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Nebraska Delegate Count Video: Paul 2, Romney 30.

District RP-2 MR-7

At large- RP-0 MR-23

Link below at 37:30 Chair calls at large winners.


Video streaming by Ustream

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Doug Wead: All Eyes on Nebraska

All eyes are on Grand Island, Nebraska today. Will it be a Soviet style fraud? Or will it be a real convention? Today’s event will be telling. It will provide clues on what to expect at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month.

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Attention Fellow National Delegates

Let me preface this by saying that my statements below might be a bit too strong for some, and if that is case for you I would advice you just to not pay attention to my statements, thank you.

My fellow Ron Paul National Delegates, I believe it is time we take off the rose colored glasses and accept the reality that the RNC doesn't give a crap about us, in fact we are to them nothing more than little buzzing gnats ruining their party.

If we really do stand for the principles of liberty, then we have to stop acting like we are going to some type of tea party in Tampa (not the movement but in the British since) and instead realize we are going into the arena of battle.

The fact of the reality is that the majority of the people at the RNC are not going to welcome us with open arms. The fact of the reality is that some of us going might not be seated. The fact of the reality is that everything is going to be done to make sure our voices aren't heard.

With less than forty five days until the opening of the Convention I believe we have to stop trying to do all these "stealth" operations to make sure our voices are votes are heard and instead take as much time as we can to strengthen our convictions of liberty.

Next week I am going to be taking a "patriotic pilgrimage." I am taking the train from Maine down to Philadelphia so that I can visit Independence Hall.

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Just received an e-mail from Ron Paul... thoughts?

[ Also posted here: http://www.dailypaul.com/244504/did-you-get-this-where-we-st... ]

Dear James,

Just last week, I sent you an email letting you know my staff would be following up with you shortly to tell you everything you need to know about our plans for the Republican National Convention.

My staff has been busy burning up the phone lines, so many of you may have already heard from them.

But because this email is so important, I wanted it to come directly from me.

For several weeks now, I’ve been up front about the fact that Mitt Romney has obtained enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination.

That fact hasn’t changed - and it’s not going to change.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano Praises Gary Johnson

The following is from a transcript of of an audio recording of Judge Andrew Naplitano's presentation at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas on Thursday (12 July 2012) afternoon. His presentation was entitled “A Government of Waste and Lawlessness.” Here are the comments he made regarding Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson:

34:30: “I’m going to really go off script for a minute. . . .

There’s really no script; there’s just a note telling me I’m talking too long.


There is a person in this room, who I must invite to the attention of everyone, because he has the courage to stand in front of the establishment and say, “Enough is enough!”

Whether he wins or loses in his latest quest to set you free, he is a figure of historical significance and profound contemporary interest. He was once called, “Governor No!” when he said to the legislature of his state, “You are not going to interfere with commercial transactions that are voluntarily entered into.”

Maybe . . . who knows . . . after this campaign, or the next one, he might be in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Former New Mexico Governor, whose sandal straps I am unworthy to fasten, who will speak here tomorrow (sic) at 10:30, Governor Gary Johnson.

(Gary stands, applause.)

That’s what we should be doing. Challenging the establishment, reminding them that there is a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence that put restrictions on the government.”

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The Things We Know, Yet Refuse to Admit: Our Presidents Are Hand-Picked Puppets (Eerily Similar 1964 Book)

We’ve all thought about it. We’ve all referenced it. And the evidence is overwhelming. All U.S. Presidents are manipulated marionettes tied to strangling strings of secret societies and egregious elitist kingmakers. Groomed and bloomed, our Presidents are either grown or hand-picked early in their careers. Mountains are moved, seas are parted, and skies are cleared by the kingmakers for their anointed candidates. The think tanks start thinking, the media dis-information machines start manipulating, muscle men start muscling, and useful idiots get used, all to keep the gravy train going the wrong direction down the track to nowhere.

The primary season of 2012 has all but anointed former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney as the nominee for the Republican Party ticket to challenge President Obama. This would be a good time to note that the kingmakers will always try to anoint the most controllable candidate on both sides of the isle and then convince the masses that the strongest, most obvious candidates are “unelectable”. They don’t really care who wins, as long as both candidates will progress their gravy train domestic agenda and foreign policy of dollars or doom for dictators so that the banking elite can facilitate all those transactions worth TRILLIONS. The kingmakers’ well greased machines then start pounding the pavement, airwaves, and blog-o-spheres with phrases like, “I like Ron Paul, but he can’t win.” Or, “We must unite around Mitt Romney to beat Obama.” Or, “Mitt Romney has the best chance to beat Obama.” Or my personal favorite, “Mitt Romney saved the Olympics.”

This essay is aimed at all Republican National Delegates that will listen and have the courage to join forces in objecting to the current plot to anoint Mitt Romney as our party’s nominee by the same execrable interests that control the Democrats and virtually all aspects of our political and economic system. You are being told we have to unite to beat President Obama, but the person we’re supposed to unite behind cannot win. Mitt Romney, like previously anointed John McCain, cannot and will not beat President Barack Hussein Obama. Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, consider forming a coalition to restore our Republican Party back to its roots of limited government and liberty for all by nominating a true Constitutional Republican at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL this August 27th thru the 30th.

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Video Update: Ron Paul on Cavuto 7/13/12

Teaser was RP discussing Mitt's VP pick (Rice) saying he didn't think his supporters would like that very much. Video:


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Isn't it strange to think that we're funding our own loss of freedoms?

I mean at the end of the day, we're the ones paying the politicians' salary... Sure, the Fed can just print the money out of thin air to finance our massive government, but our tax money helps slow down their inflation and keeps the system going for longer... Just a thought.

Anyway, back to work so I can fund my government!

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Charles Goyette – Could Romney’s investment secrets give Ron Paul the nomination?

Charles Goyette NY Times bestselling author of The Dollar Meltdown joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Could Romney’s investment secrets give Ron Paul the nomination?’. We discuss the inflation vs. deflation mortal combat, the Robert’s decision on Obamacare and Romney's pledge to appoint someone like Roberts. Charles explains the similarity with the Soviet's constitution and Obamacare. He then suggests that Americans and the media take a hard look at how it's possible that Mitt Romney’s IRA is worth $100 million.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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Romney: "I did not have economic relations with that company."

There's something weird about Bain Capital. It seems that the company was going along doing what ordinary private-equity firms do—buying and selling companies, making lots of money—until about 1999 or so, when things took a sinister turn. At that point, terrible things began to happen. The firms they backed went into bankruptcy, costing thousands of people their jobs, while Bain still walked away with millions in management fees. They invested in companies that profited from outsourcing and offshoring. Who knows, they may have been producing magical hair-thickening elixirs made from the tears of orphans. Every time one of these new revelations comes out, it seems to concern the period after 1999. But fortunately for Mitt Romney, he has an explanation: When all these bad things happened, I was no longer part of the firm. I left in 1999, when I took the job leading the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Yet today, the Boston Globe comes out with an investigation that seems to reveal that Romney was still in charge after he left for Salt Lake:

Continue: http://prospect.org/article/i-did-not-have-economic-relation...

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Gingrich autographs photo of himself at Bohemian Grove

Via WeAreChange.org


What is bohemian grove? Alex Jones explains:

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