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Skyscraper on fire in Dubai - No Pancake Effect

Burning for 8 hours, no pancake effect.

Washington Post: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Rescue crews in Dubai safely evacuated a 34-story residential tower Sunday after a fire gutted portions of the building, police said.

The blaze charred the outside of the structure and send gray smoke drifting over a major development known as Jumeirah Lakes Towers, a cluster of high-rise apartment buildings and shops on the southern edge of Dubai.

Video below:

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"The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages"

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I have been identified by the US. Department of Health and Human Services

I received a letter over a month ago from the US Department Health and Human Services (DHHS). They were very excited to announce that my household had been selected to conduct a National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Here is the letter:
(I have leaflets and other information that accompanied this )

The letter said 200,000 interviewed and the leaflet says 70,000.

It further explains that this is the Federal Governments primary source of national data on the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances.

The survey also contains questions on health and illegal behaviors and other topics associated with substance use.

According to the letter approximately 70,000 individuals, 12 years old and older, will be randomly selected and asked to voluntarily participate.

Included was the name of an organization named RTI that had been contracted to solicit this information from me. They were going to come to my house and ask me or my family members some questions. In return, they would pay each person that participated $30.00 "CASH" for their time.

Yes you heard me right, they want to send a stranger unknown to me, come to my house, sit down with my kids and ask them behavioral questions. In return, they have bribed us with $30.00 each of your money to do this. The whole idea creeps me out!


2 weeks ago I was cleaning my garage when a vehicle pulled into my driveway and a female with a company credential pinned to her chest that said RTI got out of her car and approached me. She said "Sir, may I speak to you for a moment?" I politely said "how may I help you"?

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Final Answers to all 32 of Ron Paul's Questions? Review and let me know. Thx!

1. Why are sick people who use medical marijuana put in prison?

Allowing individuals to self medicate using a plant that can be grown naturally would cut into the profits of the corporate-government legal drug monopoly (Big-Pharma) and would eliminate a major justification for the overwhelming number of paramilitary police that now roam the streets and raid the homes of Americans in Anytown, USA. Prohibiting the manufacture, transportation and sale of drugs does nothing to curtail the manufacture, transport, sale, or use of drugs. Prohibition of Alcohol instituted with the ratification of the 18th Amendment on January 16, 1919 failed so miserably that on December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was passed which repealed the 18th Amendment. Alcohol Prohibition did not stop people from drinking booze, it increased the power of organized crime by generating enormous sums of money in the Black-Market. When laws are passed that make selling a product with a high consumer demand illegal, in all situations, whether its cigars from Cuba, medicine from Canada, or marijuana from Mexico, the power of organized crime increases and the flow of cash into the black market explodes. Repealing prohibition redirected the flow of money generated by the sale of alcohol from organized crime to State and Federal Governments, and also weakened the power of organized crime. Alcohol prohibition provided America with nearly 15 years of real world experience on the unintended consequences of prohibiting its sale while consumer demand remained very high. Alcohol, is no different than marijuana or prescription pills in the purpose that they serve. Just because alcohol has been arbitrarily chosen by the people in power as a drug that Americans can consume without the risk of being put in a cage, it doesn’t magically change the fact that alcohol is a drug that is used for the exact same reasons that people use marijuana or take prescription pain pills. In fact, historical evidence and most independent studies conclude that using alcohol regularly is worse than almost any other recreational drug when taking into account the damage done to the human body and the ever present role that alcohol plays in the destruction of families and other personal relationships. These facts all beg the question, why would the Federal Government continue its so called “War on Drugs”? Using the 15 years of experience gained during Alcohol prohibition, we can now look back and know for a fact that making a substance illegal when consumer demand remains high has no effect on the stated purpose of reducing consumption. Criminalizing the freedom of individuals to choose what they want to put into their own bodies is totalitarian tyranny of the first order. Legislating social behaviors is illogical immoral, and increases the power of organized crime. Legalizing marijuana would weaken the power of organized crime and redirect the flow of money generated by the sale of the plant from Black-Markets and International Drug Cartels to both State and Federal Governments. The only logical reason why our Federal Government refuses to even consider ending the prohibition of cannabis has got to be because they are making more money, and exerting more control over the population by continuing the prohibition of marijuana than they would if marijuana was legalized, taxed, and regulated by the State. Here’s why and some of it may be shocking to those that still think our Government is all about protecting us, and doing everything they can to help us live long and prosper. If tomorrow all drugs were decriminalized “The War on Drugs” would no longer be needed. The amount of money that corporations, government officials, and 1000’s of people in positions of power steal from that program alone is staggering. The last thing our government wants to do is end any “War”. Smedley Butler wrote a book called “War is a Racket”, published in 1935. If you have never read it, read it here:http://www.scuttlebuttsmallchow.com/racket.html
Essentially, “The War on Drugs” is one of the largest government programs ever created to extract money from the American people again, under the guise of protecting us. The cost of “The War on Drugs” , not counting the billions of dollars that are extracted from taxpayers to fund countless agencies like the DEA, and all the other “drug task force” agencies has exceeded 1 Trillion dollars since it began in the middle 70’s. Common sense would indicate that we stop wasting money on a problem that can’t be solved no matter how much money we throw at it and we the American people should start exercising our constitutional rights and living free! So, in fact, ending “The War on Drugs” would enable our Government to save Billions of dollars each year. Billions that could be used to fund legitimate government programs (assuming such things exist) but instead are funneled to people in power all around the world who “partner” with our covert alphabet agencies to maintain and control the international drug trade. This is why our government does not want to legalize drugs. I can promise you that it has nothing to do with “protecting you from yourself”. In reality, “The War on Drugs” is really “The War on Liberty” and keeping drugs illegal allows the elite to “invest” in an business that makes them millionaires and billionaires. These “investments” and the profits they rake in are staggering. These massive cash reserves are mostly held outside the US in offshore accounts (banks, brokerage firms, and fraudulent corporations that primarily exist for the purpose of hiding their ill gotten booty. “Son Of BOSS” Tax Avoidance Schemes are common. (The “Son of Boss” Scheme is just one of several Tax Avoidance Schemes that Mitt Romney has been accused of participating in) For more information on “THE SON OF BOSS TAX SHELTERS” this go to this link for a .pdf downloadable paper. http://www.son-of-boss.com/SOB_Docs/Son_of_Boss_Description_... And for the record, drugs are only illegal for “we the people”. Not only do the elite control the international drug trade to enrich themselves, it also provides them with an endless supply of free drugs for their own recreational use. And when was the last time you heard of a politician or a person in a position of power go to jail for smoking pot or snorting cocaine? Think about that as approximately 1.5 million Americans are sitting in cages because of the greed and hypocrisy of the ruling class.

