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Dr. Iris Mack, Harvard Math Whiz/Derivatives Whistleblower endorses Dr. Paul!

RP2012 Official Campaign Release:

Celebrated Harvard Alum Dr. Iris Mack Endorses Ron Paul for the Presidency - Internationally-recognized Harvard mathematician and derivatives whistleblower considers Dr. Paul’s many credentials as ample fodder for endorsement

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul announced today the endorsement of Iris Mack, the notable and accomplished applied mathematician, derivatives whistleblower and professor. The endorsement recently was made official on The Economic Policy Journal.

In endorsing the 12-term Congressman from Texas, Dr. Mack stated: “Ron Paul has some serious credentials: medical doctor, Air Force veteran, and author of several books detailing and predicting various economic issues and crises. As public official for many years, Dr. Paul has an excellent voting record as a fighter for liberty, and on a personal note he is a well-regarded family man.”

Continuing her praise, Dr. Mack cited Dr. Paul’s stance against President Obama’s civil liberties power-grab, saying, “Also, Ron Paul seems to be one of the few elected public servants who has come out against the NDAA Indefinite Detention Law – which Obama signed on New Year’s Eve deliberately when few were watching.”

“Taken together, there isn’t one thing I dislike about Ron Paul,” concluded Dr. Mack.

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Ron Paul Resonates with Hispanic Voters in Florida

Perhaps the vote in Florida will surprise everyone!!!

USNews.com | January 26, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's strategists say they have discovered a surprising source of support for their candidate—Latinos in Florida.

Paul hasn't made any overt appeals for the Hispanic vote, his advisers say. In fact, he has barely campaigned in Florida at all because he considers the odds too great against him, although he did participate in a Tampa debate earlier this week and is preparing for another one in Jacksonville tonight. But a Paul spokesman cites a new poll indicating that the Texas congressman has the support of 41.5 percent of likely Hispanic Republican voters in Florida, with former House Speaker New Gingrich second at 25.3 percent, former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts at 9.2 percent, and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania at 4.1 percent.

This suggests that Paul could do better than expected in Florida's presidential primary next Tuesday.

Continue Reading at USNews.com

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I was so wrong

This is an apology to Dr Paul....I was involved in the frustrated and frantic attempt to try to advise Ron Paul on his debating skills. I've done some soul searching about this and realize I was wrong. I will never speak for others, only myself.

I realized that I discovered Ron Paul five years ago and he changed my life. I realized that some have known him longer and some recently. I also realized that Ron Paul has been fighting for us the majority of his life and he has been fighting most of that time alone. He has the strongest character and dedication of any individual I have seen in the 62 years seen of my life. Was it easy for him? NEVER. I can not imagine how he continued never swaying in his convictions with so many mocking him, ridiculing him and desperately trying to shut him up. First of all, I know that I would have given up a long time ago and I think if most of you do some soul searching, you will agree that you would have done the same.

I don't care how Dr Paul does in the debate tonight, he is who he is and that is why I regard him so highly and respect him so totally. He has been fighting fairly when the rest have not but as my son once told me "Get over it mom, life is not fair" In my mind It doesn't matter to me how Ron Paul does tonight because I will never waver in my belief and dedication to him. I am with him to the end and instead of watching the debate (he doesn't need to convince me of anything), I will be putting out my new Ron Paul signs all over my property, driving around with my brand new magnetic Ron Paul car decals and hanging my HUGE Ron Paul banner across the front of my house so that my neighbors get the message.

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I took a Ron Paul sign to a Gingrich rally today

I just returned from a 9:00 am GOP/Tea Party rally for Newt Gingrich in Mount Dora, Florida. I took an official Ron Paul For President 2012 sign and held it as I walked through the crowd of several hundred people, mostly retirees, who seemed very supportive of Mr. Gingrich. I dressed nicely and smiled and said hello to everyone I met. I did not see any other Ron Paul signs but I got mostly positive comments from many people, including a number of elderly women who gave me big smiles.

There was a huge media presence and I tried to stand in view of the big cameras but did not wave my sign at them. At one point a security guy in a dark suit approached me. He stared intently in my face, said I was on private property and ask me to put my sign away. I smiled and politely said I was just expressing my opinion, that I was being respectful of the people around me and not confronting anyone. Since I was 20 feet or so from where Newt passed by on the way to the stage I guess he thought I was not going to cause a problem so he left me alone. A roving reporter for a local paper spotted me, took several pictures and then asked for my name.

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Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA

Months before the debate about Internet censorship raged as SOPA and PIPA dominated the concerns of web users, President Obama signed an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was signed by Obama on October 1 2011, yet is currently the subject of a White House petition demanding Senators be forced to ratify the treaty. The White House has circumvented the necessity to have the treaty confirmed by lawmakers by presenting it an as “executive agreement,” although legal scholars have highlighted the dubious nature of this characterization.

The hacktivist group Anonymous attacked and took offline the Federal Trade Commission’s website yesterday in protest against the treaty, which was also the subject of demonstrations across major cities in Poland, a country set to sign the agreement today.

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Inside the Ron Paul Campaign with Doug Wead

Doug Wead adviser for Ron Paul 2012 joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Inside the Ron Paul Campaign’ to discuss how the campaign sees the results of the first three states. He discusses the delegates and then sheds some light on the mainstream media.

Listen Here!

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Great Reverse Blowback story...

Taken from my sister's facebook status:
"So my brother was shoveling our driveway, wearing his converse Ron Paul shoes, a Ron Paul 2012 sweatshirt, and a Ron Paul hat. A guy in a plow drives by our house, stops abruptly in the middle of the road, puts his truck in reverse and turns in to plow our driveway. On his way out he rolls down his window and says to my brother "I like your sweatshirt."

The numbers are climbing. The R3VOLUTION is on."

For the record I bought everyone in my family a sweatshirt and hat; so I called my parents and said "you're welcome" for the free driveway cleaning. My younger brother was happy for the reprieve as well!

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Update: Adam Kokesh's Veterans for Ron Paul DC Rally - Money Grenade 2/1/12

Here's a brief update:

"Veterans march for Ron Paul announcements - Money Grenade 2/1!!!"


Please help out Adam by chipping in if you can y'all!

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Ron Paul Highlights in Jacksonville GOP / CNN Debate - 1/26/12

As always, thanks to Joe Plummer for the video capture & upload Ron Paul in the debate:


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Daily Paul Poll: Who did you vote for in 2008?

Who did you vote for in the 2008 general election?

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Doug Wead Interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano – Jan 25 2012

Doug Wead and his common sense highlighted on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch.


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University of Florida Independent Alligator Editorial Board Endorses Texas Congressman: We Pick Paul

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, voters will flock to the polls to distribute Florida's 50 delegates among the four contenders left in the Republican presidential primary. If you plan to vote in the primary, the Editorial Board of the Alligator encourages you to place your vote for Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

Paul is an unconventional candidate who does not fit the standard Republican mold — and that's why we like him. Unlike his 2008 bid for the White House, his campaign has been on the offensive. Rather than going after his competitors over non-issues like extramarital affairs, he has been attacking the other candidates for their inconsistency and lack of commitment to serious ideas.

Paul puts winning the nomination second to the proliferation of his ideas - ideas that would never even have been discussed by the media four years ago. Who would ever think that a top contender for the White House would be talking about ending the Federal Reserve or the war on drugs?


Read More: http://www.alligator.org/opinion/editorials/article_ffe61da4...

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