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My Experience at the RNC

I have always been rather skeptical about people who make claims that the "establishment" is cheating Ron Paul delegates. I have always criticized people who make unsubstantiated claims of rigged elections, or other shenanigans without evidence.

But I can tell you all that what happened in Tampa was not a convention. The outcome was pre-determined, and rules were violated to throw Ron Paul supporters out, and to force rules on the Republican Party--rules that strip delegates of power and give the RNC complete control.

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Here Comes Blowback! Virgil Goode on Virginia Ballot Despite GOP challenge

Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode is officially -- for now -- on the presidential ballot in Virginia, a battleground state where he has deep roots and poses a real threat to Republican Mitt Romney.


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Roger Villere Elected RNC Vice Chairman

I don't know if many recognise this name. He is the LaGOP leader that would NOT give up his leadership position when the delegates voted him out. He is responsible for the LaGOP Ron Paul supporters to turn their chairs around. He is the leader that called in the police because the Ron Paul delegates may be violent. He is the one responsible for the police injuring two Ron Paul delegates that were voted to be the leaders.

He is the one who lied to the press and ordered new delegates to be sent to Florida, some who were not even in the election. He also served as a member of the RULES COMMITTEE in Tampa. How self serving.

I will never vote for Romney, but now with this man in a leadership position for the RNC, I will not vote Republican, and I have been a Republican for 40 years. If you can't trust your leaders to do what is right, and believe that the ends justify the means, then to hell with them.

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Apparently I voted for Romney

During the roll call of states, I was informed by my delegation chairman that I voted for Romney.

This is despite the fact that I never actually voted for Romney. I would have point of ordered this nonsense, but by this time, the draconian rules had been adopted over the will of the delegates, which allows them to count my vote for the person they think I should vote for (I was bound).

Now I know how those people in communist countries feel like, where the leader wins by 99% of the vote.

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Ron Paul: Libertarian Johnson is “wonderful”

“I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him and every individual should make up his own mind,” Paul, who sought the Republican nomination, told Fox News.


Video: See ~ 2:00 mark (thanks Fonzdrew)


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Market Watch: Stock Market Bears Come to Life Near Major Resistance

CINCINNATI (MarketWatch) — U.S. stocks have started September at a technical crossroads.

Specifically, each benchmark is challenging multi-year highs — major resistance — and these areas define the bull/bear battleground. The charts below add color:

Read on and see the rest of the charts here:

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Tom Woods Asks: What’s Next for the Liberty Movement?

Tom Woods Asks: What’s Next for the Liberty Movement?


Tom encourages viewers to visit the following sites:

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Paul Ryan to CBS - "We agree with Obama's timeline of 2014 to pull troops from Afghanistan."

Sorry folks, but it's looking like we're going to be in Afghanistan with either Romney or Obama until AT LEAST the end of 2014.

They are all the same. Warmongering, overspending, interventionists. ZERO differences in their administration. Considering that Obama called for March, 2009 for an original "Timeline", I guess we can expect 4 more years... of unconstitutional, undeclared war in Afghanistan.

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"Republicans Cross the Rubicon" by Paul Craig Roberts

"...What reminded me of NPR’s surrender was NPR’s August 31 report with its two regular talking voice political pundits discussing the Republican Convention and Romney’s speech. After witnessing the Republicans at their nominating convention at Tampa violate all their own rules and ride roughshod over the Ron Paul delegates, one expected some discussion of the Republican Party’s refusal to allow Ron Paul to be placed in nomination or his delegate account to be announced.

The operative question was obvious: How can the American people trust the Republicans with the awesome power of the executive branch when the Republican Party just finished demonstrating for all to see its Stalinist qualities by crushing the anti-war, anti-police state wing of its party?

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Reject the Status Quo: An Image I Created For the Election Year

Here is something simple I made a while ago. I thought it'd be a clever way to grab people's attention in public spaces, so please feel free to..


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You're ALL Right! Keep On Posting!

The current phase of the r3VOLution, the one led by Dr. Ron Paul, is over. It is moving into a new phase, and I'd like to describe what that is. First, though, many of us on DP have posted our views of how we should direct all our talent:

  • Some have said we should all join the Libertarian Party and vote Gary Johnson.
  • Some have said we should all stay Republicans and vote Gary Johnson this time.
  • Some have said we should become Independent, divorce from politics and just work in our families/communities.
  • Some have said we should bring everyone into the GOP and strengthen our grassroots effort, maybe with the Tea Party, to win more influence and eventually take over.
  • Some have said that we are in an abusive relationship with the GOP, and the only way to end it is to walk away.
  • Some have said that the PTB want us to walk away, so they can keep making things worse, and for that reason we shouldn't back down.
  • Some have said that we should try to find one standard-bearer to rally around, and try to elevate the Judge, Rand, Amash, or someone else to the leader position.
  • Some have said we should just support all Liberty messengers and fill spots with Liberty people from the bottom-up so we have lots of Liberty candidates in 4 years.
  • Some of us are all about Johnson, some are all about Molyneux, some are all about Woods, some are all about Kokesh, some are all about Schiff, some are all about Rand.
  • Most of us are all about Ron Paul.

In my opinion: You're all right!

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Greenwald's first article in Guardian: Obama's justice department grants final immunity to Bush's CIA torturers

By closing two cases of detainees tortured to death, Obama has put the US beyond any accountability under the rule of law

The Obama administration's aggressive, full-scale whitewashing of the "war on terror" crimes committed by Bush officials is now complete. Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the closing without charges of the only two cases under investigation relating to the US torture program: one that resulted in the 2002 death of an Afghan detainee at a secret CIA prison near Kabul, and the other the 2003 death of an Iraqi citizen while in CIA custody at Abu Ghraib. This decision, says the New York Times Friday, "eliminat[es] the last possibility that any criminal charges will be brought as a result of the brutal interrogations carried out by the CIA".

To see what a farce this is, it is worthwhile briefly to review the timeline of how Obama officials acted to shield Bush torturers from all accountability. During his 2008 campaign for president, Obama repeatedly vowed that, while he opposed "partisan witch-hunts", he would instruct his attorney general to "immediately review" the evidence of criminality in these torture programs because "nobody is above the law." Yet, almost immediately after winning the 2008 election, Obama, before he was even inaugurated, made clear that he was opposed to any such investigations, citing what he called "a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards".


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New 9/11 Truth Documentary Among 'Most Watched' on PBS This Week

"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" is getting public attention and casting doubt on the scientific validity of the U.S. government's investigation into the WTC tragedy. PBS is the first major network to air the program.


Link / honorRP

Just days away from the 11th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy and months away from the U.S. presidential election, a game-changing 9/11 documentary is ranking number three among "most watched" documentaries on PBS and number one among "most shared."

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GOP is Trying to Quash Grassroots Movement, Ron Paul Supporters Fear

The Republican National Convention may be over, but Minnesota's delegates sure left an impression.

So much so, in fact, that some of those delegates are deeply concerned—in the wake of their continued support of Ron Paul as a nominee, instead of Mitt Romney—that the Republican Party is quietly working to render powerless all future delegates who express independence from the party line.

Delegates from Minnesota are saying that some rule changes made last week at the convention will quash grassroots efforts like the one that enabled Paul to win the majority of the Minnesota delegates.

Just before the convention started on Monday, a key committee endorsed new rules for 2016 convention that essentially gave the party's presumptive nominee veto power over delegates, who typically are selected at the local and state level. Under the rules, a presidential campaign would have been able to replace any delegates it didn't like.

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