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VIDEO: RP Gives Impromptu Speech to Overflow Supporters Outside in DRIZZLE

This video has only a few views, so I thought I'd post it even though this speech in Vancouver, Washington is two days old. These folks didn't get inside the auditorium Ron gave his speech in. They waited for him. On his way out, he saw them and delivered this on-the-spot speech.

It's refreshing and inspiring to know our candidate, the Constitution's Champion, goes to this length to spread the message! He's there for us and we're there for him! Go, Ron Paul!


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My (NeoCon) Parents Just Donated to the Ron Paul Campaign

Maybe the RP message is hitting a tipping point, maybe it was the many months of discussing, debating, and convincing my parents that Ron Paul is the only sane candidate running for president. I'm not sure what the exact reason, but today my dad told me he donated to the Ron Paul campaign.

I was shocked, happy, and in somewhat disbelief when he told me that. Why? My parents are practicing Jews, are avid fox news watchers, strong Israel supporters, and attend many lectures about the Iran/Israel situation. If people like my parents can accept and embrace Ron Paul, there is lots of hope for other NeoCons out there who have way less allegiance to Israel. Do not give up hope on NeoCons. Talk to them, explain to them RP's foreign policy, be kind, LISTEN to what they have to say, and address their concerns. Some won't listen, but some will! Focus on the people that will listen, and good things will come

My parents are still not completely sold on RP's foreign policy, but they recognize that he's the only one who can turn this nation around. I think we are on the verge of something great here in 2012. Do not lose hope!


"You can attract more bees with honey than vinegar"

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Agreement on The Five, Ron Paul makes a lot of sense

Today on The Five they agreed with Ron Paul, and then quickly went to break.


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Rick Santorum is Unelectable

Since the beginning of the Republican Presidential Primary race, we have heard that Ron Paul is unelectable. While many conservatives like some of Paul’s ideas on domestic policy, his non-interventionist foreign policy is supposedly a deal-breaker. Even in articles praising Paul on particular issues, reporters have without exception felt compelled to remind us that there is absolutely no chance that Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination for president. This “unelectable” label has been used exclusively against Paul.

With only four candidates left in the race, the lead has changed hands several times. The current leader is Rick Santorum, fresh off primary wins in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri. Since those victories, the media have been trumpeting Santorum as the new frontrunner while completely ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room – Rick Santorum is unelectable.

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FREE Ron Paul 2012 Tribute Artwork

Hi there! I'm an artist all the way from South Africa who greatly supports the message of Ron Paul, so I decided to create a portrait of him to show my support in 2012. The original file will be available to all for free for any use whatsoever. Here's the smaller version - http://warrenlouw.deviant...

Here's the hi res jpg


update from artist:

I'd like to ask you for your help. Would you be able to, or at least know anybody who would be able to print out a copy of my artwork on something like photographic paper, get it signed by Ron Paul and have it sent to me? It would be appreciated more than words can express!

If you're willing and in a position to do so, please contact him via his user's contact form on this site.


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Can't make it to the Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops March on the White House? Watch it live!

In case the MSM doesn't show up, you can watch the rally and the march live!

http://www.adamvstheman.com/ | http://fr33agents.com/

And I'll see you there! The rough schedule for the rally:

12:00 (EST) Intro - Nate Cox

12:10 Matt - project deepcover

12:15 Open

12:20 Rob Tesh

12:25 Julie Borowski

12:30 Jarrod Laureano

12:35 Steve Motley

12:40 Sang Kim

12:45 Zak Carter (hey, that's me!:)

12:55 Karen Kwiatkowski

1:05 Jesse Thorsen

1:15 Tatiana Moroz - 1 song

1:20 James Grundler - Bombs

1:25 Jordan Page - 1-4 songs to close out

1:35 Announcement/last-minute briefing

1:45 Time to step off and March on the White House!

To Victory! Ron Paul 2012!

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Peter Thiel

Thanks Mr. Thiel for your contribution !


