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May 24, 2012 Texas Republican Presidential Debate!

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Why This Is Important

The Republican Party of Texas is close to finalizing a deal that will bring a nationally televised Republican Presidential Debate to Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012. The debate will be the first one held since the March 3, 2012 hosted in Wilmington Air Park in Wilmington, Ohio. Now, is the perfect time to have another Presidential Debate as the states of Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nebraska, Oregon, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Texas will all be voting soon. Collectively, these states hold 662 delegates that could change the course of the entire Republican race.

It would cause great shame to the Republican Party to deny the constituents of these states a final debate that includes all continuing candidates as such could set clear the platforms of each candidate. With politically minded lineups on both sides of the fence, it is imperative that the constituents know EXACTLY where the candidates stand on the issues that face America as well as their respective states. New details come out about the platforms of the candidates on a daily basis and it is impossible to keep up with the updates. A public debate can clarify confusion.

If that is not enough motivation, here is why We the People believe it is important that ALL candidates jump into the political debate arena in Texas:

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Orrin Hatch 'doggone offended' by 'radical libertarians' trying to take away his Senate seat

'I despise these people,' Hatch says about activists opposing his re-election

Read more: http://thedc.com/IgiPSP

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Perfect Video: Ron Paul At Texas A&M Black This Out

Published on Apr 13, 2012 by nuiflower, aka the DP's very ownNui

My trip to see Ron Paul speak at Texas A&M:


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Ron Paul is Coming Home to Pittsburgh Apr 20th *Event Ticket Link*

Help welcome Congressman Ron Paul to the University of Pittsburgh next Friday at the Soldiers and Sailors Auditorium! You can register for a free early seating voucher at the link below, that will allow you to enter the rally at 6:00pm. General attendees will be able to enter at 6:30pm, and the rally will start at 7:00 pm.

Register for a free seating voucher here: http://ronpaulatpitt.eventbrite.com/


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Today April 14th Nueces County TX Republican Convention

Nueces County Republican Convention, SD18 AND SD20

Registration: 9:30am to 11:30am

Convention Begins: 12:00pm

Who can attend: Any registered Nueces County Voter. Attendees must sign an Oath of Affiliation to the Republican Party.

Location: 9768 La Branch, Corpus Christi, TX 78410

You may also register early by calling HQ, confirm Sam Dalton is available.

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New Ron Paul Song and Video! All original music - "Ron Paul is a Cool Daddio (Cool Hand Ron)"

This rocks! It's fun! Ron Paul as you've never seen him...but then you always knew he was cool! Surprise at the end of the video...


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Mitt Romney Has A Little Delegate Problem... CBS News Finally Figures It Out

(CBS News) -- Mitt Romney may be the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, but it will be a while before he actually has the delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Romney currently has 645 delegates, according to CBS News estimates. He now needs 499 more to reach 1,144 - the number of delegates a candidate must have to be nominated.

Full state-by-state delegate estimates from CBS News
Complete GOP primary results

Even though Romney's chief rival, Rick Santorum, has suspended his campaign, states continue to hold primaries. There are five contests on April 24th with 219 delegates at stake; but even if Romney won every single delegate that day he would be far short of 1,144. Wyoming and Missouri are holding conventions before April 24th where Romney may pick up some delegates but even winning all of them wouldn't bring him much closer to the magic number.

Continue at: CBS News

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Ron Paul LIVE! at the Alamo on Thursday-plus Wednesday's Fort Worth Speech

We covered the speech here with Pics and reports from the field.good pics have been submitted by @ChonRM, DP user dfwrider and others to be thanked in this space

We shot video but couldn't stream...video now processing.

Will post Video HERE and at the WinLiberty YouTube Channel.

And, we have an exciting announcement to make about upcoming video which will be announced and linked Here on Daily Paul

Expect that announcement as early as later today; and subscribe to our newsletter AND our YouTube Channel to make sure you get it.

