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Judge Napolitano: “Obama Is Dangerously Close To Totalitarianism”


By Steve Watson | Infowars

Constitutional expert Judge Andrew Napolitano says he fears that the president is skirting “dangerously close to totalitarianism” with his recent questioning of the authority of the Supreme Court to conduct a review of ObamaCare.

Appearing on Neil Cavuto’s “Your World” show Wednesday, the Judge warned that Obama was systematically flouting the system of checks and balances established by the founding fathers.

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Supreme Contempt

Recently President Obama made this remarkable statement, “Ultimately, I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” For someone reputed to be a former professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago this statement is hard to explain. Any high school student in a sophomore American History class knows there are many precedents for the Supreme Court making laws passed by Congress null and void. As a matter of fact, in the system of government tradition has delivered to us overturning laws as unconstitutional has been an important power of the Supreme Court for more than two hundred years.

And if the primary content of the President’s statement isn’t strange enough the supporting information is wrong. Obamacare wasn't passed by a strong majority in Congress. In reality the final vote in the House vote was 220 to 215. Every Republican and thirty four Democrats voted against the law. In the Senate the vote was sixty Democrats and Independents voting for and thirty nine Republicans voting against. The Democrats, even though they controlled both houses of Congress knew they would lose enough of their own members that it was going to be a close vote so they moved the bill outside the regular order of business and used a legislative maneuver known as reconciliation to avoid giving the Republicans the opportunity to filibuster the law.

What is the context of these current pressure tactics being used by the executive branch on the judicial branch?

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Paul Festival - Tampa, FL Aug.24-26

BIG NEWS fellow Ron Paul supporters and Lovers of Liberty everywhere! Over the past several months, a coalition of grassroots supporters from across the country (some of the same individuals who brought you the Revolution March on Washington DC, with over 15,000 participants, as well as some volunteers from the Rally for the Republic with over 20,000 in attendance), have joined forces with other talented supporters to produce what many of you have been blogging and posting about here for quite some time! Introducing:

Florida State Fairgrounds (pending) - August 24-26,
the weekend before the Republican National Convention!

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Number of people NOT in the labor force approaches 88 million

The unemployment rate drops to 8.2% for one simple reason: the number of people not in the labor force is back to all time highs: 87,897,000.



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The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Has Gone Openly Hostile Ignoring Chico St., UC Berkeley and UCLA Rallies

The corporate media owned by mega-corporations and the mainstream “old media” (newspapers, radio, broadcast TV) have done a horrendous job of covering Ron Paul’s campaign.

Just this week the loathsome Party Propaganda Machine Fox News rolled out this bovine fecal matter in their usual underhandedness ensuring “Fair and Balanced” remains a punchline to the informed.

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The "2000+ Likes" EPIC Commercial Challenge To Ron Paul Supporters

Okay you crazy Liberty lovers, the ball is in your court...... :)



Be Your Own Media. Thanks Jeremy!

Linked for discussion ~
This national TV ad could end the media blackout for Ron Paul. Are you in?

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Last Day to Vote for Ron Paul on TIME 100 Poll (Ron Paul Currently #12)

Today is the last day to vote for Ron Paul on Time Magazine's 100 Poll.

Ron Paul has dropped to #12 on the list.


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Paul Speech Excites Large Berkeley Crowd-a TON of Free Media-Full Berkeley Speech Video

Ron Paul Rocked a Large Crowd in Berkeley
there's great stuff here...make sure to hit "read more"

Video: Full Berkeley Speech Here-This Crowd Got Excited!
the same video is available on YouTube,below, in 3 parts

Video/YouTube Part 1

Video/YouTube Part 2:

Video/YouTube Part 3:

Local Media Has Been Positive and All Over The Story

The Events Generated Extensive TV & Print Media!

Video: And there's this coverage from CBS Channel 5

Video: This is ABC Channel 7 in the Bay Area

Video: Paul Interviewed by 7Live-Excellent Interview

A Great Article from Channel 2-They've Also Aired the Story

Major Print Piece: from the San Jose Mercury News

Video: Great Local TV from L.A.--About UCLA's Crowd

Some Special Clips

Video: Speech Ends & Crowd Doesn't Leave-They RUSH TO GET CLOSER!
this short clip shared by Daily Paul user 2ndfor1st

ALBUM: ALOT of Good UCLA Pics Here from Daily Paul user joey33

Pics: Large, Quality pics from ALL the Cities from Daily Paul user R....

