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Ron Paul on CNN's State of the Union - Sunday January 29th

Ron Paul on CNN's State of the Union with Candy Crowley


Thank-you Ron Paul Friends

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To Jack Welch from a Ron Paul supporter: "Don't go away mad, just go away."

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So Jack Welch (the retired CEO of General Electric) wants to give Ron Paul the pink slip and keep all of his supporters on the Republican plantation.


Well here is my response.


Dear Mr. Welch,

Now I know you weren't trying to be mean the other day when you and your wife Suzy, announced in your new Reuters column that the GOP needs to "fire" Ron Paul. You were very generous in your compliments to the Ron Paul supporters. I think the words you used were "young", "passionate", and "energetic". (You forgot to mention that they are also "right"; right about the Federal Reserve, right about the constitution, right about a non-interventionist foreign policy, and right that Ron Paul would make the best president of the United States. But I am sure that was just an oversight.) Let me return the compliment.

I know that your managerial skills are second to none. You didn't make General Electric into one of the world's most profitable companies by being mean to your employees. No, you did THAT by inheriting a huge corporation that was already very profitable, acquiring media outlets to slant the news, and becoming chummy with the Washington D.C. insiders that control government contracts and write business regulations that stifle competition. Oh, and becoming VERY good at firing people.

Yes, you are the master at "letting people go". You've written books about it. You didn't get the nickname "Neutron Jack" for nothing. Like a neutron bomb, you could empty a corporate building of employees without so much as staining the carpet.

You're firing skills are legendary.

So when you announced that Ron Paul has absolutely no chance of becoming President of the United States, and that the Republicans needed to get rid of him with "dignity" and "respect" (instead of like the “kook” that he is) you were speaking with the voice of experience.

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Let's Scare The Crap Out Of The Establishment!

Many mainstream Republicans I've talked to want to like Ron Paul but are uncomfortable with his foreign policy and these same people will stop and listen when an explanation of support is coming from a veteran of "The War On Terror." We have an amazing opportunity to duplicate interviews like this one


On a massive level, both in regional media like that, And on the really big nationally syndicated shows where a huge impact can be made. This is one of the keys to winning the Republican nomination, and winning over those that support Ron Paul on everything but foreign policy has the potential to make it a Ronslide from here on out.

Adam Kokesh has passed the vetting for http://www.specialguests.com/ and just $300 will get Adam an interview on any one of the biggest shows in the country. Donate at https://www.adamvstheman.com/invest and leave “MSM” as a comment, $100 will get him on smaller and regional shows, and every smaller amount helps us get there!

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Ron Paul WINS Tennessee Republican Assembly Straw Poll

The Results:
Ron Paul 200 votes
Rick Santorum 62 votes
Newt Gingrich 38 votes
Mitt Romney 15 votes
Jon Huntsman 1 vote

for more info and pics

Tennessee has seemed to slant toward Santorum lately. I think mainly because Santorum tries to come across as "Mr. Morals" in the debates ...remember, we're in the 'Bible Belt' here.

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Judge: Ron Paul Can’t Force Twitter, YouTube To Identify ‘Impostors’

Ron Paul’s campaign suffered a setback this week in its effort to identify who uploaded videos that appear to show the presidential candidate bashing a former rival’s ties to China.

A federal judge yesterday refused the campaign’s request for an order that would have forced YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) and Twitter to disclose details about “NHLiberty4Paul.” That name is associated with a Twitter and YouTube handle, likely from New Hampshire, that issued messages suggesting former Republican candidate Jon Huntsman is a Chinese agent.

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"What's wrong with y'all? We got to get behind whoever the winner is!"

I was reading a post tonight about a girl who was sitting next to a man who saw she was a Ron Paul supporter and this man sitting next to her said this: "Whether it is Newt or Romney, we got to get behind whoever the winner is."

I thought about that for a moment and I tried to ponder what you could say to someone who would tell you something like this. It is then that I came up with a question that I would ask anyone who would suggest that to me.

If you were standing in a line for bread with your child, and all the other children and their parents were in front of you and they were being felt up in order to get some bread, would you continue to stand in that line and allow your child to be felt up for the bread that you and he could eat or would you get out of line and get in line with a group of people who would not allow that to happen to their child.

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10 people in the last 3 days have stopped me to talk about Ron Paul, in a good way... Because...