2.Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk?

The FDA is a huge government program created to extract wealth from the American people under the illusion that a select group of “regulators” can guarantee all food and drugs will be safe when they enter the marketplace. There are no legitimate independent studies supporting the governments’ position that allowing dairy farmers to forgo pasteurization and sell “unregulated milk” would cause an increase in dairy related illness and/or disease. In fact there is growing evidence that drinking raw milk from smaller, local dairy farms provides many nutritional benefits and a decreased risk of consuming milk that contains steroids and other undesired substances. Most raw milk is currently sold by small, local, independent farms (which specifically because of their independence and smaller size) offer a far superior environment for the cows, and a much more sanitary environment for the collection of milk, than what is available from the assembly line, “profit first”, dairy farms that are managed by large corporations. Offering raw milk from smaller independent farms would cut into the profits of the corporate-government monopoly of large dairy conglomerates. Millions of dollars in sales would be shifted from large corporate controlled dairy farms to local/regional raw food co-ops. The dangers of drinking raw milk which are put forward by the FDA and enforced by the threat of incarceration increases the power of the Federal Government. Since consuming raw milk would not increase dairy related illness and/or disease, people would begin to question the need for the FDA in general and it would shed light on one of the largest Government programs that extracts wealth from the American people under the illusion of protecting them from themselves. Also, as is mentioned a number of times in these 32 questions, “Selling Fear” is constantly used by the State for controlling the population. People jump out of airplanes all the time just for the thrill of it. Rock Climbing is dangerous yet very popular. Driving a race car and losing control at a high speed has caused many driver deaths. People have fatal heart attacks after running, playing tennis, or after working out. 100 thousand individuals die each year from adverse reactions or side effects from drugs that are “Doctor recommended”, and legally prescribed to their patients! This “War on Raw Milk” is so completely absurd that it’s hard to believe it’s actually true. Keep in mind that the “War on Raw Milk” is not much difference than the “War on drugs”. The motives behind harassing Americans selling raw milk follow the same disturbing pattern of instilling fear into the population and capitalizing on that fear by creating more government programs, hiring more “enforcers” and writing more new laws, all designed to exact money from unsuspecting taxpayers under the illusion of protecting them from themselves.

