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My Ron Paul Moment of the Day

I stopped at the hardware store after work today to pick up some items. As usual, I was wearing my "Ron Paul R3VOLUTION" winter hat. As I was paying, one of the store employees said that he liked my hat. I asked him if he wanted a RP bumper sticker and he said "Absolutely!" I took him out to my car, went to the back hatch, opened it up and said "Welcome to the war wagon". His jaw dropped! The back of my car is loaded with lawn signs, pole signs, Super Brochures and bumper stickers. He ended up walking away with 4 bumper stickers, a pole sign, a stack of brochures and a giant smile on his face.

Keep the faith!

Ron Paul 2012!

I'm in this until the end.

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A Crack in THE FED's foundation


I am an active Ron Paul volunteer from Lynchburg, Virginia.

Something very sweet happened Tuesday that I want everyone to know. Our group of dedicated volunteers are celebrating with BIG SMILES because of what happened here in the heart of Virginia.

Remember Virginia only had Dr. Paul and Mitt Romney on the ballot due to the other guys not submitting the qualifying signatures with the State Election officials. Well Romney won the beauty show 60/ 40%. However in Lynchburg Ron Paul won 51/49% and sweeter still- Lynchburg's newly created voting precinct on the campus of Liberty University voted for Ron Paul 60/40%, just the opposite of the state.

Here's the sweet irony: Lynchburg Virginia is the home of Carter Glass, the same Carter Glass who as the 6th Congressional District Representative and Democrat who co-authored and introduced the U.S. House Bill in 1913 known as the Glass-Owen Act, aka THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, which after approval in both houses and President Woodrow Wilson's signature established THE FED.

Liberty University now owns the Mansion and surrounding land of Carter Glass (Montview), a sublime, poignant and sweet symbol of things to come. In Mr. Glass's own FRONT YARD which is now the campus of "LIBERTY" University, the FED was overwhelmingly rejected!!!


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Ron Paul Responds To Comments By Defense Secretary

Ron Paul Responds To Comments By Defense Secretary


LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Today Congressman and 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement in response to comments by Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta regarding military options in Syria. See comments below.
“Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent statements once again illustrate the Obama administration’s blatant disregard for the rule of law and our Constitution.

“For President Obama’s head of the Defense Department to state that international permission, rather than congressional approval, is what would be needed as a legal basis to initiate a no-fly zone over Syria flies in the face of the guidelines established by our Founders.

“There is no issue more serious than war. And make no mistake, establishing a ‘no-fly zone’ is in itself an act of war.

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Former CIA Officer Robert Steele Slams Rick Santorum

Former CIA Officer Robert Steele Slams Rick Santorum


Supports Ron Paul!!!

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Michael Medved evades, contradicts himself and suffers.

Radio Host Michael Medved cannot explain why other countries like China can be perfectly safe without bases around the world but the United States must have them in order to be safe. He cannot defend the militaristic- interventionist policy and instead tries to sidetrack the discussion by making slanderous attacks on Ron Paul. Part 3


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Ron Paul Phone From Home Walkthrough

Ron Paul Phone From Home Walkthru


Lets get busy!!!!


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A New Day: Kansas. Three rallies Friday, caucus Saturday!

Today may be our biggest day yet. Ron Paul with three rallies in Kansas, one at noon with the Governor attending. These may be the biggest yet and may get some national media reporting, with press availability after each rally.

Rally info here:

  • 12:30 pm Friday at the Topeka Performing Arts Center, 214 SE 8th St.
  • Kansas State Tea Party Convention in Wichita at 3:30 pm
  • Lied Center, Lawrence at 7:30 pm

Info on the official campaign site

  • Paul also is expected to attend caucuses Saturday in Johnson County.

Kansas has the largest phone from home organization in the country.

The Kansas Caucus is tomorrow!

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Judge Napolitano on Robert Mueller: Can't Answer Basic Question About Due Process

Judge Napalitano talks to Shep Smith about Mueller's testimony today.

Congressman: "Can the President kill Americans in America?"

Mueller: "Um....I dunno."

Even Shep is mad about this one.


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☛ Ron Paul: "My Status as a Candidate ~ Pledge to Stand With Me"



The mainstream media got the Super Tuesday story wrong. Very wrong. Again.

I'm sure you heard them gleefully talk about which establishment candidate "won" which primary or caucus Tuesday night, if you were even watching. Most Americans thankfully had more sense and switched on something else.

The fact is, just like in many of the earlier contests, very few delegates to the Republican National Convention were decided on Tuesday. Most will be decided several weeks, or even months, from now at District and State conventions - conventions where our local delegates will have a big say in who goes to Tampa.

In fact, while I didn't win any state's straw polls, my team expects me to win a plurality of delegates in at least three states, as well as outright majorities in two more of the states that have already started their process.

Of course, the media totally ignores this story - as they have consistently ignored our message, our passion, and our grassroots army.

Even more lost in the shuffle is that no candidate for President has even made it one-third of the way toward the number of delegates needed to win the nomination.

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Pat Robertson: The War on Drugs Has Failed; Legalize Marijuana!

“I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” Mr. Robertson said in an interview on Wednesday. “I’ve never used marijuana and I don’t intend to, but it’s just one of those things that I think: this war on drugs just hasn’t succeeded.”

Mr. Robertson’s remarks echoed statements he made last week on “The 700 Club,” the signature program of his Christian Broadcasting Network, and other comments he made in 2010. While those earlier remarks were largely dismissed by his followers, Mr. Robertson has now apparently fully embraced the idea of legalizing marijuana, arguing that it is a way to bring down soaring rates of incarceration and reduce the social and financial costs.

Read More --> http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/08/us/pat-robertson-backs-leg...

Also at the AP:

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Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff says 'Ron Paul is a rarity and can't be bought'!

Ron Paul 2012! Great clip to pass along! Excellent material for a powerful ad!


Original interview with Abramoff on the Power Hour. His best statements come in at about the 5:10 mark:


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Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required.

The title is a quote from Winston Churchill.

In what may have been my most widely-read article, I compared Paul to Churchill in an attempt to put the good doctor, and the efforts of those who support him, into historical context. Doug Wead, one of Paul’s senior campaign advisers went even further in an interview with Cavuto, saying simply “Paul is Churchill”. (*)

As we Paul supporters have failed so far to rack-up a victory in the primary or caucus beauty contests, I have started noticing that some are considering giving in to defeatism.

That is not worthy of Dr. Paul or our cause – and Winston Churchill will show you why.

In 1940, during the Second World War, Hitler’s tyranny had already swept across all of Europe. The score was liberty - zero; tyranny – too many to count.

Only Britain was left standing. And Hitler came for us.

In the Battle of Britain, the British stood alone in the world against a tyranny that had built an empire more efficiently than any had been built in history. This was when Churchill rallied the nation with what many regard as his greatest speech.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”, he said.

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