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Just Received 1,000 Ron Paul Super Brochures

I just received 1000 Ron Paul 2012 Super Brochures.



These are great! They are quite large and professionally done. Don't miss your opportunity to put these to use.

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Business Insider: Ron Paul's Honesty Is Courageous

Any other politicians would be terrified of scaring the big banks, or worse, scaring Big-Homeowner - the millions of people who live in the suburbs and vote. Not Paul. You could never say Paul isn't faithful to his convictions.

And many conservatives believe in their hearts that Paul is right. Government is underwriting an unsustainable American lifestyle.

Paul doesn't sugar-coat his answers. He doesn't state them in a way most calculated to appeal to his audience. He states them without artifice.

And this is why his devoted core of supporters are unlikely to go to any other candidate. They find this quality totally refreshing, and energizing. Paul is different from every other politician they've seen.

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Zero Hedge: "Be Honest CNBC. You're Biased Against Ron Paul"

I am thrilled Tyler decided to put this on his front page this morning and bring some serious eyeballs from the financial community to what they did to Ron Paul regarding the poll. Nice embarrassment of CNBC and highlights how orders come from the top (CEO of Comcast) that Ron Paul must not be permitted to win.


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Michigan debate: Paul supporters dominated the event + R.P. speech @ debate party

The day for many of us started out early, and rainy. We had so many supporters from around the state coming in by bus or carpooling, that we had to set up 2 debate viewing parties within a few blocks apart near the campus. We hit all the freeway overpasses, on ramps, intersections, entrances to the campus with signs and handed out fliers to students and attendees of the event.

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Iowa County GOP leaders say Paul, Romney poised for Caucus Wins!

Let's Do This

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas U.S. Rep Ron Paul are poised for high finishes in the Iowa caucuses but no one can seem to agree on who joins them in the top tier, local Republican leaders said Wednesday.

With less than eight weeks left until Republicans cast their votes, GOP leaders, who are planning some of the state’s largest caucuses, say the political tea leaves are hard to read.

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Ron Paul Defeats Rick Perry Without Revenge: Goes Down in Flames

Ron Paul Defeats Rick Perry Without Revenge: Rick Perry Goes Down in Flames


OMFG! Prepare to die laughing!!!

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Real Clear Politics Video: Ron Paul Says Obama Presidency a Near Dictatorship

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) says President Obama's continued use of the executive order "brings the modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship."

Watch the video here...

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Jerry Doyle Slams Bill O'Reilly for Disqualifying Ron Paul Voters in The Straw Poll

Jerry took on Bill O'Reilly minutes ago on his show for disqualifying the Ron Paul votes


You can hear his show here: http://www.talkstreamlive...

It goes till 3pm pacific time.

Great stuff!

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John Zogby in Forbes: Ron Paul And Libertarians Can't Be Discounted

by John Zogby | Forbes

If the Republican Presidential race were decided on intensity of support, Ron Paul would be the frontrunner. Of course it’s not, so Paul’s constant showing of about 10% in nearly every poll allows the political class to treat him as a fringe candidate.

Whether or not you agree with his libertarian doctrines, he deserves more regard because of the loyalty he draws from his supporters and the importance of their votes. Handicappers will speculate on who will win Paul’s voters when he is forced to drop out. I don’t expect Paul to drop out, or for very many of his supporters to abandon him when the process comes down to the two-person race many anticipate between Mitt Romney and Herman Cain or Rick Perry. Instead, I could see Paul gaining support, especially if Cain’s candidacy is blown up by sexual harassment charges.

Paul is the hero of libertarian voters.

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What's the GOP establishment really doing? Karen Kwiatowski NAILS it!

With the field of electable Republican presidents shrinking by the minute and the first primary elections only weeks away, conservatives may be wondering what the Republican Party establishment really wants to accomplish in 2012.

I won’t keep you waiting. The Republican leadership would like nothing better than to have another four years of Dictator BHO.

Of course, they will never admit it. And I don’t doubt that they’d like as many party loyals elected to 2012 state and federal offices, good suits who will do Boehner’s bidding, and stay bought. It’s just that, well, there’s nothing like the Obaminator to rally the party troopers and inspire order.

The Tea Parties have greatly annoyed the Republican establishment with their small government advocacy, their insistence on bringing up the Constitution at inconvenient times, and their pervasive lack of faith in federal solutions, federal justice and federal monetary policy. They are, at the heart of it, just not good Republicans. What’s worse, they revel in their independence.

Here in Virginia, at least in local elections, we are seeing lots of dissenting conservatives running in Republican primaries (as I am for the 6thCongressional District) and many hard-core conservatives running as Independents in the general election. They are winning primaries against party-anointed candidates and general elections as Independents over the party’s anointed.

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Richard Maybury: The War that Will Kill the Dollar

Source: JT Long of The Gold Report 11/7/11 Richard  Maybury

A war-mongering U.S. government could be less than 18 months away from decimating the last 5% of value left in the dollar, says Richard Maybury, the author of the U.S. & World Early Warning Report. Until some new exchange-traded-fund-like basket of natural resources provides a store of value, this "juris naturalist" has some advice about how to protect your wealth during the coming collapse.

The Gold Report: Richard, last month, you made a presentation at the Casey Research/Sprott Inc. "When Money Dies" Summit entitled "The War that Will Kill the Dollar." You explained that the corrupting influence of power had sent our country's leaders shopping for war, disregarding Westphalian respect for sovereignty and hastening the collapse of society. What are the signs that we are reaching a critical point? And, is there any way we can change course?

Richard Maybury: You can see the signs very clearly in the Middle East and North Africa. The Federal government is involved in several wars there that have nothing to do with America. One of the best examples is Libya. U.S. officials are taking credit for Moammar Gadhafi's death just a year after they were bragging about having tamed the threat. Now Libya is a mess. It will very likely be taken over by some sort of Islamic government that isn't going to be very friendly to America.

TGR: Why do we, as a country, do this? If it's not going to end well for us, what's the economic or political reason to get involved?

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Washington State Votes to Privatize Liquor Sales

In a big-government defying move, the good voters of Washington State (including me), voted to take liquor sales out of the hands of the state.

For decades, only state-sponsored liquor stores could sell hard liquor.

Beer and wine can be bought anywhere.

Finally the state has been taken out of the liquor distribution business.

The state's only job should be to uphold liquor laws - not distribute it.

This will put several hundred state employees out of work, but I'll bet the private sector will need to employ a lot more than the number of those who lose their jobs at the state level.

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Gingrich names FDR as his choice for Mt. Rushmore!

I saw on some TV report tonight (Ron Paul was excluded of course) a thing where they asked the republican candidates who they might choose as a 5th choice for Mount Rushmore.

Bachmann said Reagan.

I didn't catch too many others, but I did hear with my own ears Gingrich say FDR!


I'm still shaking my head about that answer.

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Video: Ron Paul on FOX Business w/D. Asman ~11/8/11

YT courtesy of revgen in HD:


Ron Paul spoke from Texas with FOX Business’ David Asman on 11/8/11. Issues discussed were: Ohio rejecting Obamacare, calling Obama an “elected dictator”, balanced budget amendment, other candidates talking about Paul’s issues, "malpractice suit against politicians” and Cain’s statements about a “machine” preventing him from progressing.

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