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Reince Priebus Confronted about Nomination of Ron Paul at RNC


Reince Priebus: "I'm a follower of the DailyPaul, I read it"...

"We did not receive the information required to nominate Ron Paul from the floor"...see video below:

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Most important thing to do right now is organizing - REPUBLICANISM

Everything that happened in the Republican primary should be seen as an example of keeping the appearance of a politically organized people but sucking out the life force from it.

Republican principles work, but they work only when you actually apply them. What we saw is what happens when people allow someone else to do something for them, causing them to no longer have Republicanism, (and in short space if it isn't stopped, a Republic).

The old fashioned way is your organize in 10s, and 100s. You get together with your neighbors and family, elect one of you to represent your group to the hundred, and then that to the county and state, etc. It's real representative organizing, and it doesn't have to be part of a party. In fact, I suggest not to make it part of a party, but use it to support whatever party or candidate you might want to support or any other like ad hoc organizing needed.

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The Ron Paul Difference

I have friends that support Obama and others that support Romney. I am getting so sick of the crap they keep posting on one or the other candidate bashing the other candidate. I made a graphic to send out. I would like to get an opinion on it. Thanks.

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To Everyone here on the DP

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, may you all have a most wonderful weekend!


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RNC Corruption: Should Libertarians Leave Republican Party? by Julie Borowski

The RNC mistreated Ron Paul and his delegates. Does this mean it is time to leave the Republican Party? Or does it mean that libertarians are being effective in the GOP?


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EPJ: The Scariest Thing about Living in the United States

Economic Policy Journal:

It is not the Federal Reserve and high price inflation----though that is very serious.

It is the growing capability of the U.S. government to monitor all our activities and record them for future reference. As the country gets more totalitarian, more and more people will get caught in the web. Brandon Raub was an early example. Down the road there may not be a Rutherford Institute to leap to the defense of others---and, indeed, a defense might even be ignored.

Here's a short video by a former NSA employee blowing the whistle on what is being developed and how detailed the tracking will be.


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Help National Delegate Jim Uprichard

PLease donate to the chip in to assist Jim. He is a National Delegate from NV and he was in a terrible motorcycle accident. He needs assistancce to get his family to daytona beach where he is in hospital and also to defray medical fees. Jim is in a serious condition and we should band together as much as possible to help one of our own. When I get back to New Mexico I am going to raise as much for him as I can. Patrick.


Update: Jim Uprichard Update and Chip-In (Motorcycle accident)

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Obama Considers Executive Order to Pass Cybersecurity Act

The Hill: The White House is circulating a draft of an executive order aimed at protecting the country from cyberattacks, The Hill has learned.

The draft proposal, which has been sent to relevant federal agencies for feedback, is a clear sign that the administration is resolved to take action on cybersecurity even as Congress remains gridlocked on legislation that would address the threat.

The draft executive order would establish a voluntary program where companies operating critical infrastructure would elect to meet cybersecurity best practices and standards crafted, in part, by the government, according to two people familiar with the document.

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Democrats are the most inclusive party ever Daily Show Exclusive

Take a look at this very funny clip from the Daily Show.


*By that I mean they are some of the most exclusionary people on Earth.

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Rachel Maddow Video: Presidential Election May Hinge on Virginia Candidate

If you live in Virginia and don't want Romney to win, Virgil Goode is your man. The GOP and Romney tried to prevent him from getting on the ballot, but he got on. They are now trying to remove him from it. Even if you don't like him, he is the key to Romney not winning in this battleground state.


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50 State Revolution! A salute to all - Part II

I start running about midnight.

You can pic me out in the crowd because I have this:


More coming!


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More New Documents Show TSA Intends To Deploy Body Scanners At Rail, Bus, Ferry Terminals

Yet more documents uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that in the year prior to rolling out radiation body scanners in airports, the TSA was drawing up long term plans to deploy the machines at “ferry terminals, railway, and mass transit stations” as well as unspecified “other locations”.


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We Are Change - Pakistan: Center of the Grand Chessboard

WeAreChange presents a film by Saad Ali. Read the article that accompanies this short film at our website: wearechange.org/pakistan-center-of-the-grand-chessboard/


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Is GOODE any GOOD? Requesting Opinions on Voting Constitution Party

I absolutely cannot vote for Romney or Obama. I have considered writing in Dr. Paul’s name. I have considered not voting at all. I am also considering the Constitution Party.

I just found Dr. Paul last year and was quite devastated over the way he and our delegates were treated at the RNC. I also realize Dr. Paul has asked us to retake the GOP. I am floundering on what to do next.

That being said, I am still looking for a presidential candidate with whom I can agree this year. If my Friends of Liberty would be so kind, I would appreciate your thoughts on the Constitution Party. I have heard they are Pro-War, but I just looked today and did not see that. I think a lot of you all out there are a lot smarter than I when it comes to Liberty principles so I would appreciate your help.

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