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Schumer Introduces Ex-PATRIOT Act: Will Banish Those Who Renounce US Citizenship

What comes after Banana Republic? Because America is it - after last week Facebook co-founder, and native Brazilian, Eduardo Saverin announced he would denounce his US citizenship, America has decided to make it virtually illegal to denounce one's citizenship in what can only be classified as the dumbest proposed law in recent history: meet the Ex-PATRIOT Act (Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy) proposed by Chick Schumer and Bob Casey. One wonders just how much taxpayer money was spent to pay naming consultants to come up with this witty acronym for a law that can only be classified as utter idiocy. Here is our suggestion for the follow up law: The "GULAG" Act: Get Ur Laughable Asses Gone (although we are open to any other non-taxpayer funded acronym suggestions).


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Meet TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership: SOPA+PiPA+CiSPA+SPP "Free Trade" Agreement in One

TPP secretly cracking downon Internet freedoms?


Published on May 16, 2012 by RTAmerica

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an international trade agreement between nine countries and not a lot of people have heard of it. Behind closed doors the TPP makes decisions that could affect the cost of medication in America, copyright infringement laws and even impede net neutrality. So why should we care about TPP? Maira Sutton, intellectual property coordinator for EFF, joins [host Abby Martin] to shine some light on the TPP.

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URGENT: Please donate to the MO Delegate Chipin- some families having a hard time getting to the GOP State Convention! UPDATE

We are starting a Chipin for some of our delegate families that do not have the financial means to make it from other parts of the state, some as far as 5 and 6 hours away.

Link below


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Ron Paul: Due Process For Everyone US Citizen or Not

This is one of the topics that attracts foreigners like myself to Ron Paul. For many of us, the trigger that caused great admiration for the man was during a candidate debate when he suggested the golden rule of foreign politics in the face of an American audience that booed him for even suggesting Christian principles in foreign affairs. For me, this was America showing its real face: The US rules, the world follows. Morality stops at American borders.

And yet, here was this grandpa-like politician on stage preaching values that are common to all people of the world: The golden rule.

Today Ron Paul is once again causing an embarrassment to mainstream Americans by speaking out and pushing for policy for the rights of prisoners, Americans or not!

Can you believe that this is 2012 and not 1939 Poland?

This sort of news is hitting one out of the baseball park when it comes to attracting foreign support. Sadly, this may not be the case for attracting support within the USA.

Please tell me I'm wrong. :-(

Today's News: Ron Paul Pushes Measure to Guarantee Due Process to Detainees, US Citizens or Not:

Liberty for All

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RNC, Romney Campaign Will Erect 'Shadow State Party' to Bypass State GOP in Nevada

The RNC has decided to create a new organization to bypass NV GOP because it's controlled by Ron Paul Republicans.

RNC, Romney campaign will erect new organization to bypass state GOP
By Jon Ralston | Las Vegas Sun
May 16, 2012

Fed up with an inept and self-destructive GOP apparatus in Nevada, the Republican National Committee and the Mitt Romney campaign have decided to erect a “shadow state party” in this critical swing state, sources confirmed today.

“They are still bogged down in the minutiae of whether Romney will be the presumptive nominee,” scoffed a GOP strategist familiar with the details of the restructuring. “We don’t have time for that when the Obama campaign already is in full campaign mode. We have no use for them (the state GOP).”

The lack of faith in the Republican Party here intensified with the botched February caucus, metastasized after the Ron Paul takeover in Sparks and reached its zenith with Tuesday evening’s call for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to resign by a divided Clark County GOP

Continue at Las Vegas's good newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun

And here on Democratic Undergroud:


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Politico: Key Clark County, Nevada GOP Calls For Priebus Resignation" 5/16

"The Clark County Republican Party formally condemns the actions of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee for their flagrant violations of RNC Rule 11(a)," the Clark County party said in a statement Wednesday. "The Republican Party's rules in regard to this matter are specifically intended to ensure a fair process which allows the members of the party to determine which candidates best represent the ideals and will of the membership. By disenfranchising its own members, the RNC Executive Committee and Chairman Priebus have weakened the party by subverting the principles on which it was built. "

"We hope that our Republican colleagues in local and state parties across the nation will join with us in expressing our outrage at having our role in the nomination process usurped by a select few individuals," the statement continued. "Finally, given his outright disregard for the rules that govern our party, we are formally demanding that Chairman Priebus resign his position within the RNC effective immediately."


