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Ron Paul Campaign Announces First Leg of ‘Super Tuesday’ and pre-‘Super Tuesday’ Ad Buys

LAKE JACKSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today details of its Super Tuesday and pre-Super Tuesday ad buy blueprint, an approach that will help the 12-term Congressman from Texas win the delegates required to secure the Republican nomination.

The advertising campaign’s first leg involves airing the celebrated ads ‘Three of a Kind’ and ‘Plan’ in Washington and Vermont, respectively. The former ad will air in Washington beginning today for three days on the Fox News Channel in the final push for the Evergreen State’s Saturday, March 3rd caucus. The latter ad will air beginning today in Vermont on The Fox News Channel and on targeted broadcast outlets, but it will air through Tuesday, March 6th – Super Tuesday – when the Green Mountain State holds its primary.

‘Three of a Kind’ at 60 seconds condemns the serial hypocrisy, counterfeit conservatism, and flip-flopping of Ron Paul’s rivals Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney respectively. The ad concludes with a reminder that Paul is the sole authentic conservative vying for the nomination, and reiterates elements of the congressman’s path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.

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Liberty is for Kids, Horse Racing is for Horses

A few weeks ago, my 85-year-old grandmother said she and grandpa were disgusted with the field of Republican presidential candidates, but they were considering casting their not-Obama votes for Santorum due to his religious beliefs. Shocked, I asked what their objections were to Ron Paul and she said, “Well, he dropped out! We don’t hear anything about him on the news!”

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Carol Paul reminds interviewer of thrown away ballots

Carol Paul tells a WTPN activist that half of Ron Paul’s votes are being thrown away during a post-AZ GOP debate viewing party appearance.

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NYT Article: US Agencies See No Nuke Threat From Iran

I did not see this posted anywhere here. Of course! This is HUGELY important to the campaign! Why have gas prices suddenly surged upward? Threat of war with Iran, but there really should be no threat. Of course, WE knew that, but the warmongering trio and Obama don't want you to think such. Worthy of sharing with a friend or two.

WASHINGTON — Even as the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said in a new report Friday that Iran had accelerated its uranium enrichment program, American intelligence analysts continue to believe that there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb.


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Ron Paul won Detroit...

I thought this was interesting.


".... Romney received just 1,338 votes here (Detroit).

....Texas Rep. Ron Paul won the Detroit GOP vote, with 5,525 ballots cast. Behind Paul was former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum with 4,047 votes."

I wonder if this will translate into any delegates as delegates are awarded by congressional district.

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A Ron Paul moment at my Republican Town Council meeting

Hello all! I have been meaning to share something that happened to me last week at a Republican Town Council meeting.

Last week I had sought out the help of my Ron Paul family regarding any information one might have had on a CT candidate for Senate, Linda McMahon. Obviously a few of you came to my rescue and really got me fired up. I was prepared to ask her about why she thought TARP was a great idea, thoughts on the Fed, and thoughts on military involvement (she believes we should take our orders from the Powell Doctrine). Needless to say, I was armed and dangerous.

Can you believe it, she did not show up! She sent an intern to talk to our groups-many were not pleased. (Personally I think she backed out because she has moles on this site and found out I was going to be there) An older gentleman made sure to tell this intern he thought it was very disrespectful, as a candidate, to say you will talk to a group of possible supporters but then send in "her lackey."

I felt deflated. All geared up for battle and then nothing. But all was not lost...

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VIDEO: Ron Paul questions Hillary Clinton 2/29/12

First Bernanke than Hillary - Ron Paul continues to ride Truth Train through DC - fueled by facts and common sense!



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol Paul! Here's an interview I recently did with her!


When the Pauls were in Reno, shortly after their 55th anniversary, I was able to get a few minutes with Carol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, Carol!

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My email to Rush (MUST READ!)

The only excited voters now...

...are the crazy nutjobs who support Ron Paul.

Even you, Rush, aren't excited about Romnantorich.  If you were, you would tell the world, and the media would declare your endorsement as the end of the Republican Primaries.  You won't though, because Romnantorich is McCain '08.

The Republucan Primaries of 2012 have become the Democrat(ic) Primaries of 2004, where "Anybody But Bush" has become "Anybody But Obama."

I heard you talk about the Constitution.  As a 12-year active duty Naval Submarine Officer, I defend the Constitution every day.  And (that's right, here it comes), there is ONE candidate who defended the Constitution during the Cold War and has been defending the Constitution since he's been in office:  Congressman Ron Paul.

