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The War on Ron Paul

by Susan Westfall

Whether the media establishments want to admit it or not, and believe me they don't, Ron Paul IS the 'front runner' for the republican primary. Despite voracious denials and vitriolic arguments from almost every quarter to the contrary, he is the only one with a chance of shutting out Obama for the presidency in 2012. He appeals to all sides of the aisle, and is attracting the much sought after independent swing vote almost as fast as he has the youth of the nation. The Internet is indisputably Ron Paul country as countless polls and google trends have repeatedly shown. The gradual change in political rhetoric flowing out of Washington, D.C. over the last 3 years reflects an explosion of interest in the freedom message he spreads so tirelessly. The continuos growth in popularity of talk and news shows focussing on freedom and the constitution broadcasts loud and clear the rising prominence of issues he has brought to the debate fore. For anyone with any powers of discernment, it's a no-brainer.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution Is The Only Answer [to End the Banks' Reign over us]

We now have an oligarchy. People cannot get a democratic outcome out of an alleged democratic government. We’re seeing this all over the West. Some of these countries aren’t even run by their own governments. They’re run by Wall Street. The whole thing is a fraud. There’s probably more democracy in China…. Revolution is the only answer. Would default be ‘catastrophic’? Catastrophic for who?! The bankers?!

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Thoughts, Words, Prayers and Deeds are with Joplin, MO and other Tornado Victims

124 confirmed killed...
Warning Graphic and Inspiring (they make it!)
Don't show this to young children.

After: http://www.youtube.com/wa...


American Red Cross offer help; registers victims with survivor registry...

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AP: Gold, silver coins to be legal currency in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Utah legislators want to see the dollar regain its former glory, back to the days when one could literally bank on it being "as good as gold."

To make that point, they've turned it around, and made gold as good as cash. Utah became the first state in the country this month to legalize gold and silver coins as currency. The law also will exempt the sale of the coins from state capital gains taxes.

Craig Franco hopes to cash in on it with his Utah Gold and Silver Depository, and he thinks others will soon follow.

The idea is simple: Store your gold and silver coins in a vault, and Franco issues a debit-like card to make purchases backed by your holdings.

read more@: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_BACK_TO_GOLD?SITE=...

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New Ron Paul backer aims at spreading the message

New Ron Paul backer joins the rEVOLution -- video taken at Exeter New Hampshire during Ron Paul's last visit:


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Ron Paul's Speech in Las Vegas

My friend Pat Kerby shot Ron's speech in LV.
Pat is such a talented video producer, I hope that the campaign uses his talents.

http://youtu.be/uYEFBOzaqx8 Part 1

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Ron Paul Responds to President Obama’s Middle East Speech

LAKE JACKSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ron Paul, a twelve-term U.S. congressman, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate, remarked on President Obama’s speech earlier today about the United States’ Middle East policy. Please see the statement below.

“The President gave a speech today about our foreign policy in the Middle East, and once again this administration has proven that it does not understand a proper foreign policy for America. When will our leaders finally do what’s right for America and rethink this irrational approach we’ve followed for far too long?

“Israel is our close friend. While President Obama’s demand that Israel make hard concessions in her border conflicts may very well be in her long-term interest, only Israel can make that determination on her own, without pressure from the United States or coercion by the United Nations.

“Unlike this President, I do not believe it is our place to dictate how Israel runs her affairs. There can only be peace in the region if those sides work out their differences among one another. We should respect Israel’s sovereignty and not try to dictate her policy from Washington.

“The President also defended his unconstitutional intervention in Libya, authorized not by the United States Congress but by the United Nations, and announced new plans to pressure Syria and force the leader of that country to step down.

“Our military is already dangerously extended, and this administration wants to expand our involvement. When will our bombing in Libya end? Is President Obama seriously considering military action against Syria? We are facing $2 trillion dollar deficits, and the American taxpayer cannot afford any of it.

“Our military’s purpose is to defend our country, not to police the Middle East.

“As the President prepares to send even more support to Egypt, we should be reminded that it was our foreign aid that helped Mubarak retain power to repress his people in the first place. Now we have to deal with the consequences of those decisions, yet we keep repeating the same mistakes.

“I am not the only one who can see the absurdities of our foreign policy. We give $3 billion to Israel and $12 billion to her enemies. Most Americans know that makes no sense.

“We need to come to our senses, trade with our friends in the Middle East (both Arab and Israeli), clean up our own economic mess so we set a good example, and allow them to work out their own conflicts.”

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Let's Get Ron Paul on the Tonight Show to refute Huckabee's mischaracterization of his positions

As seen in the Tonight Show clip, Huckabee unfairly mischaracterized Ron Paul's positions and has misled our fellow voters.

Please do what you can to help out in this effort to give Ron Paul an opportunity to clear things up regarding his positions with Jay Leno's audience.

