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Stuck in the middle with you. Stealers Wheel

Intending to respond to an earlier thread, where a theist and an atheist were discussing the GOD aspect of Liberty.... I was going to comment that I was a deist. And then I realized why I like this place so much.
Concurrently I realized it is after all Friday. Why not have some fun?



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What Percentage of the GOP do we want?

Ron Paul argues that "war" does not beget free markets (or free trade). Because wealth is redistributed to the Supply Chain and Warmongers (the profiteers of war) and according to Mises limits the power of the consumer to rule via the point of sale (POS).

Voting and Lobbying -- Is this an act of war, or forced-redistribution?

War is a Groupist Fight (one group against another)
---Impact: Grows the Size of Government

Voting is a Groupist Fight (one group against another)
---Impact:Grows the Size of Government

Corporations Lobby for Monopoly Positions as Supply Chain Engines when War comes along
---Impact:Grows the size of Government

Corporations and PACs Lobby for Monopoly Position of Authority over their Party (are we going for 10%, 20%, 80%, or 100% control over the GOP?)
---Do we have target goal?
---How much statism do we want to leave in power?
---Impact:Grows the size of Gov't

How did RP suggest we handle Vietnam -- by what mechanism did we have the greatest impact over their gov't? Do you remember that speech? It was via "trade" -- correct? Free-Trade.

Wouldn't it make sense then that the greatest way to influence a country from within is via "consumer-sovereignty" (i.e. free trade)?

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Tea Party "Not Sure About Romney?" ...Duh

My response to this horrible story...

"Not one mention of the Godfather of the Tea Party? The one true conservative elected to office as a Tea Party Republican 12 times? The one candidate that has served this country in war and who wants to return this country to fiscal sanity. The one candidate that pulls votes from all three demographics. The only candidate who worked in the medical field for over 40 years. I feel sorry for Americans. Ignorant people are a politicians warm blanket. Uneducated, dumbed down public. No ambition or drive and believe whatever the black box in their living room tells them. Tea Party? We handed them the most qualified person to run for POTUS in the last 100 years and what do they do? They do what the are told to do.. dismiss him. Sheep to the information trough. Im so tired of telling people to wake up. There is not a glass of water cold enough. The collapse of this nation is the only thing loud enough to bring them to consciousness. I hope Romney wins so America might finally realize nobody is really on their side. Wishful thinking...

Ron Paul 2012. Your children are watching you..."


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Mitt Romney Reassembles Bush Neo-Con Foreign Policy Team

Mitt Romney reassembles Bush neo-con liars foreign policy team


Pass on and share with all!

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Texas Woman Arrested for Warning Drivers About Speed Trap

A Houston woman's attempt to save drivers from a speeding ticket landed her something worse: 12 hours in jail.

As she rode her bicycle home from a grocery store last week near downtown Houston, Natalie Plummer noticed police officers pulling over speeders. After she parked her bike and turned one of her grocery bags into a makeshift sign warning drivers about the "speed trap" ahead, an officer drove up and arrested her.


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Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses...

(NaturalNews) By now, we all know the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate portion of Obamacare by declaring it a "tax." This is, in essence, a declaration that the federal government now has unlimited power to force consumers to spend some (or even all) of their take-home pay on various products, services or even intellectual property that they have no interest in buying in the first place. It is a concentration of economic power in the hands of the federal government, and it suddenly ends economic liberty in America.


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Rolling Stone: The Sharp, Sudden Decline of America's Middle Class

I couldn't finish this report. It brought tears to my eyes.

Every night around nine, Janis Adkins falls asleep in the back of her Toyota Sienna van in a church parking lot at the edge of Santa Barbara, California. On the van's roof is a black Yakima SpaceBooster, full of previous-life belongings like a snorkel and fins and camping gear. Adkins, who is 56 years old, parks the van at the lot's remotest corner, aligning its side with a row of dense, shading avocado trees. The trees provide privacy, but they are also useful because she can pick their fallen fruit, and she doesn't always­ have enough to eat. Despite a continuous, two-year job search, she remains without dependable work. She says she doesn't need to eat much – if she gets a decent hot meal in the morning, she can get by for the rest of the day on a piece of fruit or bulk-purchased almonds – but food stamps supply only a fraction of her nutritional needs, so foraging opportunities are welcome.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/the-sharp-sudden-de...