I wear buttons, I have bumper stickers & side magnets for my car. And I know most of the issues well. I am able to dispel myths about Ron Paul & offer truthful insights to people.

Please wear your RP 2012 gear & get ready to talk to people! A guy came up to me at the grocery store today & shook my hand & praised Ron Paul. The cashier at that same store praised Dr. Paul & said she 'loved him'. Another lady at that same store the day before asked me if I had anymore Ron Paul buttons. I gave her my button & a yard sign. The cashier at Chipotle commented on my RP button & said she hoped he got elected because "he is a genius." The cashier at Starbucks asked me about Ron Paul. A man on a bicycle pulled up to my parked car & knocked on my window to talk about Ron Paul.

This is all in the past few days. This has been happening for weeks now. The point is: Wear your gear! Promote Ron Paul! I get more comments from my RP 2012 button than anything else. I will wear some sort of RP promotional gear, everywhere I go.

Also, remember, if someone comes to you praising RP & they want him to win, get their information to remind them about the caucus &/or primaries & tell them the best way to get involved. Get them to sign up with you or send their contact info to the local RP offices nearby, or to visit official campaign website & sign up in their state. This is the whole idea: to galvanize support, rally & climax at the caucuses/primaries.

Happy promoting!

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Maine Representative Aaron Libby and LL Bean's Linda Bean Endorse Ron Paul for President!

***Update! Representative Aaron Libby of Maine endorsed Ron Paul today at a campaign stop in Alfred, Maine.

“We need to change our cradle-to-grave government mentality. Cutting taxes is not enough. We must reduce the size and cost of our federal government. I am tired of the status quo, big-government politicians of both sides of the aisle. Ron Paul represents real cuts, real change, for a free and prosperous America. I am a Ron Paul Republican,” said Rep. Libby.


**Update! According to the Washington Post, Linda Bean, Grand Daughter of the LL Bean founder and prominent Republican activist in Maine, is the first of two endorsements today.

"He's very electable, he crosses all ideological lines because of his strong message," Bean said. "He's for the gold standard. I think people want stability in this country. He's for helping America domestically, and staying out of aggressive wars. We're just spending ourselves down the drain in these countries year after year with occupation."


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Paul Makes Unannounced Stop To Meet With Maine Governor


Lewiston, Maine (CNN) - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul met with Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage on Friday, a stop that was not announced as part of the congressman's public schedule.

"He called and asked to meet," Paul told CNN when asked how the meeting with LePage came about.

Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton said the meeting went well. It's unclear what the two men discussed.


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'Endorse Liberty' Super PAC to Broadcast 30 Minute Ron Paul TV Special in Florida

Here is what the people in Florida will see:



MIAMI, Jan 27, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Endorse Liberty, a political action committee supporting Ron Paul for President, announced today that it has purchased multiple 30 minute prime time slots on Florida's WHDT TV, the largest independent broadcaster in Florida and America's first HD network, to air a special program in advance of the Florida Republican primary. The special features short films about the candidate, including "Blowback," which outlines Ron Paul's foreign and military policy for America.

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VIDEO: Dr. Paul ROCKS Bangor, Waterville, & Lewiston, Maine - 1/27


Ron Paul kicks off two-day tour of Maine in Bangor

By Eric Russell, BDN Staff
Jan. 27, 2012

BANGOR, Maine — Declaring the “freedom movement alive and well,” Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul kicked off a two-day statewide tour in Bangor on Friday with the hope of convincing enough delegates to support him at Maine’s caucuses, which begin next weekend.

Paul, the 76-year-old Congressman from Texas, is the only current GOP candidate who has yet to win a state’s primary or caucus, but he has been racking up delegates in many states.

“We came to where the action is. We came to get delegates. That’s the name of the game. That’s how you win an election,” he told a crowd of about 300 people packed inside the Union Street Brick Church in downtown Bangor...

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Couldn't believe my eyes on Redstate this morning

Is this the same place that regularly bans Ron Paul supporters?

The Jacksonville Brawl

"Then there was Ron Paul. Many of us quickly dismiss Ron Paul, but his performance was stellar. He offered extremely sound responses on healthcare, education, border security, and more. Very few of the questions were on foreign policy, which is where he tends to go off the reservation. Last night he came off as warm, funny, and right on the mark. It was his best debate performance. Santorum and Paul benefited from Romney and Gingrich’s constant bickering."

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