A Couple More Interviews-Another Daily Paul Post by DP user AnCapMercenary

Video: Clips from Paul at the S.F. Fundraising Luncheon

Video: Part 1 (7:02)-Paul Speech at Luncheon

Video: Part 2 (7:27) - Paul Speech at Luncheon continued

Video: Paul Answers Question on Gold

Photos-Many, Many Fantastic Shots from Our friends at the Speech

Photo: Obviously A Young Man Being Brought Up Right! shared by Jamie

Photo: A Beautiful Shot of Berkeley Crowd shared by Jamie

Photo: Paul at Berkeley Podium shared by Jamie

Photo: A Very Good Pic Of the Crowd. shared by Daily Paul user i_am_free

Photo:Sunset Over the Crowd shared by Tyler J. Sellers

Photo:Another Pic of Crowd at Dusk by DP user Liberty_Mike

Photo: Great Weather for a Crowd shared by kat

Photo: Biden doesn't get crowds like this! shared by Marcus Ferdinand

Photo: Packing 'em in now! shared by Marcus Ferdinand

Photo: Crowd forming 1.5 hrs. Before Speech. shared by Harris Bradley

Send Video, Pics and Info:

THANK YOU to all who helped with Video, Pics and Reports.

LiveStream provided by San Joaquin County for Liberty sjc4rp.info ronpaulsanjoaquin.freeforums.org

LiveStream info relayed by Daily Paul user i_am_free

People reporting FROM the event-Follow them directly:

http://twitter.com/marferdinand @marferdinand

http://twitter.com/harrisbradley @harrisbradley

The Berkeley Chapter of Students for Liberty helped co-ordinate this event --- It could not have been easy and Students for Liberty and people just like them in the other cities did a helluva job. Thank you all!

My guess on audience size is comparative; like the other events it's not possible to know a hard number. The Berkeley audience was perhaps roughly the size of Chico and Madison. I really haven't seen enough to know for sure.

It was not as big as UCLA. For now, BRUINS RULE!

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The power of an image: WHERE IS THE MEDIA?

This is one hell of a powerful image:

Just by sharing this poster you are at risk of waking up a Fox News viewer. Maybe all of your friends have already unplugged from Fox News, but if you still have friends who are still plugged in and believe what they see, they need to be woken up NOW!

"Where is the media?"

We could even have some sort of competition following this poster with the questions 'WHERE IS THE MEDIA". Or extend it to videos. We as Ron Paul grassroots have proven that we are marketing geniuses at selling truth and freedom! It's time to wake all those who are still asleep, although they are less every day!!!

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RPers at UCLA in Trees Watch Mr. Constitution, Ron Paul

I came -- with strangers.
I saw -- with friendly people.
I left -- with friends.


If you weren't at UCLA, you missed an not an occasion, you missed an event. Here are two newscasts that captured the buzz at Dr. Paul's speech. So crowded was the tennis court that overflow folks climbed trees. lol.

At 1:14 in this video are the tree squatters and at 1:50 in this video are more RPers with a bird's eye view.

Below is my account of how I felt about my trip to UCLA and you can click here to read the thread it's in to get a better feel of the trip where ThisIsForFreedom summarized the trip.

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OK guys. This could be serious-Santorum camp looks to change Texas delegate rules

According to a spokesman at the Texas Republican Party, a member of the Texas GOP’s executive committee drafted an email to call an emergency meeting to revisit its delegate-allocation rules.

And make no mistake: This effort is coming from Santorum world.
Santorum, in fact, commented on this subject yesterday while campaigning in Pennsylvania.

“After Pennsylvania, the calendar in May looks very, very interesting -- a lot of strong conservative states who are looking for the opportunity to tighten this race back up. There's talk now of maybe making the state of Texas, 154 [sic] delegates, a winner-take-all state. We would like that. That would be a good thing.”


Right now, Texas is set to award its 155 delegates -- on May 29 -- proportionally. But making it winner-take-all could help Santorum narrow Romney’s delegate lead, if Santorum remains in the race (and more importantly, if he remains competitive).

More : http://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-haberman/2012/04/santoru...

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