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Ron Paul's Open Door, Interviewed by a 5th Grader!

When I saw the headlines and video clips where the media portrayed Ron Paul as shunning a NH voter at the crowded restaurant, it has prompted me to share an experience that others should hear. I am preaching to the choir when I tell you that Dr. Ron Paul is the most genuine and sincere public official I have ever met.

In the summer of 2010, my daughter Jessica was nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC) in Washington D.C. She was one of seven students to attend from Colorado.

I contacted our State Representatives and Senators to give my daughter an opportunity to meet them while in Washington. None of them would return our calls/emails. I then contacted Ron Paul's office. His staff was friendly and very inviting and scheduled a meeting. Congressman Ron Paul welcomed us into is Congressional Office, met with my daughter for nearly 20 minutes. She was able to interview him on various subjects including his nickname Dr. NO. He encouraged her to continue in her study, especially history and mathematics, and to keep doing what she and her fellow youth were doing. Our future lies in the hands of our youth and he believes this. Ron Paul posed for a picture, signed her Honor Roll award and provided a signed copy of a pocket constitution which he so eagerly hands out.

This left a lasting impression on both of us. There is no more honorable and deserving public servant than Congressman Ron Paul, not just for his open door policy, but for his lifetime commitment to his country, principles of liberty and fellow man. He is the only true candidate of the people.

Brian Sydnes
Veteran and Proud Father of three honor students

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I want to say a few things to you Ron Paul Supporters

And I really mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Never in my life have I got to know finer people. it were not for you I would detest America, even though I have several relatives who emigrated there and likely have family there somewhere.

All the wars, bombs, I mean you have even come here to a supposedly ally of yours (Sweden) and renditioned people, and flew them to secret prisons. Always immigrants so far, but I doubt it will stay that way and either way it is illegal, horrible and immoral.

One of your CIA planes that was used for renditions later crashed with cocaine in its cargo. Should be pretty embarrassing. But no, hardly any media reports on it. We could tell easily, cause of its tail number.

But here you are saying no to all these things.

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My Personal Experience of Canvassing the Neighborhood with the Super Brochure

I have three words - Oh My God!!! I have never seen such and effective tool!!

I have been walking my precincts, leaving the S.B. on the doors of registered Rebubs. On the big white blank space, I put in my contact info, telling them to call me for caucus info. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

I do a few streets at a time, every time I leave my house to go some where, and I always get folks calling me on this!!!



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Columbia, SC Newspaper: Ron Paul on Rise, Foreign Policy at Issue

by Corey Hutchins, January 13, 2012
Free Times

According to a new South Carolina poll, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is on the rise in South Carolina, climbing to third in the race for the critical Jan. 21 nomination.

This is new for him here.

Before Ron Paul had a headquarters in South Carolina, one man had been handling the Texas congressman’s operation and was doing so from a laptop on a spare desk in the Columbia office of a local friend and supporter.



Things are changing!

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Lasers for Ron Paul

We used a laser projector to spread the Ron Paul 2012 message anywhere and everywhere. Here are a few videos showing it in action around Manchester, NH this week.



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Breaking: Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Huntsman will not be on Virginia Ballot


RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Federal District Court Judge John Gibney ruled against Texas Governor Rick Perry and other Republican presidential candidates who sued in an effort to appear on the ballot for the Virginia Republican primary in March.

Judge Gibney announced the ruling Friday afternoon in Richmond, Virginia.

The suit was originally filed by Texas Governor Rick Perry.
Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Jon Hunstman later joined the challenge.

There are only two electable candidates in this race, and only one can beat Obama.

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Amazing Video: WE ARE WINNING!

Ron Paul's Spirit Visits the Texas Republican Senatorial Debate


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Ron Paul on Larry Kudlow / CNBC 1/13/12

Video thanks to SaveOurSovereignty(3)


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BREAKING: Ron Paul Surging in South Carolina - 20%!

Ron Paul is at 20% in South Carolina and gaining on Newt and Mitt!!!

Paul has gained the most and Rick Santorum has lost the most since the last American Research Group survey on January 4-5. In that survey, Paul was at 9% and Santorum was at 24%.

SOURCE + More:

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Public Policy Poll Third to Confirm Paul SC Surge

The Poll is now out:

Romney leads in SC, Paul gaining

Mitt Romney continues to hold a modest lead in South Carolina's Republican primary for President. He's at 29% to 24% for Newt Gingrich, 15% for Ron Paul, 14% for Rick Santorum, 6% for Rick Perry, 5% for Jon Huntsman, and 1% for Buddy Roemer.

Full Report

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Big gainer since last week in our SC poll: Ron Paul. Big loser since last week: Rick Santorum. Little change for most others


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When Romney Runs as an Independent, Plus Random Advice and an Introduction

Ron Paul's support continues to grow. In 2008, the good Doctor received 7.8% of the votes cast in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. Despite more than tripling that total in 2012, the Dead Stream Media (DSM) continues to invent new and amusing reasons to dismiss his candidacy. One hysterical non-contributing zero from MSNBC even referred to Paul's candidacy as a fraud, clearly enraged that Huntsman wasn't declared the de facto runner up!

The DSM is taking bets on when all non-Mitt Republicans will concede, but we know that the fun is just beginning. Let us take a moment to consider what will happen after Ron rocks Super Tuesday. Will Mitt Romney run as an Independent to split the Republican vote?

Now it's true that I might be getting ahead of myself. Let's take a moment to review the argument against Mitt's electability from my first Daily Paul blog.

The argument against Mitt in six sentences or less:

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Politico: Pro Ron Paul Santa Rita Super PAC Makes BIG ($300K) Ad Buy in SC

From Politico:

A new volley of South Carolina television advertising cost a pro-Ron Paul super PAC more than $317,500, new independent expenditure filings with the Federal Election Commission indicate.

The Santa Rita SuperPAC, which didn’t exist until Jan. 4, purchased ad time on 13 broadcast stations and cable, the filings indicate. The buy guarantees that Paul, a Texas congressman, will stay up on the airwaves for the duration of the South Carolina presidential primary campaign.

Continue at Politico:

** See all 7 ads **

More Info: Santa Rita Super PAC

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