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Billionaire Peter Thiel Gives Another $1.7 Million to 'Endorse Liberty' Super PAC

We're in the money! Peter Thiel gives Endorse Liberty Super PAC another $1.7 million

Billionaire Peter Thiel has poured $1.7 million more into a super PAC supporting presidential candidate Ron Paul, bringing his total contributions to $2.6 million.

Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission today show that Thiel, a Silicon Valley investor, made the additional contributions to the Endorse Liberty PAC in the first half of January.

Thiel, a libertarian, is the single largest donor to the PAC.


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Maine Attorney General Response: No Jurisdiction Over Party Caucuses

I just wanted to share the response I got from the Maine Attorney General research assistant to the following email.

From the response (see below), it is clear that the GOP is allowed to commit election fraud with impunity because they can fix their own rules and there is no legal recourse to an independent justice. To me this is another piece of evidence that our democracy is an illusion because the party can pretend to run democratic elections while trampling democracy and the people's only option seem to complain to the party and then be at the mercy of the party committing the fraud.

- - - - - -

Here is my email to the Maine attorney General:

Good morning Sir,

I am a concerned registered Republican voter who is worried about the possible electoral fraud committed by the Maine GOP after watching a very interesting report by Ben Swann called Reality Check. Is anything going to be done about this, such as a criminal investigation?
I would hope so because the reputation of the USA as a model for democracy is at stake if it is proved that thousands of voters were disenfranchised. This would be outrageous if it turns out to be true and no one is punished for this felony.

Thank you for taking this matter seriously,

PS: Here is the link (Ben Swann's Reality Check link)

- - - - -
Their response:

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Ron Paul expected to win Washington State, March 3rd!

"In 2008, Paul took 21% of the caucus vote in a four man race in the state of Washington. This year, the Paul campaign seems far more organized and to have far more supporters preparing for participation in the caucus process. In 2008, only 12,320 people participated in the caucus. If that many participate this year, given the turnout for these recent rallies, Ron Paul should win the state of Washington."

Continue reading on Examiner.com Ron Paul Frontrunner in Washington


Ron Paul Revolution! Give Us Back Our Constitution!

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/20/12: Defend America, Not the World

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 2/20/12: Defend America, Not the World


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Kansas City Ron Paul Rally - Over 3,000 in Attendance

Image thanks to the RedOwl:

Local TV Report: Paul supporters pack Union Station for Republican hopeful - thanks to jim carter

Speech (thanks Habit4ming)


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Sign Wave in Wasilla, Alaska! - Freezing for Freedom - Pictures

We had a sign wave in Wasilla (yes Sarah Palins home town) today and there was probably like 15 people there!

Which is good, considering it was probably around 10 degrees (wind chill included).

Alaskas Ron Paul community is abuzz right now!

More pics below

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Seattle Times: Former Obama Supporters Look to Ron Paul for Hope and Change in 2012

Talks about how disillusioned people became with Obama. Pretty good one.

That Paul narrowly lost in a state that went very blue for Barack Obama — the Democrat won 57% of the vote there — in the 2008 general election is no surprise for many of Paul’s supporters. Among Paul’s fans are “Blue Republicans,” voters who have traditionally been Democrats but find Paul appealing.

In Colorado earlier this week I spoke with Jerry Denney, vice chair of the Pueblo County Republicans. Denney told me about his experience with former Obama supporters at the Pueblo County fair, where the Republican booth drew a crowd.

“It was like a confessional,” he said. “So many people came over to talk about how they regretted voting for Obama, and they wanted to tell me their story.”


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I attended a GOP Meeting last night; this is what was said...

First off, there were a few Ron Paul supporters there.

However, what is important is what I talked to non-supporters about. If we are going to win we need to win votes, I think that is very important to acknowledge, because what was said was that people perceive Ron Paul supporters as not caring about turning people off, in reality, this show that you don't really care about the movement, about our candidate, and about changing the direction of the country.

If you care about changing the country, most likely it will take changing yourself. Not your positions, not your voting record, maybe not even your habits, but you need to change the way you communicate with people that don't agree with you.

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