need to recognize that we're walking on egg shells in places like Afghanistan, and after $20 billion in the last decade, it's pretty hard to argue that the Pakistanis are seriously our allies when they hide Bin Laden for seven years.

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