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“Our country is one country pretending to be another.”

I just finished watching Hacking Democracy, a 2007 documentary about how voting machines, specifically those made by Diebold, are rigged. Over the five years since it was made, I have seen video clips from the film online, on YouTube, and on other websites, but I’d never watched the whole thing. It is well worth it, even though the information has permeated the internet. It is now common knowledge for anyone online and paying attention that voting machines are - or at least can easily be - rigged. And therefore it follows that the elections are a just show.

In the film we see footage from the 2004 election between Bush and Kerry that brings back memories for me of living through that election - not here in America, but abroad. Eight years ago, I was living in Taiwan, working in an office that was in a parallel, upside universe to the one that I’m accustomed to. All the standard equipment and furnishings were there: Fluorescent lights, cubicles populated by workers typing away on desktop PCs running Windows — only everything was in Chinese.

Did I mention I neither read nor speak Chinese?

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My opinion is changing on WAC...

I was originally a very staunch critic of We Are Change. I used to be so annoyed and embarrased when a possibly completely oblivious and possibly completely innocent (innocent or ignorant of 911 being an "inside job") famous person being screamed at in the middle of a busy public appearance by We Are Change and humiliating the Liberty movement by screaming at these people "WHY ARE YOU A MURDERER WHO WORKS WITH THE CFR AND BILDERBERG GROUP AND WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR 911 BEING AN INSIDE JOB?!?!?!?!?!">...

Note, I do personally have a problem with the controled demolition theory. You could more easily convince me of 911 being allowed to occur by the Bush admin, by hijackers, but orchastrating 911 themselves doesn't seem logical to me. But let's leave that alone for now. That's just my personal opinion... Anyway, just for argument's sake, imagine that these people they ambushed in the past were honestly oblivious to 911 being an inside job. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine somebody ambushed you in front of your fans about the 911 being an inside job and Bohemian Grove and CFR, etc... You would be annoyed, especially if they have a Ron Paul pin. I personally would be humiliated...


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Ron Paul STILL Beating Mitt Romney in Military Donations

Oct 23, 2012 | Indecision Forever

Ron Paul. He's either running the Campaign for Liberty or hatching a plan to kidnap Ben Bernanke's dog, but he's certainly no longer running for president.

Yet according to the latest FEC reports, Paul is still outpacing Mitt Romney when it comes to donations from members of the military, even though he hasn't received new contributions since the Summer. Including September's fundraising numbers, Paul has raised $399,274 from members of the armed forces, while Romney has taken in $398,450.

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Ralph Nader to Host Presidential Debate - November 4

Link: http://nader.org/2012/10/25/ralph-nader-to-host-third-party-...
Link: http://www.livestream.com/fstv1

Date: November 4th from 7:30-9:30 PM

Place: Busboys and Poets restaurant, Washington, DC

All four major third party candidates invited,including the two who won't be in the next Free and Equal debate, Virgil Goode and Rocky Anderson.

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The Threat is Real

We are a threat, and the reason is that we have not only worked hard, but have taken the time to meet and connect with thousands of individuals across Colorado’s third congressional district and beyond(http://casida2012.com/liberty-2/our-outreach-reach-thanks-to...). We have raised more than any independent or third-party candidate to date, and with that we have accomplished so much. And we win people, we win people because we are real, because we actually care, and because we are willing to listen.

Scott Tipton (R), who I am running against brought Speaker of the House John Boehner to town for a fundraiser – with just 15 days left until the election and around $2 million in the bank. Why is this so? This is in the same town where he could not find two hours in his schedule for a debate at Fort Lewis College (his alma mater). He can find several hours to hob-nob with the elite, but can’t reach out to his community and the upcoming generation?

The new constitutional voting index (John Birch Society) shows Tipton slipping to his lowest six-month voting record showing yet , at a 70% (a percentage that is not very constitutional or conservative), by voting in the following way:

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TSA's Sleight of Hand Exposed

By now most informed Americans have at least heard a rumor or skimmed a headline that claims the TSA is removing the controversial Backscatter X-Ray machines from major airports across the United States. On the surface this sounds like good news, but as we discover with most government programs, the devil is in the details.

The TSA is in fact moving some Backscatter X-Ray machines out of large, busy airports to smaller, less frequently traveled airports. They claim they are not moving the machines as a result of safety concerns voiced by the public. Instead, the TSA has stated that the driving reasons are to reduce traveler’s wait time at security check points and to provide a less invasive alternative to the current X-Ray machines. This statement highlights the utter incompetence on display when the government creates a monopoly to dominate an industry.

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Washington Times: Libertarian Johnson's first national ad slams warmongering over Iran


Former New Mexico Gov. Gary E. Johnson, the Libertarian Party's candidate for president, has purchased air time on cable in the Washington, D.C., area and markets across the country to launch his first national television ad Friday night.

The ad, titled "Cast a Vote for Peace," features voices of children in the background as the words "Right now in Iran a lot of little kids are about to die" flash onscreen in the 30-second spot.

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A Look Back!

I found this video on youtube, and it brought back the memories of how I found Ron Paul, and how I found the Dailypaul. Thank you Michael Nystrom, and thank you to everyone on here, all my fellow Liberty lovers. Without you, I would have not seen the light.

"In matters of style, swim with the current;
In matters of principle, stand like a rock." - Thomas Jefferson


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It's 10 P.M. In Frankfurt. Do You Know Where Your Gold Is ?

"At a hearing last year, Ron Paul asked Ben Bernanke if gold is money. Answer: No.

So why do central banks hold it as a reserve? Answer: Tradition.

Gold, as we've said before, is weird. People still think of it sort of like money. Central banks around the world still hold gold alongside actual currencies like dollars, euros and yen. And they're adding to their gold reserves at a rate of hundreds of tons a year worldwide.


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Free & Equal Announces Winners of October 23 Presidential Debate

Finalists to Square Off October 30 in Washington DC

Free and Equal Elections Foundation today announced that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will advance to the final Presidential debate on October 30 from 9:00 to 10:30 Eastern Time in Washington DC. The debate location will be at RT America’s state of the art studio and facility. RT America will open its studio and offer a live, neutral feed via satellite to interested media. The moderator will be announced on Monday, October 29.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson participated in the first debate.

The voter’s ranked choices were collected at Free and Equal’s website after the first debate, with a total of 47,836 votes cast.

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Drone of silence: the national-security policy that Obama and Romney won’t debate

Robert Gibbs was holding court in the press room at last week’s second presidential debate at Hofstra University. The former White House press secretary turned senior adviser to the Obama campaign had a single-minded mission of boosting the president to quote-obsessed reporters. So it is easy to imagine Gibbs’ exasperation when he began being hectored by video journalists from the activist group We Are Change.

Their recently released three-minute video of the encounter is mostly familiar footage of a campaign mouthpiece trying to deflect off-message questions from unknown reporters. Asked about drone attacks, Gibbs retreated to the kind of non-responsive answer that he used to deliver from the lectern in the White House press room: “When there are people who are trying to harm us -- and have pledged to bring terror to these shores -- we've taken that fight to them."

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RT to host final US presidential third-party debate

Libertarian Party candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein will sound off once more before Election Day, with both presidential hopefuls now slated to debate live from RT’s Washington, DC studio on October 30.

Tens of thousands around the globe watched earlier this week when broadcasting legend Larry King moderated a debate between the top third-party candidates live from Chicago. As those politicians continue to be shunned by the mainstream media and political establishment alike, though, they remain excluded from presenting their platform to the country on the eve of a historic election. RT aims to make a difference, however, and will host Johnson and Stein to speak their minds on the topics Americans really care about in 2012.

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