Contact The Tonight Show and let them know that you believe Jay Leno should give Ron Paul an opportunity on the show to refute Huckabee's mischaracterization of his positions.


If you agree that we should do this, please click on the "+" symbol to the left of this thread title and vote it up in the Top Recent Topics list so that more DailyPaul members/visitors will see this call to action.

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Politico: GOP Candidates Embrace Ron Paul's Ideas on The Fed and the IRS

In this Republican primary season, no economic or monetary policy is too unorthodox for an electorate hungry for change.

The Republican field is filled with potential candidates who have called for radical overhauls of the tax code, the abolition of the IRS, an end to the Federal Reserve central bank— and even a return to the gold standard.

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Register Republican to Vote for Ron Paul in Republican Primary


This needs to be spread so one can vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries:

Alabama - http://bit.ly/jutCd9
Alaska - http://bit.ly/iRi1Dz
Arizona - http://bit.ly/liS1rd
Arkansas - http://bit.ly/mtXa0k
California - http://1.usa.gov/jytEM4
Colorado - http://bit.ly/jmIiql
Connecticut - http://1.usa.gov/jsCIDa
Delaware - http://bit.ly/mzNz2J
DoC - http://bit.ly/mAlucA
Florida - http://bit.ly/jSttph
Georgia - http://bit.ly/jI374H
Hawaii - http://1.usa.gov/iwPooU
Idaho - http://bit.ly/j9ClhC
Illinois - http://bit.ly/lqbnDh
Indiana - http://bit.ly/jvpvmZ
Iowa - http://bit.ly/iY8z0F
Kansas - http://bit.ly/lMQuGK
Kentucky - http://bit.ly/kuf7xF
Louisiana - http://bit.ly/m7K4jm
Maine - http://1.usa.gov/lww9v4
Maryland - http://bit.ly/k9k7WB
Massachusetts - http://bit.ly/mb47kS
Michigan - http://1.usa.gov/komUk7
Minnesota - http://bit.ly/ivFi3m
Mississippi - http://1.usa.gov/kU98aI
Missouri - http://1.usa.gov/iZrZzZ
Montana - http://bit.ly/jtdc4q
Nebraska - http://1.usa.gov/l5X6OH
Nevada - http://bit.ly/l9EnAW
New Hampshire - http://1.usa.gov/kmhu1c
New Jersey - http://bit.ly/iOyk5c
New Mexico - http://bit.ly/jWaH0l
New York - http://bit.ly/jlN8th
North Carolina - http://bit.ly/mrLWE5
North Dakota - No voter registration required
Northern Mariana - http://bit.ly/jfbZ5P
Ohio - http://bit.ly/mz4R6C
Oklahoma - http://1.usa.gov/myRdzs
Oregon - http://bit.ly/kG8jil
Pennsylvania - http://bit.ly/mqHvKQ
Puerto Rico - http://bit.ly/madnek
Rhode Island - http://bit.ly/iixR13
South Carolina - http://bit.ly/mrt53g
South Dakota - http://1.usa.gov/kctZMj
Tennessee - http://1.usa.gov/mnDU3i
Texas - http://bit.ly/m0jfGn
Utah - http://1.usa.gov/lgGYt7
Vermont - http://bit.ly/lWRNBG
Virginia - http://1.usa.gov/k0uWaY
Virgin Islands - http://bit.ly/jBgQRg
Washington - http://bit.ly/lvPqp7
West Virginia - http://bit.ly/lxghTC
Wisconsin - http://bit.ly/j5PDmf
Wyoming - http://bit.ly/m9Cg2Z

Free online registration for all states but New Hampshire and Wyoming.

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Supreme Court OKs More Warrantless Searches

May 16, 2011 | NPR

The U.S. Supreme Court has made it significantly easier for police to force their way into a home without a warrant. On Monday, the court, by an 8-1 vote, upheld the warrantless search of an apartment after police smelled marijuana and feared that those inside were destroying incriminating evidence.

The Constitution bars warrantless searches except in certain circumstances — for example, when police fear that evidence of a crime is being destroyed. The question in this case was whether police, by themselves creating such emergency circumstances, unconstitutionally evade the warrant requirement.

The case came from Lexington, Ky., where police pursuing a drug suspect banged on the door of an apartment where they thought they smelled marijuana. After loudly identifying themselves, police heard movement inside, and suspecting that evidence was being destroyed, kicked in the door. There they found Hollis Deshaun King, smoking marijuana. Police also found cocaine inside the apartment.

As it turned out, King was not the suspect police had been looking for, but the drug evidence in the apartment was more than enough to charge him with multiple crimes. King was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Continue, & listen at: NPR

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New Ron Paul 2012 Sites

I've seen them, popping up, here and there. We need a central vantage point, so we can see what is popping up. That is what this thread is for.

If you have a new Ron Paul 2012 site, or have run across one you like, post it in the comments section below to help spread the word.

See the full list at: Ron Paul Directory

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