3. Why can’t Americans manufacturer rope and other products from hemp?

Hemp is variant of the cannabis plant (of which marijuana is related) but hemp is not used, smoked, or consumed as a recreational drug. However, because one of the primary purposes of “The War on Drugs” is to keep the population in a constant state of fear, hemp has been (falsely) but strategically lumped in with the marijuana variant of the cannabis plant that can and is used for pain management and/or recreational use. Historical evidence indicates that hemp is far superior for making clothes, paper, and many other consumer products. Products made from hemp would create competition for products currently made with cotton, plastics, and nylon. Legalizing hemp would cut into the profits of some of the largest corporations in the world. Corporations, (through favorable legislation they literally write for themselves and pay our members of congress to sign and pass into law) and, unnecessary government agencies that are a part of “The War on Drugs” are used to extract wealth from the American people. The legislation drafted by and for the corporations helps them maintain a monopoly over their segments of the consumer market. Allowing hemp to be grown would reduce the power and control of the Federal Government. It would also shine a light on how closely large corporations and the Federal Government work together to extract money from unwitting consumers. Average Americans would begin to discover that the Government and large corporations do not have the best interests of the consumer or the general public in mind when creating legislation. Everything Government does is done with one of two basic principles in mind, extracting wealth from the American people and increasing Government power.

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Texas Lawmakers Seek To Block NDAA Indefinite Detentions, Criminalize Certain TSA Searches

Republican state lawmakers in Texas submitted two bills this week seeking to counteract the federal government's controversial powers of indefinite detention and overzealous searches by the Transportation Security Administration.

GOP state Rep. Lyle Larson filed a measure that would nullify controversial aspects of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which has been criticized for establishing vague criteria that gives the federal government broad authority to indefinitely detain suspected terrorists without charges or a trial.


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Nevada State Central Committee Just Voted That the Binding That Was Voted on in 2010, Violated Federal Election Laws!

Pahrump Nev. -

In a vote of 135 to 93 today, a resolution penned by Jay Lake (husband of Cindy Lake, Chairman of Clark County SCC) the Nevada GOP State Central Committee resolved that the binding rules that were passed "were not properly noticed, researched, or debated."

CFR 100.2 was referenced in the argument for this resolution in which it was made abundantly clear that binding violated Federal Election Laws.

More detailed reporting to follow later, as the internet connection at the meeting site is very poor.

Cynthia Kennedy, Nevada

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Ex-NASA Programmer Testifies on the Ease of Election Rigging

Election Rigging a Real and Present Danger.

States should insist on physical - Re-Countable Ballots


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Ben Swann: The Benghazi Story The Media Isn't Telling You (11/16/12)

Great video dealing with the mess of Petraeus and other military officials:


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Lew Rockwell: Ron Paul's ‘Secret’ Plans for Continued Leadership For The Liberty Movement

Via the Liberty Crier: Lew Rockwell appears on the Alex Jones show and discusses what’s next for the liberty movements fight against statism. At the beginning of the interview Lew tells us that Ron Paul has big plans for the liberty movement but cannot reveal them until he is out of congress. Lew says that Ron Paul will be more powerful now that he is out of politics.


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ABC's "Last Resort" is history

Who'duv thunk that the MSM would cancel a show about a power mad President starting a false flag nuclear war and trying to sink one of his own sub's who wouldn't cooperate.


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NY Sun Editorial: The Ron Paul Awakening

New York Sun: One of the things we did this morning was go up on C-Span.org and watch Congressman Ron Paul deliver what is being called his “farewell address.” It is an affecting speech, capping the end of his congressional career; it lasts about an hour. It is about the same length as President Washington’s farewell address. We don’t want to make any inappropriate comparisons between Dr. Paul and the most famous Founder. But we were struck with the similarity between the key themes that Washington sounded and those struck by the Texas Republican who, just in respect of his service in Congress, has regularly over 23 years sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution over the writing of which Washington presided.

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Congressional Briefing on Drones (full video 1 hr 14 min)

Congress Hears Expert Testimony About Combat Drone Program

Opening statement:


Full video:


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Banks may shrink for good as layoffs near 160,000

Of the 29 banks, from Europe's biggest bank HSBC to U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley, just over 83,700 net jobs have been lost since 2009, with 167,200 jobs axed and 83,500 created.

Squeezed by regulations forcing banks to store up more capital in their trading businesses, firms are likely to shrink their investment banking units even further, as they overhaul their models to survive.


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Ron Paul on Stossel: 'Hard to divvy up loot when there's none left' - Nov 15

Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the current state of the economy and whether the administration can make corrections in the next four years.


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