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The Revolution is in your mind!

I am awaiting my application for City Council in Jefferson, Oregon. The only requisite was that I have lived in the city/town for one year. I've lived here for almost 6 years. I've gone from timid and reluctant to share ideas and feelings to writing articles for the Albany, Oregon newspaper and now inquiring about a seat that may allow me to help make positive changes for those who share a locality and community with me. We all need to jump off that cliff a little more and honor the ambitions and drives within us.


Peace and Love first fellow DP'ers

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China's Weird New Ghost Cities

For a long time now China has been building cities that just sit empty. Some say it's to keep up a false economy but if you look at these cities it seems over the top by any standards. It is downright bizarre! So what's REALLY behind all this building?

I have seen this and other videos for months now and still can't fully understand what the Chinese are doing here. Opinions anyone?


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Police in Pennsylvania (along with Phlebotomists) to start taking blood at DUI checkpoints

State troopers to use blood, not breath, to determine if drivers are under influence

State troopers will use blood, not breath, to determine whether drivers are under the influence of alcohol, because the state Superior Court is scrutinizing a county judge's ruling that questions the accuracy of breath tests.

The change means state police will have to wait weeks for laboratory results, but the method is expected to spike the number of DUI-related drug charges because toxicology tests can determine whether blood samples contain illegal drugs in addition to alcohol.

“The breath test is for alcohol only,” said Trooper Adam Reed, a state police spokesman. “Blood tests can come back and say there is marijuana in that person's system, or bath salts, cocaine, prescription drugs and other things that are also impairing that person's ability to drive.


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1,500 Colonies of Honeybees Die in Campeche

1,500 colonies of honeybees, from a community in Hopelchen, Campeche, died this February 6 from the fumigation of Monsanto’s GMO’s in a nearby area.

This has directly impacted more than 50 impoverished families, who recently suffered a poor corn crop due to drought. The community was relying on their sale of organic honey to compensate for the lack of maize. The current honey left by the bees is also lost due to the contamination of pesticides and transgenic pollen.

Alvaro Mena, a mayan farmer from Hopelchen and member of the Network in Defense of Maize, estimated losses at nearly 10 million pesos and is the equivalent of one year’s worth of corn and honey production for the community.

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No price is too high for you to own yourself.

Thanks to Joe Rogan for this visual.

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Blizzard of '13 Open Thread: "This isn't the Little Nemo here"

I just wanted to wish all of you in the New England area good luck with the impending storm about to dump several feet of snow on our doorsteps. Boston through Southeastern MA will be looking at 2-3 feet of snow when all is said and done tomorrow morning.
Everyone take it slow, and be safe, and as Zappa says, "Don't eat the yellow snow"


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Full-scale Invasion as the United States Deploys Troops in 35 African Countries

A full-scale invasion of Africa is under way. The United States is deploying troops in 35 African countries, beginning with Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Niger. Reported by Associated Press on Christmas Day, this was missing from most Anglo-American media.

The invasion has almost nothing to do with “Islamism”, and almost everything to do with the acquisition of resources, notably minerals, and an accelerating rivalry with China.

Unlike China, the US and its allies are prepared to use a degree of violence demonstrated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Palestine.


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The Fool

The Fool lies at the beginning of the major arcana, but also somewhat apart from the other cards. In medieval courts, the court jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as others. He could observe and then poke fun. This makes the Fool unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. There is a sense with this card that anything goes - nothing is certain or regular. The Fool adds the new and unfamiliar to a situation.

The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.


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All Wars Are Banker Wars

Based on the article from What Really Happened.com:


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GOP Civil War: Establishment Counter-Attacks. Freedom is Winning!

Greetings Ron Paul supporters!

I am back with an update on our progress in the GOP Civil War and an analysis of where the next battlegrounds in the war will be. Please share this, especially with our fellow Paulians on the political battlefield in the states mentioned and warned! We are making progress but the Establishment War Machine is either making or preparing counter-attacks that we must be ready for!


In this article are links to the news stories I reference: http://subsidiaritytimes....

In Liberty,

I'm a Professor, my name is Wall.

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The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics

Last year, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a set of voluntary "guidelines" designed to nudge the meat industry to curb its antibiotics habit. Ever since, the agency has been mulling whether and how to implement the new program. Meanwhile, the meat industry has been merrily gorging away on antibiotics—and churning out meat rife with antibiotic-resistant pathogens—if the latest data from the FDA itself is any indication.

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Currency War: Venezuela Devalues Currency By 46.5%

Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%

While the rest of the developed world is scrambling here and there, politely prodding its central bankers to destroy their relative currencies, all the while naming said devaluation assorted names, "quantitative easing" being the most popular, here comes Venezuela and shows the banana republics of the developed world what lobbing a nuclear bomb into a currency war knife fight looks like:

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E-Verify's 'Hang Everyone' Approach

Immigration reform proposals would make everyone an illegal until proven not to be.

By Laura W. Murphy and Fred L. Smith Jr. | The Wall Street Journal

If you hang everyone, the old saying goes, you will catch some guilty people. That adage points to the fatal flaw of an employment-verification program tucked into several recent immigration-reform proposals in Congress.

The E-Verify program—which several states are experimenting with, but which would become mandatory nationwide under proposed new law—targets every employee that a business hires, in the hope of weeding out a few undocumented immigrants from the workforce. In the process, E-Verify erects dangerous hurdles to employment for legal workers and degrades the privacy of working Americans.

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