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VIDEO: Ron Paul Speaks to Bloomberg about the Fed - 4/27/11

April 27 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, discusses the outlook for Federal Reserve policy and Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke's news conference today following a two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. Paul, head of the House Financial Services subcommittee that oversees the Fed, speaks with Betty Liu, Michael McKee and Al Hunt on Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)



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Activism Callout for May 5th: What are you doing in your Community?

What are you doing in your community to promote the Money Bomb and the 1st Debate on May 5th?

Many colleges just have a few more days of classes left, so it's important to activate the new Ron Paul supporters into your local Meetup groups before they empty out for the summer.
Here's what we are doing in Bloomington, IN:
Call Out

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NY Times: As Ron Paul Weighs Presidential Run, His Issues Are Already Being Debated


WASHINGTON — Representative Ron Paul of Texas announced Tuesday the formation of a presidential exploratory committee, saying he anticipated “a much, much more significant campaign” than he ran in 2008 should he decide to become an official candidate for the presidency in 2012.

Speaking at an event in Des Moines, Mr. Paul, 75, said he would decide by the end of May whether to become a candidate and stressed the reasons that he believed he might wield more influence over the shape, direction and conversation of the Republican contest this time around.

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CBS NEWS: Ron Paul announces presidential run, says Obama can't win youth vote

Found the link at the top of the Drudge Report:

Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican known for his staunch libertarian views, announced today he's forming a presidential exploratory committee.

This marks Paul's third bid for the presidency. He first ran in 1988 and again in 2008, winning a small but enthusiastic group of supporters among the GOP electorate.

Part of Paul's fervent support in 2008 was grounded in college-aged voters, a constituency that also largely favored Barack Obama. In this campaign, the 75-year-old Paul said today, Mr. Obama won't be able to hang on to the youth vote.


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Rand on CNN 4-26-11

Pretty good interview. Talks about Ron and Donald Trump.

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Must Watch Adam vs the Man w/ Veterans for Ron Paul 2012

after watching that annoying spitzer guy - what a refreshing show here


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Spontaneous Order and Ron Paul's Victory in 2012

In my opinion, Ron Paul won something momentous in 2008 - he changed the minds of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. No, he did not win an election. Not even close - but it has never been about winning for Ron Paul. Winning in 2008 would have certainly been wonderful, wining in 2012 would be delightful - but political victory is the dessert, not the main course.

Let me explain.

The way the United States will be made a better, more free society will be when society itself changes - not when leaders, politicians and authorities change it from the top down. A sizeable portion of the population must come to think differently. This happens through education - and Ron Paul is one of the greatest living educators on liberty. This is because he speaks the principles of liberty with simplicity and patience, but also because he has lived a life by his own words, and it has borne fruit which cannot be argued with.

People cannot attack Ron Paul's philosophical consistency and they cannot attack his integrity. We, as the tools of his campaign (which is sure to be grassroots) must be a movement that reflects these values in both word and deed. Here are three principles which will ensure (and I mean guarantee) that we will win what is most important in 2012.

1. We Must Not Create Our Own "Establishment"
The 2008 campaign shocked the world primarily because of help which came from unknown sources in unforseen ways. By having essentially no "official" campaign, Ron Paul was free to be assisted by people who were genuinely inspired. When people are passionate about ideas, their enthusiasm naturally pours out into action. With that comes leaders who learn how to channel this raw energy into tangible projects on both local and national scales (money bombs, rallies, local activism, etc). Others will have the means to fund these endeavours. Some will educate. But any and all who are affected and inspired will do something - it is axiomatic.

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RT - Ron Paul Announces 2012 Presidential Bid


Ron Paul announces 2012 presidential bid

Ron Paul has thrown his hat into the race for the 2012 presidential election, marking the third time that the Republican congressman will vie for the role of commander in chief. After two failed bids, why should Americans look toward Paul this next time around? Trevor Lyman is an activist in favor of Paul, and he says it is the politician's stance on the principles of what makes America great and his devotion toward the Constitution that make him the perfect candidate for the country today.

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Public Policy Poll shows Dr. Paul in Iowa much, much stronger than in 2008

Here are a few nuggets from Public Policy Polling. His favorability is fantastic:

- In Iowa Paul's net favorability with GOP voters is +38 at 55/17. The only Republican more popular with the base than that in the state is Mike Huckabee. Paul's numbers trump Tim Pawlenty (+32), Mitt Romney (+30), Sarah Palin (+29), and Newt Gingrich (+21) as well as a cadre of other less well known candidates. Paul has part of the same problem Palin showed in her polling earlier in the year- a disconnect between the extent to which people like him and their willingness to spend their vote on him- but those are still some pretty good numbers.

- On our 'main' ballot test in Iowa Paul gets 6%, tying Pawlenty and slightly edging Michele Bachmann's 5%. In a field without Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin- something entirely plausible- Paul gets 16%, putting him in third place in the state.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ron-paul-already-polling-well...

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Ron Paul Was Tempted To Walk Away From Presidential Race, But Fears U.S. Is In ‘A Slow Motion Default’

NEW YORK — Congressman Ron Paul, en route to Iowa to announce the creation of the presidential campaign exploratory committee, told an editorial breakfast of The New York Sun that “it’s tempting to just walk away” from the presidential race “but if what we’re predicting happens, we’re going to have to step up.”

He was referring to the collapse of the dollar and the threat of wider inflation and the damage they are doing to ordinary Americans, who are suddenly facing soaring gasoline prices and grocery bills and an erosion of their savings and the value of their homes.

The Congressman said he was not concerned about the talk about how a vote against raising the debt ceiling would lead to a default, saying America is in “a slow motion default now.”


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The Money Bomb is on May 5th - Spread the Word

Debate Day.com - Click image for full info:

RSVP on Facebook

Spread the word.

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My NYC Ron Paul Experience

Thanks to artistsforRP for a video of Ron Paul's at Webster Hall:

What an awesome time in NYC yesterday. I just had to share it with all of you, it being my experience around Ron Paul.

First I took the train into the city from Metro Park, NJ. Left about 9:15 got into the city at about 10am. Walked from Penn Station down to McNally Jackson and got there just about 11:00. Only a few scattered RP supporters not sure where he was going to be signing. After hearing one fellow ask we were directed downstairs. Me and my girlfriend were the third group in line (about 6 people in front of us).

We waited till just after one, talking to a few nearby people, one being the creator of www.liberty-candidates.org

As Ron came in from a side door he greeted everyone with a smile and the people in the first line got a great handshake. We began and quickly rushed through because of his busy schedule that day. However I did get to say that it was an honor to meet him and thanked him and wished him good luck. (I have a few pictures I will upload later and add to this post.)

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Why The Ron Paul Presidential Run Will Be A MUCH Bigger Deal This Time Around


It's just obvious that in the last four years, since the last time Ron Paul ran for President, the ideological center of gravity in the GOP -- and the whole country for that matter -- has shifted a lot closer to Ron Paul's position.

In 2008, Paul ran a cult campaign as a libertarian, anti-Fed, anti-war Republican.

At the time, nobody in the GOP really cared about the Fed, and for the most part, Bush's wars enjoyed broad support.

Today they're Obama's wars, and the Fed is one of the most disliked institutions around, taking daily abuse even from mainstream outlets like CNBC.

It's inconceivable to think that in the GOP primary, candidates won't be asked for their position on Bernanke, quantitative easing, the role of the dollar, and of all the candidates, only Ron Paul has made a career on all these issues...


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