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Neil Cavuto defends Paul AGAIN! He posted my email too!

Check it out, for the second night in a row, Neil calls out the bias against Ron Paul:


Bonus for me was that he posted my thank you email I sent him! Woo ;)

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Putting the Super Brochures to Good Use

Part II here

How to spread the word about Ron Paul with the Super Brochure. Don't be intimidated! It is easy and fun. There are tons of Ron Paul supporters out there who just don't know it yet!


How to tag cars:


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Examiner: Grassroots Video on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Converts Many

From the Examiner:

Ron Paul's stance on foreign policy, in 2007 and now again in 2011, has been called "dangerous," "naive," and Bill O'Reilly on the 'Today' show on Monday even said it disqualifies Paul not only as a candidate, but "as an American."

Sean Wheeler, a clinical hypnotherapist in Atlanta, could not disagree more. A Ron Paul supporter since 2007, Wheeler decided to spend his nights and weekends over the last three months creating a video he half-jokingly hoped would "change the world," or at the least change some minds about Ron Paul's foreign policy. He kept hearing people say that they liked everything about Ron Paul, except his foreign policy. He said, "It occurred to me that if voters understood and supported his foreign policy, he would win the Republican nomination in a landslide."

Read the entire article at the Examiner...

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Watch the video in question:


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The Hill: Ron Paul's Brilliant Iowa Campaign

- Snip -

The quality and timing of his television ads, his multi-dimensional message, his targeting of voters outside normal political channels, his sequencing of various aspects of the campaign simultaneously and the high level of professionalism of his campaign structure are all exceptional.

I will have more about this soon. I suspect that ultimately the way the Paul campaign in Iowa is being run will be compared to the way Obama's Iowa campaign was run in 2008 in terms of the pure mechanisms of running a caucus campaign.

- end snip -

Read the whole thing at The Hill

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The Long Road to a Brokered Convention

I have encountered a repeated theme: that the time to donate is now, that time is almost out, that Iowa and New Hampshire are the last final push.

There's some truth to that, of course. If Ron Paul doesn't place second (or higher) in both Iowa and New Hampshire, he's toast. But even if Ron Paul won both Iowa and New Hampshire, it would be only the beginning of a very long and very hard campaign that, at best, would lead to a brokered convention.

The GOP changed its rules from a winner-take-all delegate system to more of a proportional one (primaries held after March are still winner-take-all). Let's break down the numbers:

  • Total Delegates at stake: 2,288
  • Total Delegates at stake before April 1 (proportional): 1227
  • Total Delegates at stake after April 1 (winner-take-all): 1061

If history repeats itself and the 'front-runner' receives 40% of the vote before April 1st, then the front-runner will only receive 490 delegates.

  • Total Delegates needed to clinch nomination: 1,144
  • Total Delegates needed by front-runner after April 1: 654

Looking at the rest of the schedule by month, we see this:

  • Delegates at stake in April: 329
  • Delegates at stake in May: 277
  • Delegates at stake in June: 405

This means there is no way for the front-runner to clinch the nomination before June. There simply aren't enough delegates. He can certainly run away with the election, but he can't clinch it.

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Video: Neil Cavuto Defends Ron Paul

Neil Cavuto Defends Ron Paul -- BIG TIME!!!


PLEASE -- write him a BIG THANK YOU!!


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Intrade Iowa: Paul Pulling Away!

46% woot woot!

(click to enlarge)

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Vanity Fair: One Nation, Under Arms - The Military Industrial Complex in the USA

A great piece here sent to me from a friend who knows I'm Ron Paul fan.

Todd Purdham's writing in Vanity Fair about the Military Industrial complex and the Secret Industry in the post- Cold War era, and how it is so important to some states, that happen to vote Republican.