It is time for the Republican Party to open their eyes to the true meaning and purpose of the Constitution.  If they continue to use the symbol of the Constitution to achieve their own objectives, just as the Democrats use it, you will see the next generation of voters (the one you, the media, and your colleagues continue to ignore and deride) leave the party in search of something more pure and more noble than you have ever seen before.  And you will be left scratching your head as you grow old(er) and grey(er), not realizing you could have been part of the beginning of the Second American Revolution.

Adam C. for Ron Paul

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The Importance of Gary Johnson

For a while now, Gary Johnson supporters have been pointing out one simple fact: even as a Republican, the media had completely blacked Gary Johnson out, even worse than what they did for the iconic Ron Paul. Now, after pondering that fact, I think I know why.

Gary Johnson, being so similar to Ron Paul, is a "second witness" to the political truths that Ron Paul expresses. Worse, he is evidence that those truths work.

Gary Johnson, as a libertarian-leaning Republican, ousted incumbant governor of New Mexico by a significant margin (at least 40% more than his opponent) in a state with a heavy Democrat voting population (2-1). This by itself doesn't prove much, but then he got reelected against a hispanic Democrat by a similarly significant margin, being the first NM governor in years to be elected a second consecutive term ever; in New Mexico, there was a law holding term limits to 1. That had changed in 1991, 2 years before Johnson was elected.

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FORBES: Ron Paul Tells Bernanke He Killed The Dollar, Silver Coin In Hand

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had an interesting morning over in Capitol Hill, facing the ire of Ron Paul and receiving Democratic praise from Barney Frank. Bernanke was testifying before the Committee on Financial Services, where he said the economic recovery continues but remains frail, but was put on the spot by Ron Paul who pulled out a silver eagle and accused him of debasing the currency and destroying America’s wealth.

Ron Paul was in full campaign mode. So was Barney Frank. Bernanke was caught in the middle.

In what was supposed to be a Q&A session, the Fed chief essentially sat down and listened to one side bash him and the other love him. Barney Frank took the floor after some softballs by Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus, praising Bernanke’s tenure as Fed Chairman and pointing to continuing job growth.

It was Ron Paul, though, who took the day. In what is usually the most heated and interesting exchange of Bernanke’s excursions to Congress, the Fed Chairman was forced to sit down and listen as Ron Paul scolded him for “debasing” the currency and “destroying” the wealth of millions of Americans.


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Super Tuesday Knockout Punch for Romney Appears Unlikely

From the front page of this morning's Boston Globe.

WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney completed another crucial defense in an important state last night. Once again, a combination of heavy spending, negative campaigning, and establishment backing staved off what could have been a crisis in his campaign.

But the narrow nature of the win in Michigan, where he was born and won handily in 2008, demonstrates continued weakness in his candidacy. And now he heads into a phase of the campaign where it will be difficult to land any knockout blows and clinch the nomination: Super Tuesday.

The March 6 vote by 10 states, including Massachusetts, will preface a potentially agonizing spring for the Republicans. It is the proverbial “long slog’’ Romney’s campaign says it has been preparing for since last year.

“This is when things change a little bit. It’s not about winning, it’s about delegates,’’ acknowledged a key Romney supporter who requested anonymity so he could speak freely about campaign strategy.

Continue reading at the Boston Globe.

Ron Paul gets one tiny little mention in the story, but it is worth the read none-the-less for a broad overview of the Super Tuesday battle and beyond.

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Video Update: Bernanke on Ron Paul Hot Seat 2-29-2012

Ron Paul Questions Bernanke. Link from Liberty_Mike


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Still Winless, Upbeat Ron Paul Vows to Keep Picking Up Delegates

Ron Paul may not have been a major player in tonight’s primaries in Michigan and Arizona, but he promised to continue to be noisy in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

The congressman, speaking at a boisterous rally in Springfield, Va., addressed the fact that his campaign continues to be winless at 0-11.

“Everyone keeps asking me about winning states,” said Paul. “We are winning delegates, and that’s what counts.”

Afterwards in an interview with CNN, the Texas congressman was more candid, saying that he wished he could have done a lot better tonight, but that he is proud of the strong support he continues to receive — especially from young people.

Paul was introduced by his son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who joked that he’s only there for a short time while the Transportation Safety Administration let him out.


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