Here's a local news station interview with Ron Paul thank Puma for Life

Not a large crowd, by Ron Paul standards---another Blow-Out in comparison with the small gatherings to greet his opponents. My crew did a rough count and reported: "perhaps 1,500 and in no way past 2,000."

To SEND Vids/Pics and reports FROM events: please email:

Go to Ron Paul LIVE!-Continuous Vids/Pics and Reporting:

WinLiberty on Facebook

Follow WinLiberty on Twitter

The WinLiberty Newsletter

The WinLiberty YouTube Channel

Other people reporting from the event:
http://twitter.com/chonRM (who deserves special thanks, great pics)

Some other good current posts on Daily Paul and elsewhere

CSPAN airing replays of Ron Paul's Fort Worth Speech

AnCapMercenary has good stuff from Fort Worth-Full Speech Video

emalvini has links to tonight's Stossel show with Ron Paul-9pm EST

Video of Wednesday's Speech in Fort Worth/by Messiah Rice/DP User RiceNalec

Pt. 1 of 4

Pt. 2 of 4

Pt. 3 of 4

Pt. 4 of 4

Ron Paul in San Antonio, Texas

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Doug Wead: Brent Strafford, an American hero

Brent Strafford, an American hero

“La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid”

“Vengeance is a dish best served cold.”

While all the political news yesterday focused on the end of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign a colorful drama unfolded in faraway St. Charles, Missouri Tuesday night. This was the scene of the re-scheduled, famous, St. Charles County GOP Convention.

Yes, there was some booing and plenty of disagreements but after all was said and done, the 900 voters who had gathered chose their delegation to move onto State. Finally, we have a winner. And it is not Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee and media darling. The winner is Dr. Ron Paul. (cont'd)


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Guess what is hanging in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Rathbone. I am an artist and a huge Ron Paul
supporter. I decided to combine my two passions this election season
in hopes of spreading consciousness of the liberty movement. Earlier
this year I "live" painted a 4' x4' Ron Paul portrait at different
music shows to spread awareness and spark interest in the movement.
After completing the painting, I thought long and hard about where to
hang it. I definitely wanted it to be in a public location but could
not think of where...

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Ron Paul Buzz Heightens With Santorum Exit

April 12, 2012 by Sam Rolley

It may never be over for Ron Paul.
Rick Santorum made the decision to “suspend” his campaign on Tuesday, leaving Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich as the remaining contenders for the Republican Presidential nominee. Now what?

Romney has long been declared by the GOP establishment and mainstream media as the definite front-runner in the race. But for the sake of the 24-hour news cycle, nearly every other candidate has been afforded a moment to relish in the limelight as his “rival” — every candidate, it seems, except Paul.

With Santorum’s exit, the “Paulbots,” “Paulites” or whatever the MSM have branded Paul’s supporters this week have become energized, and some pundits believe they have good reason. Throughout the primary season, Paul and his supporters have frequently decried the lack of media attention given to the candidate despite his campaign’s ability to organize and energize supporters in ways the other contenders could only hope to emulate.

But now, some people are left wondering if the media will be forced to recognize Paul as a real alternative — even if he is trailing — to Romney as the race enters the final stretch and the candidates make a mad dash to the Republican National Convention in August.
The prospect seems unlikely. The New York Times declared on Monday — even before Santorum’s exit — that the primary has reached an endgame in an article entitled “A Living Autopsy of the Ron Paul Campaign.” Despite the article’s death-declaration of a title, its author could not help but note the obvious: Paul’s positions are popular to a large base of Americans.


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Ron Paul Beats Obama 44 to 43 in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll 04-12-2012

President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in a national head-to-head match-up, according to the latest survey from conservative polling outlet Rasmussen.

Each pulled 45 percent, while Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) edged Obama 44 to 43 in the daily tracking poll.


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[=NEW VIDEO=] The Ron Paul Rabble: Political Pioneers

The three major political movements of the day are Occupy Wall St, Anonymous and the Tea Party. As you all should know, the concepts and imagery in all of these movements were pioneered by Ron Paul Supporters in his 2007-2008 campaign. My new video documents that …


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