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DHS May Be Preparing For Civil Unrest: Leases $10 Million Firearms Facility Within 25 Miles of Boston

Federal agency has purchased around 2 billion bullets over last year

Paul Joseph Watson | |February 26, 2013

While the second amendment is under assault from gun control legislation across the country, the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up to use some of the roughly 2 billion rounds of ammunition it has purchased over the last year, by leasing a $10 million dollar firearms facility in Boston.

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American Cities with the Highest (and Lowest) Taxes

Yahoo News: The report, released by the Office of Revenue Analysis of the Government of Washington, D.C., reviewed the estimated property, sales, auto and income taxes a family paid in 2011 in the largest city in each state. The differences were stark. A family of three earning $75,000 in Cheyenne, Wy., paid just $2,808, or 3.7% of its income. In Bridgeport, Conn., that same family would have paid $16,105, or 21.5% of its income. Again, this is excluding federal taxes.

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REPORT: Chris Christe To Adopt ObamaCare

By Salvador Rizzo | The Star-Ledger | February 26, 2013

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie will expand the state's Medicaid program to cover 300,000 uninsured New Jersey residents, The Star-Ledger learned today.

The governor's new budget, which he plans to unveil at joint session of the Legislature this afternoon, also relies on state revenue growth of 4.9 percent and delays some property tax rebates for local taxpayers, according to three sources with knowledge of the budget plan who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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Lobbyist Demands Approval For "Lethal" Drones Within United States - VIDEO

Applewhite admits UAVs have been used for “indiscriminate killings”

Paul Joseph Watson | | February 25, 2013

Testifying against a bill that would put limits on the use of unmanned drones in Washington state, industry lobbyist Paul Applewhite shocked a House Committee hearing when he said that drones had been used for “indiscriminate killings,” while arguing that the technology should be approved for “lethal force” within the United States.

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Ben Swann: #LibertyIsRising

Ben Swann Full Disclosure thanks viewers for their support in the Shorty Awards and explains the hashtag #libertyisrising

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Louisiana: Homeless Can't Eat Deer Meat (UPDATED w/ Press Conference)

The Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals would rather the homeless go hungry than let them eat deer steaks provided by generous hunters.

That law has hunters across the Sportsman’s Paradise outraged after health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters.

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Have you made any friends here on the Daily Paul?

I consider all of us here friends. But have you made any real friends? I mean, someone that you've emailed with outside the DP? Or beyond that, spoken with on the telephone, or skyped with? Or even beyond that, met up with in the physical world?

I have often wondered about that. The DP is its own online ecosystem, but I wonder how far that ecosystem extends into the physical world?

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I just enjoyed a Coca-Cola from Mexico..

It was damn good....much better than "American Coca-Cola"

What does this have to do with Liberty?

Well, as I learned from The Revolution: A Manifesto, because of sugar quotas (anti-free markets), the price of sugar rose and as a result Coke (Pepsi, et al)switched to high fructose corn syrup, instead of cane sugar.

The result? Government intervention leads to an inferior product.

I have actually gotten people to open their eyes a "smidge" by bringing up the insanity of sugar quotas in an alleged "free market."

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Here is a president for you

Watch the virtual president talk about our Constitution:

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Oxford in uproar over union motion to boycott Israel

Threatening emails, accusations of racism and walkout by George Galloway follow motion at students' union

Conal Urquhart | The Guardian Observer | Saturday 23 February 2013

Students at Oxford University will this week vote on a controversial motion to boycott Israel, after a tumultuous week that has seen hate mail, accusations of racism and a furious exit from a debate by MP George Galloway .

The Oxford University Students' Union (OUSU) meets on Wednesday to decide finally on a motion backing the boycott of Israel, its companies and institutions. The motion, which would be tabled at the National Union of Students conference in Sheffield in April, calls on the student body to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, in protest at Israel's treatment of Palestinians and its hindrance of attempts to create a Palestinian state.

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I find myself in a quandary and need some DP advice!

I've always loved movies. My parents gave me a video camera for an early birthday, and ever since then I've been fascinated with the idea of playing out whatever scenario I could dream of and showing it to as many as I could. With all the fear embedded in the TV/film industry, I could be a positive voice in the mix, a truth warrior and a non-conformist. That's why, after high school, I declined a full academic scholarship to my favorite state university and moved across the country to LA to pursue that dream.

Now, almost 9 years later, I find myself in a difficult situation.

I love living here. I found my wife and made a home with her here. I have an amazing full-time job editing a TV show, with two more confirmed to come after, employing me for the year at this foreseeable point (which in this town is REALLY good to know). My wife is an actress, and a really damn good one. She hasn't hit it big yet but she will and its in her heart. We have a group of close friends that have taken a really long time to make. Besides all this the weather is fantastic.

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GOP Congressman Says Dick Cheney Will Rot in Hell for Iraq War

Huffington Post: "Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), an outspoken critic of the war in Afghanistan, said at a conference Saturday that former Vice President Dick Cheney would probably end up in hell for the Iraq War.

"Congress will not hold anyone to blame. Lyndon Johnson's probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he probably needs to move over for Dick Cheney," Jones said at a Young Americans for Liberty conference in Raleigh, N.C. The group is a spinoff from former Rep. Ron Paul's (R-Texas) 2008 presidential campaign."

His comments can be seen at 35:40 in the video below. The speech was very honest and heartfelt.

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