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It’s Romney’s to Lose: Here’s How He Does It

Many of Ron Paul's supporters are currently abuzz with a letter that was written by Jennifer Sheehan, the RNC's legal council in 2008, which appears to state that no state delegate to the GOP convention is bound by his state to vote for a particular candidate. The excitement derives from the fact that if it were true, an outright Romney victory in the first round of voting at the convention in Tampa would be rather unlikely. But if it is not true - and I am sure the GOP will change rules if necessary to make it untrue - there may be just as much excitement to be had in the possibility of something that is rather more in the control of Paul's supporters.

It's the big "What if?" question that the letter begs but that few have asked.

What if Paul's supporters just ignore the binding rules and vote their consciences? What if, in Tampa, all those Paul supporters who are bound by state rules to vote for Romney put the ball firmly back in the GOP's court, and say, "Your move"?

One's first reaction might be to point out that if that were possible, it would have happened before.

But that would be a mistake. The GOP is now in uncharted territory.

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Who here is UNITED to keep going?

I've read many posts over the last two days with a certain objectivity while also trying to keep our opposition in mind. It seems that many of us here are doing exactly what they would love us to do.

Not me. I for one will keep fighting the good fight. Who's with me?

I have to admit, FOR ME part of this was about pride. I would love for the MSM to choke on their own words and to be able to tell everyone "see, I told ya so", but that's not what THIS movement is about.

Despite the frustration many here may feel about the "vagueness" of the recent campaign statements, this campaign is FAR from over, and there is still much work to be done.

Dig into why you are here in the first place, and remember this isn't the first time red meat has been thrown out to the salivating press.

Now, with that out of the way, we have some work to do this weekend. Here are some novice but helpful suggestions to keep moving forward (part was posted earlier):

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Big Story about Ron Paul - Bangor Daily News

Please look at this story. It tells about Ron Paul staying the course....this is for anyone who has thought that Ron Paul has quit...

PORTLAND, Maine — Ron Paul supporters in Maine, who less than two weeks ago staged what has been called a takeover of the state GOP convention, said they continue to stand behind the presidential hopeful even after he announced Monday he will not spend more money in pursuit of state primary victories.


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Thanks Doc, we'll take it from here.

At some point we gotta say: "Thanks Doc, we'll take it from here"

The history books won't give Dr. Paul his due unless we are the change.

Let's start by getting as many delegates as we can, go to Tampa, and change some minds!!!

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Moving Forward: Mitt Romney, Tampa And The Revolution...By Jack Hunter

From RonPaul 2012, by Jack Hunter

Let me be blunt: Mitt Romney represents the same, old Republican Party I’ve been fighting against my entire adult life. The question today is, to what degree is the GOP the same, old Republican Party? To what degree will it remain the same, old Republican Party?

When I signed on with the 2012 Ron Paul campaign I viewed it as Part 2 of the Part 1 of our movement that Paul had inspired in 2008. Before 2008, the Republican Party was a depressing wilderness, offering absolutely nothing for constitutional conservatives. I had supported Pat Buchanan’s presidential runs in 1996 and 2000 in my early 20’s because he was the only candidate willing to take on the neoconservatives who were steadily influencing American foreign policy. With the election of George W. Bush, the neoconservatives would dominate on foreign policy. The GOP became so obsessed with championing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that the party became little more than apologists for big government so long as it was Republican. Medicare Plan D, No Child Left Behind, doubling our national debt, destroying the 4th amendment with The Patriot Act—nobody cared. That period of the GOP was all about support for war at any cost, literally. At the 2008 RNC convention, neocon liberal Joe Lieberman was even given a prime time speaking spot while strict constitutionalist Ron Paul wasn’t even allowed in the building.

Like I said, during that time there was literally nothing of worth to constitutional conservatives in the Republican Party.

This is no longer true.

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