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Ron Paul: Has his time come?

With Dr. Ron Paul ahead in the Iowa polls, others losing credibility due to sexual scandals, and a "fumble of epic proportions" in the Virginia primary, the field for Republican presidential candidates appears to be narrowing significantly causing voters to exile into a new land. But will they go to the promised land? Will they walk towards freedom or more government?

As a fairly new supporter of Ron Paul, I must say the journey towards liberty tastes so good, so right. It all started when my 24-year-old son called me from San Diego telling me of his experience holding up Ron Paul signs at NBC TV San Diego. He found out about it through a Meetup group online

A couple days later he called me to tell me he was at a straw poll that Ron Paul won by a landslide. I wrote an article about it that went viral and therein started my adventure studying Dr. Paul.

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Daily Caller Reporter Michelle Fields Talks of Supporting Ron Paul

Skip to Minute 49 of vid if you don't have time to watch it in full

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Ron Paul Super Brochure, Iowa Precinct Mailing - Video!

The Iowa mailing of the Super Brochure wrapped up on December 12. Here is video of the operation as it was taking place! Not only do you see your money hard at work, but the immensity of the project itself, and the sheer numbers of people being reached with Ron Paul's message.


The people getting these brochures are not like you and me, combing the internet and the Daily Paul all day long for the latest, most detailed information on Ron Paul. In other words, they're normal people, lol. To them, the brochure acts as counter balance to the nonstop stream of misinformation coming through the TV. Because is delivered directly to into their homes via the U.S. Mail, it is especially effective with older voters - exactly the demographic Ron Paul needs help reaching.

The Iowa mailing is done, and mailings are now going out to South Carolina, but the deadline is in 5 days! You can contribute to that effort at RonPaulBrochure.com

Please help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, email, and the good old fashioned telephone, or by adding this dynamic ticker to your blog or website:

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Boston Globe: Paul Rises in N.H. poll

- snip -

But as the race hurtles toward the Jan. 10 primary, Paul has been gaining the most in New Hampshire. His support has risen by 5 percentage points since November, while Huntsman has picked up 3 percentage points in the last month and Gingrich has gained 2.

The momentum for Paul raises the prospect that he, not Gingrich, could emerge as the strongest early challenger to Romney if the Texas congressman can hold on to his lead in Iowa and capture second place in New Hampshire.

- end snip -

The whole thing:

Romney 39, -3
Paul 17 + 5

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Greenville News: Ron Paul Picking Up Herman Cain and Tea Party Supporters in South Carolina

Like a hardy perennial, Ron Paul is back as a serious challenge to the Republican frontrunners for president, a top-tier candidate in all three early primary states who benefits from some of the tea party support winnowed from the wilting campaigns of his rivals.

He’s more likely to win caucus states such as Iowa, political experts say, where several polls put him in the lead. In South Carolina, Paul has recently moved into third place in several polls, though results are mixed. In New Hampshire, he’s running as high as second place.

It’s not a surge made only of die-hard Paul supporters.

More than any other candidate, Paul has hammered recent frontrunner Newt Gingrich for what he calls hypocrisy and selling Washington access, chipping away with harsh TV ads at the former House speaker’s popularity and potentially setting himself up to collect valuable Republican delegates in the event of a neck-and-neck primary season between Romney and Gingrich, Republican figures say.

The Gingrich campaign has declined to respond in kind, promising a positive campaign.

MORE : http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20111223/NEWS/312220...

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Ron Paul Is The 2nd Most Popular GOP Candidate On Facebook (And He’s Gaining)

I know there are lots of people out there who have passionate feelings about Ron Paul. He’s a principled and independent fighter for old-time American values, or a conspiracy theorist loon, or someone who let idiotic racist stuff get published in his newsletters decades ago… or whatever else it is that you see about him that makes you react.

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Dragon Slayers Needed for Super Brochures

Dragon Slayers for Dr. Paul raised over $12,000 in Super Brochure mailings to Iowa.

