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Palin Warned the GOP !

"Paul, Paul, Ron Paul!"

The crowd demanded that mediator direct one question to Dr. Paul. How many minutes total did Paul get? CNN Republican debate time was not equitable. Fox News ignored Ron Paul almost completely as did the liberal media following the debate. The bias is coming from all directions. Palin was right when she warned the GOP not to alienate Ron Paul supporters. I am officially alienated!

I am a constitution minded conservative who has always voted Republican. In the past there has been a cry, "not to split the ticket." The appointment of conservative Supreme Court judges has always been important to me. I voted against the liberal democrats in all presidential and mid term races because I believed the Republican party was more likely to support the constitution and appoint judges who would do the same. Big federal government and giant deficits continue to grow. I carried a sign at a Tea Party rally that said, " $ 1st mortgage Bush. 2nd mortgage Obama. $" on a map of the USA. The two party system is beginning to look like a one party system. The bailouts keep coming and the debt ceiling keeps rising. I favor a strong high tech military but not a post cold war police state. The Patriot Act and NDAA assault my personal liberty.

This party is over! The Republican party lost my straight ticket vote forever. If Obama wins, so be it. When McCain shocked me with his unwavering support of controversial NDAA provisions, I was ashamed I voted for him. Many citizens do not vote because they do not want to vote for the lesser of two evils. I am going to vote but it will not be for a Democrat or a Republican.

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Gingrich Cancels Campaign Event, Poor Attendance - Ron Paul Draws over 1,000 at Same College

What? The media tells us Newt is 'first' in polls?

"CHARLESTON, S.C.- Newt Gingrich has cancelled a campaign appearance in South Carolina because of poor attendance."

"There were just a few dozen people in the audience at the College of Charleston's arena, where the event was taking place."


Ron Paul's College of Charleston event draws over 1000:


Media deception!

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Stephen Colbert Comes Out for Ron Paul

..... asked by Mika Brezenski on MSNBC's Morning Joe about who he likes, Colbert being funny initially says "Herman Cain" .... Mika then presses him asking who he likes that is still running and Colbert replies:

"Ron Paul"


...... utterly stunned, uncomfortable silence by the talking retard brigade .... no one knows what to say ....

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CNN Smackdown by Ron Paul Supporters at South Carolina

CNN was giving very little time to Ron Paul at the SC Debate. And at one point Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich answered a question and gave their views on abortion.

Clearly the doctor should have been asked, as Ron Paul has an M.D. who served in Vietnam in the US Air Force, and helped deliver over 4,000 babies in his career.

But CNN tried to ignore him. Again it was the Ron Paul grassroots that made this happen. If not for their support, Ron Paul wouldn't have been given an opportunity to respond and give his ideas and perspective on this issue.

His answer is spot on. He explains the time before abortion was legal and explains how the law will not correct the basic problem. At issue is morality, and right to life should be a state issue not a federal issue.


The Paul / Santorum smackdown continues: Santorum attacked Paul at CNN debate for leaving abortion to states, but look what he said in 2003...

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Daily Paul Radio Interviews Tom Mullen: 'America’s Choice: Ron Paul or the Absolute State'

Tom Mullen author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘America’s Choice: Ron Paul or the Absolute State’ to discuss and breakdown from a Libertarian perspective each of the remaining candidates in the Republican primary race.

Listen Here!

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Surrogate Speakers Are Key To Making Ron Paul Acceptable To Mainstream America

Ron Paul can't be everywhere on every show in front of every audience at once - but with enough surrogate speakers his message can be.

Please ask the media that you watch/listen/read for a Ron Paul surrogate speaker that fits with that audience - surrogate speakers are familiar with the language of the target audience and can relate Dr. Paul's message to them in many cases likely even better than he can himself.

Robin Koerner can really give an amazing interview to a liberal audience, just as Adam Kokesh can to defense hawks.

This interview and many more (ask Robin Koerner!) wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me simply asking for it!

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Ron Paul Announces 7 Stop South Carolina Whistle Stop Tour, Friday 1/20/2012

Friday, January 20, 2012 All Times Eastern.

10:00 a.m.
Southern Republican Leadership Conference
College of Charleston TD Arena
301 Meeting St.
Charleston, South Carolina.

11:15 a.m.
Charleston Whistle Stop
Charleston International Airport
Atlantic Aviation
6060 South Aviation Road
North Charleston, SC 29406

12:30 p.m.
Myrtle Beach Whistle Stop
North Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Airport, Ramp 66
2800 Terminal Street
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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What is it about Ron Paul?

I wrote this article, "From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let my People Go!" on December 29th. Since then it has gone viral. A tube was just made based on the article. It was done very well, though I didn't make it myself.



The original article can be found here:


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The Real Reason for SOPA, PIPA, and the NDAA Provisions

The Real Reason for SOPA, PIPA, and the NDAA Provisions

By Revolution News Network - on Facebook Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 11:45pm

There is a very simple, and we think overlooked, reason why the abominations of SOPA and PIPA have appeared like cancerous growths in the House and Senate, and it has more to do than just censoring the internet. It goes deeper than that. It hits a nerve. The very idea of a bottom-up, people driven internet clashes violently with the ideological and political worldview that surveillance should only exist in one direction: From the top down.

You see, we've overlooked what it really means in terms of discomfort and career risk to those who normally bask and benefit from the art of statecraft.

You see, the ordinary, unwashed masses - that would be you and me - are in possession of one of the most powerful forces the earth has ever seen.

And you have learned to use it in a way that is indeed alarming.

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Ron Paul on CSPAN Charleston SC 1/19/12

Thanks Ron Paul Friends for the link:


http://youtu.be/WI2CoEf1q8g brief recording from a cellphone

Charleston, SC

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Ron Paul Supporters Slow I-85 Traffic With Hot Air Balloon Display

SC Highway Patrol troopers asked the men to deflate it
Two self-described independent supporters of Ron Paul slowed I-85 for miles with a hot air balloon set up near the highway.


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Video: 4 South Carolina Senators Endorse Ron Paul at Press Conference

This is our video from the press conference at the South Carolina State Capitol building in Columbia on January 17th, when four state Senators strongly endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for president:


Compared to other primary events we've attended, this one had little major media coverage. We were surprised to see no video of this on the news, so we uploaded the entire event.

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