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Daily Beast: "Mitt Romney's Empty Obamacare-Repeal Rhetoric"

An article from the Daily Beast I agree wholeheartedly with!

Mitt Romney’s Empty Obamacare-Repeal Rhetoric
by John Avlon Jun 29, 2012 6:12 AM EDT

"The presumptive Republican nominee was quick to promise a repeal of the health-care act if elected president, but he proposed no alternative—throwing out only the usual Medi-scare, deficit-bomb, and ‘government takeover’ bromides."

Link here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/06/29/mitt-romney...

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Reality Check: If Healthcare Law Is A Tax Is It Now Invalid?

Ben Swann Reality Check breaks down the Affordable Care Act ruling by the Supreme Court and looks at why the determination that the law is a tax may make it invalid


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Liberty Movement Is Returning Back To A Bunch Of Fiefdoms

What was and continues to be inspiring about Ron Paul is his ability to build bridges between extremely different groups in order to realize their common need: liberty. Sadly after the Randocolypse, these groups have been causing a whirlwind of strife. This strife has been on low heat, but now, has been brought to the surface in recent weeks. There is also power to be had within the movement causing further tension. Our mainstream interface (Jack Hunter and others) have chastized the 'conspiracy wing' of the Ron Paul coalition. Likewise Randian purist Adam Kokesh sees that it is his duty to kick out those who stray from the Party line. Both of these individuals are wrong for the same reason. No one owns the Revolution. From day one, our ideological father Ron Paul has laid no claim to egg he hatched. Like Erasmus with Luther, the Internet Reformation's founder distances his self from his own creation. If Ron Paul lays no claim to our movement, how can Hunter or Kokesh determine who is apart of it?

To simply be put, I realized the wrong of government regulation when I found out that G1 Megatron and Masterpiece Megatron could not be sold in the US. Though this realization is simple, this example allowed me to realize why drugs should not be illegal. I also had read Mises, Lew Rockwell and watched Alex Jones before coming to Ron Paul. With this background coming from a Republican family, am I not allowed to be in the Ron Paul Revolution? My father is a vet who supports Ron. Is he not allowed to be in the Revolution? Clearly, I am, however, those who wish to cut their own fiefdoms of liberty, returning us back to the old Libertarian Party, wish to kick out all who stray from their perfect vision.

I am Christian, Lutheran of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod to be exact. From the Lutheran Confessions comes my understanding of Christianity. Should I be intolerant of Catholics? Heavens no. They need liberty like me. Should I spout that the Vatican has Jesuit Ninjas everywhere? No, they do not exist. It is harmful having discourses with Catholics if they come on Ron Paul websites only to find their faith trashed. What of Christianity as a whole? Adam Kokesh maintains you cannot be in the Ron Paul Revolution and be Christian at the same time. He has not backed down from this stance. Should I be kicked out for being as one DPer put it a 'theoslave'? (note in Christian theology you are either a slave to God, thus liberating you from the world and its woes, or you are a slave to the world which case you are bound to its fate). Should Christians come across material that actively insults them, they should react in disgust and suspicion that you do not have their best interest at heart.

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Oregon Republican Party will hold an Executive Board Meeting Saturday to appoint alternate delegates - open to public

Oregon Republican Party will hold an Executive Board Meeting where they will appoint the alternates. From what I understand, this meeting will be at 12:00 at 2225 Coburg Road in Eugene on Saturday. I was told this meeting was open to the public. Please do confirm the time and location of this meeting yourself.

They are not reconvening the Oregon conventions, and may or may not take the votes of the PCPs who did vote (who were just elected at the Oregon Primary) in to consideration while making these appointments.

This meeting is open to the public for (silent) observation. The jurisdiction of this meeting is all Oregon Republicans.


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Justice Roberts : "It Is Not Our Role To Forbid It"

Chief Justice John Roberts announced the court’s judgment that allows the law to go forward with its aim of covering more than 30 million uninsured Americans. Roberts provided the swing vote to uphold the president’s health care law as the court ruled 5-4. The court’s four liberal justices, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, joined Roberts in the outcome.

Justices Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented.

The justices rejected two of the administration’s three arguments in support of the insurance requirement. But the court said the mandate can be construed as a tax. “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness,” Roberts said.

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