Let's keep it going for South Carolina!


There are two ways to support this program:

1. Slay a Dragon Yourself.

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CNN has released the unedited interview. Ron Paul DID NOT STORM out. It was a creative editing HIT JOB!


Ron Paul did not walk/storm out... the interview was over... it was an EIGHT MINUTE INTERVIEW!!


CNN Just released the unedited full interview here, see for your self.


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UNSTOPPABLE: Paul Gains 5% on Gingrich and Romney in 5 days among GOP voters, despite smears

Five days ago, on Sunday, December 18, Gallup had Iowa frontrunner Ron Paul trailing Gingrich by 18% nationally among registered GOP voters, and Romney by 14%.

Today, Gallup shows that Gingrich’s lead over Paul has shrunk to 13%, and Romney’s to the single digit range — 9%.

In other words, Ron Paul has gained 5% on both Gingrich and Romney among Republican voters nationally over the past 5 days, despite aggressive and fraudulent attempts by the Establishment media to discredit and marginalize him.

Here's a brief timeline to put it in context...


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New ARG Iowa Poll: RON PAUL Still in Lead!

New American Research Group poll released this Friday for Iowa:

Ron Paul: 21%
Romney: 20%
Gingrich: 19%

This is the highest Paul has been in this poll; he's up five points from their last poll.


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Sick of bad news? Here's some good news!

I'm not much of a phone from home person, so I have decided to visit as many houses in my Iowa precinct as possible today. I haven't been able to set any speed records, as there are no towns in my precinct and the homes are generally 1/2 mile apart.

So far, I have only had 1 person that didn't want any Ron Paul information. The remainder gladly accepted and I have 2 more sure bets to add to the supporter list, and 2 that will most likely vote for Ron Paul!!! :) *excited*

Some of the comments from people were:
-Newt is a slime (that's one of my personal favorites ;)
-You can't trust Romney or Newt
-You can't trust the news
-A vote for Romney or Gingrich is like voting for Obama
-If our financial situation doesn't change, we'll be a 3rd world country in no time (and that came from 3 different people, wow)

Now, keep in mind that I did not lead these people into comments, I simply offered a packet of Ron Paul info if they were interested! I even had one guy thank me for volunteering for Ron Paul! (which I take as high praise here in neoconville)

So here I go! Off to spread more Ron Paul holiday cheer!

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Out-of-State Volunteers Needed for Iowa. Make it Happen! Goal: 200


Ron Paul needs as many out-of-state volunteers as possible for the Iowa caucus on January 3rd. You may be needed to help as a precinct captain or deliver a speech. There are many things you can do to gain votes on caucus day. If you are from Iowa's neighboring states like Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin you should definitely find a way to make a road trip to Iowa for the Caucus. Anybody with the means to get to Iowa should go. Please email us at: info@rp2012.org if you are interested. Our goal is to get 200 extra volunteers to Iowa and connect with the campaign to fill in where necessary. Note: This is in addition to those participating in Christmas Vacation for Ron Paul. Let's make it happen! So who's in?

Here is contact info for local organizers:

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NEW VIDEO! Ron Paul - Preserve, Protect, and Defend

My first video for the Liberty Movement! I hope you like it!


"If we took that oath of office seriously, in Washington, we'd get rid of 80% of the government. The budget would be balanced. We'd have sound money, and we would have prosperity. And we wouldn't be the policemen of the world. We wouldn't have a Federal Reserve System, and we wouldn't be invading the privacy of every single individual in this country with bills like the Patriot Act. We'd have a free society and a prosperous society."

- Ron Paul

While most in Congress pay lip service to the rule of law, Texas Congressman Ron Paul governs on the principle of law, the by laws of our government, the Constitution. His Congressional record is unparalleled when it comes to voting in accordance with the Constitution. Whether you agree with the Constitution or not, determines whether or not you support Dr. Ron Paul.

Save an Elephant, Vote Ron Paul Image - http://imgur.com/48gfg

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