One Nation, Under Arms

"The private papers of the late George F. Kennan, Cold War architect and diplomat extraordinaire, reveal his anguish over the way his famous 1947 warning about Soviet expansionism helped transform the America he loved into one he no longer recognized: a national-security state. A half-century after a similarly historic warning—President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s speech about the dangers of a powerful “military-industrial complex”—Todd S. Purdum shows how completely Kennan’s and Eisenhower’s worst fears have been realized, warping almost every aspect of society, deflecting attention from urgent problems, and splitting the country into two classes"

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South Carolina - TODAY is deadline to register to vote (12/21)

South Carolina

The deadline to register to vote is TODAY, Wednesday, December 21.

Make sure you are properly registered to vote at your current address.

Check your registration status here:

Here is the voter registration form:

You can hand deliver, fax or email the voter registration form to your County Board of Voter Registration.

Here is more info on how to register:

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Yahoo! Front Page: Ron Paul’s plans for taxes, spending & Social Security

If you know anything about Ron Paul's economic views, it's probably that he's not a big fan of the Federal Reserve system, or that he loves the gold standard. But those are hardly the only noteworthy planks in his platform. The Republican congressman from Texas, who now looks to have a real chance of winning the Iowa caucuses in less than two weeks, also wants to abolish five Cabinet departments, drastically lower corporate taxes, and allow younger workers to opt out of the Social Security system.

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Funniest Headline So Far: "Ron Paul’s ceiling rises, but it’s still a ceiling"

There should be some sort of prize for the funniest headline about Ron Paul. My favorite so far is the Washington Post blog headline:

Ron Paul’s ceiling rises, but it’s still a ceiling

So this WP blogger has redefined "ceiling" as an upwardly-moving surface. If that's the case, the sky's the limit for Ron Paul's support precisely because it has a "ceiling"!

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New Ron Paul Ad: Staying on the Right Path

New Official Campaign ad: Staying on the Right Path



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The Cherokee Nation, or There are reasons for the separation of powers. Newt Gingrich is one of them.

Newt Gingrich supports the arrest and congressional interrogation of federal judges whose decisions conflict with the other branches of government. Gingrich explicitly stated this on his recent appearance of Face the Nation.

Here is a notorious example of the dangerous precedent such an imbalance can cause:

‘The white men who manned the (postwar) U.S. Army trading posts gave assurances that the Indians’ rights to their own lands were absolute. But those lands kept shrinking as the whites moved westward. When they came into the lands beyond the mountains and down into the Mississippi delta they knew what they wanted their West to look like: an empire of cotton, not an Indian camp ground. So in 1830 the great cotton states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia outlawed the tribal kingdoms, and President Jackson pushed a bill through Congress ordering all the Indian tribes, whether farmers or hunters, peaceable or hostile, to move west of the Mississippi. And they started to move away, the Choctaws, the Creeks, and the Chickasaws. There was a brave pause while the Cherokees appealed to the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Marshall upheld their claim that there was no constitutional right to remove them from their ancestral lands. Jackson called this decision “too preposterous,” and, in what is surely one of the most shameless and arbitrary acts of an American President, he simply ignored the Supreme Court and ordered the army to “get them out”. And so, in what is truly called “the trail of tears,” thirty thousand Cherokees were persuaded or chained, gently led or viciously driven, as far west as Oklahoma, and along the way a quarter of them died.’

- - Alistair Cooke, Alistair Cooke’s America, 1973. pp 168-170

There are reasons for the separation of powers. Newt Gingrich is one of them.

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Ron Paul Endorsed by Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Jerry Doyle


Today it is official! Jerry Doyle just endorsed Ron Paul for President 2012 live on the air: "I moved to endorsing Congressman Ron Paul for the President of the United States," Doyle said. "Ron Paul's time has come, Ron Paul's movement has come!" He went on to point out that "it's not just Ron Paul, it's the movement...a Revolution"

Let the fireworks at one of the largest conservative radio syndication networks TRN begin. Listen to the show live here. Email Jerry Doyle here and call into the show 1-800-876-4123 to show your support for his endorsement.

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Washington Post Photo Gallery: Ron Paul’s path in politics

A look at the Republican presidential hopeful’s rise to power through the years.


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