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NEW: Judge Andrew Napolitano resigns from the CATO Board!

According to Lew:

Posted by Lew Rockwell on September 20, 2012 06:55 AM

Could it be because of the neocon-like warmongering and Republican estabishment politics? Or that all board members and top execs are personally liable under DC law if the shenanigans, on which the kibosh has definitely not been put, continue?

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Pawlenty Quits as Romney's Co-Chair ...

...to become a top lobbyist for Wallstreet!

"It is an honor to call Mitt and Ann my friends," Pawlenty said in a written statement released by the Romney campaign. "As the campaign moves into the home stretch, he has my full support and continued faith in his vision and his policies."

Romney's campaign is imploding..... You had a chance GOP to win the general with Ron Paul. It's all about the choices we make. Sometimes we make the wrong ones, and have to pay the price....

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Clint Eastwood: Republicans 'dumb' for asking him to speak

Think Clint Eastwood's empty-chair speech at the Republican National Convention was ill-advised? You're not alone: Eastwood himself thinks so, too.

The actor-director, 82, told Jerry Penacoli of "Extra" in an interview Monday that the GOP was "dumb" for inviting him to deliver his now-famous speech, during which he harangued President Obama at length in absentia.

"People loved it or hated it, and that's fine," Eastwood offered. "I figure if somebody's dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention and say something, they're gonna have to take what they get."

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The next time the GOP blames Paul supporters for losing please reference this

I know it's not hard to poke fun at corporate media. It's also very easy to have your way with Romney..He is a huge target that seems to be growing in size. I just had to post this because Jon Stewart did such a great job at pointing out why the right wing/GOP and their talking heads are really their own worst enemy and need no help at all pouring fuel onto the fire of the already raging inferno that is their own destruction..Have a good laugh, and good morning DailyPaul!!


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The Blaze:‘$100 Million Question’ for Romney: Will He Do What It Takes to Win Over Libertarians in 2012?

The Blaze: For Mitt Romney to have a better chance of surpassing the still small lead President Barack Obama holds in general election polling, he’ll likely need the support of the growing block of libertarian and libertarian-leaning voters.

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Ron Paul Supporter’s store raided in August, still waiting to see search warrant

One month after narcotics officers raided The Botany Bay, a smoke shop on Winchester Road, police have not filed the search warrant that led them to issue criminal charges and seize thousands of dollars worth of items.

The absence of the warrant, which typically become public record when criminal charges are filed, has fueled statements from friends and colleagues of store owner Ginny Saville that the Aug. 20 search and seizure was unjustified.

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Fed’s Dual Mandate on the Table in Wake of QE3

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Two top Federal Reserve officials who opposed the latest round of Fed asset purchases have waded into tricky political waters by suggesting that lawmakers could tie the Fed’s hands if they wanted to block more asset purchases.

“A future Congress might restrict us to a single mandate – like other central banks in the world operate under – focused solely on price stability,” said Richard Fisher, the president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank in a speech on Wednesday night in New York.

Earlier in the week, another regional Fed bank president, James Bullard of St. Louis, was even stronger, saying he supported restricting the dual mandate to a single inflation-fighting goal.

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Ben Swann Reality Check: What is QE3? And What It Means For The U.S.

Give it to us straight Mr. Swann, we can handle the truth!


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Continuing to Squeal: "Conservative" RINOs Blame Ron Paul Supporters, Round 3

It's no surprise: we've heard this time and again, but now the pressure is really on for Romney supporters to rail in as many voters as they can to increase the chance of a Republican win. Conservatives are scrambling to blame and shame us into supplementing Romney's vote totals. Whatever your plans for voting 2012, it's always good to get confirmation of our impact on the election. It's hilarious that they now are forced to make a pitch to us to save their sinking ship:

Breitbart.com: Time for Ron Paul Supporters to Support the Constitution

There is no more time for games, no room for hurt feelings. Ron Paul fans, you need to choose, because not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama. It’s that simple. And you could make the difference.

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Eric Holder Cleared on Fast and Furious!

WASHINGTON (AP/Yahoo!) — The Justice Department's internal watchdog on Wednesday faulted the agency for misguided strategies, errors in judgment and management failures during a bungled gun-trafficking probe in Arizona that disregarded public safety and resulted in hundreds of weapons turning up at crime scenes in the U.S. and Mexico.

More at Yahoo!

New York Times piece below:

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Judge Napolitano: What If November Changes Nothing?

By Judge Andrew Napolitano

What if the principal parties' candidates for president really agree more than they disagree?

What if they both support the authority of the federal government to spy on Americans without search warrants? What if they both support confining foreigners, uncharged and untried, in Guantanamo Bay? What if they both believe the president can arrest without charge and confine without trial any American he hates or fears?

What if they both believe in secret courts — kept away from the public and the press — that can take away the rights of Americans? What if they both think the president can disregard the Constitution when it comes to the rights of those the government has confined to speedy trials, to confront witnesses and evidence against them, and to counsel of their choosing? What if they both believe the government can use evidence obtained under torture at trials in American courts? What if they both think the president can incarcerate those he once prosecuted, even after acquittal?

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ABC's Last Resort: Can't Believe the Government Let This Get on TV!

Wow, Has anyone seen the new TV show Last Resort? Its about a False Flag... It's portraying the military in a different light than most TV shows normally put them.


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NY Times Peddles War Propaganda; Staffer Quits in Disgust

Nice to see integrity, or maybe it's a PR stunt for the author. Either way a boost to exposing the msm.


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Green on Blue Reality Check: Afghan Attacks on U.S. Soldiers

Ben Swann's Reality Check takes a look at how the situation in Afghanistan is trending in the wrong direction, and what President Obama says about these so called 'Green on Blue' attacks.


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